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Dragon-Phoenix Ridge was located in the renowned ancient region of the North Territory. It was renowned due to the fact that the Dragon-Phoenix Rift was hidden within it.

According to legend, there was once a dragon and a phoenix that were fighting in the Ridge. A large area of land, including the firmament, had been destroyed due to this fight.

Within the dragon race and phoenix race, the real dragons and real phoenixes were the most powerful. They possessed the formidable rank of Heavenly Sovereign.

During the fierce battle, the two powers had fallen. The place where they had landed, became what is now known as Dragon-Phoenix Rift. It had been rumored that there was a large amount of fresh blood belonging to the real dragon and real phoenix in Dragon-Phoenix Rift. This blood had made Dragon-Phoenix Rift magical, and hence, many treasures could also be found in this place.

If one was able to find the blood of a real dragon or real phoenix and refine it, he would then be able to cultivate the body of a real dragon or real phoenix. Thus, his body would be powerful like the dragon race and phoenix race.

The most crucial point was that, the blood of the real dragon and real phoenix could give strong vitality to men. The divine beast was intimidating, as it had strong vitality. If men had similar vitality, they would benefit greatly in their cultivation.

Other than this factor, it had been rumored that the real dragon and real phoenix had left behind their inheritances in Dragon-Phoenix Rift. One would be able to progress tremendously, if he was able to get his hands on them.

During the past few years, Dragon-Phoenix Rift had been opened a number of times. However, no one had managed to lay their hands on the inheritance of the real dragon and real phoenix. Hence, one could not rule out the possibility that the inheritance was merely a rumor.

However, whenever Dragon-Phoenix Rift was about to open, many younger generations in North Territory would be tempted to enter. Even those top powers outside North Territory were tempted and they would send their men over.

As time passed by, Dragon-Phoenix Rift had become the standard of comparison, when sizing up the younger generations. It was due to this, that the Dragon-Phoenix Record first came about.

In any case, every time Dragon-Phoenix Rift opened up, everyone in the North Territory would be vigilantly watching.

After Mu Chen left the Daluo Territory, he headed straight to Dragon-Phoenix Rift. As the Ridge was far away from the Daluo Territory, Mu Chen had to pass through many strong nations.

So far, he had enjoyed a smooth journey, and as he was traveling at a great speed, within two days, he was approaching the northern part of the North Territory. He could feel the presence of much spiritual energy rushing toward the direction of Dragon-Phoenix Rift.

The masters of the spiritual energy were young and powerful. However, Mu Chen was not very impressed with them. The power of those people whom he had met was about the same level as that of Xu Qing and Zhou Yue.

Mu Chen did not take the initiative to get to know them. Instead, he avoided the crowd and chose to travel in the mountains. Although his speed had slowed down, as the Spiritual Beasts had occupied the mountains, he did not need to bother himself with any disputes. Thus, he could quietly practice his Datura Sky-wrecking Light without any disturbance.

As nightfall hit, in the darkness, Mu Chen could hear the different beasts roaring. The sounds traveled far out to a distance.

A fire was being lit in the jungle, and a long figure was quietly sitting cross-legged on the ground. He shut his eyes, and a purple flower that was exuding purple lights was circling around his palms.

Within the purple lights were ancient writings. They flowed to his palms, then entered into his body, seeming to form a mysterious mark.

The figure was none other than Mu Chen. He had been traveling in the mountains for two days, pondering alone, and had benefited much.

The purple lights encircled him for two hours, before slowly dissipating. Mu Chen opened his eyes to look at the purple flower in his hands, and then kept it.

This is truly mystical. Although I have been pondering on the mandala flower mark on the Immortal Page, I only managed to grasp a bit of light. Mu Chen sighed within himself. The Datura Sky-wrecking Light was indeed a Perfect Divine Art. He was having a hard time with it, though, as it was extremely difficult to cultivate.

