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Chapter 76 – Two Spiritual Arts

The 3rd Floor of the Spiritual Arts Room was not as luxurious as imagined by Mu Chen. Instead, it was quite simple. It seemed like an ordinary attic, yet the spotless floor made others understand the importance of this place to the Northern Spiritual Academy due to its maintenance.

It was the first time Mu Chen had entered the treasured location, which every single Northern Spiritual Academy student would drool about and he immediately looked around curiously.

Teacher Mo walked forward. In the center of the attic, there was a bluestone platform. A delicate jade box was placed neatly on top of the bluestone platform. He waved his hand and the jade box opened. A light slowly floated out and many jaded scripts of different color were within the light.

“These are all Spiritual Tier Spiritual Art. You can pick from them.” Teacher Mo stared at Mu Chen and smiled.

“These are all Spiritual Tier Spiritual Arts?” Mu Chen stared at the dozen lights and could not help but smack his lips. As expected from the Northern Spiritual Academy, this collection was many times more powerful than his father’s collection.

Mu Chen hurriedly walked up and eagerness filled his eyes. He did not train in many Spiritual Arts right now and the only one that could be displayed was the Limitless Death Seal. Moreover, it may have a high potential, but it was still Common Tier. As for the Great Pagoda Art, it was too profound. It also could not bring obvious benefits to Mu Chen currently.

Therefore, he needed this level of Spiritual Art to increase his combat abilities. Otherwise, he did not believe he would be able to defeat Liu Mubai, who returned to the Liu Territory to prepare, one month later.

Mu Chen stretched out his hand and a clump of light appeared within his hand. The light faded away and a brown colored jaded script floated out. He glanced at it for a moment: “Earth Spiritwave, Spiritual Tier Low Rank.”

This seems to be a script for a Spiritual Tier Low Rank Attack Spiritual Art. Mu Chen pondered for a moment, yet he shook his head. Although this Spiritual Art was pretty good, it did not feel like it suited him.

Mu Chen lowered the Spiritual Art within his hand and looked at the other ones. Teacher Mo stood at a corner and quietly watched.

After 10 minutes since Mu Chen had started the selection, his eyes had finally lit up. Then, he stared in great interest at the jaded script in his hand. This jaded script was a faint cyan color. However, it was not an Attack Spiritual Art, but a Movement Spiritual Art. Moreover, it’s rank was not that low as well.

Shadowspirit Step, Spiritual Rank Middle Rank. If this Spiritual Art was to be trained to the Great Achievement Stage, your figure would be like a spirit while the afterimages would confuse others. It was also untraceable.

Mu Chen had learned a few Movement Spiritual Arts before, but these Movement Spiritual Arts were too ordinary. It was still the first time for him to see one of this level.

“Done? You really have a pretty good discerning eye. You’ve picked one of the few Spiritual Tier Middle Rank Spiritual Arts.” Seeing this, Teacher Mo let out a faint smile and spoke.

Mu Chen smiled embarrassedly before he stared at the Spiritual Arts reluctantly. He actually also took a liking to an Attack Spiritual Art. However, it would seem that he was too greedy if he picked another one.

“You’ve taken a liking to another one?” However, Teacher Mo still noticed his expression and immediately frowned as he asked.

Mu Chen smiled awkwardly.

“I originally planned on letting you select one Spiritual Art as compensation,” Teacher Mo stared at the resentful Mu Chen that was rubbing his head. He thought about it for a moment before he said with a smile, “However, I can make an exception to it and allow you to select one more. However, there is a condition.”

“What is the condition?” Mu Chen hurriedly asked.

“You must guarantee that you’ll defeat Liu Mubai and let the Northern Spiritual Academy East Branch obtain the Seeded-Class Entry,” Teacher Mo said.

“Eh?” Mu Chen was surprised for a moment. This was originally his goal. He stared at Teacher Mo’s eyes that contained a smile and seemed to have understood the meaning behind it. He immediately nodded his head, “Don’t worry, Teacher Mo. I will not let others obtain what belongs to me!”

Teacher Mo smiled as he waved his head, “Since that’s the case, then I’ll watch your performance. Choose it.”

Mu Chen nodded his head gratefully. Then, he did not hesitate and grabbed onto a jaded script amongst the ones that he had looked at. Ancient light writings emerged on top of the jaded script.

Spirit King Finger, Spiritual Tier Low Rank. It walks down the path of fierceness and hardness. Moreover, it allows the finger to be like metal and could fracture bones.

This was a Spiritual Art that trains the fingers. Mu Chen was quite interested in it. In the past, he had trained in a threat level Finger Spiritual Art. He was extremely satisfied with this type of attack, which was sharp and lethal without using weapons.

“Oh? It’s actually a Finger Spiritual Art?”

Teacher Mo was also stunned for a moment when he noticed Mu Chen selecting this Spiritual Art. It was quite painful to train in this sort of Spiritual Art. This is because it requires you to train solely your fingers. Moreover, during the training period, the pain caused by training your fingers was not something an ordinary person could endure. After all, the nerves of the fingertips are linked with the heart.

