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The Dragon Wind Territory, which was the very center of the Dragon-Phoenix Rift, was considered to be the most important area. Its importance stemmed from the fact that the Dragon-Phoenix Platform, which was rumored to be the heritage point of the real dragons and phoenixes, was located there.

Unlike the other areas within the Dragon-Phoenix Rift, where strange beasts were a common sight, not a single beast dared to dwell in this area. This was due to that fact that this was the actual place where the real dragon and real phoenix had fallen. Even after tens of thousands of years, the residual pressure still deterred the strange beasts, which had absorbed the Blood Essence of the dragons and phoenixes, from getting close.

In the past, this area was mostly filled with deathly stillness. Between the heavens and the earth, even the sound of the wind would be suppressed by the pressure surrounding the area into silence, turning the entire place into a land of death.

Now, however, the deathly stillness was nowhere to be found. Replacing it, was an uproar that reached up to the skies. In the heavens and the earth, which were filled with an ancient breath, innumerable figures approached from all directions, covering every side. They rained down upon the land like locusts, and the fuss and buzz from their commotion completely shattered the deathly stillness in the land.

These figures belonged to the many young powerful individuals who had rushed to Dragon-Phoenix Platform. While they were faced with many crises when they roamed the Dragon-Phoenix Rift, they had also received many rewards. And now, with such a number of them now here, there was a common understanding among them that, there would soon be held an earth-shattering contest!

As time went by, more and more powerful individuals gathered here at an alarming rate. The buzz of their collective commotion pierced the sky. All of the hubbub even turned over thick layers of clouds!


When a shocking amount of people were gathered, a fearsome spiritual energy fluctuation suddenly burst forth from afar. Immediately, a light scratched through the sky like a meteor, before it finally landed on a towering lone peak amid countless gazes.


A figure emerged, stepping on the peak. Suddenly, a humongous crack extended from its feet. WIthin a few breaths, the cracks spread throughout the mountain. The mountain was falling apart, almost crumbling!

On the peak, the light dissipated, and a towering figure of fifty feet emerged. He was heavily clad in armor and held a great axe in his hands. A ferocious aura swept through the area. The figure was like a primordial savage giant, displaying its unmatched ferocity.

"That's Ding Xuan of the Djinn Clan!"

His appearance stirred up a commotion between the heavens and the earth. It was obvious that this person was not just some nameless fellow, but was a rather reputable person in the North Territory!

"It is rumored that this Ding Xuan has obtained a Dragon-Phoenix Pool, and also has attained a 'Pseudodragon Body'. Djinns are born fighters to begin with, and with the added strength of the 'Pseudodragon Body', it seems like his ranking is going to rise up quickly in the Dragon-Phoenix Record."

Fshiu! Fshiu!

While everyone was still busy chattering in awe, three consecutive wind-breaking sounds resonated from afar. Along with them, came a terrifying spiritual energy fluctuation.


Two figures, one after another, sped towards the mountain from afar. They then intertwined swiftly in the air. Their fearsome spiritual energies swept forth and clashed into each other violently.

A violent Spiritual Energy Fluctuation rippled through the space. As it did so, the two figures retreated from the collision, each landing on a mountain top.

"Hoho, big sister Su has indeed improved a lot! You really know how to make me envious!" The light around the figure dissipated, revealing Hong Yu, who was wearing a bright red skirt. She covered her lips, while she spoke with a smile. Her smile was so charming and alluring! Many onlookers were stunned.

"Little sister Hong Yu is not simple either. It seems like your cultivation of the Devil Divine Spiritual Art has been completed, no?" On the other peak, the figure had also revealed herself. Donning a white skirt, she had a beautiful face and was emanating a holy aura. This beauty was obviously Su Biyue of the Holy Mountain.

As the two beautiful ladies emerged, the atmosphere between the heavens and the earth reached a climax in an instant. Numerous gazes were directed at them.

Among the ranks of the younger generation in the North Territory, they may not be the strongest, but their charm ranked even higher than Divine Pavillion Fang Yi, who was the first on the Dragon-Phoenix Records' rankings. 

"I am also curious if big sister Su has completed her cultivation of 'Pseudopheonix Body'," Hong Yu said with a laugh, while cupping her red lips with her palm. Her flattering laughter could set people on fire with desire.

Su Biyue's lips curled into a nonchalant smile. "It seems like little sister Hong Yu would want to experience it in combat. Is that right?"

"I'd hoped to, but it would be a shame if someone took advantage of us were we to battle now. Not that I care for myself, but it'd be a pity if big sister's reputation as the Undefeated Saintess was tarnished," Hong Yu said with a sinister laugh.

These two talented and beautiful ladies had an obviously strange relationship! Although they referred to each other as "sisters", it was clear that they were quite wary of one another.

