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When the Sovereign Celestial Bodies burst into fragments in the air, Mu Chen and Liu Yan were both shaken. They stumbled backward, looking embarrassed as they fumbled.

Mu Chen could hardly stabilize himself, as he traced the blood off from the side of his mouth slowly. He reinstated his appearance, returning back to his long black hair and dark pupils, as he withdrew himself from the state of heart demon.

He looked calmly at Liu Yan, yet at the same time, he was taken aback by Liu Yan's ability. At first, he thought he could use 200,000 units of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid to catalyze the power from the second sun of the Nine Sun Super Power.

It should have been sufficient to suppress Liu Yan, but it turned out that Liu Yan was not someone who was easy to deal with, since he could defend the Heavenly Sun Golden Seal that was activated with the power of the two suns.

While Mu Chen was taken aback, he did not know that Liu Yan was having his upturning moment, as his body trembled, with shock, horror, and disbelief in his eyes. This result was clearly unacceptable for him.

Even against any Grade Four Sovereigns in the past combats, the battles were considered to be done deals, whenever he sent out his Heaven Incinerating Feather. So, he was sure that Mu Chen would definitely be doomed this time, when the Heaven Incinerating Feather was out.

However, the end result was not what he had expected. Mu Chen, who was supposed to be dead, retaliated at the final moment. It was so powerful, that even Liu Yan felt extremely threatened by it.

If it had not been for the power, which the Heaven Incinerating Feather had released, he could not have defended the blow. He knew that, if he had not persisted, the outcome would not have been two wounded men, but rather, one who was wounded, and one who was probably dead!

"How could this be?!"

Liu Yan was looking pale and murmuring, as his mouth was twitching. After a while, he could not hide the hatred in his eyes, as he looked at Mu Chen. At the bottom of his heart, he had a desire to remove him, once and for all.

Mu Chen's performance in the combat had posed a significant threat to Liu Yan. This young chap was not even at his same age, yet he displayed remarkable combat capacity, which did not pale beside him. Given another one or two years of cultivation, Mu Chen would definitely surpass him.

Liu Yan then understood the reason why the Daluo Territory would allow a mere Grade Three Sovereign to attend the Dragon-Phoenix Rift. Given his current combat capacity, even a Grade Four Sovereign could hardly beat him.

"Do you want to kill me now?"

Mu Chen had discovered the intense killing desire erupting from Liu Yang's eyes. He smiled subtly and said, "Do you even have the strength to do it now?"

Although he suffered from a setback, he was certain that Liu Yan had reached his limit, too. Liu Yan was staring at Mu Chen with his cold and relentless eyes. He gritted his teeth, as his eyes were flickering, then he gradually clenched his fist.


Just as his eyes were flickering, a loud thud was heard, and a colossal silhouette descended from above, having been thrown off the peak of the Skeleton Hill.

As Liu Yan looked over, a tinge of horror surged on his face. That silhouette belonged to a gigantic python, with scales all over its body. It was soaking in a pool of blood, dispersing an evil aura that indicated how fearsome it was.

However, all the scales on this fearsome creature were fragmented, and blood was streaming out, coloring the peak of the hill in red. There were no signs of vitality on its body.


The top powers, who were watching this scene unfold, from outside of the Skeleton Hill, all took a deep, collective breath. They could not help but shiver, as they recognized the corpse as being the Scarlet Blood Python in that pool of blood.

And, there was only one Scarlet Blood Python here, ranked ninth on the Dragon-Phoenix Record, from the Snake Shrine named Scarlet Blood. That is to say, the Scarlet Blood Python, which had lost all its vitality on the peak, now was Scarlet Blood?

But, wasn't Scarlet Blood dead?!

This horrifying situation not only sent chills down Liu Yan's spine, but even those top powers, who were away from the Skeleton Hill, had their hairs standing on end. Although Scarlet Blood was only ranked ninth in the Dragon-Phoenix Record, even Liu Yan felt intimidated by it, especially if he had to fight against it.

He could probably win against the beast, but to actually slaughter the python, that could be something very tough for him. Moreover, beasts with such a combat power could be terrifying, especially if they decided to retaliate with the last blow.

Mu Chen was staring at the corpse of the gigantic snake. But, before he could say anything, a petite figure appeared on top of the snake's body.

Cai Xiao was stepping on the head of the enormous python with her bare foot. As she squatted elegantly, patting the python's head gently, a colorful snake wandered off from her sleeve, biting into the head of the gigantic python.


The gigantic body was drying up at a speed that was visible to the naked eye. Within a short period of time, there was nothing left, except for a dried-up snake corpse. Numerous spectators, who witnessed this scene, were dumbfounded.

The colorful snake lifted its head with satisfaction, and flicked its tongue at Cai Xiao. Looking very pleased with it, she then stroked its head gently, before it slipped lazily back into her sleeve again.

