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The dazzling golden light rainbow dove down from the sky. Its power and extreme brilliance almost shattered the space, and the land instantly collapsed.

The Guardian of the Golden Armor, who was at the center of collapsing land, stopped sprinting. Its ruthless, golden eyes looked up for the first time, directly facing the diving golden light.

The power at this level was enough to attract its attention.


It clenched its fist, which was covered with dragon scales. As the dragon scales rubbed against each other, there was an unexpected ear-piercing sound as a tremendous strength shot out, instantly making the space around its fist ripple with visible waves.

Its golden pupils locked onto the golden light without a single trace of emotion.


As the golden light rainbow was diving down, Mu Chen's eyes, however, reflected the image of the Guardian of the Golden Armor's indifferent eyes. The Guardian of the Golden Armor's ruthless eyes were enough to break those without a strong mind.

Mu Chen obviously was not that kind of person. He held his gaze on the Guardian of the Golden Armor. In that pair of pitch black eyes, not only was there no fear, but instead, keenness as sharp as a blade surged out of them.


At his back, the Sovereign Sea emerged with the cries of the dragon and elephant. There were pairs of dragons and elephants instantly flying out that quickly transformed into the Dragon-Elephant Halo in his palm.

"Cut it up!" Mu Chen roared like thunder, and all of his energy accumulated in his palm, making the Dragon-Elephant Halo spin madly. All of the sudden, the space trembled until there were black cracks in it.


The Dragon-Elephant Halo whistled down in a flash like lightning, and mercilessly swooped down towards the Guardian of the Golden Armor's Celestial Spirit Cover. Sharp rays scattered from the contact, instantly creating deep cracks on the land.


The Guardian of the Golden Armor's pupils reflected the image of the Dragon-Elephant Halo swooping down, and at the same time, its throat let out a beast-like growl. Suddenly, it clenched its fist, and the dragon scales on its arm glowed. It let out a punch with explosive power like an erupting volcano, clashing directly with the Dragon-Elephant Halo.


At the moment of collision, bright lights soared into the sky, making even the daylight dim. Blinding golden lights almost shrouded an area around a few hundreds of thousands of feet square.

Bang! Bang!

The land below the Guardian of the Golden Armor was collapsing non-stop. Mu Chen and the Guardian of the Golden Armor's eyes were radiating cold rays, with each combatant having fierce killing intention.


A burning sun seemed to slowly rise up from the collision point, and in the next moment, it exploded, instantly releasing a terrifying shockwave that rippled ragingly. Mu Chen and the Guardian of the Golden Armor's bodies trembled vigorously before being sent flying back by the shock wave.


Two figures flew out backwards in a sorry state, passing right through numerous mountain peaks along the way. The mountain peaks began to collapse non-stop, and loud rumbling sounds echoed between the sky and the land.

The violent golden light gradually dissipated while smoke ascended from the land to the sky.

As the smoke ascended, an embarrassed figure climbed out from under the rubble of a faraway collapsed mountain peak. Mu Chen's head was covered in dirt and dust, and that handsome face of his was also slightly pale. Blood was dripping down from his fingers into his right palm, painting the gravel red.

Apparently, that terrifying collision was not exactly a piece of cake for him.

Mu Chen slowly wiped away the blood from the corner of his mouth, but his eyes were quivering. He finally understood the horror of the Guardian of the Golden Armor after fighting it physically.

If it were not for the Pseudodragon body he had, one of his arms might have been shattered.

"What a tough opponent to deal with." Mu Chen gave a wry laugh, but when his laugh died off, countless boulders suddenly exploded into dust with a bang.

As the dust was falling, a golden-armored figure slowly emerged. It was holding its golden battle spear as usual, and the golden glow around its body was also still bright. That pair of golden eyes locked onto Mu Chen emotionlessly.

Faint cracked dragon scales could be seen on its slightly lifted arms. Apparently, Mu Chen's attack did have some effect.

However, when Mu Chen looked at that figure, he got the creeps. That attack before could be considered his strongest attack, but it only left the Guardian of the Golden Armor with some cracked dragon scales on its palm. Clearly, this was far from what Mu Chen had aimed for.

"D*mn it!"

Mu Chen cursed with gritted teeth. Compared to Liu Yan, this Guardian of the Golden Armor was countless times more troublesome.


The golden pupils of the Guardian of the Golden Armor stared at Mu Chen. In the next instant, it vigorously dashed forward, crushing all the boulders along its way into dust. The golden battle spear in its hand was aimed towards Mu Chen.

