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In the next few days, Mu Chen went into seclusion in Nine Nether Palace to practice Datura Sky-wrecking Light.

After practicing, Mu Chen gradually found that this divine art was mysterious and unpredictable. Although Mandela had not told him which level of divine art Datura Sky-wrecking Light belonged to, Mu Chen presumed it to be at Perfect Divine Art. 

This seemed to be the most powerful divine art that Mu Chen had acquired. Even Nine Dragon Nine Elephant Art was not up to this level. It could only be considered as a pre-perfect level of divine art.

High level of divine art would naturally be difficult to cultivate. Even with Mu Chen's talent, he found Datura Sky-wrecking Light extremely difficult to cultivate.

Under the guidance of Mandela, Mu Chen had only managed to grasp a bit of light. He was fortunate to have the divine mark of the Mandela flower, which would help him with his cultivation of Datura Sky-wrecking Light.

He believed that it was just a matter of time before he mastered, and he was looking forward to seeing the power of Datura Sky-wrecking Light after he had done so.

These few days, Mu Chen had been spending some time looking into the Spiritual Array. Although he seldom used it, this was his prevailing skill and trump card. Moreover, he still had to continue to cultivate his spiritual energy.

His mother was a genuine Spiritual Array Master at Ancestral Master rank. She was so powerful, in fact, that even Mandela was not her match.

Sometimes, Mu Chen wondered if others knew that his mother was in such an awesome Heavenly Sovereign level. If they had, there would not be many people who would dare provoke him in Tianluo Continent.

However, he quickly put away this thought. His mother was currently in dire straits, and given his character, he would not exploit his mother's power.

Mu Chen sighed within himself. He could not call himself a powerful second-generation by proxy. He had to depend on himself.

During his free time, he would go to the pavilion to look for books on spiritual array. He had a feeling that, in Dragon-Phoenix Rift, the fights would be violent. Hence, it would do him good to know more skills and to protect himself. 

He had to be vigilant with those powerful people listed in the Dragon-Phoenix Record. He dared not look at them with disdain.

Mandela had given Mu Chen the greatest support during this period. She had allowed Mu Chen to have free access to the pavilion, and allowed him to practice in it. Because of this, some of the princes had been envious of him, as they saw this as special treatment.

Everyone knew that there was a large amount of treasure in the pavilion. During normal days, they were not allowed to enter, unless they had performed exceptional meritorious services. However, Mu Chen could freely come and go, which made the princes yearn to enter as well. 

However, none of them dared say a word. Everyone could tell that Mu Chen and the Dominator had a special relationship. With the Dominator to back him up, no one dared provoke Mu Chen in Daluo Territory.

Take the Lod Blood Hawk for example, he no longer dared offend Mu Chen, as he knew he would lose his position, if the Dominator was displeased with him. Mandela had let Mu Chen have access to all the resources, and time flew quickly, as Mu Chen helped himself to them freely.

On the fifth day.

Nine Nether Palace was bustling with people. The entire Daluo Territory had gathered together. Mu Chen was smiling at them, cupping his hand to show obeisance.

"If you are ready, get going. We will not be sending you off. Dragon-Phoenix Rift is located northwest of Dragon-Phoenix Mountain. You shall go there alone," Mandela waved her hand at Mu Chen and said.

"Am I going alone?" Upon hearing this, Mu Chen was stunned. Although he had been in the northern boundary for some time, he had never left Daluo Territory on his own. He had expected to be escorted, which in his mind, would display some power, and frighten off thieves.

"You are no longer a kid. Do you still need someone to keep you company?" Mandela pouted her lips and said, "If you dare not go alone, you are better to just not participate at all. Don't disgrace yourself."

Mu Chen was enraged. If the little girl before him did not have the ability to suppress him, he would have taught her a lesson right then and there.

"The lord is kidding you. Only those who are participating are allowed in Dragon-Phoenix Rift. Those top powers are also not allowed to enter. This is why everyone has to go there alone. No one will accompany them," Nine Nether, who was standing beside them, said this with a smile, then continued, "No matter what situation you encounter at Dragon-Phoenix Rift, you will have to handle it yourself."

Mu Chen sighed helplessly. It seemed he had to go alone.

"Take this."

As Mu Chen was feeling a bit depressed and about to set off, Mandela flicked something from her fingers. A ray of light shot toward Mu Chen. When he caught it, he saw that it was a piece of ancient jade. There was a strange formidable wave in the ancient jade.

"If you are in a life-or-death situation, smash it," Mandela said flatly.

Mu Chen was shocked. Nine Nether had mentioned that Dragon-Phoenix Rift had prohibited top powers like Mandela from entering. Those who entered would get themselves into trouble. If he smashed the ancient jade, Mandela would sense the wave and come to his rescue.

She would have to pay a price for it, if she did that. Mu Chen was touched, but he did not say a word. He held the ancient jade, and kept it in the universal bracelet. He would have to be extremely careful in Dragon-Phoenix Rift.

"Hahaha, Mu Chen, although we are not going to Dragon-Phoenix Mountain, we will be keeping an eye on the situation. All of us will be waiting for you," Condor King laughed and said.

"We will be waiting for you to bring glory to Daluo Territory!"

Mu Chen cupped his fist and said respectfully to Condor King, "Lord, please rest assured, I will do my best!"

Having said that, he flew up to the sky.

"If you can successfully return, I will let you become the 10th prince!" Mandela looked at Mu Chen and shouted.

"Hahaha, thank you, lord. Please keep the position for me!" Mu Chen laughed out loudly. He turned into a streamer and flew through the sky. Within a short while, he disappeared into thin air.

As all of them saw that he had gone far away, they sighed.

"Lord, I have heard that the fights will be very intense in this Rift. Those top powers had sent the young leaders that they had painstakingly trained up to the Rift."

Spiritual Pupil King looked in the direction where Mu Chen had disappeared into, then turned to Mandela and said, "The caliber of our candidates had been on the downhill for the past few years, and they had brought disgrace to us. Although Mu Chen is not bad, I am worried…" 

The rest of the top powers nodded their heads in agreement. A talented youth from Daluo Territory had participated in Dragon-Phoenix Rift previously. However, the moment he stepped into the Rift, he had been killed by the genius from Netherworld Palace.

This had brought much disgrace to Daluo Territory, and from then on, they had refrained from participating in Dragon-Phoenix Rift. This round, Mandela had sent Mu Chen.

Although Mu Chen had performed well, those geniuses, who would also be participating in the Rift, were more powerful than him. Should Mu Chen fail, he would, once again, bring disgrace to Daluo Territory.

"It is about time we get off of our shelves, after so many years." Mandela smiled. She looked at Spiritual Pupil King and said, "I know you do not have much confidence in Mu Chen, but I have confidence in him. Let's wait for the outcome."

Spiritual Pupil King dared not say another word, after hearing what Mandela had said. He nodded his head and smiled wryly. He was not against Mu Chen, but what he had said was true. As compared to those geniuses, whose names had been listed in Dragon-Phoenix Record, Mu Chen was far from their calibers.

However, since Mandela trusted in him, they could only choose to believe likewise. They hoped that this round would be different. Previously, when they had sent out a candidate, he would never return.

Many of the top powers lifted up their heads and looked toward the north. Very soon, that place would be the main attraction in the northern boundary.

Many geniuses would be contending for hegemony. Some would rise up from there, and some would fall. 

Regardless of the outcome, when Dragon-Phoenix Rift ended, the list in Dragon-Phoenix Record would change as well.

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