Mu Chen let out a breath and suppressed his thought. He decided to work on his cultivation.


Suddenly, he waved his sleeve and put out the fire before him. Like a civet, he moved robustly past the forest.

After a while, Mu Chen landed quietly on a huge tree, looking out at the land from among the leaves. He was stunned by the scene he saw before him.

There was a clear lake in the forest, and the moon was hanging up high. As the moonlight shone on the lake, lights sparkled on the surface. However, Mu Chen was not captivated by the lake.

A fair lady was bathing gracefully in the lake. Her black hair spread out like a waterfall in the water. Mu Chen could only see half of her face, due to the angle that he was at. However, her beauty, even on only one side, was breathtaking enough.

She had arched eyebrows, a pointed nose, rosy lips, long eyelashes, and big, clear eyes, like obsidians. There seemed to be a layer of light on her fair skin. 

Mu Chen could not help but gaze down her body. Her neck was long and graceful, like a swan. Her collar bone was slim and sexy. The rest of her body was hidden in the water. However, Mu Chen could vaguely see her cleavage.

Her beauty was among the top three beauties that Mu Chen had ever seen. Even the most stunning beauty in the North Territory, Demon's Gate Snapper, was not as beautiful as her.


As Mu Chen was staring at the girl, the water behind her suddenly surged. A colorful python came out of the water and dashed toward the girl.

When Mu Chen saw it, he turned pale. Just as he was about to rush out to save her, he suddenly stopped.

The girl laughed, and her laughter was clear, like pearls bouncing off a marble floor. When she waved her little hand, the colorful python immediately shrank, becoming the size of a palm. It then laid on her shoulder. This colorful snake had been bred by her.

Mu Chen heaved a sigh of relief. As he turned away, and was about to leave, the girl suddenly looked in his direction.

Oops! I have been discovered.

Mu Chen was shocked to see him, and quickly retreated. Although the girl was pretty and attractive, he knew that she was not simple, and he did not want to meddle with her.


In the twinkle of an eye, Mu Chen shot up about 1,000 feet in the air. However, he suddenly froze, falling on a big tree. A figure in black was sitting on a branch, looking at him with a smile.

It was a youth. He was good looking. Although he was smiling warmly, when Mu Chen saw him, his body started to tense up. He could sense danger.

"Friend, if you run away, I will be punished." The youth in black scratched his head and smiled at Mu Chen helplessly. He then stepped forth.

Mu Chen squinted his eyes, then started to retreat.


As he was about to retreat, the youth was already standing before him. He placed his palm gently on Mu Chen's shoulder, and Mu Chen's spiritual energy stopped flowing.

Mu Chen was stunned. The youth was extremely powerful, and he was not as young as he looked.

He grabbed hold of Mu Chen's shoulder, and in one move, both of them appeared beside the lake. He then let go of Mu Chen.

Mu Chen carefully took a few steps back. As he was about to speak, he saw the girl from inside the lake walking on the water, coming toward him. She was dressed in light colored clothing, and she stopped to stand before Mu Chen.

Mu Chen could see the girl clearly now. She was young and charming. Her youth and charisma made her seductively charming.

As the girl was moving forward, the youth in black smiled fawningly at her, and ran toward her. He put on a long face and said, "Sis, I was about to drive away the Spiritual Beasts that were nearby, when this chap came and foiled my plans. You cannot blame me for not doing a good job!"

Mu Chen dropped his jaw. The girl was so young, yet she had a younger brother who was so powerful. The spiritual wave in her body was not as powerful as her brother's.

She looked coldly at the youth in black with her seductive eyes, and then turned to look at Mu Chen. The colorful snake on her shoulder had crept out, and was now hissing at Mu Chen.


Mu Chen gave out a dry cough, and as he was about to speak, the girl extended her hand and spoke in a clear voice that petrified Mu Chen. 

"I can smell the Ancient Flaming Dragon blood in you. Compensate me with five drops of it."

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