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Chapter 79 – Results

Within the flowing waterfall, Mu Chen opened his eyes. His face was completely filled with delight. He never expected that the Great Pagoda Art would actually make a breakthrough at this moment.

This had gone beyond his expectations.

The Great Pagoda Art had a total of 3 levels: Foundation, Shape-Condensation and Towerform.

The first level was relatively easy to reach. However, Mu Chen did not make much progress after that. Although he felt that he was becoming increasingly proficient in the Great Pagoda Art, the feeling of breakthrough did not appear until today.

Within his aurasea, the illusionary light tower above his Spiritual Energy light wheel had already vanished. However, Mu Chen could clearly feel that the Spiritual Energy flowing within his body had become increasingly pure as it condensed.

Moreover, he could vaguely feel the sealed Spiritual Pulse within his body after the Great Pagoda Art had reached the Shape-Condensation level. It was not like before when he could not perceive it at all.

It was evident that the Spiritual Pulse that his mother had sealed was gradually being perceived by him as he was deepening his understanding about the Great Pagoda Art.

Mu Chen lowered his head and looked at his hand. He gently clenched it and an inexplicit expression emerged on his face. It was the first time that he could clearly feel the hidden Spiritual Pulse within his body.

He could not predict what level the Spiritual Pulse was, but he could vaguely feel a peculiar feeling. It was as if it was awakening from hibernating and begun to reveal itself from within the clouds.

He was looking forward to the moment when his Great Pagoda Art reaches the Mastery Stage 1. Just how powerful would the Spiritual Pulse be when that happens?

Mu Chen took a deep breath and spread out his hands, allowing the Spiritual Energy which was wrapped around his body to disappear. He allowed the freezing waterfall to bombard his body before himself pushing off with his toes. His body turned into a black shadow and rushed out. In the end, he landed beside the lake,

At this moment, Tang Qian’Er and the others had already stopped training and were resting on the shore. They had a strange expression when they noticed Mu Chen rushing over to their side. They had completely witnessed the commotion caused by Mu Chen earlier.

“You seem to have become even more powerful?” Chen Fan looked at Mu Chen. The latter’s aura remained at the Spiritual Rotation Stage Initial Movement. However, they felt that he was completely different from before. Even if he was considered to be at the same cultivation level, he felt some danger when he faced Mu Chen.

Mu Chen smiled. Currently, he had truly succeeded in his training for the Shadowspirit Step and Spirit King Finger. Although he still required actual combat to hone it, his combat ability had already improved greatly. Moreover, his Great Pagoda Art had made a breakthrough earlier and his Spiritual Energy was much more powerful compared to Chen Fan and the others. It was to the point where he was not inferior to a Spiritual Rotation Stage Late Phase in terms of density and endurance of Spiritual Energy.

“It seems that this training style has already reached your desired effects.” Teacher Mo slowly walked over and glanced at Mu Chen as he smiled.

Mu Chen nodded. Right now, he could truly follow the speed of the waterfall’s current. Furthermore, he could even pierce through the wooden logs which flowed down without missing a single one. Therefore, he had already succeeded in reaching the results he had initially desired.

“However, training is still just training. Right now, you need actual combat to hone the Spiritual Arts that you’ve trained.”

Teacher Mo smiled and turned to Chen Fan and Huo Yun: “The two of you should join forces and see if you can defeat him.”

“Join forces?”

Chen Fan and Huo Yun frowned. However, they stared eagerly at Mu Chen. During this period of time, Mu Chen had severely shocked them. If they were able to beat Mu Chen up then they would be able to balance their emotions.

They understood that they would not be Mu Chen’s opponent if they were fighting individually. However, if they joined forces, they still had some confidence about winning. After all, they were both at the Spiritual Rotation Stage Initial Phase like Mu Chen. It was possible to make up for the gap by relying on numbers.

“Mu Chen, will you let us feel happy?” Chen Fan grinned as he spoke.

“You’re actually still acting this happy when it’s two against one, can’t you be more promising?” Tang Qian’Er batted her eye at Chen Fan and sighed.

On the other hand, Mu Chen smiled. He glanced at Teacher Mo before nodding his head and said: “Since it’s like this, I’ll have to trouble the two of you to help me hone my skills for a while.”

Seeing Mu Chen accept, Chen Fan and Huo Yun suddenly laughed. They twisted their neck and said: “That’s great. However, I will tell you in advance, you shouldn’t treat us like students, who have never fought against humans before. We have once participated in an Adventurer’s Team, so we fought against others in a bloody battle before.”

“Thank you for the reminder.”

Mu Chen slowly extended his hands and said: “Please guide me.”

Chen Fan and Huo Yun’s faces became slightly serious when they saw this. Although they were saying this, they were still quite afraid of Mu Chen. After all, Mu Chen had trained under their gazes during the past twenty days. They knew somewhat how powerful the latter was.

“Let’s go!”

The two of them were quite familiar with each other. They exchanged gazes and rushed out towards Mu Chen at the same time without deliberately reminding the other one. Moreover, they split apart to the sides as they rushed over.

Dense Spiritual Energy surged out from Chen Fan and Huo Yun’s body. Their speed instantly increased and their tightly clenched fists emerged on the left and right side of Mu Chen. A vicious wind came from their fists and headed towards Mu Chen’s head ruthlessly.

