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When the massive Myriad Flames Celestial Body exploded, it dissipated into brilliant shards of light. These shards then shot into the sky. At that very moment, everyone present saw a floundering figure fall backwards.


The figure, while still in mid-air, spit a few mouthfuls of blood. The spiritual energy fluctuations within his body were extremely weak, revealing that he had obviously been severely injured.

"Liu Yan lost!"

Many powerful figures exclaimed in shock and dismay, as it was clear that Liu Yan was grievously injured. Thus, his combat power had been reduced drastically, rendering unable to compete with Mu Chen any longer.

Mu Chen maintained his fighting posture. His sharp eyes peered through his golden armor, then locked their gaze onto Liu Yan. Murderous intent flashed in the depths of Mu Chen's eyes. Then, without hesitation, he stormed out, heading straight for the seriously injured Liu Yan.

Mu Chen's fierce murderous intent shocked everyone, as they realized that Mu Chen was really ready to kill Liu Yan! Moreover, they saw that Mu Chen was really capable of doing so!

This Mu Chen was young, but his methods must not be underestimated...

Upon seeing Mu Chen charging towards him, Liu Yan twisted his face grotesquely. He then turned toward Mu Chen, roaring, "Brat, if you dare kill me, Tian Xuan Hall will make sure that you die a terrible death!"

His abilities had been reduced drastically. In fact, should Liu Yan continue to fight, his life would undoubtedly be in mortal peril.

Facing Liu Yan's roar, Mu Chen's cold gaze did not waver one bit. Instead, with a confident move, Mu Chen appeared directly in front of Liu Yan. His palm, which was encased within scaled armor, surged with majestic spiritual energy fluctuations.

As he landed a blow towards Liu Yan's crown mercilessly, a look of sheer terror surfaced on Liu Yan's face. He had not expected Mu Chen to be so brutal!

"It's not that easy to kill me!"

Liu Yan, unlike his brother Liu Ming, was somehow able to retain his composure, even at such a critical moment. He knew he must do his best to fight back. Then, with a low growl, cracks appeared on Liu Yan's body, as a violent spiritual energy surged out.

Upon seeing this, Mu Chen's eyes twitched. This fellow actually wants to explode his own mortal physique!


Mu Chen retreated quickly. At the same time, Liu Yan's physique exploded, causing a terrifying storm of spiritual energy to be unleashed. The spiritual energy storm went forth, wreaking havoc, distorting space, and causing spatial cracks to emerge and spread throughout the entire surrounding area.

Its impact also landed on Mu Chen's body. A low harrumph sounded in his throat. Fortunately, he had the protection of the Dragon-Phoenix Golden Armor. Thus, he was not injured severely, though the impact alone had caused him to fly out at least a thousand feet.

Amid the storm of spiritual energy, a beam of spiritual light soared across the horizons, before it vanished swiftly in the twisted space. That beam was Liu Yan's spirit, into which he had escaped via the explosion of his physique.

Upon seeing this scene, Mu Chen narrowed his eyes, but no longer gave chase. Mu Chen knew that Liu Yan's exploding his physique would also cause Liu Yan's spirit to suffer injury. Hence, even if Liu Yan escaped with his life, he was basically rendered a paralyzed person, and thus, was no longer a threat.

In the sky, the storm of spiritual energy gradually calmed. Then, everyone looked up. All they could do was stare in awe and shock at the golden armored figure now hovering in mid-air.

The figure stood silently in the horizon, but a terrifying aura emanated from him. When faced with this majestic aura, even the most powerful Sovereigns, including Su Biyue and Snapper, looked solemn.

After all, they were facing someone that was able to defeat Liu Yan, and also who had forced Liu Yan to explode his own physique and escape with his spirit. So, of course, everyone present would dread a figure like that!

In the sky, golden light surged on Mu Chen's body, as the Dragon-Phoenix Golden Amor integrated with his flesh. Concealed under his skin, it virtually illuminated his entire figure!

As Mu Chen's figure was revealed, countless Sovereigns were shocked yet again.

Even from a distance, they could see that Mu Chen was covered with a thin layer of blood scabs, which were formed after the blood coagulated. On the layer of blood scabs, horrific wounds could also be seen. Clearly, these injuries had been dealt by Liu Yan's last blow.

Mu Chen's body trembled slightly, and the blood scabs immediately fell off. Then, his deep, ferocious scars began to recover at a speed that was so swift, it was visible to the naked eye! In just a few moments, his body had completely recovered. Many powerful people were stunned at such a miraculous rate of recovery!

Mu Chen was also extremely satisfied with the speed at which his injuries recovered. This was due to the Dragon-Phoenix Blood Essence, which was now integrated into his veins, bringing with it a vitality as powerful as a Divine Beast's!

After Mu Chen felt that his body had been completely restored, he raised his head to glance at his surroundings. The depths of his dark eyes looked as if they contained a terrifyingly ferocious beast! His intense gaze was fierce and palpable. In fact, following this strong victory over Liu Yan, Mu Chen's majestic aura was finally at its peak!

