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Liu Yan stood in the air and threw the body of a huge beast down to the ground. Blood was still flowing out from its body, and the smell of blood stank up the entire place. He looked at Mu Chen with disdain.

Mu Chen looked back at Liu Yan and frowned. He had not expected to see him at the first station. What a coincidence!

"This is not a coincidence," Liu Yan said, seeming to have read his thoughts. He smiled, then said, "When you were sparring with me at the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion, I left a special spiritual seal on you. That is why I can sense where you are."

Mu Chen was shocked, and immediately, his face turned grave. The purple flame in his body started to burn, and a strange fluctuation started to churn on his hair.


As the purple flame swept past, one of his hairs was burnt. The strange fluctuation then disappeared.

Mu Chen looked coldly at Liu Yan. He had been extremely careful, but he had not realized that Liu Yan had secretly left a seal on him. Liu Yan seemed to have some special skills.

Fortunately, he had removed the seal. If he and Cai Xiao had found the other Dragon-Phoenix Pools, Liu Yan would have followed behind them, and created problems for them.

"You seem confident in defeating me," Mu Chen said, as he stared at Liu Yan.

"Don't worry. I will not look down on you. To ensure that you will stay forever in the Dragon-Phoenix Pool, I have put down my ego, and recruited help." Liu Yan smiled, as he clapped his hands lightly.


As he clapped his hands, a beam of spiritual energy shot up to the peak of the skeleton hill. After the light had dissipated, a man appeared. The man had long red hair and red eyes, like those of a snake. He looked fierce and vicious.

As the man appeared, a strong scent for the desire of blood covered the sky.

Mu Chen stared at him, looking grave. He could sense a threatening fluctuation emitting from the man. He was not a simple person.

"Please…Liu Yan. Why have you asked me to help you deal with a Grade Three Sovereign? What has happened to you? When did you become such a coward?" The red-haired man stared at Mu Chen with his snake eyes, as he laughed weirdly.

"The lion wrestles the rabbit. I give it my all. I always leave no room for failure," Liu Yan said, as he looked at Mu Chen. "He is Scarlet Blood from the Snake Shrine. He is ranked number nine in the Dragon-Phoenix Record…I think I truly do hold you in high regard. Two people from among the top ten in the Dragon-Phoenix Record are here in order to send you off."

"Scarlet Blood from the Snake Shrine?"

Mu Chen's heart gave a thud. He furrowed his brows, as he stared at the red-haired man. No wonder he smelled so strongly of blood. This was the notorious ruthless man that had slaughtered the people of many cities.

Mu Chen was surprised to see Scarlet Blood. He had not expected Liu Yan to get a helper, even though he was supposed to have the upper-hand. Liu Yan was much more cautious than was his younger brother, Liu Ming.

"I feel so honored," Mu Chen said, as he looked at the position that he was in and laughed. He was in between the two. Although he looked shocked, he was not fearful or flustered, as Liu Yan had expected him to be.

"It seems like you have no idea what is going to happen to you." Seeing that Mu Chen was not afraid, Liu Yan's face became all the more indifferent. However, before he could finish what he had wanted to say, he saw a slender figure on top of the Demonic Ape.

The girl had a seductive look. Her hair blew gently in the breeze, and she sat on the dead body of the Demonic Ape. She rested her chin on her hands, she looked at them with a lazy gaze.

Liu Yan and Scarlet Blood suddenly looked cold, as the girl had appeared without their knowledge. This had caused them both to be alert.

"Pardon me, I also have a helper," Mu Chen looked at Liu Yan, speaking the words with a smile.

Liu Yan looked coldly at Mu Chen, and then at Cai Xiao. When they were at the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion, he had not sensed that this girl was so powerful. However, when she had appeared earlier, he could sense danger.

He did not brush the feeling away, because he knew that it was not an illusion. He had always thought of the worst case scenarios, and that had helped him to defeat his opponents throughout the years.

It was similar to how he was currently dealing with Mu Chen. Although he was powerful enough to kill Mu Chen, he had roped in the help of a top power. Therefore, he had left no room for failure. Thus, he had not expected things to get out of hand, although he had it all well-planned.

