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The violent spiritual energy's shockwave was raging, distorting the entire space. At the area above the superb Dragon-Phoenix Pool, a golden shadow stood still quietly. The shadow was surrounded by golden rays of light.

This shadow possessed the posture of a human being and was wearing a thick and heavy golden armor. The golden light on the armor was sparkling brightly. It had clearly been made out of dragon scales, which caused it to be extremely durable and firm. Hence, it would be difficult to destroy it.

A golden battle spear rested in the shadow's hands. On its arm, the veins were curling like a dragon. Its large palms possessed extremely sharp nails, similar to a dagger.

It quietly stood still, high up in the sky. Underneath the golden armor, which was enveloping its whole body, a pair of emotionless gold eyes looked out indifferently at Mu Chen and Cai Xiao.

Mu Chen glanced at this golden armored shadow with a solemn expression. Soon after, he appeared beside Cai Xiao and asked, "Are you alright?"

He was clearly shocked, as he understood how mysterious and despotic Cai Xiao was. Since the beginning of their journey, there was rarely anyone who could match her as an enemy. But here, after directly confronting this golden armored silhouette, she actually was operating at a disadvantage. So, of course, this had shocked Mu Chen.

Cai Xiao shook her beautiful head, her pretty eyes similarly staring at the golden armored silhouette. A hint of seriousness swept across her bewitching and attractive face as she said, "Looks like it is the guardian of this place. Be careful, it seems to be very skillful."

Mu Chen nodded. Even someone as tough as Cai Xiao was forced to be at a disadvantage. If he was in her position, he would probably find it more difficult to bear.

"Intruders, leave or die!"

The silhouette that was sparkling with golden light was now staring at Mu Chen and Cai Xiao with its emotionless gold eyes. Suddenly, an extremely hoarse voice could be heard. Although the voice wasn't very loud, the murderous intent within it was enough to make Mu Chen shiver slightly in fear.

"It actually possesses spiritual intelligence?" Mu Chen shared a look with Cai Xiao, both seeing the surprise in each other's eyes.

Within this Dragon-Phoenix Rift, although the strange animals were aggressive, the majority of them did not have spiritual intelligence, much less possess the ability to speak.

Clearly, this Guardian of the Golden Armor was quite unusual. After attaining spiritual intelligence, its combat force would have certainly rose along with it. This was the main reason for Mu Chen's headache at the moment.


The Guardian of the Golden Armor pointed his golden battle spear at the two from afar. Its monstrous killing intent immediately whipped into an extremely frightening hurricane. 

Mu Chen glanced at Cai Xiao, the both of them furrowing their brows. Considering all of the trouble it had taken just to get here, added to the fact that the most valuable treasure was now right in front of their eyes, there was no way that they would leave so easily.

"How arrogant you are, especially for a mere humanoid monster, without any flesh and blood," Cai Xiao said coldly. Her beautiful eyes were locked on the Guardian of the Golden Armor. Meanwhile, between her lily-white hands, a rainbow-colored spiritual energy was beginning to surge out.


The murderous intent in the Guardian of the Golden Armor's eyes was surging violently. Without another word, it stepped out. Immediately, the space was distorted, while its shadow directly turned into a bolt of golden lightning, heading straight for Cai Xiao!


Cai Xiao snorted coldly. Then, suddenly, a rainbow-colored longsword emerged in her lily-white hands. Without even flinching, she retaliated, shooting forth this new rainbow-colored spiritual energy. Immediately, the whole sky was rendered magnificent!

Clang! Clang!

Two shadows interlaced in the sky. As they came together, the sound of gold and iron resounded through the air.

When the spear and sword collided, the terrifying attack of spiritual energy swept out like a hurricane, causing the thick layer of clouds above the horizon to tear open. This sort of collision was extremely intense!

