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Dragon-Phoenix Ridge

This ancient region, ever since the existence of the North Territory, was exceptionally renowned within the territory. Especially after Dragon-Phoenix Rift was discovered, the popularity of this vast area had soared tremendously, turning itself into one of the most prominent regions in the North Territory.

During this time, Dragon-Phoenix Rift would be revealing itself once again. Thus, the region had been receiving an overwhelming, almost close to a truly horrifying, amount of visitors. Within thousands of miles, the neverending breaking sound of the wind could be heard, as flying figures flit towards Dragon-Phoenix Ridge, showering the sky like a swarm of locusts.

Dragon-Phoenix Rift was so renowned in the North Territory, that almost all the top powers from the younger generation would not dare forgo this chance to make a name for themselves. But the most essential reason for its fame was, of course, due to its own attractiveness.

When Mu Chen and Cai Xiao arrived at Dragon-Phoenix Ridge, the timing was just right to witness the spectacular scene, where the immense horde swarm to the town, like locusts in transition. Even Mu Chen was taken aback by such a display.

Those figures were not like any other ordinary people. They came from various forces, and in their respective forces, they were the cream of the crop, from the younger generation. However, even the brightest stars would be buried under the overwhelming crowd when they would arrive here.

Mu Chen was extremely amazed, as he had met some of the most outstanding among the younger generation in the Northern Heavens Continent, but none of them were comparable, be it in numbers or quality, to these people in the North Territory. After all, this was the place that gathered all the elites from the Great Thousand World.

By this time, Mu Chen finally grasped the vastness of this North Territory. Even Daluo Territory was only comparable to one of its corners. And to think that the North Territory makes up just a small part of the Tianluo Continent! This Tianluo Continent, undoubtedly, is right to be known as the supercontinent.

"Let's go to the Dragon-Phoenix Old Town. That is the closest place to the opening of Dragon-Phoenix Rift." Mu Chen pointed to a place located deep within Dragon-Phoenix Ridge as he said this. A faint outline of a magnificent town was visible at an incredibly far distance.

Cai Xiao looked around curiously, then nodded without adding any other opinion.

Mu Chen darted out, but slowed down his speed after about ten minutes. He was slightly shocked by the scene in front of him. Towering mountains seemed to have been forcibly squeezed and pushed together by a dominant force. On each of the mountains, giant palm prints could be vaguely seen.

Above those mountains, an ancient town, with no end in sight, was resting upon them. The mountains were filled with the mottled traces of time, while the old and run-down town was engulfed with vicissitudes of life.

At the edge of the town stood towering stone pagodas. On top of the pagodas, the presence of the Spiritual Energy fluctuation vaguely remained. This presence was not something new to them. It was none other than the Spiritual Array fluctuation.

In that ancient time, there must be a mighty Spiritual Array overhead, that faded with the passage of time. This dominant Spiritual Array, which had once disdained the entire universe, was also unable to withstand time, and thus, would eventually wear off.

The town was shockingly enormous. Even with the endless rays of lights sweeping across it, landing in the city like locusts, it did not seem to have even the slightest congestion.

Mu Chen and Cai Xiao plunged into the town, finding themselves standing on a busy stone street. As soon as they appeared, they attracted numerous pairs of eyes, all staring at them. 

To be exact, the glares were all directed at Cai Xiao, who was following Mu Chen. Cai Xiao, who was already accustomed to such attention, could naturally ignore them. However, Mu Chen was not used to it at all. The onlookers' focus would shift to him, after they saw Cai Xiao. The hostility in their gazes was startlingly self-evident.


Mu Chen could not help but sigh.

Cai Xiao threw him a glare that eluded her spell-binding charms, which could even make his heartbeat skip, not to mention the rest who had been captivated by her charms. Hence, Mu Chen fled with Cai Xiao immediately, before the situation could become uncontrollable.

However, even though she had been attracting too much attention along the way, she still seemed to have her ways of sussing out information effortlessly. She just had to beam and ask a person, and that person would stumble and reveal everything he knew.

"Let's go to the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion."

Another unlucky fellow was getting bewitched by Cai Xiao. Mu Chen looked over to the south of the town. According to the information she had obtained earlier, there was a place named the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion in this old town. All the latest and most complete information about Dragon-Phoenix Rift could be found there.

They walked through the bustling town, eventually stopping at the north side of the city. They looked up in front of them, only to see a tall and upright golden pavilion, standing in silence.

The pavilion was unique in shape, decorated with dragons and phoenixes mingling at the side. A faint aura, containing the energy from a real dragon and a real phoenix, was emitting from its outer walls. At this time, many light rays were beaming towards its direction.

Based on his instinct, Mu Chen could sense that those shadows who flitted here were generally more supreme than the rest of those found in the other parts of the town. Apparently, most of the people, who were qualified to be here, were elites from the younger generation of the North Territory. Understandably, those who knew about their own incompetence, would definitely avoid coming here, to prevent disgracing themselves.

