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A huge stone platform, sparkling in gold, slowly emerged from the distorted space. Its surface area was enormous, spanning as far as the naked eye could see.

The top layer of the Dragon-Phoenix Platform was enveloped in layers of thick clouds. Only a faint golden light could be seen flickering.

The feeling of an intense oppression came tumbling down, forcing the top powers to have difficulty breathing. The platform itself was exuding an overbearing sense of pressure.

Despite all of this, the top powers continued to fix their enthusiastic gazes on the floating platform, high above the sky. Their eyes were full of greed, as it was said that a legacy was left behind by a real dragon and a real phoenix on the top of the Dragon-Phoenix Platform. The temptation of catching a glimpse of these legends was so high, it could drive any Sovereign Masters crazy.

"So, is that the Dragon-Phoenix Platform?"

Mu Chen looked up as well, fixing his gaze at the ancient stone platform. He could feel the blood accelerating in his body, seeming to have been triggered by some strong and unseen force.

As he gazed upward, it looked like something was on that platform. Moreover, it appeared as if it could be something quite perfect for their cultivation.

"The Dragon-Phoenix Platform has appeared!"

The silence went on for quite some time, before someone let out an exclamation, rejoicing with wild excitement. All of the sudden, the air was filled with the sound of rushing wind, as numerous figures flit towards the Dragon-Phoenix Platform. 

Most of these people, who had not yet obtained the Dragon-Phoenix Blood Essence, were trying to hedge their bets, making a dash for the platform. After all, since the platform was right in front of them, they had to give it a try!

Mu Chen and his group watched calmly, waiting patiently as the horde of others clamored over one another, making their ways to the platform. The sky was full of the rushing sound of the wind, as more and more figures flit towards the platform. It was truly a spectacular scene!

The figures flew at an astonishing speed. Within seconds, they closed in upon the platform. But, just as they were a mere thousand feet away from the platform, intense golden rays beamed forth from the platform. As the golden rays beamed out, the air seemed to fill with loud ancient cries of a dragon and a phoenix.

Bang! Bang!

Those approaching figures, who were now directly in the line of the beams of golden light, were shaken violently, causing them to repel back from the lights immediately. The figures spat mouthfuls of blood, as they fell from the sky, like birds with broken wings.


Countless figures came crashing down, creating numerous deep pits on the floor. If these fellows had cultivated to a degree that was great enough to withstand the impact, it would not have been an issue. However, most of those figures had yet to reach such a cultivation level, so they sustained serious injuries.

The sky suddenly became empty, directly following the dramatic sweep of the golden lights. Even though the light beams had wreaked abundant havoc, they had not entirely wiped out all of the figures.

A dozen figures arose,then continued to flit against the golden rays. There was a faint Dragon-Phoenix glow that was emitting from their bodies, revealing that they were among the few that must have cultivated the Dragon-Phoenix Blood Essence before. Hence, they had been able to withstand the golden light beams' devastating wipeout.

"Let's do it!"

Upon seeing this dramatic scene, Mu Chen urged Cai Xiao. He then took the lead, beaming into a light and flitting towards the platform. Cai Xiao followed closely thereafter.

While Mu Chen and Cai Xiao made their moves, Fang Yi, the Prince of the Netherworld, Su Biyue and the rest started to flit from the various mountain peaks towards the platform as well, traveling at an impressively fast speed.

Back down on the ground, in a land that was full of wailings, the top powers watched helplessly as all of the extraordinary talents made their moves. From where they stood, they could only give a loud sigh, as it seemed like they did not qualify for the journey to the Dragon-Phoenix Platform.

However, they felt a small consolation in knowing how fierce a fight was awaiting those heading to the platform. It would indeed be one of the most outstanding battles for the younger generation in the Northern Territory.


As Mu Chen rushed closer to the platform, an immense pressure enveloped him instantly, just as the golden rays permeated the space surrounding him. The air seemed to stagnate instantly, as if invisible walls were blocking him.

However, this did not hindrer Mu Chen in the slightest. On the surface of his body, a faint golden glow was emitting. All the previous stagnancy and pressure had now disappeared completely. Like a fish in water, he boosted his speed, effortlessly ascending to the old and magnificent Dragon-Phoenix Platform.

As he set his foot on the stone platform, it felt cold and hard, like a block of ice. He swept his gaze across the ground, seeing that it was made of fine and indestructible golden dragon scales.

As he looked up, he saw a massive wing with golden feathers, which stretched out in layers on the enormous stone platform. Each layer of golden feathers represented a stone tower on the platform. These layers extended upwards, as far as the eye could see, before they finally disappeared into the thick clouds.


Beams of lights flickered, announcing the appearance of new figures on the Dragon-Phoenix Platform. But, these new figures all stood at a distance, guarding against one other.

Cai Xiao stood beside Mu Chen, directing her cold gaze towards Fang Yi. Apparently, she had decided to make him her enemy.

