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Far above the horizon, eight silhouettes stood in the air. Although they were all standing still and silent, the magnificent spiritual energy fluctuations that emanated from their bodies raged in the heavens and earth like a tornado. Even the thick clouds on the horizon were shattered. 

Countless people held their breath at this moment, and the oppressive atmosphere before the great battle made them a little breathless.

The eight figures in the air represented the existence of the aces among the younger generation in the North Territory. Their strength, even if placed among the major top forces, was capable of being the best out of the elite with unlimited potential. 

Now that these outstanding aces had to clash with each other, it was no doubt a collision between comets that would be earth-shattering.

"Who knows who can reach the top this time…" 

"Should be Fang Yi or the Prince of Netherworld… Those two have been dominating the Dragon-Phoenix Record as first and second respectively, and no one has ever shaken their positions."

"It's hard to say. That mysterious girl is not simple, either. Even Fang Yi seems to dread her…"

"That doesn't mean the others don't stand a chance. Su Biyue and Snapper are no weaklings, either. If one underestimates them, it's not impossible for them to suffer an unexpected defeat."

"There is a stalemate in this situation. After all, no one is strong enough to completely ignore the others."


The tense and frozen atmosphere could not conceal the murmurs, as the powerful characters who were here were no ordinary people and had a certain level of skill. Thus, they did not know how to judge others and give a sound analysis. 

As the murmurs in the crowd subtly spread, Mu Chen could sense the tense atmosphere in the sky. A glint flashed in his dark eyes. 

The top seven before him were familiar, and with the exception of Cai Xiao, the other six were reputable figures in the Dragon-Phoenix Record. The one whom he was not so familiar with would be Ding Xuan from the Djinn Clan. He more or less had some interaction with the others. 

Among these people, he and Ding Xuan had no grudge with each other, and he wasn't exactly friends nor foe with the two ladies, Su Biyue and Snapper. The remaining three were much harder to handle. 

Needless to say, Liu Yan was his mortal enemy, and their relationship was irreconcilable. Both Fang Yi and the Prince of Netherworld had clashed with him and Cai Xiao because of their previous incident, hence there were hostile intentions, to say the least. However, it was unclear if this hostility ran deep. 

Faced with this situation, even he felt that it was difficult to act. 

Just as Mu Chen pondered how to break the stalemate, he suddenly felt a sharp look full of murderous intent directed at him.

Mu Chen tilted his head, and unsurprisingly, saw Liu Yan's expressionless face. As Liu Yan noticed his glance, his expression turned colder.

In the frozen atmosphere, Liu Yan suddenly clenched his fist and with a flash of light a spear materialized. He pointed it at Mu Chen and said indifferently, "The last time you were lucky to escape with your life. This time you will not have the opportunity to do so again."

Mu Chen smiled and replied, "The one who escaped like a dog with its tail between its legs wasn't me." 

Upon hearing this, Liu Yan did not show signs of anger but said calmly, "If it wasn't for her, do you think I would let you off?"

The "her" he was referring to was Cai Xiao. The last time he had clashed brutally with Mu Chen, it wasn't because he couldn't continue fighting, but he was shocked at the moves Cai Xiao used to kill Scarlet Blood, thus he had to retreat in embarrassment. This caused him to feel indignant, as he believed that Mu Chen then had also reached his limits, and if they continued their fight, he would be the last man standing.

Judging from the current circumstances, if he were to take action against Mu Chen, even Cai Xiao would not be able to intervene, as the others would not want to see them form an alliance again.

Mu Chen smiled and said, "So it looks like you want to pick a fight with me here?"

Liu Yan smiled nonchalantly as he turned to look at the others. "Looks like I will take action first. I believe the rest of you don't have any opinions?" 

Snapper giggled. The little demon from Demon's Gate stated with a soft and teasing tone, "Hehe, everyone's hands and legs are on their own bodies. If you wanted to do something, no one would be able to stop you. However, our friend from Daluo Territory is no soft persimmon and pushover. Liu Yan, don't break your feet kicking an iron plate." Her words seemingly were not taking a side, but they were very provocative and would provoke any man to do his best. 

The rest did not say anything, but apparently they were pleased that Liu Yan would take the lead in dealing with Mu Chen, for they also knew that this stalemate could not last for long, and that it was an excellent way for Liu Yan to take the lead. 

Just as the others acquiesced in silence, Cai Xiao stepped forward, her gaze cold.

Although she only took a step forward, all eyes were on her in that moment, and as the most mysterious person present, the dread and apprehension others had towards her was apparent. 

Liu Yan's eyes narrowed when Cai Xiao stepped forward, and if Cai Xiao wanted to help Mu Chen at this time, he would be at a great disadvantage.