However, Mu Chen did not stop there because of this. He fixed his eyes on the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion and walked straight into it.

Entering the Dragon Phoenix Pavilion, one's view widened up immediately, and the commotion from the crowd could be heard. Mu Chen looked up to see that the building was separated into well-proportional floorings, each floor filled with people.

Everyone seemed to be surrounded by a powerful, fluctuating Spiritual Energy. Even those on the higher grounds were emitting remarkable spiritual energy that was just extraordinary.

When both of them walked into the pavilion, the noises on different floors softened gradually. Numerous eye-catching sights were directed at Cai Xiao, who was standing beside Mu Chen.

Mu Chen wore a calm expression. He found a corner for the pair of them, and sat down quietly. According to their same previous source, it seemed that there would be an announcement made in this pavilion, regarding the latest news of Dragon-Phoenix Rift. All they needed to do now was to wait.

Mu Chen's original plan was to retrieve the information quietly, but now that he had brought Cai Xiao, the magnet of the attraction, he knew that he would be targeted by countless men, and who knows, someone might have already started asking around about his identity.

And true enough, a familiar gaze accompanied by a sharp chill was cast from the higher floors as soon as he had entered into Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion. It was Liu Yan.

Liu Yan was sitting on the top levels, and he looked calmly in the direction where Mu Chen was seated, before his attentions were drawn to Cai Xiao. At the same time, he was surrounded by a crowd, himself situated at the center of it.

It was not an ordinary circle, as it was formed by the well-known characters among the younger generations from the North Territory. However, there were two central figures in the circle. One was Liu Yan, but apparently, he was not that important. On his right-hand side stood a slender figure, who was smiling brightly and attracting countless passionate sights within the pavilion.

That figure dressed in a crimson red, long skirt. Her skin was as white as snow, and her hourglass body, with its curves fully outlined by her dress, was very arousing.

She had a ravishing appearance, with eyebrows that bent like crescent moons. Her watery, long-slit eyes were filled with spell-binding charms that could steal a soul. As her eyes moved around, hearts were sent fluttering. She was surrounded by many young men, all of whom were well-dressed and refined on the surface, yet deep within their blazing eyes, a fire blazed, revealing that they could not wait to swallow her all at once.

This vamp possessed a captivating power that could trigger desires.

"Oh, what a beautiful little sister."

The red-skirted girl also took notice of the outstanding Cai Xiao. She stole a glance at Mu Chen, whom she was not that familiar with. She covered her red lips with a small hand, as she said laughingly, "But I have never seen this young man before. Did a young talent, that I am not yet aware of, just sprout from the North Territory?"

"He is the new leader, who has emerged from the Daluo Territory recently. Heh... He has quite a bit of skill. Liu Ming was doomed at his hands."

Liu Yan smiled faintly, "I reminded him not to come for the Dragon-Phoenix Rift, out of kindness, but from the looks of it now, it seems he did not heed my advice."

The well-known top powers from the younger generation in the North Territory, who were within the circle, understood their connections immediately. A few of them, who shared a close relationship with Liu Yan, smiled and stared mockingly at Mu Chen, who was below them.

"Ah, a talent from the Daluo Territory," the red-skirted girl noted, as she looked at Mu Chen with a smile. "It seems like Daluo Territory has an impressive newcomer now."

"Haha, although Daluo Territory is one of the strongest forces in the North Territory, the younger generation from that area is not very flattering. They have had no business in the Dragon-Phoenix Rift these few years. I wonder why they would come now. Perhaps it was not disgraceful enough for them the last time." A young man, who was quite close to Liu Yan, spoke the words, full of aggressiveness.

He did not tone down his volume. Instead, he deliberately wrapped his voice with Spiritual Energy and blasted off from the top. The Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion quieted down at once. Countless scene-watchers were looking at the young figure now sitting at the corner.

That figure paused at the same time, but he did not feel angry at all. Instead, the handsome young face was rather calm-looking.

Liu Yan was toying a teacup in his hand. He did not look at Mu Chen, but instead chuckled softly. He then gave a barely noticeable nod to the young top power, who did the talking just now.

Seeing his gestures, the young top power grinned and took a leap as he tipped his toe. He plundered down and appeared in front of Mu Chen like a tower stamping in front of him. He stretched out his palm, trying to grab Mu Chen by the shoulder.

"Our brother Liu Yan wants to invite you up for a chat. Little fellow, come with me."

His palm landed on Mu Chen's shoulder, but the figure remained as still as a rock. Mu Chen did not move an inch, but a soothing voice was accompanied with a sharp chill, projecting out and reverberating within the pavilion.

"If you want to pick a fight, do it with your own hands. Getting a two-bit person to do your bidding, won't it taint your name as the Young Lord of Xuantian Hall?"

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