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Chapter 781 - Sky-Burning Feather

The huge figure that seemed like a fire deity stood on the sky as different colours of flames blazed on the surface of its body. That terrifying temperature made this region burn and a burning smell was coming from the atmosphere.

Mu Chen had his eyes narrowed as he looked at that flaming figure. There was a small change on his face that did not have any ripples. Clearly, even when he was in the Demon Heart State, Mu Chen still felt a dense threat coming from the flaming figure.

“Myriad Flames Celestial Body. Indeed, a justified reputation.”

On the peak of the White Bones Mountain, the other experts revealed shock on their faces and couldn’t help sighing. The ranking of the Myriad Flames Celestial Body had a decent ranking on the 99 Rankings of Sovereign Celestial Bodies. Furthermore, the difficulty of cultivating it was extremely high, just the requirement of multiple flames alone would expend huge financial resources. Even if an ordinary expert had gotten this Sovereign Celestial Body, it would be hard for them to successfully refine it.

Fortunately, this Liu Yan was the Young Palace Master of the Sky Profound Palace. Otherwise, it would probably be impossible for him to refine this Myriad Flames Celestial Body.

On the head of the Myriad Flames Celestial Body, flames were surging as Liu Yan’s figure appeared in a flash. His gaze was eerily looking at Mu Chen as a dense killing intent flashed in the depths of his eyes.

He clearly did not think that he would be forced to bring out his Sovereign Celestial Body first!

“What a cunning fellow.” Liu Yan clenched his teeth with his eyes filled with hatred. If it wasn’t for Mu Chen’s Nether Demon Heart Lightning that caught him unprepared, he wouldn’t have his loophole caught by Mu Chen. After falling back step by step, he was even forced to bring out his Sovereign Celestial Body to defend himself in the end.

Although he was furious, Liu Yan still inwardly raised his precautions, retracting all the underestimations that he had for Mu Chen.


Liu Yan, who stood on top of the Myriad Flames Celestial Body, took a deep breath as the rage on his face gradually disappeared, bit by bit. His gaze had also gradually returned to being indifferent.

At the sight of this scene, Mu Chen lightly frowned his brows. Liu Yan, who had recovered his cool, would clearly not reveal any loopholes. Now that the latter had precautions against the Nether Demon Heart Lightning, it would be much harder for him to gain such an advantage as he had done earlier.

“If you want to defeat me, then bring out your true abilities. Don’t bring out those little means to embarrass yourself!”

Liu Yan coldly stared at Mu Chen. Shortly after, there wasn’t anymore hesitation as he abruptly joined his hands together. Instantly, different flames blazed on the Myriad Flames Celestial Body.

When his hands clasped one another, various flames swept out, forming into a vermilion fire in the sky. The vermilion fire was extremely gorgeous. With various colours of surging flames, it was a beautiful sight.

“Myriad Flames Spirit!”

Liu Yan let out a low roar as the gorgeous vermilion fire flapped its wings. As its wings flapped, it drew across a gorgeous fire trajectory, filled with fatal danger under that beauty.

The vermilion fire swiftly expanded in Mu Chen’s eyes. He abruptly formed seals with his hands and a dazzling golden light burst out in every direction. A golden figure appeared and stood in this region.

The instant the golden figure appeared, a blazing golden sun blossomed on the centre of its brows as a huge palm stretched out. Gild-like golden light surged, making the figure look like it was forged from gold, clashing with the vermilion fire.


Gorgeous flames exploded like fireworks as the space in that spot violently distorted from the terrifying clash. The Spiritual Energy fluctuation explosion that swept out made the experts in the surroundings swiftly retreat with their facial expressions changed, fearing to be affected by it.

“This is the Sovereign Celestial Body that he cultivates?”

Liu Yan narrowed his eyes as he looked at the golden figure that seemed like a great buddha and couldn’t help changing his face a little. Because from the latter, he felt an indescribable oppressive pressure.

The oppressive pressure made him feel a little unbelievable. The Myriad Flames Celestial Body that he had cultivated was on the 69th of the 99 Rankings of Sovereign Celestial Bodies; it wasn’t low-ranking. But right now, Mu Chen’s cultivated Sovereign Celestial Body actually made his Myriad Flames Celestial Body feel a little oppressed?

Could it be that his Sovereign Celestial Body was a super Sovereign Celestial Body in the top 30s?!

Liu Yan stared at the golden blazing sun floating behind the Great Solar Undying Body, but still couldn’t recognize it. Amongst the 99 Rankings of Sovereign Celestial Bodies that he was knowledgeable about, there wasn’t one similar to this before him.

“Could it be an unranked mysterious Sovereign Celestial Body?”