"Lady, this is between him and us. Xuan Tian Hall owes you a favor, if you do not interfere," Liu Yan took a deep breath and said. He cupped his fist and spoke politely.

Upon hearing this, Cai Xiao pursed her lips together, then seemingly laughed, as she said, "What is so great about gaining the favor of Xian Tian Hall?"

Liu Yan's countenance fell.

Cai Xiao could not be bothered with Liu Yan. She looked at Mu Chen and said, "What is your plan?"

"Can you help me deal with that big snake?" Mu Chen pointed at Scarlet Blood, asking her with a smile. Given his current strength, he might not be able to deal with the two of them, if Scarlet Blood and Liu Yan joined forces to attack him.

Although he had plenty of confidence, he was not conceited. After all, he was only at Grade Three Sovereign, but Liu Yan and Scarlet Blood were at Grade Four Sovereign!

"Do you want me to finish off the two of them for you?" Cai Xiao slanted her head to look at Mu Chen, asking this with a smile.

"Although I don't mind depending on a woman, especially such a beautiful one, there are things that I need to settle myself," Mu Chen said with a smile.

"You are a man of character. In this case, leave the big snake to me." Cai Xiao gave him a thumbs up. Although she sounded as though she was teasing him, her eyes were filled with admiration for him. She admired him for the self-confidence that he had exuded. She knew that it did not come from external factors, or because she was around to help.

Mu Chen was only a Grade Three Sovereign, whereas his opponent, Liu Yan, was a Grade Four Sovereign. He had remained fearless and confident, and not many people possessed such a bold spirit.

"Boastful guy." When Liu Yan heard their conversation, he sneered.

A cold look flashed across his eyes. He was fearful of Cai Xiao, but not of Mu Chen. He was still brooding over how he should deal with Cai Xiao, when Mu Chen offered to deal with him.

On the other side of the horizon, Scarlet Blood fixed his gaze on Cai Xiao with his red snake eye. He was a Scarlet Blood Divine Python, and had the bloodline of the Divine Beast. His combat strength was more powerful than the top powers of those on his same level. However, when he looked at Cai Xiao, who had such a small build, he felt coldness exuding from the blood within his body.

Scarlet Blood's face changed. He showed his brutal personality, as he smiled viciously at Cai Xiao. His white teeth seemed evil, as he laughed weirdly and said, "Little girl, you are young, but you talk big. Wait till I capture you. I don't think this smooth, tender flesh of yours can stand my torture!"

As Scarlet Blood was talking, he kept looking lasciviously at Cai Xiao's body. He was a lecher, who had been eyeing her beauty. He would have laid his hands on Cai Xiao, if he had not been fearful of her.

Cai Xiao merely smiled at his filthy language. This made Scarlet Blood's desire soar even more.

"The blood of this stupid snake is of some use. Although it is not as good as the Blood Essence of the real dragon, it should be useful to Xiao Cai," Cai Xiao smiled at Mu Chen and said. She gently tapped her feet, causing her to appear in front of Scarlet Blood. She then pointed in the air with her finger.

As she let down her hand, the space surged. Scarlet Blood felt that his skin had tightened, and he moved back aggressively. Afterimages appeared in the sky.


He was quick, but Cai Xiao was quicker. As the space surged, the afterimages had dispersed. Among the afterimages, a figure flew backward, battered. Scarlet Blood covered his shoulder, as there was now a hole on it. Flesh blood was spewing out of the wound. All the shield that he had did not protect him.

No matter how hard he tried, he could not stop the blood from flowing out. There seemed to be a mysterious power that was attacking his spiritual energy.

"How can this be?!" Scarlet Blood was stunned. He had not expected to be hurt by such a beautiful girl.

As he was still in shock, Cai Xiao had walked toward him in the air. As he looked at her, the previous lascivious look was now replaced by one of fear. He suddenly realized that he had met a powerful opponent.

At the same time, Mu Chen had dashed out toward Liu Yan. He pointed the Great Meru Demonic Pillar at Liu Yan and smiled.

"Young Master Liu Yan, it is your turn."

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