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Chapter 799 - Battle Liu Yan Again

“One incense time is enough!”

When Mu Chen said those words, his figure moved and appeared on a Dragon-Phoenix Stage. Sharpness gathered in his eyes as he looked at Liu Yan with his black pupils.


Liu Yan smiled from the anger. since he never thought that Mu Chen would be so arrogant to say that one incense time was enough to defeat him. Did he not know that in their previous battle, he relied on luck to end the battle with the both of them gravely injured?

“This time, you’re doomed to die!”

Liu Yan eerily smiled as his figure moved and appeared on the Dragon-Phoenix Stage. He directed his gaze, which was as sharp as a blade, at Mu Chen, along with extremely dense killing intent in his eyes. He clearly understood that this was the best time to kill Mu Chen. Now that the mysterious girl was hindered by Fang Yi and the Netherworld Prince, she couldn’t provide any help to him.


A vast amount of Spiritual Energy practically burst out from Liu Yan in an instant and the scarlet Spiritual Energy rolled behind him, causing the temperature in this region to rapidly rise.

“Myriad Flames Celestial Body!”

Without any probing, Liu Yan had immediately formed seals with his hands. As the vast amount of Spiritual Energy surged, a huge scarlet light figure had immediately appeared on this Dragon-Phoenix Stage.

He had actually summoned his Sovereign Celestial Body in an instant!

It looked like after the previous battle with Mu Chen, Liu Yan no longer dared to belittle him in the slightest, since he was clear that if he were to fail again, his face would be thoroughly swept.

Seeing this scene, many experts in this region inwardly smacked their lips. Although Liu Yan was speaking of disdain about Mu Chen, he did not underestimate him in the slightest when he acted.

“Leave your life behind!”

Liu Yan’s figure appeared on the head of the Myriad Flames Celestial Body as he barked and abruptly thrust his palms forward. The huge palm of the Myriad Flames Celestial Body formed into a huge palm of flames and headed towards Mu Chen’s area.

Rolling heat wave swept out, causing the air in this region to seem like it was burning. There’s no need to doubt Liu Yan’s strength. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be ranked 4th on the Dragon-Phoenix Record. Now that he had gone out full-force, the might of his attack was something that even ordinary Fourth Grade Sovereigns would have to avoid upon seeing it.

But facing Liu Yan’s raging attack, Mu Chen showed no signs of avoiding, but raised his head, looking at the descending palm. Clenching his right hand, a dark-golden light flowed from his skin and some golden scales covered his arms.

A surge of power that could crush mountains violently surged like a ferocious beast; it was the power bestowed to him by the Dragon-Phoenix Physique.


As the golden light surged, Mu Chen threw a palm forth. A blazing golden sun rose on his palm and clash with the flaming palm that was enveloping down.


Shock waves that could be seen with the naked-eye swept out as it wreaked havoc. Mu Chen’s feet sunk into the ground, but everyone’s eyes had narrowed at this moment. They saw that the power from Mu Chen’s palm had actually stopped Liu Yan’s flaming palm, since it couldn’t descend any further.

“F**k off!”

Mu Chen sneered. Ever since he had formed the Dragon-Phoenix Physique, his fighting strength was much stronger than the day before. At the very least, it was impossible for Liu Yan to defeat him with an attack at such level.


A golden light burst out as the flaming palm was shaken off, and Mu Chen’s palm was red, emitting a dreadful high temperature. Clearly, if it wasn’t for the fact that his Dragon-Phoenix Physique was way stronger, he wouldn’t dare to confront Liu Yan’s Myriad Flames Celestial Body this way.


A commotion rose in this region and many experts had their faces filled with shock. Just thinking about the scene where Mu Chen pushed back the Myriad Flames Celestial Body with a single palm left them in astonishment.

“He really does have some ways.” The faces of Su Biyue, Hong Yu, and Ding Xuan were solemn. That youth named Mu Chen was indeed not simple. It was no wonder why he dared to speak those words earlier.

In another corner, three figures stood still without moving. The aura of those three seemed to have locked together. No matter which of them acted first, there was bound to be lightning-fast attacks.

Those three were naturally Cai Xiao, Fang Yi and the Netherworld Prince.

The three of them stood without moving as their breathing slowed down. Although they were restricting each other from moving, their attention was focused on the battle between Mu Chen and Liu Yan.

Therefore, when Fang Yi and the Netherworld Prince saw Mu Chen pushing back the Myriad Flames Celestial Body with a single palm, there were ripples in their eyes, whereas Cai Xiao’s rosy lips lightly lifted. Clearly, she was satisfied with Mu Chen’s performance.

