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Once the spiritual energy fluctuation had dissipated on the platform, only silence remained. Speechless, everyone locked their gazes on the slender figure that was standing in the middle of the platform.

Their eyes were full of horror and disbelief. The fact that Mu Chen had defeated a Grade Four Sovereign in one stroke had given them a shock.

Su Biyue and Snapper looked on in surprise, narrowing their eyes. Although they had heard of the previous confrontation between Mu Chen and Liu Yan, a time when both of them had lost to each other, they had not witnessed it themselves. Moreover, Cai Xiao, who has been following close behind Mu Chen, was too overpowering, which caused them to feel uncertain about predicting any result.

However, since they had now seen Mu Chen with their own eyes, they had to admit that this young man, who looked like he only had the strength of a Grade Three Sovereign, was not as simple as they had first thought. To them, it was no wonder that he dared to fight Liu Yan, as his power was compelling, too!

The looks on the faces of both Fang Yi and the Prince of the Netherworld seemed to be quite calm, except for the fact that they had squinted their eyes when Mu Chen had released a glaring gold light.

At that moment, they could feel a sense of oppression coming from Mu Chen. Such an oppression was clearly not derived from Mu Chen's own strength, but was from the Dragon-Phoenix Blood Essence in his body! Apparently, the amount of essence in his body has already surpassed the amount that they possessed!

However, this was not a surprise to Fang Yi. He was already well-aware of the superb Dragon-Phoenix Pool that was found by Mu Chen and Cai Xiao. On top of this, he knew that they had obtained two ripe Dragon-Phoenix Fruits, which could allow anyone to cultivate a "real dragon body" or a "real phoenix body".

Fang Yi crossed his fingers, looking down and thinking to himself. Mu Chen is indeed good, but he is still far from any level that needs to concern me. On the contrary, the mysterious girl beside him is far more tricky...

Mu Chen was standing quietly on the platform, while everyone gazed intensely at him. He swept his black eyes across the scene slowly, stopping at those top powers, who were unable to occupy a platform themselves. They did not dare meet his eyes. Some even broke into a cold sweat, trying to extinguished this daunting young man from their thoughts.

Judging by the incredible strength that Mu Chen had displayed early on, whoever regarded him as being just an ordinary Grade Three Sovereign would be a fool.

It was clear that Mu Chen was able to make his way there by his own strength and merit, not because of the beautiful, mystery girl by his side. Hence, his own strength was not to be underestimated!

Mu Chen stood in the middle of the Dragon-Phoenix Platform. From this position, he watched the rest of the platforms in the distance. On those other platforms, spiritual energies were exploding, and huge Sovereign Celestial Bodies were confronting one another ceaselessly. Also, a violent storm had just broken out.

Fighting for a chance to ascend to the top of the Dragon-Phoenix Platform, all of the top powers had bloodshot eyes. They were clearly unleashing their most formidable skills, raising their efforts to the utmost levels that they could.

Mu Chen swept his glance across the various platforms. He saw the numerous spiritual energies raging violently. He then turned to look at those few figures, who were standing still on several other platforms, all of which were equally as quiet as his.

From the very beginning, no one dared to set foot on those platforms, as everyone knew that the real formidable people among the younger generation in the North Territory occupied them. These people were the very ones who possessed the qualifications to ascend to the summit of the Dragon-Phoenix Platform.

Among these people, Mu Chen spotted Liu Yan, who was staring back at him with cold eyes. The sharp radiance that was surging deep in his eyes felt like it could pierce through Mu Chen.

The grievances between these two men had remained irreconcilable, ever since their last fight. The undisguised killing desire in Liu Yan's eyes said everything there was to say.

But, even before Mu Chen had cultivated his Dragon-Phoenix Body, he had never been afraid of Liu Yan. Moreover, his strength had grown tremendously since he had last met him. Hence, if both of them were to confront each other again, he would show Liu Yan that he would not be easily defeated.

In response to Liu Yan's cold stare, Mu Chen returned a faint look. He then glanced in the direction of Fang Yi and the Prince of Netherworld out of the corner of his eyes.

Compared with Liu Yan, he was much more wary of these two unfathomable men, who had somehow managed to safely escape from Cai Xiao's clutches. He knew that, if he wished to ascend to the summit and obtain the Dragon-Phoenix Legacy, it would be this pair of jokers that might just be the two thick walls that could hinder his way.

Boom! Boom!

While Mu Chen was deep in his thought, the spiritual energy fluctuations from the other platforms grew more vigorous and forceful. The battles had climaxed on all the other sides.

As the fierce fights continued, those who failed and were severely wounded fell helplessly from the sky. After which, the violent spiritual energy fluctuations in the sky finally began settling down.

