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Chapter 77 – Harsh Training

Northern Spiritual Academy, Behind the Mountains.

Over at this location, there was a lush forest as well as a huge waterfall. The waterfall hanged down from the mountain like a silver water python as sounds of rumbling bombarded down. A mist rose up from it and emitted outwards.

Teacher Mo had his hands behind his back as he stood in the empty space below the waterfall. In front of him, Mu Chen, Tang Qian’Er, Mo Ling, Chen Fan and Huo Yun were all there.

“From today onwards, I will give each of you a specialized training. Aside from Mu Chen, the rest of you must officially advance to the Spiritual Rotation Stage within the month. Otherwise, you will be disqualified and lose the rights to fight for the Five Great Academies’ entries.” Teacher Mo’s gaze swept across the few people as he spoke faintly.

Hearing these words, Tang Qian’Er, Chen Fan and the others’ expressions became serious. They trained at the Northern Spiritual Academy because of the Five Great Academies’ entries. If they were to lose the qualifications, it would be a hard blow for them to resist.

“The four of you are currently at the pinnacle of Spiritual Movement Stage Late Phase. Chen Fan and Huo Yun have even begun to attempt to condense a Spiritual Wheel. However, all of you are still a step away. Therefore, all of you will require using some external pressure in order to condense the Spiritual Energy into a wheel.”

“External pressure?” Chen Fan and the others exchanged gazes.

“Do you see this waterfall?” Teacher Mo smiled and pointed at the waterfall causing a rumbling sound behind him. Numerous currents flowed down and crashed into the rocks below with a massive energy. It splashed and caused the sky to be filled with mist.

“Starting from today, the four of you will sit beneath the waterfall and train. You will use all your Spiritual Energy to resist the impact of the waterfall. The external pressure will gradually seep into your body and gradually force the Spiritual Energy within your aurasea to condense into a wheel.”


Chen Fan and the others were astonished. Sitting and training underneath a waterfall? Wouldn’t they become dizzy just after resisting this terrifying impact for a minute?

“There are no shortcuts for training. If you want to advance to the Spiritual Rotation Stage within a month, you must take ruthless methods. If you can’t even do this, then there’s no need for you to compete for the entries!” Teacher Mo said in a deep voice.


The four of them hurriedly replied.

“If you do not have enough Spiritual Energy within your body, you can exit temporarily to recover your Spiritual Energy. Afterwards, you’ll head back in!” Teacher Mo swept his sharp eyes across them as he spoke.


“You can begin now.” Teacher Mo waved his hand and said.

Tang Qian’Er and the others exchanged gazes. Then, they gritted their teeth as Spiritual Energy surged out from their bodies. Afterwards, their body moved and passed by the wide river before reaching the bottom of the waterfall.

Bang Bang Bang!

However, just when they reached the bottom of the waterfall, they did not even manage to sit cross-legged and were directly blown into the lake by the powerful impact. Everyone of them became a drowning chicken.

The four of them climbed out from the lake as their Spiritual Energy poured out constantly and they forcibly resisted the impact from the water current as they sat down. Then, they gritted their teeth and endured the pain from the waterfall’s impact. They stubbornly resisted it and circulated their Spiritual Energy.

Mu Chen stared at the four individuals sitting cross-legged underneath the water fall and secretly smacked his lips. This method of training was quite serious; it was indeed a demonic training.

“Mu Chen.”

Teacher Mo’s gaze fixated on Mu Chen. This made the latter’s heart jump and he felt a bad feeling.

“Did you read the two Spiritual Arts?” Teacher Mo asked faintly.

Mu Chen nodded his head.

“The training ground for you is over there.” Teacher Mo pointed at a place down the river. Mu Chen turned his gaze over there and was suddenly numb. He could see that it was a location where the waterfall would fall down without hitting any obstacles. If you have to say it, the place where Tang Qian’Er and the others were training had a few rocks above to ease the impact. As for him, it was completely vast and empty. There was nothing blocking it.

And most importantly, there seemed to be only wooden logs with the size of his feet standing tall and upright underneath the waterfall.

“If you want to successful learn the Shadowspirit Step, it is very simple. You only have to shuffle back and forth through those wooden logs without getting wet at all.” Teacher Mo said.


Mu Chen was completely stunned. He had to shuffle back and forth, yet he could not get wet. How was that possible?

“These waterfalls will not be maintained continuously. There will be a momentary gap. If you want to fulfill this condition, your speed must be able to keep up with the momentary gap of the water current.”

Mu Chen let out a bitter smile. This difficulty wasn’t small. However, it was indeed an excellent method of training his movement.

“Moreover, the Spirit King Finger is indeed fierce and sharp. However, with the extent of training you have had with your fingers, it is still impossible for you to train in the Spirit King Finger. Therefore, your fingers must accept this training. I will let some wooden logs fall down from time to time from the waterfall. And what you have to do is to use your fingers to pierce through these wooden logs that would flash by instantly.” Teacher Mo slowly spoke.