They had naturally sensed that compared to the day before, Mu Chen had gotten much stronger.

“Did you think that I didn’t have any opportunities of my own in the past day?!”

Mu Chen’s gaze was cold as he swiftly formed seals at lightning speed. At the same time, the Myraid Flames Celestial Body was also forming seals. In an instant, countless scarlet flames swiftly flowed, forming into a massive cauldron before him.

Seeing the cauldron, Mu Chen narrowed his eyes. He wasn’t a stranger to it, since he was wounded by it in his previous fight with Liu Yan.

“Myriad Flames Furnace - Sky-Burning Feather!”

As Mu Chen had expected, along with Liu Yan’s sharp bark, flames of different colours surged in the huge cauldron, forming a rainbow feather. Ripples of annihilation were being emitted from the feather.

“Using the same old method?” Mu Chen sneered at the sight.

Liu Yan coldly swept a glance at Mu Chen as a brutal smile rose on the corner of his lips. The smile seemed to be ridiculing but he did not speak a single word; instead, his seals abruptly changed.


The rainbow feather, which was burning with flames, abruptly shot out of the cauldron. However, the violent energy contained in the feather did not attack Mu Chen; instead, it had shot towards Liu Yan under all the astonished gazes.

When the rainbow feather shot over, Liu Yan opened his mouth and swallowed the feather under numerous dumbfounded gazes.

Even Mu Chen couldn’t help being startled at this scene.


After swallowing the feather into his body, Liu Yan’s body instantly turned red, his pupils did as well. His skin turned dry, as if the moisture and blood in his body had been incinerated.


Fine cracks spread out on his skin. Along with the crack spreading out, he looked like a porcelain that would soon shatter, bringing a chill into the heads of those watching this scene.

However, Su Biyue, Hong Yu and the rest pensively looked at the sight of this.

“Haha, it’s not smart to belittle a 4th ranked expert of the Dragon-Phoenix Record.” Fang Yi had faintly laughed out as well.

Cai Xiao coldly glared at him, but her face had turned solemn as well. Clearly, she had felt how powerful this means of Liu Yan’s was as well.


Under the countless gazes in this region, Liu Yan put his hands together and his seals changed. In an instant, a golden light burst out from his body, along with a vague dragon roar that accompanied it.

As the golden light surged, it had formed into dragon runes on the surface of his body. As those dragon runes wandered on his body, Liu Yan’s body had turned from gold to red.

The cracks on the surface of his body were being restored as well.

“That’s the… Ersatz Dragon Physique!”

“So he was intending to use the Ersatz Dragon Physique’s protection to contain the violent energy of the rainbow feather so that he can control it. This way, his body will not explode!”

“He has at least over 70 dragon runes, looks like the True Dragon and Phoenix’s Blood Essences that Liu Yan had obtained were somewhat pure!”

“Mu Chen is doomed this time!”


When Liu Yan’s figure turned golden, as if he was made of gold, the danger of his body exploding had been removed. Only then did everyone understand what was going on. It turns out that Liu Yan had such means to protect himself. It was no wonder why he would be so crazy.

Looking at the golden figure in the sky, Mu Chen couldn’t help narrowing his eyes. Liu Yan was indeed not an easy opponent, he actually still had such a method up his sleeves…

Up in the sky, Liu Yan looked down at Mu Chen from high above with a condensed killing intent in his eyes. The smile that hung on the corner of his lips had also become extremely savage.

“I have already said that it’s pure luck that you could survive before!” Liu Yan’s eerie voice resounded in the sky, he did not give Mu Chen any time to make any preparations.

“But luck will still be helpless before absolute power!”

Liu Yan’s gaze was savage as he bent his fingers together with strands of different flames forming on his fingertips. In the end, the flames turned a golden colour, along with the sound of a dragon roaring.

A terrifying ripple had intensely fluctuated around Liu Yan.

Sensing that ripple, the faces of Su Biyue, Hong Yu, Ding Xuan and the rest changed.

“Myriad Flames Divine Art - Sky Fire Dragon Fingers!”

Liu Yan’s voice coldly rang out as the dazzling golden light beam shot out from his fingers. The light bent, turning into a roaring golden fire dragon as it caused space to shatter at this moment.

Under this all-out attack from Liu Yan, sky started to shatter, almost as if it couldn’t bear that power!

Countless people widened their eyes as they sighed with pity,

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