Mu Chen's expression was solemn, as he gazed at the intense battle in the sky. It was difficult to determine who was gaining the upper hand in this confrontation, but the Guardian of the Golden Armor's murderous aura was so vigorous, as if it were a killing machine. If this sort of battle were to continue on, it would be difficult to predict the end result.


In the sky, the tip of the spear and sword made contact. Due to the terrifying power of the spear and sword, they both became extremely curved upon impact. Suddenly, in the next moment, they recovered, but the force that had erupted from it had already caused the two shadows to be blown away.


The two shadows were then shot by that huge force into two mountain peaks far above the top of the Dragon-Phoenix area. Suddenly, the whole mountain peak began to collapse and huge rocks poured down.

Cai Xiao swept over the spiritual energy around her, turning all of the huge, falling rocks into powder. Her lily-white hand gripped the longsword tightly, its tip slightly tilting.

There was a sharp look shining in her beautiful eyes. She had not expected that this golden armored shadow would be so troublesome.

She reckoned that this golden armored shadow's strength was within the level of a Grade Five Sovereign. There was not much of a gap between this level and the capabilities which she could draw upon. However, the golden armored shadow had on that golden armor, which was made out of dragon scales, making his defense especially astonishing!

Cai Xiao gritted her teeth. If it wasn't because of the issue with her physique, whereby her father had set up many seals within her, the task of exterminating this Guardian of the Golden Armor would have been a piece of cake.


Over at the collapsed mountain peak, huge rocks were suddenly blown off. At that very moment, a golden shadow stepped out, taking slow but heavy footsteps.

The Guardian of the Golden Armor's emotionless eyes were locked on to Cai Xiao. Along with its footsteps, what seemed like streaks of golden dragon symbols were emerging from its armor. At the same time, rays of light were actually converging behind it. One could faintly make out that these rays of light had turned into what seemed like an enormous pair of phoenix wings!

With a flap of the phoenix wings, the ground that it was standing on was immediately crushed. Like a spider web, streaks of cracks were rapidly spreading, until they permeated a few thousand meters worth of area.

At this moment, there was a change in Mu Chen's and Cai Xiao's expressions, for they both felt the shocking speed of which this Guardian of the Golden Armor's strength was rising.

"That's the Real Dragon Rune and the Real Phoenix Wings…" Mu Chen couldn't take his eyes off of the dragon symbol on top of that Guardian of the Golden Armor's dragon scaled armor, as well as the wings behind it.

There was a slight expression of disbelief in his eyes. How could the strength that the Real Dragon Real Phoenix possessed appear on its body at the same time? Weren't those two strengths completely incompatible?

"It was born by absorbing the Blood Essence of a Real Dragon Real Phoenix. Thus, it should possess their powers within its body," Cai Xiao explained with a low voice.

"What should we do?" Mu Chen asked promptly. Judging by its posture, this Guardian of the Golden Armor seemed like it was going to use its killing blow at any moment. That level of spiritual energy fluctuation was rather frightening!

"Help me to block it for a moment. I need some time, okay?" Cai Xiao's eyebrows furrowed.

Then, with a slight flash in her beautiful eyes, she looked over at Mu Chen. With the way she was staring at him with those eyes, Mu Chen feel the blood in his body flowing quicker.

This was because he knew how tough the Guardian of the Golden Armor was. Its strength far surpassed even that of Liu Yan! An opponent with such capability was just too powerful, making Mu Chen realize that he really didn't know if he could block it.

He looked over at Cai Xiao's eyes, which were as bright and clear as an obsidian gem. Finally, he took a deep breath. It seemed like no man had ever been able to deny her requests.

Of course, at this moment, he really couldn't cower regardless. Thus, he nodded lightly, facing Cai Xiao's gaze.

Cai Xiao saw this and smiled sweetly. That smile was devastatingly beautiful. Then, she slowly closed her eyes. Once they were closed, a rainbow-colored rune appeared on her delicate body in a flash. It was clear that she also knew that, if she did not use a few hidden tricks, it would be impossible to dispose of this Guardian of the Golden Armor.

