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The golden pillar of flame roared across the sky like a dragon, and then, with a terrifying aura of utter destruction, it brutally landed.

A slender figure could be seen enshrouded within the golden flame. He looked up, and the golden flame was magnified in his dark pupils, however, he did not move. It seemed he was shell-shocked by this devastating attack. 

"What a pity…"

Countless strong men lamented and sighed, as Mu Chen's talent and potential were amazing. If he had several more years of training, he would surely be one of the best among the young generation of leaders in the Northern Territory. Unfortunately, amazing talents and brilliant geniuses were like shooting stars; they burned brightly but eventually suffered a swift fall.


As countless strong men, along with Su Biyue, Snapper, and others in the sky watched solemnly, the golden pillar of flames landed brutally, causing the heavens and earth to tremble in its wake.

On the Dragon-Phoenix Platform, the golden dragon scales on the ground were melted by the golden flames. Golden liquid flowed as the entire platform melted at an astonishing rate.

That degree of destructive power caused many powerful figure's eyelids to twitch in horror. Liu Yan's blow at full force was horrific… The fourth ranked in the Dragon-Phoenix Record lived up to his name, indeed. 

Su Biyue, Snapper, Ding Xuan, and the others who were in the top ranks of the Dragon-Phoenix Record looked somber, as if they were the ones who had to face Liu Yan's attacks. Even if they could have made it out alive, they would have been severely injured. 

Now Mu Chen might be blown to smithereens, with not even his ashes left behind…

Fang Yi, the Prince of Netherworld, and Cai Xiao were still suppressing each other as they glanced at the Dragon-Phoenix Platform with narrowed eyes. However, Fang Yi and the Prince of Netherworld were nonchalant, whereas Cai Xiao knitted her brows, clearly worried.

Both Fang Yi and the Prince of Netherworld were shrewd men, as they saw Cai Xiao's worry in one glance. The former smiled but did not say anything. He did not value Mu Chen much, so it did not matter at all if he lived or died. However, Mu Chen's death would surely cause Cai Xiao to waver and lose her focus, and that subtle flaw would cause her to reveal a weak spot. 

Although Fang Yi's body was still relaxed, his vast, majestic spiritual energy quietly flowed. Like a lurking beast, the force of destruction was about to erupt. 

In the air above the Dragon-Phoenix Platform, Liu Yan stood on the head of the Myriad Flames Celestial Body. His face was pale. Apparently, he had expended a great amount of energy with his previous attack, but his gaze was as ferocious as a wolf's, staring eerily at the melting platform. 

This move was his strongest ace card, and anyone ranked lower than a Fourth Grade Sovereign would not be able to resist it, let alone Mu Chen, who was merely a Third Grade Sovereign. Even if he had other moves up his sleeve, he would not be able to escape alive.

"Audacious brat, you deserve to be buried here."

Liu Yan chuckled, but just as he laughed, his eyes suddenly narrowed and he raised his head, casting an incredulous look towards the melting Dragon-Phoenix Platform. 

In the sky, Su Biyue, Snapper, and the others also sensed something as they glanced in shock at the melting Dragon-Phoenix Platform ablaze with golden flames.

The golden sea of fire surged, releasing a terrible heat, but in the depths of the sea of fire, heavy footsteps could be heard. Each step was like a mountain, and with every step, the Dragon-Phoenix Platform trembled.

The others were aware that something was amiss. The uproar stopped abruptly as they stared in horror at the sea of golden flames.

Suddenly, a hurricane swept by, causing the golden sea of fire to dissipate. A great silhouette stood silently. 

The figure was dressed in dark gold armor. The golden armor was like dragon scales transformed and appeared to be extremely ferocious. Dragon silhouettes encircled the scales, emanating a terribly oppressive aura.

Moreover, behind the golden-armored figure, a pair of huge Phoenix wings slowly extended out, and as they fanned out, there were hurricanes raging between the heavens and earth. 

The golden-armored figure stood on the melting Dragon-Phoenix Platform. The figure burned crimson with golden flames and emitted white smoke, but everyone could see that under the golden armor, a chilling gaze shot out from his eyes.

That was Mu Chen! 

He had blocked Liu Yan's blow at full might!

Countless people widened their eyes in shock and incredulity. 

"No way!" Liu Yan's face was horrified as he roared in disbelief, shock reverberating in his heart. He did not understand how Mu Chen could still be standing after suffering such a terrifying blow. 

High in the sky, Su Biyue, Snapper, and the others gasped. There was no longer any trace of contempt when they glanced at Mu Chen. Even they could feel the extreme danger of Mu Chen's abilities now. This was a person who was worthy of making them feel a deadly threat. 

