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Chapter 78 – Shape-Condensation

Time was like sand in an hourglass and in the blink of an eye, half a month passed.

During this half a month, Mu Chen had engaged in a high-intensity training underneath the waterfall every day. He did not know how many times he was fiercely smashed down by the impact of the waterfall into the lake. The logs that fell down from the waterfall made Mu Chen’s fingers become swollen many times. If it wasn’t because his Spiritual Energy would endlessly circulate and nurture his body and bones within his finger, Mu Chen would not have been able to endure it.

In the first five days of this half a month, Mu Chen was almost always brought back by Teacher Mo in a half-unconscious state. The boy’s gentleness would make others feel quite comfortable. However, once he decided to do something, the persistence that he showed even moved Teacher Mo.

Luckily, Mu Chen began to display his talents out after one week of adaptation period. Although he would still be injured, it was already much better compared to the half-unconscious state he was in during the first week.

Moreover, Mu Chen was adapting to it even more as the days passed. Sometimes, he would be able to follow the momentary gap of the waterfall’s current.

After many injuries and coupled with them being nurtured by Spiritual Energy, his fingers had finally been trained to the point where its lethal power had increased. He would occasionally pierce through the wooden logs that passed by if he managed to grasp onto the opportunity.

The harsh training had finally begun to show its results.

Naturally, Mu Chen wasn’t the only one who improved during this period of time. Tang Qian’Er and the others had also improved after training under the pressure below the waterfall. Amongst them, the ones who improved the most were Chen Fan and Huo Yun.

After all, the two of them had long attempted to condense their Spiritual Wheel. Right now, they only need to cross through a small step in order to officially advance to the Spiritual Rotation Stage. Thus, they were surprised to discover that the Spiritual Energy within their aurasea had completely condensed into a Spiritual Wheel on the 13th day of the training. The Spiritual Energy that surged out had split apart the massive water current flowing down.

However, Teacher Mo made them continue their training underneath the waterfall after they had successfully advanced to the Spiritual Rotation Stage. It was to allow them to stabilize their level as soon as possible and to avoid their Spiritual Energy to show signs of being unsubstantial.

Furthermore, Tang Qian’Er and Mo Ling were also stimulated when they were aware that Chen Fan and Huo Yun had succeeded in their advancement to the Spiritual Rotation Stage. The amount of time they rested daily had been greatly reduced and they gritted their teeth to bear the impact of the water current. They circulated the Spiritual Energy within their bodies and hoped that they would soon reach the Spiritual Rotation Stage.

Under the scorching sun in the horizon, the five figures were facing waves of pressure underneath the freezing waterfall and allowed time to slowly pass by.


The waterfall descended down from the mountain stream and landed in the lake below. Water vapour splashed and filled the sky.

At the edge of the lake, Teacher Mo held his hands behind his back as he looked at Tang Qian’Er and the others sitting cross-legged below the waterfall. He felt the increasingly dense Spiritual Energy fluctuation and nodded his head slightly. Then, he turned his head over to another direction.

It was evident that the waterfall over there was much more rapid. The massive water current would rumble as it flowed down. Sounds of rumbling reverberated itself among the mountain.

Underneath the waterfall were numerous wooden logs. Mu Chen’s body was swiftly jumping across the wooden logs like a nimble monkey. His speed was extraordinary and sometimes, you could only see a shadow flashing by.

“It’s not enough!”

However, Mu Chen was not satisfied with his own speed. Instead, he frowned. The cold water vapour splashed onto his face and allowed his state of mind to calm down.

The dark black Spiritual Energy surged out of Mu Chen’s body and wrapped around his feet. In that instant, a booming sound resounded and he seemed to vanish into thin air.

The water current that covered the sky suddenly descended down.

Mu Chen’s eyes narrowed when he saw this and his body instantly moved. He was like lightning and shuffled through the water current within the waterfall. At this moment, he had pushed his speed to the very limits.


A vague shadow emerged on a wooden log and the impact from the water current directly passed through it. It was actually an afterimage caused by his high-speed.


Teacher Mo’s eyes suddenly focused as he watched this scene from the lake. His mouth issued out a light “huh” sound.

At this moment, Mu Chen seemed to have been separated from the outside world. He could feel that his body suddenly became a lot lighter while the water current which was originally impossible to catch with his eyes had suddenly slowed down. He could even see the tiny gap between the curtains of water.

As long as he passed through those gaps, the waterfall would not be able to touch him!


