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A black figure swept toward the Dragon-Phoenix Pool. The change of events stunned Mu Chen, but he reacted quickly. When he noticed the figure, he automatically attacked him. His palms were glittering with formless lightning, and the Netherworld Thunder Heart instantly thundered.

Throughout the years, Mu Chen had gone through many life-and-death battles, and he was very experienced in combat. Within this short span of time, he did not use his spiritual energy. He used the quickest method, which was the unfathomable Netherworld Thunder Heart.


When the shrieking thunder sounds resounded, dark light swirled out from the black figure and speedily devoured the thunder.

However, the movements of the black figure suddenly stopped.

This pause made the figure lose his opportunity. Cai Xiao disappeared into thin air, and in the next instant, she re-appeared before the black figure. She quickly tapped her fingers.

White light shot out from her fingers. The space surged and was torn apart.

The black figure dared not take Cai Xiao's attack lightly. He curved his fingers, and dark light surged as cold energy swirled out.


When the fingers touched each other, visible power rippled out. The water in the Dragon-Phoenix Pool billowed. Cai Xiao's body shook, and she took a step back.


The black figure shot backward. He landed on his toes, and found his balance. The dark light dissipated and revealed his face.

The people around Skeleton Hill speedily turned their focus in the same direction, and people started to scream in shock.

"That is… the Prince of Netherworld from Netherworld Palace!"

Upon hearing the screams, Mu Chen turned and looked as well. The black figure stood in the air. He had long hair and was good looking, but he had a cold look to him. His eyes were sharp like a knife and seemed to pierce through anyone who looked at him.

His face was calm and expressionless. There was no trace of panic as he faced Cai Xiao. The way he presented himself was much better than how Liu Yan had.

"You are the Prince of Netherworld, ranked number two in the Dragon-Phoenix Record." Mu Chen stared at the man in black and frowned. He said flatly, "Given your status, you should not be doing stealthy things like this."

"Why not? I use the simplest method for the greatest gain." The Prince of Netherworld laughed. He looked sharply at Mu Chen and said, "Liu Yan is not a weakling. I enjoy watching internecine fights."

"Too bad you have failed to profit from our fight." Mu Chen smiled. He was wary of the Prince of Netherworld, as he could feel that he was extremely dangerous. He was like a serpent in the dark. When he struck, it would be deadly.

"It is indeed a pity." The Prince of Netherworld nodded in agreement. He had used a special means to hide himself. He had planned to kill Mu Chen and Liu Yan when they were seriously injured so that he could seize the Dragon-Phoenix Pool. However, he had not expected Cai Xiao to appear and spoil his plan.

The Prince of Netherworld shifted his gaze to Cai Xiao and said, "Who are you? I have never heard of you among the younger generation in North Territory."

Cai Xiao ignored him and pointing outside Skeleton Hill said, "If you do not leave now, you will not have the chance to do it later."

The Prince of Netherworld squinted and stared at Cai Xiao. Dim lights seemed to be surging in his eyes, and space warps started to form around him.

When Cai Xiao saw it, she simply raised her brows.

The top powers watching outside Skeleton Hill were filled with excitement and anticipation. They would stand a chance if the Prince of Netherworld and the mysterious girl fought each other.

Although the mysterious girl was powerful, the Prince of Netherworld was not an easy target to deal with. Their fight would be more intense than the fight between Mu Chen and Liu Yan.

As the air surrounding Skeleton Hill became still, the fluctuations around the Prince of Netherworld suddenly died down. He retreated, and the fight that everyone was anticipating did not take place.

The Prince of Netherworld did not lose his mind over the Dragon-Phoenix Pool. He knew that it would be difficult to snatch it away from the mysterious girl. He found her unpredictable.

As for Mu Chen, he did not have any regard for him. Although Mu Chen had fought with Liu Yan and his skills were remarkable, they were not up to a level where people of his caliber would feel threatened.

Since he was not confident about contending for the Dragon-Phoenix Pool, he did not see a need to persist. Time was precious, and there was more than one Dragon-Phoenix Pool.

The Prince of Netherworld was decisive and immediately retreated. He could not be bothered with how others would view him.