Hearing this, Su Biyue shook her head lightly. She knew how hard it was to deal with Hong Yu, so she refrained from extending this conversation. As her gaze swept away from Hong Yu, she caught sight of Ding Xuan for a moment. She then turned and walked away.

The atmosphere was rather rowdy after the appearance of the two beauties. As time passed, many strong individuals with astonishing spiritual energy fluctuations began arriving as well. An indistinct pressure emitted from their bodies, which was a direct result of absorbing the blood essence of real dragons and real phoenixes.

Obviously, all of the powerful people gathered here had obtained at least one treasure that was imbued with the blood essence of dragons and phoenixes. Hence, they were all equally worthy of climbing the Dragon-Phoenix Platform.

Among the ranks of these powerful individuals, Liu Yan was the most noteworthy. Yet, after his appearance, his face was solemn. Standing alone on a mountain peak, his immense spiritual energy was howling around him. A terrifying killing intent permeated the air, striking fear into the hearts of the people.

In fact, his grim expression had even prompted many to whisper in secret.

"I heard that when Liu Yan was snatching a Dragon-Phoenix Pool, he lost to Mu Chen of the Daluo Territory… and even the Pool was snatched away by Mu Chen."

"Mu Chen? That kiddo whose power level is barely a Grade Three Sovereign?"

"That's the guy. Don't look down on him just because he's a Grade Three Sovereign. I was there to witness the battle between him and Liu Yan. That kid ain't ordinary! Even Liu Yan's Sovereign Super Power might not suppress Mu Chen. "

"You really can't judge a book by its cover, eh? No wonder the Daluo Territory sent him here."

Overhearing the whispers, Liu Yan's face convulsed involuntarily, causing his expression to become even more gloomy. His killing intent also intensified greatly.

Both Su Biyue and Hong Yu could not help but look at the solemn Liu Yan. Of course, they had heard the news as well, but they did not believe it at first, as Liu Yan's reputation was too great. Compared to the almost nameless Mu Chen, most would place their bets on Liu Yan, were there to be a fight between the two.

But in the end, reality betrayed expectations. Liu Yan, who should have won, failed even in snatching the Dragon-Phoenix Pool.

"Mu Chen was unexpectedly strong." The expressions on the two ladies' faces were unchanged, but their hearts were shaking. When they were in the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion, they were surprised at Mu Chen's courage. They had no idea that this young man, who seemed lesser than a Grade Three Sovereign, not only had incredible courage, but also had the capabilities to match!

As Hong Yu and Su Biyue were glancing around, their sights suddenly froze. They were staring towards two mountain tops in the distance. On the two mountain peaks, space seemed to have warped around itself, followed by two figures that were surfacing out of thin air!

Their appearances were so abrupt! It was precisely this sort occurrence that sent chills down every spine of the powerful individuals present.

"Those are..."

Countless gazes focused upon the two figures, as unsuppressed shouts and gasps of awe could be heard. Each and every one of the powerful individuals, who were effusing the smell of Dragon-Phoenix Blood Essence, had a grave look on their face. Their eyes were also clouded in extreme fear and caution.

"Those are… the ones ranked first and second on the Dragon Phoenix Records, Divine Pavillion Fang Yi and the Prince of the Netherworld!"

"They have finally appeared!"

The appearance of the two figures had caused many to cry out in fear and astonishment. Compared to everyone else, these two were the real heavyweights!

Under the focus of countless gazes, the two figures stood tall upon the mountain tops, their hands behind their backs. Their figures, black and white respectively, were now the most noticeable colors between heaven and earth. Any powerful individual would be dull in comparison to their present shining glory.

Among the younger generations in the North Territory, these two were considered to be monumental characters. Even talented prodigies would have much difficulty in surpassing them.

The whole heaven and earth quieted down upon their emergence. It felt as if their oppressive aura had permeated throughout the entire air space.


However, before this freezing oppression lasted for too long, a rushing sound of wind from the sky broke the silence. Two more figures zipped past the skyline as the crowd watched on. Before the two figures could land, an icy, crisp voice echoed from one of them.

"How dare you show your face, you surreptitious wretch! You thought I couldn't take you down?"

As the crisp voice rang out, the figure seemed to have made a hand seal. A finger pointed in the air, and space was torn apart in an instant. A rainbow-colored light flew out, racing through the skies like a thunderbolt.

Innumerable gazes followed the rainbow-colored light, and many powerful individuals took in sharp breaths simultaneously. They had realized that the end of the rainbow-colored light was aimed directly at the first in the Dragon Phoenix Records ranking, Divine Pavilion Fang Yi!

Who is this person, who is so ferocious? And who is bold enough to be targeting the strongest person, Fang Yi, right after appearing!?!

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