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Liu Yan stood with one hand placed at his back in the air. His gaze was cold, as he stared at the figure that was before him. After a while, he gasped, his gaze gradually becoming indifferent.

"Silly fella…" he muttered. He curled up his lips, stared at Mu Chen, and softly said, "I will not give you a chance for regrets. I will let you bring along your regrets to hell."

Liu Yan laughed and stepped forth. As he placed his feet down, a majestic spiritual energy exploded. The crimson spiritual energy covered the horizon, and it looked as though the sky was burning from afar.

Liu Yan's power had surpassed the ordinary Grade Four Sovereign. He had reached the Peak of Grade Four Sovereign. As compared to Qin Bei of Sorrowful Sky, Liu Yan far surpassed him.

Any ordinary Grade Three Sovereign would not be able to take this blow. Liu Yan was confident that no one could retaliate.

Mu Chen looked gravely at the crimson, majestic spiritual energy. He had never before let his guard down, when dealing with opponents of Liu Yan's level.

A few months ago, he would not have been able to defeat Liu Yan. When Liu Yan provoked him back then, Mu Chen had simply chosen to stomach it.

However, he no longer had to do that, as Mu Chen had had a breakthrough within these last three months. Although there was a gap between his level and Liu Yan's, it no longer posed a problem for Mu Chen.

The Great Meru Demonic Pillar was floating on the right side of Mu Chen, swirling out a demonic force. Mu Chen stared at Liu Yan, who had extremely powerful spiritual energy. He held his hands in the air, and the Great Meru Demonic Pillar turned into a shadow, pressing down mercilessly on Liu Yan.

Liu Yan looked at the Great Meru Demonic Pillar with disdain, as he grabbed his fist. A crimson spear appeared in his hand. There seemed to be a fire burning on the spear.


Liu Yan pointed the tip of the spear upward, and the Great Meru Demonic Pillar stopped at its position, causing the spear to bend slightly. Liu Yan had displayed his power.


The crimson spear shook violently, and a terrifying force exploded. The Great Meru Demonic Pillar had been thrown back. Liu Yan instantly threw out a blow with his spear.


At this blow, a crimson magma shot out. The violent and hot spiritual energy caused the surrounding temperature to increase tremendously.

The magma stretched over the horizon, like a Flaming Dragon, heading toward Mu Chen. A hot wave swirled toward Mu Chen, and the strong spiritual energy fluctuation seemed to tear the horizon apart.

Mu Chen's face turned grave. A space warp and the Sovereign Sea appeared behind him. He condensed his spiritual energy into the Demonic Pillar, slashing down hard with it.

The Demonic Pillar and the magma collided in the air, causing the magma to explode. A space warp was formed at the area where they had collided.

As the magma exploded, Mu Chen had been thrown back as well. The temperature on top of the Great Meru Demonic Pillar was high, and it seemed to be attempting to melt it down. However, the high temperature had been eliminated by the demonic force of the Great Meru Demonic Pillar

Mu Chen felt that his palm had started to become numb. He let out a frown. Liu Yan had lived up to his ranking as the number four influential person in the Dragon-Phoenix Record. After exchanging blows with him, Mu Chen realized that he was extremely powerful. Liu Yan would certainly have the upper-hand, if Mu Chen went head-to-head with him.

"I will be extremely disappointed, if this is all that you are capable of."

Liu Yan sneered at Mu Chen. He stood in the sky, making a seal with his hands. A crimson spiritual energy swirled toward Mu Chen, like a wave. It turned into a huge flaming palm print, pressing down on Mu Chen.

"Balrog Palm!"

There were dark prints in the palm, which exuded an overbearing destructive force. Liu Yan ridiculed Mu Chen with his words, as he attacked him mercilessly. He did not give Mu Chen any breathing space, as obviously, he wanted to kill Mu Chen quickly.

Mu Chen looked at the attacks of Liu Yan, seeing that they had become more and more powerful. He took a deep breath, his eyes speedily turning dark and deep. His short hair had become long, instantly, and his new image made him look mature and suave.

Also, the impervious nature of his look caused one to be wary of him. He had entered into the state of the heart demon.

In this state, Mu Chen could activate his spiritual energy to its perfect stage. This was something he could not achieve in his normal state.

Mu Chen tipped on his feet, immediately appearing on top of the Great Meru Demonic Pillar. Two different spiritual energies surged between his palms. He made a seal with his palms, and sudden changes took place.


