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The blazing fire pulsated within the furnace, its extreme heat hitting such a level that, if Mu Chen did not enter into the Heart Demon state, he would lose control over his Spiritual Energy.

But, at this point in time, Mu Chen did not notice the rising heat around him. He was too captivated by the resplendent flaming feather, which was ascending from a sea of flame.

The feather was only a few feet long, looking extravagant in its beautiful, intertwining colors. Yet, Mu Chen could feel the fatal danger that was lurking amid its beauty.

Apparently, Mu Chen had forced Liu Yan to use his ultimate deadly stance. Thus, this flaming feather must have possessed a killing ability powerful enough to slaughter a Grade Four Sovereign.

Glaring gold lights were beaming out from the Great Solar Undying Body, enabling it to resist any corrosion from the severe heat. Mu Chen stood above the body, his pitch-black eyes glimmering. A moment later, he took a deep, magmlike breath. He had an aura of awe on his fine-looking face.

This attack from Liu Yan was much more tyrannical than he had expected. His thoughts were flashing, only to realize that, even the Great Solar Undying Body could not defend the blow.

He frowned a little, as he sat down on top of the body. The golden lights were surging, while he quickly plunged into the Great Solar Undying Body. As he tossed his sleeves, a vast torrent came whistling, bringing with it a pure Spiritual Energy wave that fluctuated as it flowed. This torrent was transformed by the Sovereign Spiritual Liquid.

Mu Chen stared at the Sovereign Spiritual Liquid within the torrent. He had used up an astounding 200,000 units of the Sovereign Spiritual Liquid, which Mandela had given him early on.

"It should be enough."

As Mu Chen looked at the Spiritual Torrent, his lips twitched. Then, he took out 200,000 units of the Sovereign Spiritual Liquid. Even if he was in the Heart Demon state, he could still feel the pinch, when he emptied his inventory.

But right now, he could not be bothered anymore. His dark eyes were glistening, as he put up his hand to form a seal. A wheel of golden rays beamed out from the chest of the Great Solar Undying Body. Amid the rays, a golden seed was forming.

At the snap of Mu Chen's finger, the torrent, which contained 200,000 Sovereign Spiritual Liquid units, spurted toward the wheel of the golden ray, without stopping.

Buzz, buzz...

The golden seed, like a black hole, was sucking up all of the gushing Sovereign Spiritual Liquid. But, just as all of the Spiritual Energy that flows in the stream kept injecting its energy into the seed, it glowed brighter, like a scorching sun, as if it were breaking out of its shell.

While Mu Chen hid in his Great Solar Undying Body, the flaming feather had refined itself inside the furnace. As Liu Yan watched its transition, he relaxed his tense body, drawing up his lips coldly.

"Do you think you can escape in that Sovereign Celestial Body?" Liu Yan smiled sarcastically. He reached out his long finger, tapping softly in the air.

The top powers, who were speculating outside the Skeleton Hill, constricted their pupils, as they could also clearly sense the formidable energy that was fermenting in the furnace. Under the impact of such power, even a Grade Four Sovereign could not escape death.

"This Mu Chen isn't a simple character. After all, he can push Liu Yan to display his Sovereign Super Power. But everything has to end somewhere." Some of the top powers could not help but comment. They knew the formidable power of Liu Yan's attack. According to the recent years' rumors, four of the Grade Four Sovereigns did not survive under Liu Yan's attacks, and were turned to ashes in their defeats.

Most of the people nodded in agreement, sympathizing with Mu Chen. He was still young, and possessed exceptional talents. They knew that, if he had a few more years of cultivation, he would become the best among the younger generation of the North Territory.

They also knew that, even if he met Fang Yi, the number one rank of the Dragon-Phoenix Record, he probably would still stand a chance to fight it out. But unfortunately, in this world, all talents die before their time.


While most of the top powers were feeling sorry for the inevitable ending, the huge furnace made a hollow sound in the air, the heat dispersed from it twisting and crumpling the space. After the flaming feather fluttered resplendently in front of spectators, it charged toward the magnificent Sovereign Celestial Body, which was releasing dazzling golden rays.

As the speed of the flaming feather ascended, it transformed into a flaming meteor, bursting the surrounding as it charged. Slits of space cracks developed, until they were visible to the naked eye.

