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As the fluctuations in the space dissipated, the sky became calm. Cai Xiao looked unhappy. Although the Dragon-Phoenix Fruit that Fang Yi had snatched away had just set, she had yet to suffer any losses in all these years. She was furious, and determined to kill Fang Yi.

"This guy is cunning," Mu Chen said, frowning. He became more wary of Fang Yi, as Fang Yi had shown his great ability in snatching away the Dragon-Phoenix Fruit from Cai Xiao, despite the fact that Mu Chen and Cai Xiao had joined forces.

They had no idea how Fang Yi had tracked them down. Cai Xiao had been cautious, and she would have been on the look-out along the way. However, she had not realized that Fang Yi was trailing them. He had obviously found a new and effective way to deal with Cai Xiao, after having been found out previously.

Moreover, he was good at controlling himself. He waited patiently, while Cai Xiao was exchanging blows with the Guardian of the Golden Armor. After Cai Xiao had thrown out a powerful attack, her strength depleted, he suddenly struck.

However, he had underestimated Cai Xiao. At the crucial moment, Cai Xiao had managed to retrieve the two ripe Dragon-Phoenix Fruits from him.

Since he had been discovered, he would not dare return. For, if he returned, Cai Xiao would surely kill him.

"I will not let him off," Cai Xiao knitted her brows, declaring coldly. She did not intend to let this sneaky thief off easily.

Mu Chen smiled, as he felt sorry for Fang Yi. Although Fang Yi was a top power, being ranked number one in the Dragon-Phoenix Record, he would have a tough time dealing with Cai Xiao.

"You had better start refining the Dragon-Phoenix Golden Armor. This guy will have to think twice, if he dares to come back," Cai Xiao said, gradually suppressing her anger as she turned to address Mu Chen.

Mu Chen nodded with a smile, not saying a word. Instead, he sat cross-legged on a rock beside the Dragon-Phoenix Pool, holding out his hands. The Dragon-Phoenix Golden Armor appeared on his palms, and shimmered with golden lights.

The Dragon-Phoenix Golden Armor was exquisite. The golden dragon scales were outlined with runes. The most astonishing thing was, they were not formed by man, but by the scales of the real dragon, and the feathers of the real phoenix. Coupled with the Blood Essence, they had created a divine object that possessed all the spiritual aura within the world.

As Mu Chen grabbed his palm, a spiritual energy with a purple flame appeared. It engulfed the Dragon-Phoenix Golden Armor, while emanating a high temperature. Thus, the heavens and the earth speedily became extremely hot.

As the Dragon-Phoenix Golden Armor was being burnt in the purple flame, Mu Chen bit the tip of his tongue, then spewed out a mouthful of Blood Essence. The Blood Essence fell on the golden armor, exploding with crackling sound upon contact.

Golden lights were surging on the Dragon-Phoenix Golden Armor, and the cries of the dragon, and sounds of the phoenix, rang out indistinctly. The golden lights attempted to stop the Blood Essence from intruding into the armor.

And yet, Mu Chen did not lose his patience. He controlled the purple flame, while continuously burning the Dragon-Phoenix Golden Armor. As time passed, golden liquid appeared on the surface of the armor, revealing that the dragon scales had been calcined.

Although the golden liquid was only the first level of defence on the Dragon-Phoenix Golden Armor, it was good enough for Mu Chen. He suddenly saw the Blood Essence and the golden liquid merging together, covering the Dragon-Phoenix Golden Armor.

After the two had merged together, Mu Chen's Blood Essence left a print on the armor, which connected Mu Chen to the armor. It was not easy to refine a Divine Artifact. Fortunately, the Dragon-Phoenix Golden Armor did not have a master, and there was not much resistance from it.

Moreover, Mu Chen had cultivated the Pseudodragon body, and had the breath of the real dragon. The Dragon-Phoenix Golden Armor did not reject the Blood Essence Print, but freely accepted it. Hence, everything seemed to flow naturally.

After the print had been formed, Mu Chen felt connected to the Dragon-Phoenix Golden Armor. He was elated and couldn't stop smiling. He had not expected things to flow so smoothly.

As he waved his palm, the Golden Armor turned into a golden light and shot toward him. The golden light on its surface spread out, and in split seconds, a mighty and ferocious golden armor suit appeared, covering Mu Chen's body.

Mu Chen looked down at the armor suit that was now covering his body. The golden dragon scales were shimmering, exuding a powerful defence as they shone. Such a suit seemed to be able to withstand any forms of attack.

Mu Chen could feel the sturdiness of the armor. If he should fight with Liu Yan again, even if Liu Yan used the Heaven Incinerating Feather on him, Mu Chen knew that he would be unscathed.

"This is truly a treasure," Mu Chen admired aloud, and was filled with praises for the Dragon-Phoenix Golden Armor.

