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A colorful light swept directly across the horizon right before countless people's shocked gazes. Like rushing thunder, it headed straight for Fang Yi, who was standing at the mountain's peak.

This sudden attack had clearly attracted everyone's attention. For a time, even people like Su Biyue and Snapper were astonished. Clearly, they did not know exactly who would have the courage to make a move directly against Fang Yi.

He was a super influential person who ranked number one in the Dragon-Phoenix Record!

In the world, countless bewildered eyes were flickering. But just when many people thought that the person who made a move was overconfident, Fang Yi, who stood at the mountain's peak, furrowed his brows and stared at the colorful light violently sweeping over. Soon after, he did something which left countless people stunned; he did not show any signs of wanting to make a move. With a shift in his stature, an afterimage emerged and he actually took the initiative to avoid the attack.


When the rainbow-colored light hit the mountain's peak with a boom, the mountain immediately collapsed, and countless huge rocks smashed downwards. In just a short moment, the whole mountain was razed to the ground.

This scene caused quite a number of people's eyes to twitch.

Two brilliant lights stood upright in that sky, and when the rays of light finally dispersed, the two shadows within became apparent as they appeared in countless people's line of sight.

When these two shadows appeared, it immediately caused an uproar throughout the world. 

"That is… Daluo Territory's Mu Chen?!"

"How dare they make a move against Fang Yi. Do they want to die?!"

"They will find it difficult not to die after having angered Fang Yi!"


There were some people who were so aghast that they went speechless, and the looks directed at Mu Chen were extremely weird. Although Mu Chen had obtained a Dragon-Phoenix Pool from Liu Yan, which caused his fame to rise, if this was the reason he dared to make a move against Fang Yi, then he could only be considered a fool. 

This was because although Liu Yan was considerably skilled, compared to a person who seemed to be so monumental like Fang Yi, he was definitely lacking a level!

Almost everyone overlooked the overly beautiful girl who stood beside Mu Chen.

When Mu Chen saw those looks, he could only smile helplessly. Then just when he chose to speak, he felt a gaze filled with killing intent shoot towards him.

He turned his head slightly and saw Liu Yan, who looked extremely sullen.

Mu Chen squinted as he stared at Liu Yan before a similar hint of cold murderous intent swept across his eyes. A day before, he had had a hard battle with him which ended with neither side winning. But if he were to fight him again, he had the utmost confidence that he would truly be able to defeat Liu Yan.

Their gazes intertwined in mid-air and immediately, a murderous aura began to permeate the area. Clearly, both of them did not have any intention to cover up the killing intent within their hearts.

While Mu Chen and Liu Yan were confronting each other, over at the sky above the collapsed mountain, a white shadow slowly emerged. Fang Yi's white robe and black hair made him look extremely refined. He looked profoundly at Cai Xiao before cupping his fist in the other hand, and with a smile he said, "Miss, I admit that my previous actions were slightly inappropriate. But the Dragon-Phoenix Fruit was truly the Dragon-Phoenix Rift's mystical treasure. If a person got their hands on one of them, surely they would be able to cultivate the Real Dragon Body or the Real Phoenix Body. Also, out of the three Dragon-Phoenix Fruits, I only have one which is still unripe, whereas the other two ripe Dragon-Phoenix Fruits are still in your hands."

When Mu Chen heard this, he couldn't help but to look solemn. This Fang Yi was extremely manipulative for actually exposing the news about the Dragon-Phoenix Fruit in front of so many people. He was well aware of the astonishing allurement which the Dragon-Phoenix Fruit possessed, as it was something which was far better than the Dragon-Phoenix Pool.


Just as Mu Chen expected, the moment Fang Yi said this, the world erupted into an astonishing uproar. Countless boiling hot gazes, which almost seemed to be able to burn people up, were immediately directed towards Mu Chen and Cai Xiao.

"They actually obtained two ripe Dragon-Phoenix Fruits?!"

"That's the mystical treasure which would allow a person to directly cultivate the Real Dragon Body or the Real Phoenix Body!"


In the world, countless powerful people's eyes turned very red. Aside from the ordinary person, even powerful people like Su Biyue and Snapper couldn't help but to freeze the expression in their eyes at that moment.

When Mu Chen saw the countless bloodshot gazes directed at him, he furrowed his brows as well. He glimpsed at Cai Xiao, but that beautiful face was currently emotionless. She stared indifferently at the smiling Fang Yi, yet she did not say another word. Then, that bare foot, which was as white as jade, took a light step and her delicate body immediately disappeared.

Just when Cai Xiao's figure disappeared, Fang Yi had also squinted slightly. Soon after, he formed a seal with one hand and directly struck down as he faced the void before him.

"Void Great Handprint!"

When that call escaped Fang Yi's lips, the void before his handprint actually began to distort. Within that distortion, it was as if a huge, seemingly invisible handprint was being formed indistinctly. Although seemingly invisible, the terrifying power which permeated from that handprint caused countless powerful people to go numb with fear. 


However, just when that huge, seemingly invisible handprint was about to tear open the void and clap outwards, there was a surge in the space ahead, and a petite shadow appeared in a flash. While high up in the sky, she bent her beautiful finger and pointed it downwards. Immediately, it briefly touched that Void Great Handprint. 