The lights on the Great Solar Undying Body dimmed very quickly, as even the golden solid figure was showing signs of melting. The flaming meteor was fast approaching! But, just before the flaming meteor was about to hit, Mu Chen, who had his eyes closed in the Great Solar Undying Body, awakened.


The moment he awoke, the golden seed, which was lying deep in the chest of the Great Solar Undying Body, had a subtle crack to surface upon it.


The dazzling golden light was shining out from the crack, and the entire seed exploded open. Suddenly, a bright gold beam filled the Great Solar Undying Body.

A golden sun was rising from the chest of the Great Solar Undying Body. At the same time, in the center of the forehead of the Great Solar Undying Body, there was another sun echoing it.

Two golden suns were hanging in mid-air, emitting a glow of golden rays. At this point, the Great Solar Undying Body ceased from melting, and the golden beam transformed itself into a faint purple light.

On the outside, Liu Yan, who had been observing the furnace, had his eyes sharpened, and noticed the changes in the Great Solar Undying Body.

"Getting ready for a life and death match?"

Liu Yan gave a sneer, as apparently, he thought that the changes in the Great Solar Undying Body were a sign of its weakening. At his rate of attack, no matter what tricks Mu Chen had up his sleeves, he would surely be doomed in no time.

Mu Chen did not show any signs of intimidation on his face from within the furnace. He closed up his palm gradually, setting up his formation. Then, a murmuring voice came from his mouth.

"Nine Sun Super Power, Heaven Sun Golden Seal!"

The hands of the Great Solar Undying Body formed a seal, then gathered all of the extravagant rays, as if it was condensing the golden seal under its hands' palm. The golden seal seemed to be the intersection point of the two golden suns. A sketch of the mysterious and ancient image, resembling the birth of the sun, appeared in the suns.

The Heaven Sun Golden Seal was an extended weapon, derived from the Nine Sun Super Power. The way to actualize it, was to draw both powers from the suns. Mu Chen was unable to perform this before, but as he practiced on the Nine Sun Super Power, he was finally able to display it at this moment.


The gold-like seal formed on the palm of the Great Solar Undying Body. Along with the whistling sound from the palm movements and dazzling golden lights, there were no signs of it holding back, as it collided against itself with the flaming meteor.

As the collision occurred, the entire universe seemed to be in complete silence. This went on for a short while, and a striking, eye-catching golden light shot out from the furnace, almost blinding everyone present.

In fact, all heaven and earth seem to be soaked in this golden beam. A shockwave that was indescribable sent the furnace shaking, even more vigorously than before. It was hard to imagine how it could contain such daunting power.

Dang! Dang!

The loud sound rang continuously in a short and quick pulse. The pupils of the spectators constricted, as they saw a few cracking lines show up on the surface of the furnace.

"That furnace can no longer hold anymore!" Someone from the crowd cried out, loud, in horror, and the top powers retreated instinctively.


As they were evacuating, the furnace finally exploded entirely, with daunting gold rays shooting out from a blaze of fire. The shockwave impacted everything within a thousand miles.


The top powers around the Skeleton Hill were directly hit by that strong shockwave. They spat blood as they fled. One by one, bodies were thrown off of the hill, as the entire hill was beginning to collapse, due to the impact.

The heaven and earth were thrown into total chaos, all of the sudden. The shockwave went on for more than ten minutes, before it gradually dissipated. Among the ruins, devastated figures jutted out, watching the peak of the Skeleton Hill in shock.

They were eager to know who had won the final victory in this appalling battle. As they were gazing at the peak, their pupils constricted, and the sound of their collective gasping in disbelief filled the air.

Both Sovereign Celestial Bodies were standing opposite each other on the peak of the hill, each closed to a crumpled state. They were so dim, it seemed like they were going to vanish at any time. Fluctuating on top of their heads, the Spiritual Energy had been weakened down to its minimum.

They stared at one another, a trace of blood dripping off from their mouths. Then, almost at the same time, they erased it from their lips.


The Sovereign Celestial Bodies had reached their limits, bursting out of thin air. Such an earth-shaking confrontation actually ended up with the result of both sides being defeated and wounded. Hence, neither side gained in this war!

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