A rainbow-colored rune wrapped itself around Cai Xiao's body. At the same time, the land began to tremble slightly.


However, just while Cai Xiao was gathering her energy, that Guardian of the Golden Armor actually shot over, descending with a thunderous footstomp on the unstable earth.

It was extremely fast. In fact, whenever it flapped its phoenix wings, it immediately caused the sand to fly about and the stones to hurtle through the air.

When Mu Chen saw this scene, there was a change in his expression. This Guardian of the Golden Armor was rather cunning. Clearly, it was also aware of the danger that Cai Xiao posed. Thus, it did not plan to give her any time to gather her energy.

But the current Cai Xiao still had her eyes tightly shut, as if she could not sense the Guardian of the Golden Armor's rushing towards her with that menacing murderous aura.

"Damn it."

There was an irregular change in Mu Chen's expression, before he finally gritted his teeth and swore. Soon after, the expression in his eyes suddenly turned chilly. With a flash of his stature, he directly appeared in front of Cai Xiao. A majestic spiritual energy erupted without reserve, sending a surge of golden light and immediately summoning the Great Solar Undying Body. At the same time, the Great Meru Demonic Pillar had also appeared, bringing along with it an intensely ominous aura.


The Great Solar Undying Body held the Great Meru Demonic Pillar in its hands as golden light exploded. Then, with a terrifying force, it smashed down mercilessly on the Guardian of the Golden Armor.

At this moment, the earth was beginning to rupture. However, that golden shadow did not seem to be obstructed at all. The phoenix wings behind it suddenly spread wide open. Then, like the edge of a knife, it collided with the Great Meru Demonic Pillar, which was currently crashing down.


The spiritual energy fluctuation surged forward, engulfing everything and causing the Great Meru Demonic Pillar to be directly blown off and completely separate itself from the control of the Great Solar Undying Body. The power of this Guardian of the Golden Armor was truly terrifying!

At this moment, Mu Chen's face was pale, but the coldness in his eyes still fiercely surged out. With a shift in his state of mind, the huge golden fist of that Great Solar Undying Body rumbled down ruthlessly on the Guardian of the Golden Armor.

There were no emotions within the gold eyes of the Guardian of the Golden Armor. With a tremble of the golden battle spear in his hands, it turned into a spear aurora and shot out, directly causing streaks of cracks to appear on the huge golden fist of the Great Solar Undying Body.

As for its figure, it continued to rush out in an unstoppable manner, while that pair of gold eyes remained locked on Cai Xiao. Clearly, it did not seem to be paying any attention to Mu Chen, who was attempting to stop it.

While Mu Chen stood at the top of the Great Solar Undying Body's head, he looked at that golden light that had just swept over violently. He gritted his teeth, his eyes becoming extremely fierce. No matter what, he was going to stop this creature!

Mu Chen formed a seal with both hands. Then, at the center of The Great Solar Undying Body's eyebrows, as well as at its chest area, two golden scorching suns rose up. The suns' bright golden light immediately gathered together, then rushed into Mu Chen's body.

"Nine Sun Super Power, the Power of Two Suns!"

The golden light on Mu Chen's body appeared as if it was going to turn into liquid and envelop him. As the golden light permeated the air, Mu Chen stamped his feet once again. Immediately, the sound of a dragon's cry could be heard and streaks of golden dragon symbols bore out from under his skin, enlacing his whole body.

"Pseudodragon body!"

With two extremely powerful forces having been exhaustively initiated, the current Mu Chen was not only surrounded by golden light, but was also entrenched with dragon symbols and an aura that was absolutely astonishing. Then, he swept downwards vigorously. At that moment, it was as if the god of war had descended.

Below it, the Guardian of the Golden Armor's figure, who was originally bolting out violently, finally became slightly sluggish. For the first time, that pair of emotionless gold eyes actually looked over at that golden shadow that was diving over.

It was clear that it had finally detected a dangerous sign...

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