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"I can smell the Ancient Flaming Dragon blood in you. Compensate me with five drops of it."

The girl's clear voice sounded out across the lake. Mu Chen was shocked, as he looked at the small, fair hand that was before him. After he had recollected himself, he smiled wryly and said, "I do not have it." 

Mu Chen felt that the girl must be toying with him. He had put much effort into getting nine drops of blood from the Nine-Nine Flaming Dragon. Also, he had given Nine Nether four drops, as it would help her in her cultivation. Hence, he was now left with only five drops. Although the girl was young, she had an unreasonably great appetite.

"You do not have it?" The girl smiled at Mu Chen. Her eyes were bright like the moon. She was stunningly beautiful, and even the moonlight had dimmed because of her beauty.

Mu Chen was in a daze, as he looked at her. There seemed to be a voice that urged him to hand over the Ancient Flaming Dragon blood voluntarily.

Boom! Boom!

The Netherworld Thunder Heart in Mu Chen sounded, startling him out of the daze. He was shocked that the girl's frown and smile could be so captivating.


After Mu Chen had collected himself, he moved back vigorously. His residual shadows appeared in the air and, like lightning, he sped toward the forest.

"Xiao Lin." The girl was taken aback, when she saw that she could not use her charms on Mu Chen. Immediately, she extended her fingers and flicked gently. 

The youth in black nodded his head helplessly, and disappeared. Mu Chen had dashed into the forest, but, in only a few breaths, he appeared again at the previous spot.

"Friend, do not run anymore. You will be in hot water if you provoke my sister." The youth appeared beside Mu Chen and shrugged.

Mu Chen stared at the mysterious youth, disappointed. This guy was extremely powerful. His strength was way beyond Mu Chen's.

Since Mu Chen could not run away, he calmed himself down and looked at the girl. He lifted up his hand and said, "I am sorry. I came here earlier, as I heard some noise. I did not mean to…"

"I know." The girl gently stroked the colorful snake on her shoulder with her hand, then said, "If I did not know, I would not only ask for the Ancient Flaming Dragon blood."

"Why do you think you should have it?" Mu Chen gritted his teeth, asking. He saw her unintentionally, and so now he was supposed to compensate her with five drops of Ancient Flaming Dragon blood? It was too expensive!

"I should have it, because you cannot escape from me," the girl said with a smile.

The corners of Mu Chen's mouth twitched. Although he was dejected, he waved his sleeve, and an alabaster jar flew toward the girl.

The girl did not react, but the colorful snake on her shoulder flew out like lightning. It swept its tail on the alabaster jar, breaking it into pieces. The five drops of Ancient Flaming Dragon blood dripped out, and the snake opened its mouth and consumed it.

Mu Chen was stunned at the scene. He looked strangely at the colorful snake. He had not known that the colorful snake was so powerful. The Ancient Flaming Dragon blood contained the willpower of the Ancient Flaming Dragon. However, after the snake had swallowed it, it did not seem to be affected by it, but was still very active.

"Although Xiao Cai is not a Spiritual Beast in The Great Thousand World, once she has been awakened, she will be as powerful as those Sovereign Divine Beasts," the girl stroked the body of the snake and said.

Mu Chen was stunned. The colorful snake is not from The Great Thousand World? Is it from the Lower Planes? How about these two people? Are they from the Lower Planes as well?

After swallowing the five drops of blood, the colorful snake snuck back into the girl's sleeve to rest. It needed to refine its power. Having seen this, the girl smiled. She looked extremely beautiful.

"It seems like the blood helps." The girl smiled at Mu Chen and said, "Thank you."

Mu Chen pouted his lips, and could not be bothered to say much. He felt the heartache of losing five drops of Ancient Flaming Dragon blood for no reason. He snappily said, "Can I go now?"

The two people were extremely mysterious. They did not seem simple, and Mu Chen did not wish to have anything to do with them. He had to be careful.

"Hahaha, do not be angry, friend. Fate has brought us together. Since you have given Xiao Cai a treat, we shall give you a treat as well." The youth in black put his hand over Mu Chen's shoulder, as though they were familiar with each other.

Mu Chen felt like puking when he heard that. What do you mean, I have given your snake a treat? If you had not forced me, I would not have wasted the Ancient Flaming Dragon blood on it!

Mu Chen had intended to use it to strengthen his body!