At this moment, even powerful Sovereigns, such as Su Biyue, Snapper, and Ding Xuan, held dread in their hearts. They averted their gazes, not making direct eye contact with Mu Chen, while simultaneously not daring to show any signs of hostility. This young man before them was not to be trifled with!

Silence permeated throughout the heavens and earth, as innumerable strong men looked at each other, each stunned by Mu Chen's majestic aura. At such times, it was obvious that no one would dare underestimate or disrespect Mu Chen. 

Mu Chen's gaze swept over the sky, finally locking on the other side of the sky. There, three figures stood in the air, suppressing each other. Around their bodies, stretching to a radius that was easily thousands of feet wide, formed an aura so strong that people dared not even approach. 

However, at this point, Mu Chen's fierce gaze somehow was able to produce a trace of turbulence within that trio's aura. At the same time, everyone directed their gazes at the sky. Although Mu Chen and Liu Yan's fight had been brutal, it was clear to all that the real battlefield was in this arena in the sky!

Although Mu Chen and Liu Yan were strong, compared to Cai Xiao, Fang Yi, and the Prince of Netherworld, they were still lacking experience. Even though Mu Chen had defeated Liu Yan, if he knew that if he really wanted to make any headway with these three aces, he would have to face the Prince of Netherworld, who was even more powerful than Liu Yan!

The Prince of Netherworld was the brilliant ace that had dominated the rank of 2nd on the Dragon-Phoenix Record for many years. Even a prideful man like Liu Yan would dread having to face the Prince of Netherworld! Thus, even though Mu Chen had defeated Liu Yan, no one would expect him to be able to withstand a brutal figure like the Prince of Netherworld.

Amid the countless gazes, Fang Yi and the Prince of Netherworld knit their brows together in a frown. They had definitely not expected this current situation to happen!

"It looks like this has disappointed both of you," Cai Xiao stated nonchalantly, a dangerous glint flashing in her beautiful eyes.

Fang Yi smiled faintly. His body tensed, for he could feel the chilling murderous intent emanating from Cai Xiao's body. Clearly, the latter was about to make a move.

"If you intend for him to stop the Prince of Netherworld, I'm afraid he will die," Fang Yi stated calmly.

A cold smirk bloomed on Cai Xiao's red lips, as she retorted, "Before that can happen, I will end you first."

Fang Yi narrowed his eyes, a cold glint flashing in his nonchalant gaze. He tilted his head, glancing towards the Prince of Netherworld.

The latter, sensing Fang Yi's gaze, thought quietly for a moment, then said, "We'll split the inheritance." He was naturally referring to the Dragon-Phoenix Legacy.

"Alright." Fang Yi nodded in agreement to the Prince of Netherworld's condition, as he knew that he needed the Prince of Netherworld's strength in order to deal with both Mu Chen and Cai Xiao.

"Don't spare him, but end him fast. As for her, she's not going to be easy to deal with." Fang Yi stated slowly, nodding over towards Cai Xiao.

The Prince of Netherworld also nodded. As he had fought with Cai Xiao before, he was deeply aware of how terrifying this mysterious girl was. On his own, even he had had little chance of beating her. Hence, he had to get rid of Mu Chen as quickly as he could. This would free him up to then join forces with Fang Yi to kill Cai Xiao. 

The Prince of Netherworld turned to glance at Mu Chen, nonchalance written all over his face.

"Haha, what a bold claim."

Cai Xiao smiled sweetly, but in her glance, a chilling cold clearly spread. She stared at Fang Yi, then turned towards Mu Chen, "Can you stop him for a while?"

Mu Chen's eyes locked onto the Prince of Netherworld. Mu Chen felt a strong and dangerous aura emanating from him, but he still nodded gently.

"I won't let him interfere with your battle," Mu Chen said softly.

Cai Xiao glanced at Mu Chen meaningfully, before nodding gently. She was aware of Mu Chen's ability. Thus, she was uncertain if Mu Chen could really stop the Prince of Netherworld. Yet, she also knew that she and Mu Chen had no other way of breaking the stalemate. Thus, she could only choose to place her faith in Mu Chen.

"Stop me?"

The Prince of Netherworld stood in mid-air, glancing at Mu Chen emotionlessly. Then, a faint smile appeared on his pale face, as if he found Mu Chen's confidence to be highly amusing.

"Fool! Liu Yan's end should serve as a warning to you…"

He murmured this veiled threat, before twisting his palms. There, a black spiritual energy converged and condensed, as if it had been transformed into a black hole. His surrounding space fluctuated violently, an overwhelming oppressive spiritual energy coalescing there. As it swept out amid the heavens and the earth, it appeared as if it had the power to shake mountains and overturn seas.

Sensing the terrifying spiritual energy that was surrounding the Prince of Netherworld, Su Biyue, Snapper, and the others gasped in shock. Their faces twisted in fear, as they collectively gasped, "Fifth Grade Sovereign?!"

Upon hearing them, Mu Chen's heart skipped a beat. This Prince of Netherworld had advanced to the rank of Fifth Grade Sovereign?!

If this was true, it would be extremely difficult to determine who would attain this victory!

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