In the sky at the other end of the area, Cai Xiao glanced at the figure. A smirk appeared on her red lips as Fang Yi and the Prince of Netherworld's gazes flickered.


The golden-armored figure took a heavy step, and as he walked, blood appeared between the dragon scales of the Dragon-Phoenix Golden Armor. Clearly, even with the protection of the Dragon-Phoenix Golden Armor, Mu Chen had not escaped completely unscathed. 

But even so, the dark eyes under the golden armor were still as sharp as a blade, and he paid no heed to the sharp pain he felt in his body. His eyes were staring at Liu Yan like a hawk's. With a slightly hoarse voice he said, "It's my turn now."

Liu Yan's eyes shrank as the spiritual energy in his body surged violently like a crimson light sweeping across the sky towards the horizon.


Mu Chen stomped heavily, causing the solid Dragon-Phoenix Platform at his feet to break apart. Golden light flickered, and he suddenly soared into the sky.

He appeared directly before the Myriad Flames Celestial Body, and then he let out a skyward roar accompanied by the rumble of a dragon's roars and a phoenix's cries.

Bright golden light burst out from his body as a true dragon silhouette condensed in front of his chest, and behind him, the cries of a Phoenix rang as wings fanned out.

The chorus of a Dragon and Phoenix caused an ancient oppressive aura to permeate throughout the heavens and earth. Even the Dragon-Phoenix Golden Platform shook violently, as if in response to the cries of the Dragon and Phoenix.

"What's… that?" 

Countless powerful men stared at the Dragon and Phoenix silhouettes in front of Mu Chen. That kind of ancient oppressive aura was not something the Dragon Clan possessed; that was the power the real dragon and real phoenix possessed!

"Dragon-Phoenix Body?!" 

Su Biyue gasped in disbelief. Her melodious voice sounded hoarse, and shock was written in her eyes.

Snapper, Ding Xuan, and others were dumbfounded, their expressions horrified.

The Dragon-Phoenix Body? The legendary physique that required Dragon-Phoenix Blood Essence from real dragons and phoenixes to be condensed within a body to cultivate? How was that possible?! The Dragon-Phoenix Blood Essence was entirely incompatible, and if it existed in an entity, the body would be bound to explode, and one would die!

Even a Sovereign as powerful as an Earthly Sovereign would not be able to accomplish this, let alone any of them! 

According to nature, this would hold true. Thus, no one ever thought that Mu Chen would attain the Dragon-Phoenix Blood Essence and condense the Dragon-Phoenix Golden Armor. Borrowing the power from a Divine Artifact, he could integrate the Dragon-Phoenix Blood Essence, and thus cultivate the unique Dragon-Phoenix Body.

The Dragon-Phoenix Rift had been open for many years, and although the myth of the Dragon-Phoenix Body had always existed, no one had ever cultivated it. Thus, when they saw the Dragon-Phoenix silhouette encircling Mu Chen, they had been utterly shell-shocked.

Fang Yi and the Prince of Netherworld, who had been suppressing Cai Xiao, were always nonchalant, but their faces changed upon witnessing the scene. They glanced at Mu Chen, as they felt a sense of danger and crisis. 

This young man could really threaten their ranks.


Mu Chen ignored them amid countless startled gazes as he looked at Liu Yan's frightened face. The corner of his mouth drew up in a ferocious arc. Without making any fanciful moves, he clenched his fist and landed a fierce blow.

It was a simple punch, but was accompanied by gushing golden light sweeping out. In that golden light, the silhouettes of the real Dragon and Phoenix howled, transformed into a golden fist, and charged towards the Myriad Flames Celestial Body. 

This punch triggered the spiritual energy within Mu Chen to the extreme, and also capitalized on the power of the Dragon-Phoenix Body with the help of the Dragon-Phoenix Golden Armor. 

With one punch, the situation changed drastically as winds howled and clouds surged.

Thunderous roars reverberated in the sky!

Liu Yan's expression twisted in dread as he hurriedly conjured up seals. The Myriad Flames Celestial Body expended its full power as a massive fist burst out with scarlet flames.


Two fists of completely different magnitudes tore through the void, and in the next moment, clashed harshly as many looked on in terror.

At the moment of collision, the clouds on the horizon were torn apart, and the two Dragon-Phoenix Platforms in the vicinity shattered into pieces. 

Golden light surged as countless strong men stared unblinkingly, then their eyes narrowed sharply.

They saw that when the fist accompanied by the silhouettes of the Dragon-Phoenix landed, cracks spread rapidly on the massive fist of the Myriad Flames Celestial Body, and in few moments, it exploded.


The massive Myriad Flames Celestial Body had exploded entirely from Mu Chen's punch! 

Countless strong men watched in trepidation as this battle's victory and defeat had clearly been determined.

This result had once again defied everyone's expectations.

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