"No thanks," Mu Chen firmly refused. However, the youth was very enthusiastic, and pulled him to a huge tree. He set up a fire, and started to roast meat. The oil dripped onto the fire, creating sparks.

"Come, let's eat!"

Before Mu Chen could refuse, the youth in black had stuffed the roasted meat into Mu Chen's hand. He then started to gorge himself on the meat. He ate so quickly, that Mu Chen stared at him blankly. Mu Chen had encountered weird things in the middle of the night.

He looked at the sky quietly. He was in no mood to think. The youth was so powerful, that Mu Chen was in no position to resist him. Mu Chen then started to eat as well.

As both of them were eating, the girl sat by the side and watched them, with her chin resting on her hands. The moon was high up in the sky, and there was a mess beside the fireplace.

Mu Chen rested himself against the huge tree and rubbed his stomach. He had not had such a big meal in a long time. When one had reached a certain level of cultivation, they seemed to fast easily.

"Hahaha, this friend is forthright. I am Gu Lin. This is my elder sister…" The youth wiped his mouth and said to Mu Chen with a satisfactorily look.

"Cai Xiao," the girl glanced at the youth and said.

Mu Chen rolled his eyes. He was not good at making up a fake name. He let out a sigh and said, "I am Mu Chen. I am on my way to Dragon-Phoenix Rift."

"Dragon-Phoenix Rift? I have been hearing this name recently," Gu Lin scratched his head and said, with a puzzled look.

"Are you not from North Territory?" Mu Chen was shocked. All the people in North Territory would have known Dragon-Phoenix Rift.

"You are right. We are not from Tianluo Continent either. We just happened to pass by this place," Gu Lin said with a smile.

Mu Chen nodded, then stared at Gu Lin for a long while before asking, "How long have you been cultivating?"

Gu Lin looked slightly older than Mu Chen, but he was extremely powerful. This was a blow to Mu Chen. If Gu Lin looked truly his age, Mu Chen would not have been able to take it.

Upon hearing this, Gu Lin gave an awkward smile. He said vaguely, "Do not compare yourself with me…I have been cultivating for a long time, definitely longer than you."

Mu Chen heaved a sigh of relief. If Gu Lin looked his age, he would be a monster, and not a human.

Mu Chen then turned to look at the charming girl. Her gaze looked weird. She should be Gu Lin's sister, as they had mentioned. Since Gu Lin had been cultivating for many years, her age would be…

Mu Chen had goosebumps when he thought of the girl's apparent age, as compared to her actual age. As though she had sensed what Mu Chen was thinking, Cai Xiao raised her eyebrows and said, "I am not a witch!"

Gu Lin, who was sitting beside Mu Chen, laughed, then went near Mu Chen and said, "My sister's body is a bit unique. She often falls into a deep sleep, which is why she looks so youthful."

Mu Chen smiled, embarrassed now. Although he was curious about the uniqueness in her body, he dared not ask, as they had just met each other.

Cai Xiao stared at Mu Chen and suddenly asked, "I have heard that there is real dragon blood in Dragon-Phoenix Rift. Is it true?"

Upon hearing this, he realized that both of them were ignorant of Dragon-Phoenix Rift. So, he told them everything about it.

"Truly there is real dragon blood." After hearing what Mu Chen had said, Cai Xiao's eyes sparkled.

When Gu Lin saw this, he jumped up in shock and quickly said, "Sis, we are not here for Dragon-Phoenix Rift. We have to finish the task that father has given us."

"You will complete the task alone. I am going to Dragon-Phoenix Rift. If I can get ahold of the dragon blood, Xiao Cai will be able to evolve, and I will not go into a deep sleep constantly," Cai Xiao said openly.

"Ah?" Gu Lin quickly said, "Are you going alone? No. Father has said that you cannot travel alone. If he found out about it…"

"If you keep it from him, he will not know about it," Cai Xiao smiled at him and said. She waved her fist at him and continued, "You know the consequences of betraying me, don't you?"

"Sis, don't do that!" Gu Lin shouted. He instantly stared at Mu Chen. He regretted giving Mu Chen a treat.

Mu Chen pretended not to see it. He touched his nose and was prepared to set off. He wanted to stay away from the two of them.


Before he could refuse, Cai Xiao looked at him seductively, with a smile, and said, "Please bring me to Dragon-Phoenix Rift."

Mu Chen froze. He looked at the fiery glare on Gu Lin's face, and instantly understood what it was like to shoot himself in the foot.

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