Liu Yan frowned his brows, but he still couldn’t find an answer and could only shake his head with a dark gaze. Even if Mu Chen’s Sovereign Celestial Body was mysterious, a powerful Sovereign Celestial Body would require the strength to support it as well. He didn’t believe that with his strength at Fourth Grade Sovereign, in addition to the Myriad Flames Celestial Body, he couldn’t even deal with a Third Grade Sovereign!


As he sneered, a golden light took the lead to sweep over before him. The Great Solar Undying Body grasped the Great Meru Demonic Pillar. The originally pitch-black demonic pillar looked as if it was forged with gold. In its path, even the sky was torn apart.


Seeing as Mu Chen took the initiative to launch an attack, Liu Yan couldn’t help snorting as the hands of the Myriad Flames Celestial Body clenched its fist. As flames surged, a flaming long spear was formed as spear images swept out in every direction.

Boom! Boom!

As the two colossi clashed in the sky, the commotion even caused the heavens and earth to tremble. It was so much so that cracks even appeared on the White Bones Mountain. The Spiritual Energy that swept out was like a gale that violently whistled, wreaking havoc. Within a ten thousand meter radius, no one dared to approach.

Many experts around the White Bones Mountain were dumbfounded at this confrontation. Clearly, they couldn’t believe that someone could fight this Liu Yan to this degree.

Amongst the younger generations of the Northern Region, Liu Yan had an outstanding reputation, ranking fourth on the Dragon-Phoenix Record. As for Mu Chen? He was practically a nameless character. Although originating from the Great Havenlaw Domain gave him some status, it was clearly far in comparison to the outstanding elites of the younger generation like Liu Yan.

Right now, this nameless youth before them fought with Liu Yan till the sky and earth darkened. Although he couldn’t gain the advantage, it wasn’t easy for him to persist for this long.


The demonic pillar that seemed like it was forged with gold clashed with the spear of flames. In the point of collision, numerous cracks appeared on the space, where the blast wave was visibly seen spreading out.

The two figures burst in retreat. Clearly, Liu Yan still held the upper hand in this confrontation. But despite so, Liu Yan’s face was unsightly as he did not just want to gain this slight bit of an upper hand.

The power possessed by Mu Chen’s Sovereign Celestial Body had far exceeded his expectations.

“That fellow’s Sovereign Celestial Body isn’t simple.” Liu Yan’s gaze changed as he coldly cast a glance at Mu Chen. He sat down on the head of the Myriad Flames Celestial Body and swiftly formed blurry seals with his hands.


As Liu Yan’s seals changed, the flames around the Myriad Flames Celestial Body suddenly blazed and different coloured flames swiftly surged, gathering above Liu Yan.

A shapeless heat had also fluctuated in this region.

When the other experts looked from afar, their faces slightly changed because they felt that the Spiritual Energy in their bodies was boiling up, even showing signs of burning.

Their faces changed and swiftly retreated. They could feel that Liu Yan didn’t look like he could endure it any longer. This sort of entanglement with Mu Chen had made him lose his patience.

He intended to end the battle.

Mu Chen raised his head and the gorgeous flames were reflected in his black pupils as his face gradually turned solemn.

“No matter what Sovereign Celestial Body you have, I will reduce it to dust!”

Liu Yan gave Mu Chen an eerie smile and he suddenly clapped his hands. Countless gorgeous flames instantly combined together, forming into a huge cauldron that was a few thousand feet wide.

This cauldron was extremely gorgeous, yet a terrifying fluctuation rippled out.

Liu Yan eerily stared at Mu Chen as he waved his hand and the cauldron instantly disappeared.

In that instant when the cauldron disappeared, Mu Chen felt the surrounding sky darken. However, he instantly came to a realisation that it wasn’t the sky that had darkened, it was he that had been enveloped by the cauldron.

Liu Yan looked at Mu Chen and the Great Solar Undying Body that had been enveloped in the cauldron as a savage smile lifted on the corner of his lips. Shortly after, his hands joined together and he coldly barked out, which resonated throughout this region.

“Myriad Flames Furnace - Sky-Burning Feather!”


When Liu Yan barked out, various flames blazed on the cauldron. In the time to blink, it had turned into a patch of a magnificent sea of flames.

Flames surged in the sea of flames and suddenly formed into a huge vortex. Dazzling flames turned into strands of tiny flames that gathered together. Those tiny flames were the essence of those flames, just a small strand along could burn this mountain range to ashes.

Those flames gathered together and formed into a foot-lengthed rainbow feather.

The feather was filled with all sorts of fire runes and was quietly floating in the air. Although it seemed gentle, the terrifying temperature emanated from it even caused cracks to appear in the space.

The energy contained in that small rainbow feather even made Mu Chen’s body tense, even after entering the Demon Heart State. Clearly, he had sensed a fatal danger.

This Liu Yan was indeed a tough opponent!

“I’ll let you witness how I will reduce your Sovereign Celestial Body to ashes!”

Watching this scene, the smile that hung on the corner of Liu Yan’s lips became even more savage-looking.

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