As Fang Yi felt the hostile gaze of Cai Xiao, his expression remained unchanged. However, he did narrow his eyes at her, as he was quite wary of this mysterious Cai Xiao. If she was to take issue with him, it would be very troublesome indeed.

Dozens of figures were on the stone platform now, each of which were surrounded by immense spiritual energy fluctuations. Most of them, except a small handful, had already reached Grade Four Sovereign level! Thus, these people were the real top-notch leaders among the younger generation in the North Territory.

But, as soon as they appeared on the wide Dragon-Phoenix Platform, the crowd sank into silence. Everyone could feel the intense pressure that was circulating in the air.

Mu Chen was, however, looking surprisingly calm. Although everyone there was talented and highly proficient, he believed that, if he teamed up with Cai Xiao, there was no need to feel intimidated by anyone. This was mainly due to the fact that, those who had already witnessed the strength of Cai Xiao, would not dare lay their hands on them! 

The silence continued on the platform. A few minutes later, a golden light burst forth from the platform suddenly. Then, the glow from the dragon scales flickered, turning the entire ground into a golden mirror.

Mu Chen and the rest now found themselves standing on this golden mirror. Also on the golden mirror, a golden radiance was circulating, swirling almost like a liquid.

The radiance eventually gathered around everyone's feet. As the radiance rushed to wrap around their feet, everyone felt an invisible wave come over them, scanning their bodies from top to bottom.


As the golden radiance swept through, beams of golden rays, varying in levels of brightness, flowed forth from each body. Loud cries by a dragon and a phoenix could be heard amid these golden lights.

"It's the Blood Essence Detector!" Everyone realized this all of the sudden, as the detector seemed to be scanning for the strength of the Dragon-Phoenix Blood Essence within their bodies.

In fact, the strength level of the blood essence would probably affect their chances of acquiring the Dragon-Phoenix Legacy. As such, everyone looked at the glows that were emitting from their bodies anxiously.


While everyone was nervously watching, trying to figure out how to estimate the glows that were being emitted, a dozen-foot tall golden light pillar shot up to the sky. This pillar, beyond a doubt, had the brightest glow of all!

Everyone looked towards the light pillar, while the burly Ding Xuan laughed, his mouth wide open. Apparently, the Dragon-Phoenix Blood Essence that he had cultivated was quite strong!


But, just as he finished laughing, another similarly robust golden light pillar shot out! Cries from the dragon rang out amid the golden lights.

Liu Yan was looking at Mu Chen coldly, expressionless. Meanwhile, some expressions on the faces of the top powers changed slightly, as it seemed like Liu Yan and Ding Xuan had already surpassed them.


Another two loud Phoenix cries broke out at the same time. This time, the golden radiance circulated around Su Biyue and Hong Yu, just as a pair of phoenix wings extended itself under the glow. This power was not any weaker than that of Liu Yan or Ding Xuan! They had cultivated a Pseudophoenix body!


At this time, many gazes turned to Fang Yi and the Prince of the Netherworld. They could clearly see that the golden radiance that was gathering under both of their feet was extremely intense.


The next moment, tall golden light pillars shot towards the sky, causing a dismayed look to appear on all the faces of the remaining top powers.

"Such a fluctuation! These two fellows must have cultivated the Real Dragon Body!" Some of the top powers admitted these things unwillingly, as it looked like Fang Yi and the Prince of the Netherworld would be the ones dominating the platform again.

"Wait, what is going on with Mu Chen?"

Suddenly someone noticed Mu Chen, because he was the only one who did not have any golden radiance appearing at his feet. This was quite shocking to most of them.

Had he not cultivated the Dragon Phoenix Blood Essence before? Otherwise, how would he have been able to get to this platform?

Despite all of their doubtful looks, Mu Chen remained undaunted and expressionless. He stared at the golden radiance flowing farther below his feet, yet he was untouched. He could also feel the fluctuation wave proliferating within his body. The blood streams in his body were beginning to accelerate, due to this fluctuation.

Then, the acceleration increased its speed profusely, eventually hitting its maximum. Mu Chen closed both of his eyes slowly, then spread his hands up high.

A beam of light darted out towards the sky, shot forth from Mu Chen's body. Although it was also about a hundred feet tall, the luster of the gold appeared to be darker, and a near endless pressure was circulating around it.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

As the dark, golden light pillar shot out from the body of Mu Chen, the rest of the light pillars burst into golden stardust, falling from the sky. Now, only the dark golden light pillar remained at the apex, standing tall between the heaven and earth. As it towered in the sky, it gave off a bright glow, covering the entire platform.

Then, just as earthly officials bow down to their rulers, the rest of the light pillars seemed to be bowing down to the dark golden light pillar in a similar fashion. It was as if they were trying to distinguish the significant difference between them.

At this moment, all of the onlookers were shocked by this dramatic scene!

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