The cries of dragons and elephants sounded out. Two beams shot up from the Sovereign Sea, entangling together. They formed a Dragon-Elephant Halo, as they hit against the Balrog Palm.


There was an explosion in the sky. It's impact was like fireworks, dazzling and dangerous.

As these "fireworks" rose up, a figure suddenly burst out to stand before Liu Yan. His long hair was dancing in the sky. Mu Chen aimed his right palm, which was dazzling with thunder light, at Liu Yan.


As the thunder light flashed, Liu Yan could feel his body shake. A sharp, thunder sound boomed out from his heart. As the thunder sound vibrated, the spiritual energy in his body went into concussion.

"Is this…Netherworld Thunder Heart?" The look in Liu Yan's eyes changed. He was indeed the young master of Xuan Tian Hall. He was well-informed, and immediately knew the skills that Mu Chen had displayed.


Mu Chen looked calm. His right palm was directed at Liu Yan, and he had activated the Netherworld Thunder Heart at the same time. This spiritual energy on his left hand was burning with the purple flame. It turned into a streamer, and like a lightning bolt, shot toward Liu Yan's chest.

This was a perfect blow. It forced Liu Yan to move back in a fluster. His spiritual energy had gone into concussion, due to the Netherworld Thunder Heart, and Mu Chen took this opportunity to attack him with full force.

Liu Yan crossed his arms in front of his body in order to protect himself with the spiritual energy. He managed to block off the attack, but his sleeves had turned into ashes, and his arms had been charred. Although he was not seriously hurt, he was in a sorry state.

Liu Yan had been thrown back a few hundred feet. He had managed to subdue the thunder sound in his body, but when he looked at his charred arms, he turned pale.

As Mu Chen and Liu Yan were exchanging blows, the other top powers started to appear. They had broken through the defence of the white apes.

When they saw Mu Chen and Liu Yan exchanging blows, their expressions changed. They looked fearful, and dared not go near them. They clearly saw that, Liu Yan, ranked number four in Dragon-Phoenix Record, was oppressive.

They were smart. They had intended to watch the fight at first, then join in at the appropriate time, so that they could benefit from it. They had expected the fight to end soon. After all, Mu Chen and Liu Yan were not of the same level.

However, after a while, when they saw that Liu Yan was in a sorry state, they had a different thought. They squinted their eyes, and were shocked. No longer were they looking down on Mu Chen.

Liu Yan looked palely at Mu Chen. Mu Chen, who was in the demonic state, was not bothered by the look. He dashed out again, and lifted up his right palm, which was glittering with thunder light.

When Liu Yan saw this, he was stunned, and quickly consolidated his energy in order to suppress the Netherworld Thunder Heart.


As he was consolidating his energy, Mu Chen had speedily formed a seal with his palms. Four colorful rays shot up from the Sovereign Sea, turning into two dragons and two elephants.

"Nine Dragons Nine Elephants Art!" Mu Chen flatly said, as he changed the seal. The two dragons and two elephants condensed into a huge Dragon-Elephant Halo.


The Dragon-Elephant Halo flashed, as it appeared above Liu Yan. It then slashed down hard upon him.

The veins in his head started to throb and pulsate. Liu Yan had never expected Mu Chen to display such a skill. He quickly moved backward. However, as he was moving backward, Mu Chen had lifted up his palm again.


This time around, the sound of thunder reverberated in Liu Yan's heart. The wailing of the thunder caused delays in his movements. Although these delays were temporal, they could still cost him his life in such a crucial fight.

Everyone saw the Dragon-Phoenix Halo slash down with a sharp fluctuation. Even though Liu Yan was powerful, if he had been hit by it, he would surely be injured.


Violent spiritual energy fluctuations exploded in the sky. Crimson spiritual energy billowed out, like flames. Everyone was watching the scene intensely.

Mu Chen watched the place, where the crimson spiritual energy had exploded, and raised his eyebrows. As the majestic crimson spiritual energy gradually dissipated, the top powers, who were standing around, looked shocked.

A huge figure appeared in the sky. The figure crimsoned, and it was burning in flames of different colors. When looked at from far, the figure looked like a Fire God.

The temperature in the heavens and the earth became extremely hot. Mu Chen stared at the flaming figure with his deep eyes, and muttered, "Is this Myriad Flame Celestial Body…"

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