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A slender, fair finger pointed in the air, hitting the golden spear that took the form of the real dragon and real phoenix. When the collision took place, there was a great silence.

Mu Chen fixed his gaze on the spot of the collision. He had expected a loud explosion to take place, but that did not happen. He saw Cai Xiao pointing in the sky, and suddenly, a dark spot started to spread out.

As the dark spot spread out, it looked as though a drop of ink had fallen into the water, and was spreading out quickly. In the twinkle of an eye, it had turned into a black hole, measuring about 100 feet wide.

The black hole was churning, as though it was trying to devour everything. Anything that fell into the black hole would be utterly destroyed.


The golden spear exuded an astonishing readiness for war, carrying the roaring sound of the real dragon and real phoenix. The golden spear attempted to pierce through the black hole, but in actual fact, it had been sucked in by it, uncontrollably.

The Guardian of the Golden Armor was roaring furiously. Golden lights were surging crazily, struggling to break free, but to no avail. Cai Xiao had displayed her great power, which took everyone by surprise.

The black hole churned, as Cai Xiao pointed at it. Gradually, it devoured the golden spear, before it finally disappeared within.


After the black hole had devoured the golden spear, it shrunk, becoming a mere black dot. It looked as though a black dot had stained itself onto Cai Xiao's fingertip. Cai Xiao pointed in the air again, and her fingertip instantly touched the forehead of the Guardian of the Golden Armor.

No sound had been heard, but the Guardian of the Golden Armor froze. Even the glimmering golden light had instantly dimmed down.

The trembling arm that had been covered by the dragon scales now lifted up, trying to grab hold of Cai Xiao. However, it was so weak, that it fell to the ground, together with its body. The majestic spiritual energy had dissipated completely.

Mu Chen was stunned by Cai Xiao. Her attack was extremely swift.

As Cai Xiao was watching the Guardian of the Golden Armor that was lying on the floor, her beautiful hair had resumed its color and silkiness. Her colorful pupils had also regained their original color.

Her body shivered, and she fell backward. Mu Chen swiftly caught her by her waist, and realized that Cai Xiao looked pale. She must have exerted too much strength, when she killed the Guardian of the Golden Armor in a split second.

"Are you hurt?" Mu Chen asked with concern.

Cai Xiao shook her head, as she stood up. Mu Chen let go of her arm, and did not linger in the softness of the touch.

"I am fine. Finally, I have killed it." Cai Xiao looked at the Guardian of the Golden Armor that was lying dead on the ground, then heaved a sigh of relief. If she could not kill it, they would have to retreat.

Mu Chen moved toward the Guardian of the Golden Armor, then carefully tapped it. He was stunned to hear that it sounded empty. When he opened up the armor, it was empty. The Guardian seemed to have disappeared into thin air.

"It has been devoured by my Heavens-devouring Finger," Cai Xiao casually said.

Mu Chen gasped upon hearing this, as this skill was extremely powerful. Cai Xiao was indeed mysterious and powerful.

"This is not an ordinary armor." Cai Xiao grabbed her hand, and a golden armor hung before her. The golden armor was made from the scales of the real dragon, and was extremely sturdy. At the back of the armor were prints of wings.

"This armor contains the power of the real dragon and real phoenix…" Mu Chen came over, saying in shock. When the Guardian of the Golden Armor spread out its wings, it had relied on the armor to do it.

"This is good stuff," Mu Chen exclaimed. The Dragon-Phoenix Golden Armor consisted of the strong defence of the scales of the real dragon, and possessed the speed of the real phoenix. Even the top grade Divine Artifacts were not comparable to it. If word of this spread, many people would be eyeing to attain it.

"You are still ignorant of the real power of this Dragon-Phoenix Golden Armor," Cai Xiao said with a smile.

Mu Chen was stunned upon hearing this.

"The power of the real dragon and real phoenix are incompatible. You should know this better than me, since you have cultivated the Pseudodragon body. Although there are Blood and Essence of the real dragon and real phoenix in the Dragon-Phoenix Pool, they will attack each other. When the winner emerges, you can then absorb it."

Cai Xiao gently tapped on the Dragon-Phoenix Golden Armor and said, "This armor is different. It can merge the two powers together. I don't think the Guardian of the Golden Armor is very powerful. It can have the power of the real dragon and real phoenix, all because of this armor."

"You mean…" Mu Chen's eyes twitched, as they were burning with excitement.

"You are right. If you have this armor, you might be able to absorb the Blood and Essence of the real dragon and real phoenix. You will be able to cultivate the bodies of the real dragon and real phoenix at the same time…Hahaha, it will be more appropriate to call it the Dragon-Phoenix Body," Cai Xiao happily said.