It finally lifted up its spear against Mu Chen. Previously, it apparently did not think it was needed against this weak-looking youngster. It seemed like the attack before changed its opinion of Mu Chen.

It now viewed Mu Chen as a sufficiently dangerous enemy.

However, Mu Chen clearly did not wish it to raise its danger level to this extent. Therefore, he turned on his heels and retreated as fast as lightning.

Fighting head on with the Guardian of the Golden Armor again would definitely be an extremely reckless action.


However, the Guardian of the Golden Armor did not seem like it was letting him go. It rampaged towards him, instantly crushing anything in its way into dust.

Golden light surged in its body, and its speed suddenly skyrocketed, causing afterimages to emerge.

Mu Chen saw this and instantly had a big change in his facial expression. Not only had the Guardian of the Golden Armor accelerated its speed, but the space in front of it was also getting torn apart. A blurry golden shadow appeared in a flash. That golden battle spear seemed to have no hesitation. It directly transformed into a golden rainbow, and ruthlessly flew towards his throat.

The spear throw was extraordinarily stunning. Whether it was its speed or trajectory, it had reached a perfect degree. Therefore for a moment, Mu Chen could only look helplessly at the sharp spear tip that quickly magnified in his eyes, and he actually could not dodge it.

As horror surged from Mu Chen's eyes, he suddenly gritted his teeth. He unexpectedly extended his hand to grab that spear. In that instant, it was all he could have done. Even if he paid a high price, it was better than that spear piercing through his throat.

However, the instant Mu Chen's palm almost touched the spear tip, the space in front of him suddenly strangely twisted. A colorful sword tip came out from that virtual space, precisely striking the spear tip.

A metallic sound rang out, and spiritual light surged from the contact. The golden battle spear unexpectedly trembled, and the Guardian of the Golden Armor shook until he was knocked backwards.

The Guardian of the Golden Armor took over 100 steps back to balance its body. It lifted its head as its golden eyes stared at the space in front of Mu Chen. The space at that location was warping, and a beautiful figure gradually emerged.

Mu Chen also lifted his head to look at that slim, beautiful figure. Cai Xiao was still the same old Cai xiao, but her originally black hair had turned into a beautiful, multi-hued color.

Her colorful hair swayed with the wind, and its beauty was incomprehensibly mysterious, giving people a chill in their hearts.

Cai Xiao slightly tilted her head, and her beautiful eyes also turned colors. As she stared at Mu Chen, there was a smile on her charming face.

"Well done," she said with a smile. In her clear voice, there was admiration that she could not hide. Apparently, she was surprised that Mu Chen could do this much.

Mu Chen gave a wry laugh and sat down on a rock. As his tense body completely relaxed, pain suddenly surged in his body. He curled the corner of his mouth and said, "I will leave the rest to you."

A hard collision with the Guardian of Armor obviously made his blood surge. If Cai Xiao had not come in time, he would have been badly injured.

The valiance of a Grade Five Sovereign was so much stronger compared to Liu Yan's Grade Four Sovereign level.

"Leave it to me."

Cai Xiao's beautiful head nodded, and then she turned towards the Guardian of the Golden Armor in the distance. In her colorful eyes, there were dim lights accumulating and suddenly, a colorful light spot emanated from her body.


The Guardian of the Golden Armor roared as if it were a beast. It locked onto Cai Xiao as its instinct told it that Cai Xiao was currently countless times more dangerous than before.

The Guardian of the Golden Armor's golden eyes seemed to glow. In the next moment, he suddenly dashed out. The golden battle spear in its hand surprisingly turned into a golden beam that seemed to be touching the sky. It released an indescriptible pressure.

In that golden light, it was as if shadows of the real dragon and real phoenix danced and wrapped around the spear. This power even made the sky and the land tremble.

Apparently, the Guardian of the Golden Armor was putting everything into this attack.

As Mu Chen watched this scene from a distance, he could not help but clench his fist. Can Cai Xiao really withstand this attack?

Under Mu Chen's anxious gaze, Cai Xiao's hair swayed in the wind as she slowly lifted her long, delicate finger. There was a lustrous white glow on her finger as white as an elephant's tusk. Its beauty would make anyone unable to avert their gaze.

However, it was this beautiful, thin, and delicate finger that emitted a seemingly fatally dangerous wave.

Cai Xiao moved forward with small steps. Her delicate fingers pointed out and directly but gently collided with the mighty golden battle spear.

In the instant of collision, her red lips parted slightly. It seemed like some mumbling resounded through the sky, causing continuous thunder.

"One Finger Shallow Sky!"

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