After executing the unusual moves she had performed under the watchful eyes of these people, Cai Xiao stretched her body. Her slender waist and her S-line body curves were particularly tempting. But none of them dared to look at her without any respect, for they knew that the most appalling person there, was the mysterious and beautiful young lady.

"Is it over?"

Cai Xiao lifted her head up, as she took a glance at Mu Chen and Liu Yan. She smiled at Mu Chen and said, "I didn't want to kill it, but it kept shooting its mouth off, so …"

Mu Chen twitched his mouth, and gave a hollow laugh. Scarlet Blood was indeed unlucky. It could verbally abuse anyone, at any other time, but treating this young lady casually, was indeed asking for it.

"Not settled with him yet?" Cai Xiao turned to Liu Yan, asking. But, as she took a glimpse, Liu Yan got uptight, and stepped back, his eyes filled with vigilance and alertness.

"Shall I do it instead?" Cai Xiao was smiling radiantly.


As soon as she finished her sentence, Liu Yan did not even wait for Mu Chen's reply, before he retreated at the speed of lighting. In the blink of an eye, he had already withdrawn out of the Skeleton Hill.

That decisiveness stunned Mu Chen, too, causing him to wonder. So this fellow is afraid of losing huh…

As much as he would like to keep Liu Yan there, he did not stop him from fleeing, since he could not do so in his current condition.

"Mu Chen, just you wait! We are not done yet!" Liu Yan shouted out his final words from afar. Then, without any hesitation, he disappeared into a ray of light.

Mu Chen could not be bothered about him at all. Instead, he focused on the remaining top powers, who were still outside of the Skeleton Hill. As soon as their eyes met his, they could not help but take a step backward with wariness.

Having witnessed the earthshaking battle between Mu Chen and Liu Yan, no one would dare treat him like a regular Grade Three Sovereign anymore.

"Is there anyone, who would want to fight for this Dragon-Phoenix Pool with us?" Mu Chen swept his glance across them, asking with a deep voice.

All of the top powers were looking at each other. But, they all decided to back off reluctantly. Mu Chen must have depleted all of his energy during the fight with Liu Yan, yet despite that, he still had a more daunting and mysterious young lady beside him, who could slaughter a beast like Scarlet Blood easily. That was the most intimidating part of the situation at hand.

Therefore, no matter how reluctant it was to give up on the Dragon-Phoenix Pool, it was wiser to choose to stay alive versus having the unique Dragon-Phoenix Pool all to themselves. Mu Chen was feeling relieved, when he saw that all the top powers were backing down.

All of them were incredibly talented people, and if they were really desperate to make any moves, it would also mean trouble. Now, if they could back down at present, it would be a win-win situation for both of them.

Cai Xiao clapped her hands, when she saw them backing off, then said, "Let's activate the Dragon-Phoenix Pool now!"

Mu Chen nodded in agreement. He grabbed the Demonic Ape, which he had slaughtered, and with a swing of his blade, he slit its blood vessel. The warm, fresh blood from the ape infiltrated the Dragon-Phoenix Pool, like a stream or river.


The fresh red blood gathered swiftly within the Dragon-Phoenix Pool. Within a minute, the fresh blood had filled the entire half of the pool, and the rich smell of blood filled the air.


As the blood filled the Dragon-Phoenix Pool, the pool gave off a slight trembling sensation. An ancient trace of light could be seen in the bony white pool. The singing of the Dragon and the Phoenix came loudly from the pool, bursting forth into song throughout the earth.


Within the pool, blood blobs started appearing, popping up, as though they had been boiling. A silhouette of a dragon and a phoenix seemed to be swimming in the pool.

As the silhouettes moved, the thick blood was clearing itself up, evaporating all of its impurities, and removing the stench from the blood. Within a short period of time, the Dragon-Phoenix Pool transformed from a blood pool into a divine pool, releasing mystical power into the air.

Cai Xiao stood by the pool, smiled at Mu Chen, and said, "Go ahead and enter."

"Aren't you coming?" Mu Chen asked, startled. The pool was ready, and if they were to enter now, they could reap great benefit from it.

"I just need some Real Dragon Blood. But the blood here is not as thick as I thought," Cai Xiao casually mentioned. She swung her hands and said, "Don't be so wishy-washy! Hurry!"

"Thanks," Mu Chen said, as he held up his fist with gratitude. He was ready to enter the activated Dragon-Phoenix Pool.


Just as he was about to move, a mountain of skeletons suddenly exploded at the peak of Skeleton Hill. Fragments of the bones burst out into the air. A blurry shadow shuttled between the spaces among these fragments, catching ahold to the entrance of the pool, before Mu Chen could reach....

The look of Mu Chen changed all of the sudden, as a deep killing desire rose in his eyes. Someone was trying to snatch his food from his jaw!

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