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The thick white mist covered the peak of Skeleton Hill. A strange, nice scent captivated the people, and the cries of the dragon and the phoenix resounded in the heavens and the earth. Everyone could feel a strong vitality gathering on the peak of Skeleton Hill.

After the Dragon-Phoenix Pool had been stimulated, the Blood Essence that had been left behind by the real dragon real phoenix had come to life again. If one could merge its vitality into his bloodline, it would be a great help to his cultivation.

However, not every ordinary person could have the opportunity to experience this. Although those who were surrounding Skeleton Hill knew that they no longer had the chance to get into Dragon-Phoenix Pool, many top powers were still reluctant to leave. They were simply not yet resigned to their fates.

However, they could not do a thing to change the situation. They did not have the courage to fight over the Dragon-Phoenix Pool, so they could only look on with envy.

Time flew by, and the mist on the peak of Skeleton Hill became thicker. It remained in this state for almost an hour, before suddenly, there was a whiz...


The cries of the dragon and phoenix resounded, causing everyone to be stunned. All of them lifted up their heads to see a golden beam shooting up towards the horizon. Those who were within a radius of 1,000 miles could clearly see it.

Golden Dragon-Phoenix symbols circled around the golden beam. As they whizzed around, they raged like a storm in the heavens and the earth. Although the real dragon and real phoenix had passed away, the might of the Sovereign Divine Beasts continued to exist.

As the dragon symbols and phoenix symbols circled around, they seemed intolerable of each other, as if they were wanting to devour each other. It was like the Primordial Age, when the real dragon and real phoenix had once had the life-and-death battle in this very place. After they had passed on, it seemed like their Blood Essences were still unable to get along with each other.

After the dragon symbols and phoenix symbols had attacked each other for some time, the dragon symbols finally triumphed over the phoenix symbols. Before the phoenix symbols had been completely devoured, the bright golden beam gradually shrunk and disappeared back into where it first came from.

By that time, the Dragon-Phoenix Pool had dried up. It seemed to have been exhausted. A figure sat cross-legged quietly at the bottom of the pool.

His body was shimmering with golden light. Even his clothes seemed to be made of pure gold. Golden dragon symbols entered into his body, causing his body to shake. He then opened his eyes.


His dark eyes were now filled with golden lights. Deep in his eyes, there seemed to be the shadow of a dragon. A strong oppression exuded from Mu Chen, spreading out in all directions. Even the sturdy bottom of the Dragon-Phoenix Pool cracked.

The golden lights in Mu Chen's eyes glittered for a while, then dissipated. He moved his body to instantly appear outside the Dragon-Phoenix Pool. He shut his eyes, feeling intensely the power that was surging in his body.

The power completely filled his limbs and bones. He was like a wild beast that had been released, ready to display its destructive power. This power was even stronger than the Ennea Rune Lightning Physique!

Mu Chen clasped his fingers and felt the blood rushing in his body. It was as though it was trying to break through the restrictions of the body and was about to explode!

He moved his thoughts, and the golden light underneath his skin surged again. The golden light surrounded his body, while the golden dragon symbols danced around. The cries of a dragon continued to sound out.

Are these dragon symbols? It looks like I have obtained the Pseudodragon Body!

Although the Dragon-Phoenix Pool was formed by the bones of the real dragon and real phoenix, which meant that it also contained their Blood Essences, when the two powers met, the stronger power would devour the weaker one. To determine which was stronger, one would have to see whether there was more Blood essence of the real dragon or the real phoenix.

Judging by the golden dragon symbols, the answer was obvious. There was more dragon Blood Essence in this Dragon-Phoenix Pool.

There are only 32 dragon symbols...

Mu Chen looked at the golden dragon symbols that were circling around his body and frowned. According to what he knew, the most powerful Pseudodragon Body had 99 dragon symbols. The Pseudodragon Body that he had just cultivated only had 32 symbols. It seemed like the Blood Essence of the real dragon and the real phoenix was not extremely strong in this Dragon-Phoenix Pool.

Mu Chen shook his head in pity. He immediately felt that he was being too greedy. Although there were only 32 dragon symbols in the Pseudodragon Body, it was still more powerful than the Thunder God Physique.

Moreover, the Dragon-Phoenix Rift had just started. He still had the opportunity to look for more Blood Essence of the real dragon. He would then be able to strengthen his Pseudodragon Body. Hence, he might ultimately be able to turn the Pseudodragon Body into a real dragon body!