Mu Chen saw that thirty-two platforms were now floating in the sky, all of which were occupied.

"Only thirty-two people are left?"

Mu Chen was shocked, as previously, there had been more than a hundred top powers represented on the platforms. But, now, more than half of them had been eliminated.

Mu Chen lifted his head to look at the sky in the distance. Golden lights were radiating, and sixteen platforms were suspended in mid-air, encapsulated within that faint glow. Apparently, this meant that only sixteen people would be left...

Mu Chen surmised now that, according to this pattern, every level of platforms ascended would eliminate half the number of people. Such extreme eliminations seemed quite intense and cruel!


While Mu Chen was sighing about the cruel elimination criteria of the competition, the platforms under all of their feet suddenly gave way, revealing only dazzling golden light. Countless dragon scales and phoenix wings were vibrating at the same time. While the lights surged, a stream of golden fluid flowed through the platform, eventually entering the body of Mu Chen and the rest via their feet.

"The Dragon-Phoenix Blood Essence?!" Mu Chen felt a very familiar energy pour into his body, causing his eyelids to twitch slightly. He assumed this was a reward for those who had made it to the qualifying round!

The Dragon-Phoenix Blood Essence that now gushed out from the platform was quite pure. For some of the top powers, it would be an unexpected fortune! However, to Mu Chen, who had already experienced the Dragon-Phoenix Pool and refined a Dragon-Phoenix Fruit, it was only icing on the cake.

The intense golden light wrapped around the thirty-two figures, causing all of the spectators to be intensely envious. After a long while, the golden light suddenly rushed forth, catapulting the thirty-two figures further up into the clear blue sky.

The light was extremely fast, shooting through the air in a flash. After the golden light dissipated, thirty-two figures were floating in mid-air at an even higher level of the sky.

Suspended in front of these thirty-two figures, were the sixteen platforms that seemed to be made of gold. Looking at the remaining sixteen platforms, no one uttered a word. Fang Yi, the Prince of the Netherworld, and the rest of the top powers, landed on each of their own platforms first.

Mu Chen also found himself a platform, but he could feel sharp looks shooting in his direction. He cupped his fists and shouted out a challenge, "Is there anyone who would like to give me a try?!"

Among the dozen figures that were floating in mid-air, some of their eyes flickered, but only one gray-robed man flit onto the platform where Mu Chen stood. An energy that felt like a sharp knife blade was eluding from him, distorting the entire space.

"Yu Lu from the Domineering Sword Sect, hoping to spar with you!"

When the low voice came out of the mouth of the gray-robed man, the man dashed out fiercely. His overbearing energy rose towards the sky.

This top power came from the Domineering Sword Sect and had a similar strength to the previous Chen Fan, who was from the Ghost Shadow Sect. So, the battle did not last very long, as Yu Lu could tell their differences immediately. Once Mu Chen pierced through his knives energy and surrounded him with only one finger, Yu Lu knew that he must surrender straightaway.

He was wise not to continue the fight. Instead, he cupped his fists and took the initiative to withdraw from the battle. Mu Chen had won again!

After he defeated Yu Lu from the Domineering Sword Sect and made his way to the top sixteen qualifying round, Mu Chen continued on, beating another top power that came from the top force in the North Territory. Finally, he advanced into the quarter-final round, astonishing and impressing everyone present.

In the quarter-final battle, Mu Chen's opponent actually withdrew from the fierce fight, before it ever even began! Mu Chen took a deep breath in relief, upon realizing his easily obtained new victory. He looked up once again, seeing that there were now only four majestic Dragon-Phoenix Platforms left high in the sky.

His hands were clenched tightly. Mu Chen knew that, with each elimination, the competition would only grow more fierce.

In order to prepare, Mu Chen felt that he would have to go to the summit of the Dragon-Phoenix Platform, to measure up his opponents. Despite his having Fang Yi, the Prince of the Netherworld, and the rest of the formidable opponents, it was still hard for Mu Chen to be fearful of them. Yet, he must be prepared!

"Let me see who can stop me!" Mu Chen grinned widely. There was a flame burning fiercely in his eyes.

The golden light emerged once again on the Dragon-Phoenix Platform. Mu Chen spread his arms widely in order to allow Dragon-Phoenix Blood Essence to seep into his body. The essence turned into a majestic force, spreading from his head to his toes.

When the golden light dissipated, Mu Chen opened his eyes suddenly. A sharp radiance surged from deep within his pupils.

Now, the last eight figures were left floating in mid-air, but the spiritual energy fluctuation that were emitting enveloped the entire world. Countless people were watching this scene quietly from below. They knew that this long-awaited battle of the Dragon-Phoenix Platform had finally reached its climax!

The battle of the quarterfinals!

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