Mu Chen’s figure rushed out like a blur and dark black Spiritual Energy continued to be instigated around his legs. A blurry figure emerged and its body seemed to pass through the gap inside the waterfall like a black line.


Moreover, a black shadow seemed to have flowed down the rushing water as Mu Chen’s body passed through the gap in the water current.

However, Mu Chen’s eyes remained calm. He paused for a moment while sticking up two fingers. Then, his arm extended straight out and his fingers seemed to be like a spear. It pierced through the flow of water and accurately struck the center of the wooden log while it flowed down from the waterfall.


A deep sound resounded out. Mu Chen’s fingers forcefully pierced through the wooden log and caused splinters of wood to fly out. Then, it was washed away by the water current.

Joy instantly surged out of Mu Chen’s heart. It was the most relaxing attack he had done during these twenty or so days. There wasn’t the slightest hesitation and his power flowed out perfectly.


An indescribable delight rang out within Mu Chen’s heart. Then, he could not help but laugh out loud. His body moved and turned into a black line as he shuffled through the waterfall.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

While shuffling through the waterfall, his attacks did not stop. The winds emitted from his fingers were like lightning and grasped the timing to attack perfectly. Numerous wooden logs were pierced through as they passed near his body.

At this moment, these sounds seemed to have formed a wonderful rhythmic melody

Beneath another waterfall, Tang Qian’Er and the others were shocked by this rhythmic sound and turned their gazes over. Then, they were stunned when they noticed the shadow shuffling back and forth like a ghost beneath the waterfall.

“This…crazy guy.”

Chen Fan could not help but open his mouth wide. After he had advanced to the Spiritual Rotation Stage, he wasn’t willing to accept Mu Chen and attempted Mu Chen’s training. However, he was instantly washed away by a wooden log. Later on, he used his Spiritual Energy to wrap it around his body and attempted it once again. But in the end, he was still fiercely blown away by a wooden log flowing down the waterfall.

And right now, Mu Chen was actually treating those wooden logs within the waterfall like they were something ordinary. Moreover, he did not forget to pierce through all the wooden logs with his fingers as they passed by. Just what sort of terrifying speed and finger strength would it require to do this?

Within the entire Northern Spiritual Academy, the West Branch’s Liu Mubai might be the only one who could fight against this crazy individual.

As Tang Qian’Er and the others watched Mu Chen as if he was a monster, Mu Chen finally stopped and stood steadily on a wooden log after ten minutes.

He balanced himself, but did not plan on backing out yet. Instead, he sat down cross-legged as Tang Qian’Er and the others gazed at him, puzzled. Dark black Spiritual Energy surged out from within his body and blocked the impact from the waterfall.

Seeing Mu Chen’s strange action, Tang Qian’Er and the others were slightly startled. Then, they could feel a special Spiritual Energy fluctuation emitting out from within Mu Chen’s body.

“This is…”

Teacher Mo’s eyebrows lifted up slightly: “He made a breakthrough in his Gong Fa Spiritual Art?”

Teacher Mo’s prediction was correct. Previously, Mu Chen could feel an indescribable relaxing feeling within his body and pushed his speed to the very limits. However, when he did that, he discovered that the Spiritual Energy within his body suddenly circulated and the route it took was the circulation route for the Great Pagoda Art.

The dark black Spiritual Energy surged out and finally entered his aurasea. In that instant, Mu Chen’s mind had followed and entered it as well. Then, he was surprised to see the dark black Spiritual Energy rising up on top of the Spiritual Wheel in his aurasea. It slowly condensed and formed a palm-sized illusionary light tower.

The light tower was extremely unreal and seemed like it would vanish if some wind blew. If you looked at it carefully, the tower seemed to have nine floors. However, aside from the foundation of the tower which seemed to look real, the rest of it was like an illusion.

But when this illusionary light tower was formed, Mu Chen could feel the mysterious lights within his body lighting up once again. These lights were spread around the depths of his body. However, when he looked, he discovered that when he connected the lights together, they would form a massive light tower within Mu Chen’s body.

The moment that this light tower appeared, the dark black Spiritual Energy on the surface of Mu Chen’s body in the outside world seemed to have formed a vague black light tower.

This tower of light protected his entire body.


The boundless waterfall descended down and smashed onto the black light tower, yet the light tower was motionless.

However, the black light tower only lasted for an instant before swiftly fading away. Furthermore, Mu Chen’s tightly closed eyes slowly opened when the light tower faded away. A hint of delight could not be concealed within the depths of his eyes.

At this moment, the Great Pagoda Art which he trained in had suddenly entered the Shape-Condensation Level!

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