However, just as Liu Yan's face twisted at the sight of Cai Xiao, Fang Yi, who had remained silent, smiled as he said gently to Cai Xiao, "Haha, at this moment, I don't think you have to make a move?"

"If I wanted to make a move, what could you do?" Cai Xiao scoffed coldly.

Fang Yi smiled and replied, "Then I would have to stop you. After all, it's not wise to break the rules of the game."

He stepped forward slowly, his robes rustling, and the space around him twisted sharply and rippled. A breathtaking force of spiritual energy pervaded the atmosphere. 

The others, such as Su Biyue and Snapper, could feel the oppressive aura Fang Yi emanated as their gazes turned fearful. Judging from the fluctuations, Fang Yi was stronger than they were. 

"You?" Cai Xiao stared at Fang Yi and light bloomed on her slender pale fingers. Though her fingers seemed delicate, they wielded a power so strong that it intimidated even the likes of Fang Yi.

Fang Yi stared at Cai Xiao, his gaze turning increasingly somber. Behind Cai Xiao, the Prince of Netherworld suddenly took a few steps forward, cornering Cai Xiao with Fang Yi in front and him behind, surrounding her.

"What if I joined in, would that be enough?" The Prince of Netherworld stated nonchalantly. Light flowed around him as if it had engulfed the light in the heavens and earth. His hoarse voice was chilling and unsettling. 

Countless people in the crowd were astonished. They stared at the scene, and even Su Biyue and Snapper couldn't help but be shocked. Apparently, they did not expect the two most powerful men dominating first and second place in the Dragon-Phoenix Record to be in the same camp!

In the past, Fang Yi and the Prince of Netherworld did not have friendly relations!


An uproar broke out between the heavens and earth. If news of this scene spread, it would shake the younger generation of the Northern Territory. After all, Fang Yi and the Prince of Netherworld were figures at the peak among the younger generation. Now, however, these two monumental figures intended to work together to suppress the same person, and that person was just a young girl!

Upon seeing this, Mu Chen's calm expression darkened, as he did not expect Cai Xiao's gesture to help him, resulting in Fang Yi and the Prince of Netherworld ganging up on her to suppress her.

"Two men ganging up against a girl, as the first and second ranked of the Dragon-Phoenix Record. This is ridiculous." He knew that Cai Xiao was extremely mysterious, but as she said, she had many seals in her body, so her ability to utilize her full power was also limited. According to Mu Chen's estimation, she would have a chance of beating either Fang Yi or the Prince of Netherworld, but once they had formed an alliance, even Cai Xiao would not be able to gain an edge. 

The Prince of Netherworld glanced at Mu Chen nonchalantly as he remarked hoarsely, "You are not qualified to intervene in the matters here, so just beat Liu Yan fair and square. She's caught in such a dilemma because of you. If you feel you have the backbone, then use your ability to overcome the situation, or else…" 

He paused as his nonchalant glance swept over Mu Chen. There was no contempt in his eyes, but he also did not put Mu Chen at a level equal to him as he said, "You don't have the right to speak here." 

A glint flashed in Mu Chen's dark eyes as he stared at the Prince of Netherworld and retorted, "Oh really?" 

The world was quiet. No one expected the situation to become like this, and Su Biyue, Snapper, and the others made the wise choice to protect themselves and stay out of it. Anyway, they did not wish to get involved in the grudges between these people. As far as they were concerned, they were naturally happy to see them fighting against each other.

Cai Xiao tilted her head, and her long hair billowed in the wind. She glanced at Fang Yi and the Prince of Netherworld, and a brilliant smile bloomed on her face. Her smile was so dazzling, that even beauties such as Su Biyue and Snapper paled in comparison. 

Cai Xiao turned to glance at Mu Chen as she smiled and said, "It will be troublesome for me to deal with these two, but starting now, they will not dare to make a move, so I will give you the time it takes for an incense stick to finish burning to deal with Liu Yan, then…" 

Her glowing fingers slowly moved as she pointed towards the Prince of Netherworld standing behind as her crisp and cold voice rang in the air, "You'll stop one, while I'll kill the other. Can you do it?"

The world remained silent as they directed astonished glances at Mu Chen. They clearly did not understand why Cai Xiao had so much confidence in Mu Chen, not to mention how strong Liu Yan was. Even if Mu Chen defeated Liu Yan, it would be wishful thinking for him to stop the Prince of Netherworld with his abilities.

However, Mu Chen ignored all the incredulous gazes as he stared at Cai Xiao wordlessly. He turned his head suddenly, his dark eyes locking on Liu Yan.

"An incense stick's time is enough."

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