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Liu Yan stood on the higher floor of Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion. Although he did not have a big build, he had made the atmosphere in the Pavilion very tense. Indistinctly, the pressure that had surrounded the Pavilion came from him.

As the number four most influential person in Dragon-Phoenix Record, he was many times more reputable than Mu Chen, among the younger generation in the North Territory. Many people considered Mu Chen and Liu Yan to be of different levels.

Although Mu Chen had defeated Lyu Yang with the Thunderbolt Move, no one thought that he was a match for Liu Yan. Now, Liu Yan stood on a higher plane, looking down indifferently at Mu Chen. His look was cold, and Mu Chen could feel the pressure coming down on him.

The air around Mu Chen gathered together, and spiritual energy came down on him, suppressing him. With Liu Yan's strength, he could easily suppress an ordinary Grade Three Sovereign. However, he was not able to do that to Mu Chen.

Thunder light seemed to be glittering on the surface of Mu Chen's body. The sound of thunder was vaguely heard from his body as well. The powerful suppression did not seem to have any effect on him.

Mu Chen and Liu Yan looked at each other, and the coldness of their intense stares brought down the temperature of Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion greatly.

"You have improved. No wonder you are so unruly," Liu Yan said coldly, with a tinge of killing intent. He looked sharply at Mu Chen, then pointed in the air with two fingers.

"However, with your level, you are still not qualified to behave so arrogantly before me."


As Liu Yan pointed in the air, there was a great surge, which swirled out like a flame of fire.

"Balrog Finger."

When Liu Yan's cold voice sounded, a huge crimson finger formed in the crimson light. A fire was burning, and the entire Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion became hot and dry.


The crimson finger pierced through the air and crushed toward Mu Chen.

The top powers that were surrounding Mu Chen quickly retreated. They were afraid of being hit by the powerful attacks of Liu Yan. Cai Xiao was the only one who stayed on with Mu Chen.

She smiled happily, as she watched the confrontation. She had no intention of helping Mu Chen. Her beautiful clear eyes were filled with much enthusiasm, as she watched the scene.

Boom! Boom!

Mu Chen lifted up his head and saw the oppressive, huge flaming finger. He looked calm, as he placed his palms together. Two different spiritual energies rose up from his palms.


The cries of a dragon and elephant sounded out together. Two rays of colorful light shot out from Mu Chen's palms, and the figures of a dragon and elephant formed on top of his head. The dragon and elephant entangled together, forming a Dragon Elephant Disc. It whizzed toward the huge flaming finger, hitting hard on it.


There was a loud noise, and the spiritual energies surged violently. Percussion reverberated in the air. The Dragon Elephant Disc shot out a bright radiance, which smashed against the huge flaming finger.

The spiritual energies surged toward Mu Chen and Liu Yan, but they easily diffused them. The surge in the air gradually dissipated, but the look in Liu Yan's eyes became sharper.

He had casually launched an attack that could easily suppress any Grade Three Sovereign, but Mu Chen had easily diffused it. Liu Yan was not happy with the outcome.

All of them could feel the icy chill from Liu Yan and the powerful surge of his spiritual energy. Their faces turned pale.

The beautiful, red-skirted girl chose not to get involved, but continued to watch. She was not very close to Liu Yan, and although Mu Chen was only at Grade Three Sovereign, she had to be careful. She would not underestimate him, thus, getting into uncharted waters.

Mu Chen lifted up his head and looked at Liu Yan. Cold light was flashing in his eyes. Although he did not know if it was wise to fight in the Pavilion, should Liu Yan attack him, Mu Chen would at least show him that he was not an easy target to bully.

"If you do not want to be thrown out of Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion, you should leave now," Liu Yan said flatly, as he looked at Mu Chen from the top floor, and pointed at the door of the Pavilion.

Mu Chen smiled and said, "Then I will have to trouble you, Young Master Liu Yan."

"You do not know what is good for you!"

Liu Yan looked completely cold. The moment he moved, a terrifying spiritual energy swirled out from his body like a storm. There was a majestic spiritual energy in him. He turned into light and shot toward Mu Chen.

He had struck!

Mu Chen fixed his gaze. There were waves in the space behind him, and the Sovereign Sea was looming. The majestic spiritual energy whizzed up, and in between his palms, the two different spiritual energies gathered speedily together. The cries of the dragon and elephant constantly sounded out from the Sovereign Sea. 

