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As Mu Chen's cold voice traveled throughout Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion, the noise in the Pavilion died down, and it suddenly became quiet. Everyone started to ponder.

Some people were looking at a figure on the upper level. Liu Yan's name was popular among the younger generation in the North Territory. He was ranked number four in Dragon-Phoenix Record. This was proof that he was influential.

Although most of the people in the Pavilion were the younger generation elites in the North Territory, all of them were fearful of Liu Yan. Liu Yan was the most powerful contestant in Dragon-Phoenix Rift, and no one would hold him in disdain. When they heard someone calling out his name, they found it interesting.

When Liu Yan heard what Mu Chen had said, he remained calm and simply smiled. Mu Chen was a nobody, and his status was not comparable to Liu Yan's.

He would be lowering himself down, if he took it to heart what Mu Chen had said. The young top powers, who were on good terms with Liu Yan, sneered and looked nastily at the young figure below. The girl in red, who was the main attraction of Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion, laughed softly and looked on with interest.

Everyone was looking in one direction. The young top power, who had attacked Mu Chen earlier, looked gloomy. He had never expected someone, who was only at Grade Three Sovereign, to have no regard for him.

However, he was subtle, and did not turn hostile. He took a step back, cupped his fist, and said, "I am Lyu Yang from Snow Dragon Mountain. May I know how to address you?"

Snow Dragon Mountain was one of the great powers in the North Territory. Their power was comparable to those from the Hundred Battle Territory. Lyu Yang was one of the elites among the younger generation in Snow Dragon Mountain. His strength was comparable to Qin Bei's from the Hundred Battle Territory.

Although Lyu Yang was less famous than Liu Yan, he had built some reputation in Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion. As such, many of those present had heard of him.

Mu Chen had his back facing Lyu Yang. His handsome face looked cold. He had never expected to see Liu Yan in the Pavilion. All the more, he had never expected Liu Yan to be so impatient, and had attacked him even before he could warm the seat.

Liu Yan was proud. He had attacked Mu Chen mainly because he felt that Mu Chen was inferior. Influenced by his instigation, his friends jumped up and joined him.

Cai Xiao sat beside Mu Chen, resting her chin on her hands to watch the scene. She smiled at Mu Chen and said, "You seem to be good at creating trouble, just like me. He is here to find trouble with you."

Mu Chen's face remained calm. He did not turn to look at Lyu Yang. Daluo Territory was the top power in the North Territory. On any other day, the people from Snow Dragon Mountain would behave like cowards. However, this guy was now throwing his weight about. Mu Chen would be bringing disgrace to Daluo Territory if he reacted against him.

Although Liu Yan was proud, he did not know that the handsome and gentle youth before him was much more arrogant than him. After Lyu Yang had introduced himself, Mu Chen did not respond. The corner of his eyes twitched, and Lyu Yang became hostile, thinking of how crazy it was for a Grade Three Sovereign to dare to behave so haughtily before him. Does he think that he is still in Daluo Territory?

"It seems like our friend looks down on those of us from Snow Dragon Mountain…Hahaha, indeed. Daluo Territory is powerful, and those from Daluo have the right to behave in this manner." Lyu Yang smiled. He looked sarcastically at Mu Chen and said, "However, do you think you are qualified to behave in such a manner?"


Immediately after he had finished talking, a majestic spiritual energy surged violently from his body. It was so powerful, that many top powers in the Pavilion were shocked.

Lyu Yang's power was near to Grade Four Sovereign. Among the younger generation, although he was not the most powerful, he had reached a level above many others.


Lyu Yang's face looked cold. He stomped on his foot and shot out swiftly. The majestic spiritual energy gathered on his palms, and he mercilessly struck at Mu Chen.

He intended to show Mu Chen his real power, so that he would not be so haughty. No one cared where one came from in this place. If one was not powerful enough, he should get out of Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion.

"Snow Dragon Palm!"

As Lyu Yang shouted, he threw out chilled air from his palms. A huge snow dragon shot out, covering the area that Mu Chen was seated at with snowflakes.

The people in the Pavilion were stunned by the scene. Lyu Yang was ruthless. The blow that he had just thrown out was a death blow. It contained the chilly air of Snow Dragon Mountain. Anyone who had been hit by it would have his spiritual energy frozen. Even if the air had been expelled from the body, the nerves would have been affected. The person would not be able to participate in Dragon-Phoenix Rift.

Although there were snowflakes around him, Mu Chen remained seated on his chair, unmoving. Cai Xiao, who was sitting opposite him, suddenly stared at him…

She saw that Mu Chen's eyes had speedily turned dark and deep. He looked indifferent, and was no longer angry. Also, Mu Chen's spiritual energy was surging earlier, but it had now withdrawn.

However, the energy had not diminished. He was able to control his spiritual energy to a near perfect stage all of the sudden.

He lifted up the cup and drank from it. A gust of chilled air swirled toward him from the back, and some snowflakes landed on his hair.

Many top powers were stunned that Mu Chen had remained calm. Did he not know that he was in grave danger?

Mu Chen did not seem to have the intention to counter the blow.

"What is he trying to do? Is he trying to court his own death?" someone muttered.

Many of them were puzzled at the strange scene. Even some of them, who were sitting on a higher level, were stunned.

"Since you have asked for it, don't blame me!"

The attack was quick, like lightning. Lyu Yang curled up his lips. At such a distance, it would be too late for Mu Chen to counteract.

Daluo Territory has sent an idiot over. It seems like Daluo Territory will become a laughing stock again.


As Lyu Yang was curling up his lips, the space before him seemed to have twisted together. The sound of thunder traveled in a strange manner, shot past his defense, and exploded in his chest.

This sound of thunder came too abruptly, and Lyu Yang was not prepared for it at all. He lost control of his spiritual energy, sending it surging crazily. He was in a trance.


A mouthful of fresh blood spewed out from Lyu Yang's lips. The Snow Dragon Palm print had dispersed and turned into snowflakes. The seven apertures of his head were dripping with blood.

As the snowflakes were sweeping toward him, Mu Chen had turned around. He traversed swiftly to Lyu Yang, then threw a blow onto his chest.


A majestic spiritual energy and fresh blood spewed out from Lyu Yang's mouth. He flew backward, and on his way, he created an extremely long scratch mark in the Pavilion. With a long bang, he crashed onto the window and flew out of Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion.

There was dead silence in the entire Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion.

Everyone was shocked. The scene was too strange. Mu Chen did not seem to have done anything, but Lyu Yang's attack had dissolved by itself, and he had been seriously hurt.

"What has he done?" Many of the top powers were stunned. Very soon, they turned solemn. Mu Chen was able to defeat Lyu Yang within such a short period of time. Not many were able to do that in Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion.

This young top power from Daluo Territory was not someone to be trifled with. Some of the people looked at one another, and then at Mu Chen, with fear. 

Everyone was silent. Liu Yan looked gloomy, and the eyes of the girl in red brightened up. She stared thoughtfully at Mu Chen. Those, who were sitting on a higher level, looked down as well, shocked.

"This is interesting," someone commented indistinctly.

Mu Chen's dark and deep eyes had resumed their normal look, when the Pavilion had become silent. He lifted up his head, looked coldly at Liu Yan, and spoke.

"Is it your turn now?"

The cup in Liu Yan's hand cracked and turned into powder. Liu Yan patted the powder on his hands with disdain, as he slowly stood up. The atmosphere instantly tensed up as he stood up.

Is the number four influential person in Dragon-Phoenix Record about to do it, personally?

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