When she saw the two of them being so merciless against Mu Chen, Tang Qian’Er could not help but call out softly.

However, Mu Chen remained quite calm against this synchronized attack. Before the winds from their fist could reach him, he had already taken half a step back.

The fierce winds brushed past his face and lifted up Mu Chen’s hair. It revealed a pair of black eyes that were calm like a serene lake.

“Tempest Massacre Fist!”

Since Mu Chen had easily avoided their offense, Chen Fan and Huo Yun pressed onwards tightly. Their fists blasted out and a tempest seemed to have emerged. A fierce fist wind was enveloped by dense Spiritual Energy and directly charged over at Mu Chen.

As this storm-like attack rushed over, Spiritual Energy gushed out from Mu Chen’s feet. His body moved and with a swishing sound, he seemed to have become a ghostly shadow and directly passed through the duo’s continuous offensive.

The duo’s fist winds did not manage to touch Mu Chen’s body at all!

“What speed!”

Chen Fan and Huo Yun narrowed their eyes. They did not manage to capture how Mu Chen passed through their offensive.

“On the left!”

Light flashed through the corner of their eyes and they turned around to fire off a kick. The kick was like a spear and tore apart the air as it fiercely bombarded the figure over there.

However, when their kicks reached the figure, it went straight through. There wasn’t the slightest feeling of them hitting Mu Chen.

“It’s an afterimage!”

A touch of amazement finally flashed through Chen Fan and Huo Yun’s eyes. How could Mu Chen’s speed be this swift and bizarre?

“Over here!”

Laughter suddenly rang out from their right side. Chen Fan and Huo Yun were surprised and hurriedly turned their body. However, they witnessed Mu Chen with a total of four fingers standing up on both hands. A vague golden light was flashing on the fingertips while an extremely fierce fluctuation emitted out.


Mu Chen’s arm trembled. The finger seemed to pierce through the air like lightning as it charged straight towards Chen Fan and Huo Yun’s throat.


A dense Spiritual Energy rushed out unreservedly from Chen Fan and Huo Yun. It formed a thick Spiritual Energy light shield in front of them. It was apparent that they had noticed how powerful Mu Chen’s attack was.

But in face of their defense, Mu Chen did not show any signs of stopping. At his fingertips, a golden light seemed to surge out from his bones. It was filled with an extremely fierce fluctuation.


Mu Chen’s fingers finally landed on Chen Fan and Huo Yun’s Spiritual Energy light shield. They watched as the light shield became distorted. Then afterwards, the fingers pierce through the Spiritual Energy light shield under the duo’s widened eyes.


Mu Chen’s glowing fingertips stopped half an inch in front of Chen Fan and Huo Yun’s throat. Although it did not touch their bodies, a bloodstain still appeared on their throats. A slight pain exuded out.

Chen Fan and Huo Yun did not dare to move at all. They stared at the golden fingertips in front of them and took a deep gulp. If they were in a fight for life and death, Mu Chen’s fingers would have ripped through their throats.

“Thanks for the fight.”

Mu Chen directed a smile at the duo. However, he felt some joy within his heart. The Shadowspirit step and the Spirit King Finger’s power had exceeded his expectations. If he had to fight against two Spiritual Rotation Stage opponents earlier, it would not be this easy even if he won.

“It seems that we should not even think about getting that seeded entry.” Chen Fan helplessly pouted. Although they held back a little, it was evident that Mu Chen did not use his full strength as well.

“You wanted to take advantage of Mu Chen, yet in the end you were the ones that were taught a lesson, right?” Tang Qian’Er suddenly smiled when she was aware of Mu Chen’s victory.

“Qian’Er. We’re at least considered your most faithful suitors. You shouldn’t give us such a heavy blow, right?” Chen Fan and Huo Yun said while being depressed.

“Thanks, but I would be happier if you two stopped pursuing after me.” Tang Qian’Er smiled sweetly and had a pure and beautiful smile. However, she still gave the duo a relentless hit.

“Not bad.” On the side, Teacher Mo also nodded as he smiled: “However, your Shadowspirit Step is still a bit rusty. You’re unable to use it naturally and at ease. It seems that you will have to practice it for a while before it will integrate completely into your fights.”

“Since it’s impossible for them to give you a decent spar, I’ll personally fight against you for the remainder of the time.” Teacher Mo smiled as he stared at Mu Chen, who was completely stunned. “Of course, I will suppress my strength to the level of Spiritual Rotation Stage. No matter what methods you use, you will have perfectly completed the one month training if you are able to defeat me. How’s that?”

Mu Chen grinned and nodded heavily. Not even the slightest hint of fear emerged in his eyes, instead, fighting spirit burned within his eyes. It was more than he could wish for to have a Spirit Stage powerhouse help him with his training!

And while Mu Chen began to fight against Teacher Mo, suddenly a powerful Spiritual Energy exploded out in the forbidden lands behind the mountains within Liu Territory’s Liu Estate. The Spiritual Energy formed a fierce wind and caused the forest to shake.

After a while, the forest gradually stopped shaking. A slender figure slowly walked out from a cave in the forbidden lands. That appearance, it was Liu Mubai.

At this moment, he grasped his hands tightly and gently felt the powerful strength within his body. The smile on his face gradually became more savage.

Mu Chen, I’m afraid that your lucky days are about to end.

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