"Dragon-Phoenix Body," Mu Chen repeated, as he licked his mouth. He had been able to restrain himself so far, but he was a little excited at the moment. Ever since the Dragon-Phoenix Rift opened up, he had heard that there were people, who had acquired either the body of the real dragon or the real phoenix. However, he had never heard of anyone, who had acquired both at the same time. It seemed unrealistic to even think of it.

However, it seemed that there could be a possibility to achieve the impossible. At this thought, Mu Chen could not contain himself.

It took him quite a while to calm himself down. He looked at the Dragon-Phoenix Golden Armor, and then at Cai Xiao, and said, "You are the one who has killed the Guardian of the Golden Armor…"

He did not get carried away by his desire. If it had not been for Cai Xiao, he would not have come this far, let alone have had anything to do with the divine object.

"Take it. Don't be wishy-washy. If you had not helped me, I would not have been able to kill it. Moreover, although this armor is rare, I am not interested in it," Cai Xiao waved her hand, as she said this with a smile. She flicked her fingers, and the Dragon-Phoenix Golden Armor turned into a golden light, which then shot toward Mu Chen.

"You are very generous," accepted Mu Chen.

Although Mu Chen knew that Cai Xiao was making an excuse to give it to him, he shook his head, and did not argue with her. He stretched forth his hand to receive the Dragon-Phoenix Golden Armor, sincerely nodded at Cai Xiao, and said, "Thank you. In future, if you need my help, do feel free to come to me."

"Wow, you talk big," Cai Xiao looked at Mu Chen and teased him. Given her status, if she truly needed help, she did not think that Mu Chen would be of any help to her.

"I may not have the ability now, but who knows what will happen in the future!" Mu Chen stroked the cold scales on the armor and smiled. Although he sounded modest, Cai Xiao was shocked with his confidence. She could feel that he was not being conceited, but rather that he now had confidence in himself, as well as a great determination.

Who knows? Every dog will have his day!

Cai Xiao looked at Mu Chen for a while, then smiled. She nodded and said, "All right. It is quite a good deal for me to exchange the Dragon-Phoenix Golden Armor with a favor from the future super power."

Upon hearing this, Mu Chen smiled in embarrassment. If he had made such an empty promise to some others, they would have looked at him with disdain.

"It is time for us to reap the harvest," Cai Xiao said, as she turned to look at the Dragon-Phoenix Pool that was filled with golden water. She then looked excitedly at the golden plants at the further end. There were three Dragon-Phoenix Fruits hanging on the plant, and they were shimmering. They were undeniably the center of attraction.

Cai Xiao and Mu Chen looked at each other, before they moved their bodies. They instantly appeared before the golden plant, then reached out their hands to pluck the Dragon-Phoenix Fruit.


At that instant, there was a space warp around the golden plant. The space warp was like a blade, which went past the plant. The three Dragon-Phoenix Fruit fell, then disappeared into the space warp. Both Cai Xiao and Mu Chen were stunned by this sudden change of events, and their faces turned cold.

"Why are the talents in the Dragon-Phoenix Record so sneaky?" Cai Xiao looked at the sky and sneered.


Having said that, she disappeared and reappeared in the sky, throwing out a blow into the space.


A palm appeared in the space, striking Cai Xiao's palm. A spiritual energy fluctuation swirled, and Cai Xiao was slightly affected, as after the battle with the Guardian of the Golden Armor, she was still not in her top form.

However, it would be impossible to snatch the fruit away from her. She made a seal, and colorful lights appeared. She stabbed her finger into the space, then slashed across.

The space shattered, and a few drops of blood spewed out. A light figure flashed out, like lightning, so fast that even Cai Xiao was unable to catch up with it.

Cai Xiao looked coldly at the light figure that was now afar, and after a while, she flicked her fingers. Two golden Dragon-Phoenix Fruits appeared before her.

"He has snatched one away," Cai Xiao said, sounding cold. Although she had managed to retrieve two Dragon-Phoenix Fruits, she was mad at having lost one.

Mu Chen looked at the two Dragon-Phoenix Fruits, then heaved a sigh of relief. They were ripe. The one that had been snatched away had just set.

He turned to look at the spot where the light figure was, and instantly turned cold. Although he did not see the face of the light figure, he knew who he was.

In the Dragon-Phoenix Rift, only one person would know their whereabouts, be able to track them down, and be able to snatch the Dragon-Phoenix Fruit away from Cai Xiao. He was ranked number one in Dragon-Phoenix Record.

"It is he, Fang Yi of Divine Pavilion…"

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