“I’ve gotten accustomed to it.” Mu Chen smiled. There was no power that you could obtain without effort. If you want to obtain it, you would naturally have to pay a price.

Teacher Mo nodded his head. He felt even more satisfied regarding the boy in front of him. He has talent, yet he was not conceited nor was he reckless. He could endure what ordinary people could not endure. A boy like this was considered to be the most excellent student he had seen through the many years of teaching in the Northern Spiritual Academy.

“During this one month, I will help you with the training of these two Spiritual Arts and allow you to succeed in it as soon as possible.” Teacher Mo waved his hand before he walked out of the building.

“I will not disappoint Teacher Mo.”

Mu Chen stared at the back of Teacher Mo and nodded his head heavily. He was not a person, who would only talk about how grateful he is to another person. Teacher Mo had helped him greatly, so what he needed to do was not to disappoint him. It would be enough if he snatches the Seeded-Class Entry away!

Liu Mubai. Let us have a good fight this time!

Liu Territory, Inside the Liu Estate.

“Seeded-Class Entry?!”

Within the room, the Liu Territory Lord, Liu Qingtian, immediately sat up when he heard these words. He stared in surprise while revealing a hint of excitement at Liu Mubai as he said, “How is it possible for the Northern Spiritual Academy to obtain a Seeded-Class Entry?”

“I’m not too sure as well.” Liu Mubai shook his head and said, “However, it is indeed true.”

“A Seeded-Class Entry. This is probably the first time that the Northern Spiritual Academy has obtained it, right? If Liu Mubai is able to obtain this Seeded-Class Entry, he would definitely obtain better resources when he entered the Five Great Academies. His achievements would also surpass ordinary Five Great Academies’ students.” Liu Zong was also shocked by the news, but he immediately said with a delighted expression.

They were aware that a student, who obtained the Seeded-Class Entry, would be in a different level compared to an ordinary student.

“Haha, if Mubai becomes a seeded student in the Five Great Academies. Perhaps he would have reached the Three Heavens Stage by the time he graduated. At that time, not only would the Liu Territory become the Northern Spiritual Realm’s Lord. We would even obtain a decent position in the Hundred Spirit Heavens!” Liu Ming laughed.

Liu Qingtian licked his lips and stared eagerly at Liu Mubai as he said, “Mubai, no matter what price you have to pay, you must obtain the Seeded-Class Entry!”

“That’s right. Within the Northern Spiritual Academy, who is the most threatening opponent to you?”

Liu Mubai’s eyes narrowed. He thought about the brief fight he had with Mu Chen in the Black Eerie Swamp. Although he had hid quite a bit of strength back then, he could feel, with his instincts, that Mu Chen seemed to have some other means as well.

If there was still a student within the Northern Spiritual Academy that could cause him some uncertainty, it would probably be Mu Chen.

“Mu Chen.” Liu Mubai replied. “Dad, this Mu Chen had obtained the qualifications to the Spiritual Road before. We cannot underestimate him too much.”

“Mu Chen? That boy?” Hearing this name, Liu Qingtian’s eyes turned cold. He remembered that Mu Chen had lured the Devouring Spirit Bees over in the Black Eerie Swamp and helped Mu Feng solve their dilemma.

“Big Brother, that boy is quite strange. Back then, Xue Tu went to kill him, who was only a Spiritual Movement Stage Middle Phase, but in the end, he was the one who somehow died.” Liu Ming also opened his mouth to speak. He could still remember deeply about the matter back then.

Liu Qingtian nodded his head and a hint of coldness immediately surged through his face. He said, “The Seeded-Class Entry must fall into the hands of the Liu Territory. Otherwise, it would be a calamity. Therefore, we must not make any mistakes about this matter!”

“Mubai. From today onwards, you will enter the forbidden lands behind the mountain. Your grandfather will assist you with your training!” Liu Qingtian’s eyes flashed and he muttered.

“Grandfather? Grandfather is inside the forbidden lands? Didn’t he go missing 3 years ago?” Hearing this, Liu Mubai was surprised and became speechless.

“Heh, that is what is said at the outside. Your grandfather secluded himself to try and enter the Three Heavens Stage. If we wait until that old man succeeds, wouldn’t the Northern Spiritual Realm be completely controlled by our Liu Territory?!”

Liu Qingtian let out a dark laughing sound and said, “That group of idiots from the Mu Territory thought that they would be safe if they hindered the Liu Territory from obtaining the Nine Nether Bird. Just you wait, as long as your grandfather comes out, I will make Mu Feng kneel down in front of me like a dog!”

“An upstart force wants to compare backgrounds with my Liu Territory? What an idiotic dream!”


Hearing this, Liu Mubai also had a hint of excitement flash through his eyes. If his grandfather could personally assist him, his strength would definitely increase greatly after one month. By then, who would care about Mu Chen?

As he thought back about the shame that Mu Chen made him feel in the Black Eerie Swamp, Liu Mubai gritted his teeth tightly. A hint of cruelness appeared at his mouth. At that time, I want to trample you fiercely in front of everybody’s face…in front of everybody, who had confidence in you. The most excellent youth in the Northern Spiritual Realm is me, Liu Mubai, and not a trash like you!

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