Mu Chen's body turned into thunder, and lights were glittering all over him. He stomped on his foot, flew up, and rammed into Liu Yan. 

Many top powers were looking earnestly at the scene before them. Before Dragon-Phoenix Rift had opened up, a top-level battle was already going on.

The two of them were dashing violently before the crowd, and just as they were about to exchange blows, a gentle voice was heard within Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion.

"Gentlemen, please stop. This is not the place for you to exchange blows."

When the voice sounded out, it was as though a ray of light had descended from the heavens. The light shone on the spot where Mu Chen and Liu Yan were about to strike. The gentle light spread out, hindering the movements of the pair.

Although the power could not stop them from fighting, when Liu Yan heard the voice, he stopped moving to stare. After that, he retreated back to the top floor.

Mu Chen slowly landed on the floor, then withdrew his spiritual energy. When he looked up to the upper left corner of the Pavilion, he saw a beautiful and slim lady.

She was dressed in white, and her face was clear and beautiful. She was as beautiful as the red-skirted girl. There was a red mark in between her brows, which made her look very pure.

When she appeared, the entire place was in an uproar. Many people were looking at her with admiration.

"Gentlemen, Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion will soon be providing us with the information on Dragon-Phoenix Rift. Please stop fighting," the lady in white said gently, with a smile.

"Hehe, it is Su Biyue Fairy." Liu Yan looked at the lady, smiling pleasantly at her. He nodded and said, "Since Fairy has requested, I will let him off for the time being."

When Mu Chen heard this, he laughed softly. When Liu Yan heard his laughter, his eyes turned slightly cold. Although he did not strike, his intention to kill Mu Chen grew.

Mu Chen did not bother himself with Liu Yan. He knew that Liu Yan was looking for an excuse to back out. Many top powers were in Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion, and both Mu Chen and Liu Yan could sense danger in this place.

If Liu Yan fought with Mu Chen, regardless of the outcome, he would have to pay a price for it. Others might take advantage of the situation. Those who entered Dragon-Phoenix Rift were competitors. As Liu Yan was a powerful opponent, everyone would take the chance to disqualify him from entering.

Mu Chen was surprised to learn that the lady in white was ranked number three in Dragon-Phoenix Record. She was the saintess, Su Biyue, from the Holy Mountain. She had great power.

"Hahaha, Sister Su, you have spoilt the fun. This is so disappointing." The red-skirted girl laughed charmingly, as she looked at Su Biyue. She was so charming, that the men were captivated by her.

"You will have lots of fun in Dragon-Phoenix Rift. Snapper, and will be able to enjoy yourself then," Su Biyue said with a smile.

"You are right. However, sister, you must not use underhanded means, like the previous round. Otherwise, you might not be able to win," Snapper said with a smile.

"I hope so," Su Biyue nodded and said.

As the two beauties were talking, the Pavilion became silent. Everyone knew that the two of them were being sarcastic to each other. Most of the people in the North Territory knew about their feud, which was why they enjoyed watching them fight. It was more interesting to watch the spirits fight than to follow the confrontation between Mu Chen and Liu Yan.

Mu Chen was not interested in the disputes of the two ladies. Thus, since Liu Yan no longer had the intention to fight, he decided to go back to his seat.

"Hello, friend from Daluo Territory, would you like to join me up here?" Just as Mu Chen was about to go back to his seat, Su Biyue turned to look at him, and spoke the invitation with a smile. She seemed interested in Mu Chen.

"Hahaha, handsome, would you like to come and sit with me?" Snapper looked charmingly at Mu Chen as well. She looked irresistible.


Many people were looking at Mu Chen with envy.

Mu Chen was stunned as well, and his mouth started to twitch uncontrollably. The two spirits were fighting verbally, and had dragged him into the middle of it. He did not want to become the enemy of the public.

Yet, no matter who he sat with, he would offend someone. Mu Chen decided that he would rather offend Liu Yan than the beautiful women, who were powerful and cunning.

As Mu Chen was feeling at a loss, Cai Xiao, who was watching by the side, smiled. The eyes of the people brightened up as they looked at her, including Su Biyue's and Snapper's.

Cai Xiao spoke, and her voice was like a pearl bouncing off a marble floor.

"Sisters, are you vying for him?"

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