Its defence was stronger than the Thunder God Physique. However, one was good for his physical body, while the other was a sturdy object.

His mind moved, and the Dragon-Phoenix Golden Armor turned into a light, hiding inside his skin. Thus, he could activate the armor with his thoughts.

After the Dragon-Phoenix Golden Armor had been refined, Mu Chen stood up. His looked excitedly at the Dragon-Phoenix Pool, which was now filled with golden water. The Dragon-Phoenix Blood Essence in this pool had surpassed the earlier pool that he had seen.

He would like to try merging the Blood Essence of the real dragon and real phoenix together, with the help of the Dragon-Phoenix Golden Armor. Then, he would be able to cultivate the Dragon-Phoenix Body that no one had ever cultivated.


Mu Chen took a deep breath, then nodded gently at Cai Xiao. Without hesitation, he turned into a light figure, then dashed into the superb Dragon-Phoenix Pool.


The golden light shot up, every drop of water seeming to be heavy. When the water fell down to the pool, huge waves were being created.

As Mu Chen was in the pool, he could feel his body become heavier. The water pressed on his body, causing him to feel sharp tingling sensations all over.

"This is indeed a superb Dragon-Phoenix Pool."

The situation was abnormal, but Mu Chen was not alarmed. In fact, he was elated, because he could feel the intensity of the Blood Essence of the real dragon and real phoenix in this pool.

The Blood Essence was free from the contamination of other strange beasts. Thus, it was needless for him to refine it. Its purity was much stronger than the blood of the Demonic Ape that he had used earlier to condense the Dragon-Phoenix Blood Essence.

Mu Chen had gradually sunk to the bottom of the pool. He seemed to have to endured the weight of the entire Dragon-Phoenix Pool. It was so heavy, that his skin started to crack. His flesh would have been torn to shreds, if he had not cultivated the Pseudodragon body.

He felt as though stacks of mountains had been pressed down upon him. Mu Chen slowly opened up his arms to make a seal. Then, his body started to suck in the Blood Essence.

Buzz! Buzz!

A whirlpool started to form at the bottom. The golden water whizzed around Mu Chen, and indistinctly, drops of dark golden liquid formed on the surface of his skin.

When the golden liquid was on his skin, it seeped through his pores, and instantly, dazzling golden light began to exude from Mu Chen's body. One could indistinctly hear the cries of the dragon and sounds of the phoenix.

Then, Dragon-Phoenix light pattern started to appear on his skin. However, the moment they appeared, they started to attack each other. They were intolerable toward each other, and hence, wanted to devour each other.

They have indeed started to devour each other. 

Mu Chen took a deep breath, as he sensed what was happening. He moved his thoughts, and a golden light exploded, which then moved to cover his body with the Dragon-Phoenix Golden Armor.

The moment that the Dragon-Phoenix Golden Armor appeared, a golden dragon shadow loomed around his chest. Following that, a real phoenix shadow started to appear behind him.


As the shadows of the dragon and phoenix appeared, the water in the Dragon-Phoenix Pool started to rage. The golden water in the pool split into two sides. One side seemed as though the birds were flying back to their nest, and swarmed toward the shadow of the dragon on the other side.


A Dragon-Phoenix Light wheezed out to the sky, then turned into two golden lights. It then merged together on top of Mu Chen, with the heads and tails of the dragon and phoenix joined together. They had transformed into a rotating Dragon-Phoenix Divine Wheel.

Boom! Boom!

Two types of entirely different golden waters whizzed toward the Dragon-Phoenix Divine Wheel, flowing in. Glittering golden lights spread out, causing a pricking pain on Mu Chen's eyes. Although it was painful, Mu Chen opened his eyes wide, staring at the rotating Dragon-Phoenix Divine Wheel.

Golden lights spread out, and as more Dragon-Phoenix Blood Essence flowed into the Dragon-Phoenix Divine Wheel, it indistinctly started to glitter. As the golden light was shining brightly, Mu Chen suddenly squinted his eyes. He saw a drop of dark golden Blood Essence starting to form in the Dragon-Phoenix Divine Wheel.

He could also see a mini real dragon and a mini real phoenix moving around in the drop of Blood Essence. An obscure fluctuation exuded from the drop of blood.


Mu Chen took a deep breath. The drop of Blood Essence was able to contain both the power of the real dragon and real phoenix. The Dragon-Phoenix Golden Armor indeed had amazing power!

Buzz! Buzz!

The dark golden Blood Essence condensed together, as it dropped before Mu Chen's eyes. It then seeped into the skin in between his eyebrows.


As the drop of Blood Essence seeped in between his eyebrows, Mu Chen's head seemed to have exploded. The ancient cries of the dragon and sounds of the phoenix penetrated through time and space, resounding far into the distance!

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