Before he left, he looked sharply at Mu Chen. His cold look sent a chill up Mu Chen's spine, but it did not bother him. The relationship between Daluo Territory and Netherworld Palace had been extremely bad. Previously, the geniuses of Netherworld Palace had killed the geniuses of Daluo Territory the moment they saw them in the Dragon-Phoenix Rift, causing Daluo Territory to be humiliated. This naturally soured their relationship.

Even if they had not met today, Mu Chen knew that in the future, the Prince of Netherworld would attack him when he had the opportunity.

"It seems like I have additional problem," Mu Chen muttered to himself. He had just defeated Liu Yan, and the Prince of Netherworld suddenly appeared. Including Fang Yi from Divine Pavilion, whom he had met in the Dragon-Phoenix Old Town, Mu Chen seemed to have offended the few top people listed in the Dragon-Phoenix Record.

Mu Chen simply shrugged helplessly. The demand had exceeded the supply. If one wanted to grab hold of the opportunity, he would have to offend others. This was human nature.

Mu Chen looked in the direction the Prince of Netherworld had disappeared into, and then turned to look at the people who stood to gain from the situation. When they saw Mu Chen looking at them, they retreated sulkily.

Mu Chen ignored those people who were trying to take advantage of the situation. He nodded slightly at Cai Xiao and immediately got into the Dragon-Phoenix Pool, which was filled with divine spirit.


Mu Chen totally immersed himself in the Dragon-Phoenix Pool. Thick white mist shot up into the sky and as the mist spread out, it covered the peak of Skeleton Hill.

Shadows of dragons and phoenixes seemed to flash within the white mist. Their cries rang out.

A strange, pleasant scent spread out from Skeleton Hill. Those who smelled it felt as though their spiritual energy had become unsettled. It was a feeling from within the bloodline that enticed people to have the desire to come into contact with it.

Many of the top powers were envious, but they dared not dash to the peak of Skeleton Hill. They knew that if they did, they might be killed by the mysterious girl.

They believed that the girl who had killed Scarlet Blood would not show them any mercy.

As all of them were drooling over Skeleton Hill, Mu Chen was sitting cross-legged at the bottom of the Dragon-Phoenix Pool. The water formed by the blood of the Demonic Ape covered Mu Chen's body. The warm feeling speedily healed him of the wounds from the fight with Liu Yan. He recovered the spiritual energy that he had used up earlier as well.

Buzz. Buzz.

At the bottom of the Dragon-Phoenix Pool, ancient light runes were glittering on the bones of the real dragon and real phoenix. They then swam toward Mu Chen and covered him up.

Dark golden traces of blood could be seen indistinctly in the ancient light runes. They contained extremely strong vitality. These traces of blood were the Blood Essence that had been left behind by the real dragon and real phoenix!

As the ancient light runes covered Mu Chen's body, his body gradually shone with golden light.

Cai Xiao looked at the golden light coming from the bottom of Dragon-Phoenix Pool and nodded slightly. The Dragon-Phoenix Pool indeed contained the Blood Essence of the real dragon and real phoenix.

"It is still not thick enough, though."

Cai Xiao waved her hand, and the ancient light runes from the Pool moved toward her. They then hung before her. She formed seals with her hands, and a Crystal Compass about the size of a palm appeared before her.

She kept the ancient light runes in the Crystal Compass.

The Crystal Compass shook, and the needle pointed at the Dragon-Phoenix Pool in front of her. White light shone forth, and it seemed to be checking the power of the Dragon-Phoenix Pool.

This seems useful. When Cai Xiao saw it, she smiled. The Crystal Compass was made from the scales of the real dragon. It could sense any similar bloodline in the heavens and the earth, even if they were far away.

Let's see which place consists of the most Blood Essence of the real dragon and real phoenix.

Cai Xiao formed a seal with her hands and gently touched the Crystal Compass. The Crystal Compass buzzed, and the needle spun crazily. After a few minutes, the needle started to slow and pointed toward the northwest.

As the needle pointed, a bright beam burst out from the Compass. The ray was so powerful that it outshone the brightness of the Dragon-Phoenix Pool in front of Cai Xiao!

"I have found the big fish."

Cai Xiao was stunned for a while, and then she smiled. Her smile was truly captivating.

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