Mu Chen felt his head becoming numb again. The wooden logs would fall down rapidly through the water current. Just how powerful would it be? Moreover, based on their speed, he would miss it if he was slightly distracted. If he wanted to pierce through it, he must take action the moment when the wooden logs passed by. This not only requires a perfect control of your attacking speed, it is also a extremely brutal training towards his fingers.

“What is it? Are you afraid?” Teacher Mo said faintly.

“Although it is a bit troublesome, it’s not enough to make me feel afraid.” Mu Chen took a deep breath. His handsome face gradually became calm and eagerness emerged within his black eyes.


Seeing this, Teacher Mo also nodded his head in satisfaction: “Then, let’s begin.”

Mu Chen also nodded. He did not plan on being indecisive and immediately moved. He directly passed by the surface of the water and charged directly into the fierce waterfall currents like a swallow. Then, he landed on top of a narrow wooden log.


The powerful water current charged down fiercely. Mu Chen toes hurriedly touched the wooden log and charged to the next wooden log in front of him.


But just when he was about to charge out, a powerful water current rushed down and instantly threw him into the lake below. He seemed to have underestimated the speed of the water current.

Mu Chen spat out the lake’s water in his mouth and his hands slapped the water. Then, his body jumped onto a wooden log again. His face had already become completely serious and Spiritual Energy gushed out of his body in order to defend against the water current’s impact.

In the beginning, it was apparent that he had to use all his Spiritual Energy to protect his body. Then, he would gradually get accustomed to it.

Mu Chen focused all his senses before rushing out again and passed straight through a water current. Then, he landed on another wooden log. However, just when he was about to leap forward again, he heard a strange sound coming from the water current and his eyes stared up. He noticed a black shadow fiercely charging down from the water current.

It was a wooden log mixed up in the water current.

Two fingers from Mu Chen’s hand were straightened out and in the next instant, it fiercely thrust out.

The two fingers were like spears as they stirred the layers of water vapor. Then, it directly stabbed ruthlessly as the black shadow passed by.


A muffled sound rang out. The wooden logs only shuddered and showed no signs of being thrusted through. Then, it flowed down the water current into the lake below.

Seeing that his strike was completely useless, Mu Chen grinned. An intense pain came from his fingertips. In addition to the speed of it flowing down, the wooden log was soaked with the lake’s water. It was harder than fine iron. Moreover, he could not use Spiritual Energy. This sort of collision made it feel that the bones of his fingertips had shattered.


Due to this slight distraction, the waterfall poured down rapidly and directly blew Mu Chen into the lake.

“Damn it!”

Mu Chen stuck his head out from within the lake and cursed fiercely. He endured the pain from his fingertips and stood on once again. He pushed his speed to the extreme and charged straight out.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Underneath the waterfall, a figure was constantly blown out and was mercilessly pushed into the lake. This powerful force was enough to make Mu Chen dizzy. However, he stubbornly endured the pain throughout his entire body and gritted his teeth. His speed was increasing endlessly.

Although he would sometimes be able to dodge the water current’s impact once, the wooden log flowing down the water current still tormented his fingers.

Near the waterfall, Tang Qian’Er and the others, who were sitting cross-legged, heard the commotion and quietly opened their eyes. Upon looking at the commotion, they immediately shivered. Although they have not personally experienced it, they could tell that Mu Chen was facing something more vicious than them just by looking at it.

Beside the lake, Teacher Mo was standing with his hands held behind his back. He looked calmly at the awkward figure beneath waterfall. If he wants to succeed, he must first pay a price.

Throughout the entire afternoon, the figure would tirelessly shuffle back and forth the waterfall. During this period, even Tang Qian’Er and the others took two breaks. However, Mu Chen did not have the slightest plans of stopping this demonic training.

When the sunset emerged in the sky, Tang Qian’Er and the others would drag their exhausted bodies onto the shore. Every single one of them were tired and had a pale expression. They did not care and slumped down onto the ground while panting heavily.

Seeing this, Teacher Mo said: “Let’s end today’s training.”

Tang Qian’Er and the others had just become relieved, yet they immediately turned gloomy the moment the next phrase came out.

“We’ll continue it tomorrow.”

Tang Qian’Er and the others slumped down on the ground powerlessly and rested for a while. However, they could still hear a plopping sound coming from nearby. Then, they lifted their heads and noticed a slim figure moving like a machine. It seems that he did not hear Teacher Mo’s words and continued to climb up and get washed away.

Although they could feel that the figure was already somewhat sluggish due to the exhaustion, a determined will supported his thin body so that he did not fall down.

“Teacher Mo…He’s reaching his limit soon!” Tang Qian’Er bit her lips and could not help but look away towards Teacher Mo.

Mo Fei shook his head slowly and said gently: “This is his own decision. He is stronger than you not just because of his talent, Mu Feng…really has a good son.”

Chen Fan and the others had a complicated expression as they watched the tired figure beneath the waterfall. A rare sense of admiration emerged within their hearts. If Mu Chen’s talent was higher than theirs, they could say that it was because the heavens have given it to him. However, they must admit that Mu Chen’s willpower…

This person…is really insane.

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