The girl opened her red lips slightly, and an abundance of white light bloomed from her beautiful finger. Within that surging space, what seemed like a muffled sound of something popping rang through, and that enormous Void Great Handprint was actually pierced through by one finger.

A bright white light pierced through the Void Great Handprint. Then, it immediately shot towards the space between Fang Yi's eyebrows with an unavoidable speed. Finally, amid the sound of countless frightened voices, it fully pierced through.

However, amid the sound of shocked voices filling the air, no blood came flowing out from between Fang Yi's eyebrows. Instead, his body gradually turned illusive before he finally disappeared, leaving only an afterimage behind.

Over at a faraway place behind where he stood, a white robed shadow emerged once again. It was Fang Yi.

When Fang Yi appeared once again, the world became silent. The bloodshot eyes staring at Mu Chen and Cai Xiao earlier looked as if cold water had been poured on their heads as they suddenly calmed down.

This was because they finally understood that the girl standing beside Mu Chen, who initially just possessed an appearance which left people stunned, actually possessed such a terrifying capability as well!

Her capability could actually rival the capabilities of a super influential person such as Fang Yi. 

Who exactly was this girl?!

Countless powerful people looked at each other in dismay and no longer dared to show any signs of malice.

When Mu Chen saw this, he quietly let out a breath of relief as well. Cai Xiao's counterattack was done beautifully. Fang Yi had clearly planned to use the Dragon-Phoenix Fruit as bait in order to surround them in hostility. But no one could have expected Cai Xiao to be more quick and powerful. Her immediate thunder-like move revealed her astonishing capabilities, which intimidated these fellows to the point that they became obedient.

Over at the other mountain peaks, powerful people who were extremely well-known such as Snapper, Su Biyue, and Ding Xuan were staring at Cai Xiao with an odd look in their eyes. It was assumed that they were rather shocked since no one would've thought that this seemingly delicate girl would actually possess such a terrifying capability rivaling Fang Yi's. Since when did such a monstrous genius appear within the younger generation of the Northern Territory?

Cai Xiao stood upright high up in the sky. She looked over at Fang Yi, who still had a smile on his face, and said with an indifferent gaze, "No matter what trick you use, I will not let you off today."

If someone else had said this, that person would have been exposing themselves to ridicule. But after seeing Cai Xiao's earlier move with their own eyes, everyone was shocked, but no one dared to laugh. At first, they thought that Fang Yi would definitely be the champion of the Dragon-Phoenix Rift once again. But who could have expected this girl, who had turned up all of a sudden, to actually not be inferior to Fang Yi, even in the slightest bit. 

It seemed like there would definitely be a truly fierce battle between giants in the Dragon-Phoenix Rift this time.

When Fang Yi heard Cai Xiao's words, the expression in his eyes froze. Soon after, he smiled slightly and said, "May I know who you are? I don't think a person like you exists within the younger generation of the Northern Territory."

Cai Xiao's beautiful face remained emotionless. She completely ignored Fang Yi's question, and with a turn of her body, she appeared beside Mu Chen.

When Fang Yi saw this, he only smiled without saying anything else. The hand behind his back and the flickering of his profound eyes made it difficult for a person to guess what was actually on his mind. 

The world's atmosphere turned quiet and strange. Everyone could feel the surge of undercurrent between these top-notch powerful people. However, they did not immediately start a war as they were all waiting for that Dragon-Phoenix Platform to appear...

Moreover, the moment they got on that Dragon-Phoenix Platform, an astonishing battle would most likely erupt in an extremely fiersome manner.

When Mu Chen felt the nearly stagnant atmosphere of the world, he squinted slightly as well before silently operating the spiritual energy within his body. He could smell the oncoming storm in this quiet atmosphere.

All the powerful people were gathered in the area, including Fang Yi, who repeatedly managed to walk away safely from his confrontations with Cai Xiao as well as the Prince of Netherworld, who had kept silent since the beginning while watching by the side with cold eyes just like a poisonous snake's.

Additionally, there was the undefeated saintess Su Biyue, Demon's Gate's Snapper, Djinn Clan's Ding Xuan, and of course, Liu Yan, who had a murderous look on his face as he locked his cold eyes on him.

All these people were extremely tough. Moreover, aside from them, there was quite a number of powerful people with similarly shocking capabilities hiding within the crowd.

It seemed like there were bound to be many fiersome battles on the Dragon-Phoenix Rift this time.

The stagnant atmosphere continued. After about an hour, the expression in Mu Chen's eyes suddenly froze. At the same time, Fang Yi, the Prince of Netherworld, and others looked into the sky.

They did not know when it began, but the space there had actually started to distort drastically. In that space distortion, an extremely ancient aura filled the air indistinctly.


The ancient cries of a dragon and phoenix rang through time and space. Countless people widened their eyes and saw an endless ancient rock platform emerging slowly within that space distortion.

The enormous Real Dragon Real Phoenix intertwined as they bore that ancient rock platform on their backs. They connected their heads and tails to form the sturdy golden platform!

Countless people's eyes turned crimson. The Dragon-Phoenix Platform had finally appeared! 

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