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In the sky above, an ancient aura spread out. The white clouds seemed to have been affected by the aura. They became dense and froze in the sky like a painting. It looked mysterious.


Two streamers darted across the sky, and the white clouds were torn apart. In the twinkle of an eye, the two streamers disappeared into the horizon. Their speed caught the attention of those who were searching for the treasures in the Dragon-Phoenix Rift.

Everyone could sense the strong spiritual energy fluctuations from the two figures, and no one tried to hinder them.

After taking over one Dragon-Phoenix Pool, Mu Chen and Cai Xiao left for the superb Dragon-Phoenix Pool. Their target was not the other four Dragon-Phoenix Pools. Although Cai Xiao had warned Mu Chen that it would be extremely dangerous, he had decided to go with her.

Mu Chen approached Cai Xiao and asked her, "How far are we from the Pool?" They had traveled a great distance over almost half a day.

"Another four hours," Cai Xiao replied.

Mu Chen was shocked upon hearing this. He could feel that they had started to enter a remote area in the Dragon-Phoenix Rift. It seemed that no one had entered the old-growth forest. The smell of strange, ferocious beasts was getting stronger.

Cai Xiao suddenly stretched out her hand and grabbed Mu Chen's wrist. Her touch was cold and tender. Multicolor lights shone out from her and turned into a shield that covered the two of them.

Cai Xiao looked at Mu Chen and said, "We may encounter some strange beasts that have strong senses. Although you are able to hide your spiritual energy, they may still find you. It is better that you stick to me."

Mu Chen nodded. It was better to avoid the strange beasts if they could. If not, it might affect their plan.


As the multicolor lights covered them, their speed suddenly increased, and they sped across the horizon.

In the next four hours, Mu Chen saw how dangerous the Dragon-Phoenix Rift was. Strange beasts were all over the old-growth forests. Some were as huge as the mountain, and they all looked ferocious.

Along the way, Mu Chen could feel some fluctuations that scanned past them. These were from the strange beasts with strong senses. If not for Cai Xiao, they would have found Mu Chen if he had used his spiritual energy to hide from their senses.

This ancient area was not to be trifled with.

Although there were strange beasts along the way, Mu Chen and Cai Xiao did not get into any danger. After four hours of traveling, Cai Xiao's speed gradually decreased. They had entered into the heart of the remote area.

Mu Chen's face turned grave, as he could feel an oppression fluctuating in the air. The air had slowed down, and the spiritual energy had become dense. This area was different from the other places. The forest and mountain were shorter, as they had been covered by the oppression.

Cai Xiao looked around and said with a smile, "It looks like this is the place." The superb Dragon-Phoenix Pool must be there since there was such an oppression around.

Mu Chen frowned and said, "There do not seem to be any strange beasts here." He realized that the area was extremely quiet, and he could not feel any spiritual energy fluctuation from any strange beast. There seemed to be no life force in the place.

Cai Xiao nodded. "That is because no strange beast dares to enter."

She then pointed to a place that was deep in and said, "Let's go. The superb Dragon-Phoenix Pool is deep within. Be careful. This place is dangerous."

Mu Chen nodded and both of them darted in. They were cautious, and the spiritual energy around them surged. They were ready for any unforeseen circumstances.

When they had gone deep in, they were surprised that there was nothing to stop them. When they crossed over a hill that was in front of them, they were shocked.

Before them was a big piece of land that had cracked. A very deep hole that seemed to be bottomless appeared in the ground. It was like a dark hole where the demons lived. The look of it made one shiver.

Mu Chen and Cai Xiao were not taken aback by the dark hole, but by the two huge objects that were hanging above the dark hole.

The two huge objects were white in color, mixed with a bit of dark golden light. It seemed savage.

They were the head of the dragon and head of the phoenix! The two heads were bigger than the mountain. They were biting each other. Even though they had been reduced to bones after such a long time, their bitterness continued to pass through time and space.


Mu Chen gasped as he watched the scene before him. He muttered, "It is indeed the heads of the real dragon and real phoenix…" The Skeleton Hill that had been formed by the bones of the real dragon and real phoenix was nothing compared to what he saw before his eyes.

Although the two of them were far away from the heads of the dragon and phoenix, the domineering spirits of the heads swirled toward them like a windstorm that caused Mu Chen to have difficulty breathing.

Cai Xiao looked at the heads of the dragon and phoenix and darted toward them. When Mu Chen saw it, he quickly followed.

As they went near the heads that were hanging above the dark hole, they felt shaken.

The bitterness of the dragon and phoenix as they bit each other swept toward Mu Chen and Cai Xiao. One could imagine during the Primordial Age, the real dragon and real phoenix must have had an earth-shattering battle.

They were comparable to two Heavenly Sovereigns.

"Where is the Dragon-Phoenix Pool?" Mu Chen asked, looking around for their target.

Cai Xiao pointed at the place where the dragon and phoenix bit each other. A bone pool appeared indistinctly at their point of contact. The pool was filled with golden water. As the water churned, Dragon-Phoenix symbols rose up. The cries of a dragon and phoenix resounded indistinctly.

A strange, thick scent exuded from the area. It caused Mu Chen's blood to be in turmoil, and golden lights shone forth from his body. The Pseudodragon Body that he had cultivated had activated by itself.

Mu Chen let out a deep breath and tried to suppress the turmoil in his body. He had never expected the Pseudodragon Body to be so deeply drawn to the Dragon-Phoenix Pool.

The earlier Dragon-Phoenix Pool was nothing compared to the one that was before him.

"The Dragon-Phoenix Pool is not the most precious thing here," Cai Xiao suddenly said. She looked at the spot where the dragon and phoenix bit each other.

Mu Chen turned and fixed his gaze on it. Golden lights were surging, and a golden plant sprang out from the bones of the real dragon and real phoenix. Although the trunk of the plant was small, it was sturdy like a dragon.

Three beams of golden light were hanging on the golden plant. The three beams were golden fruits, and they were unique. They were shaped in such a way that the dragon and phoenix intertwined with each other. They were the Dragon-Phoenix Fruits.

Out of the three Dragon-Phoenix Fruits, only two had ripened. The third one had just budded. It looked underripe. Its fluctuation was far beneath the other two that had ripened.

The three Dragon-Phoenix Fruits were rare treasures!

Mu Chen's eyes were burning with desire as he looked at the three Dragon-Phoenix Fruits. He could feel that they were the most precious treasures there. They contained the essence and power of the heads of the real dragon and real phoenix.

The superb Dragon-Phoenix Pool was not as powerful as the Fruits.

"Those are Dragon-Phoenix Deity Fruits. They have been formed after the Blood Essence of the real dragon and real phoenix completely merged together. They are rare treasures," Cai Xiao said with a smile. She was elated when she saw them.

Mu Chen licked his lips. As he was about to move forward, he suddenly saw the golden water in the Dragon-Phoenix Pool starting to ripple. A water beam shot up into the sky and cracked. A golden figure burst out and tore the space apart. It suppressed Mu Chen with its palm.

The palm consisted of the roaring of a dragon. It was so powerful that it could suppress the heaven and earth.

A horrifying oppression engulfed Mu Chen, and he turned pale. Before he could react, Cai Xiao stepped forth. Colorful spiritual energy burst out, and she quickly threw out a blow. It hit the golden palm.


The big palm and small palm hit hard on each other and formed space warps. Visible fluctuations raged out crazily.

As the shockwaves raged, Cai Xiao's body shook, and she moved back several steps.

Mu Chen was stunned upon seeing this. This was the first time that he had seen Cai Xiao being beaten. They had met a strong opponent.

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