The golden dragon symbols on Mu Chen's body disappeared. If he were to fight with Liu Yan again, Liu Yan would definitely lose. Although the Dragon-Phoenix Pool was unable to help him enhance his spiritual energy, his combat force had enhanced to almost another level.

"Is this the Pseudodragon Body?" Cai Xiao appeared beside Mu Chen, sizing him up. She was a bit shocked. After that, she said with a smile, "You look different, but something is amiss. If you are able to cultivate the real dragon body, you will be very powerful."

Cai Xiao was extremely sharp. At one glance, she was able to sense the vital energy and blood within Mu Chen's body, as the vitality in the Blood Essence of the real dragon had entered into Mu Chen's blood of recent days!

Although it could only allow Mu Chen to possess the vitality of the Sovereign Divine Beast, it was much more powerful than a human body. After all, Cai Xiao had high expectations. For her to make such a comment, it showed that the real dragon body was truly extraordinary.

Mu Chen smiled and looked at the white mist that was dissipating from the peak of Skeleton Hill. He asked, "Did you manage to locate the other Dragon-Phoenix Pools?"

He sounded eager. After he had experienced the wonders of the Dragon-Phoenix Pool, he had developed a taste for its uniqueness. It was just as Cai Xiao had said, there were too many flaws in this Pseudodragon Body. If he could have enough Blood Essence of the real dragon, he could repair the flaws in order to perfect it.

Many people must be fighting over the other four Dragon-Phoenix Pools by now. If he wanted more real dragon Blood Essence, he had to go to the one that had not yet been found.

He would have to depend on Cai Xiao for this. As Cai Xiao saw Mu Chen's eager look, she smiled. She held out her hand and a golden compass appeared.

"I have found a Dragon-Phoenix Pool."

Mu Chen was elated when he heard what Cai Xiao had said.

"However, …" Cai Xiao paused for a while. She played with the compass and said, "This is a bit unexpected."

"Why? Have you found a Dragon-Phoenix Pool that is weak in power?" Mu Chen was stunned. The first thought that came to his mind was the worst case scenario.

"It is the opposite of what you think," Cai Xiao shrugged her shoulders and said. She looked grave. "I have found a Dragon-Phoenix Pool that is extremely powerful. If I have guessed correctly, this is where the heads of the real dragon and real phoenix are.


Mu Chen was stunned and gasped. He knew that the head and the heart were the most important parts of the Divine Beasts. The Dragon-Phoenix Pool that was before them obviously had some ordinary parts of the real dragon and real phoenix. However, it was nothing compared to the head.

The Blood Essence of the ordinary bones alone could allow the Pseudodragon Body to possess 32 dragon symbols. Hence, the power of the Dragon-Phoenix Pool that was formed by the heads of the real dragon and real phoenix must be extremely powerful!

One might even be able to cultivate the real dragon body before he stepped onto the Dragon-Phoenix Platform! This was tempting, and Mu Chen's eyes were burning with desire. However, he quickly recollected himself.

He looked at Cai Xiao and asked, "Is it very dangerous?"

As Cai Xiao looked at Mu Chen, she could see that, although Mu Chen had a burning desire, he remained level-headed. She smiled and found him praiseworthy.

She then nodded her head lightly and said, "It is extremely dangerous. The one guarding it is far more powerful than the Demonic Ape. If you are not careful, you may lose your life."

Mu Chen was shocked. Even Cai Xiao, who was so powerful, was wary of it. It seemed like this place of the superb Dragon-Phoenix Pool must be extremely dangerous.

"What is your plan?" Mu Chen frowned and looked at Cai Xiao.

Cai Xiao stroked the colorful snake that was resting on her shoulder, then said with a smile, "Of course, I will go. It has what Xiao Cai needs." She smiled at Mu Chen and said, "You don't have to go with me. The people must be still fighting over the other four Dragon-Phoenix Pools. If you go now, you may still have a chance to get into one of them."

Mu Chen curled up his lips. It must be extremely dangerous, for even Cai Xiao to be wary of the place. It might be wiser for him to go to the other four pools..

However, the thought of just leaving Cai Xiao in a lurch after he got what he wanted, this was something that he could not bring himself to do. Mu Chen lifted up his face and smiled broadly. He shook his head at Cai Xiao and said, "I will go with you."

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