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Dazzling golden light burst out into the sky. A golden giant tore through the red-hot waves, as if a golden Buddha had been created. Its fierce appearance caused the expressions of many people to change uncontrollably.

Then, their looks turned suddenly solemn. This was because the people were so dumbfounded that four Sky-burning Runes had not caused any damage whatsoever to Mu Chen! Even a grade four sovereign had to avoid that level of attack!

"How can this be?" Bing Qing and the other commanders exclaimed in surprise. The outcome was clearly unexpected. It was impossible that a grade three sovereign could withstand the four Sky-burning Runes!

"Haha! From the start, I have said that this kid is no weakling." Huo Mei'er laughed. However, a bit of surprise also flashed across her charming eyes, because she could feel that the sovereign celestial body that Mu Chen had cultivated was way too strong.

Under the many surprised stares, Mu Chen appeared on the head of the Great Solar Undying Body again. Then, he stomped his foot, causing the golden sun between the eyebrows of the Great Solar Undying Body to become increasingly bright. The gilt-like light seemed to be flowing over every square inch of the huge body.


The Great Solar Undying Body charged forth. Its speed was extremely fast, and in the blink of an eye, it appeared on top of a magma dragon. Then, its gilt-like palm landed on the head of the dragon, just like a bolt of lightning. A terrifying golden light burst out!


The golden light spurted out, and the magma dragon immediately roared in pain. Many golden cracks spread on its head, causing it to explode directly with a bang, releasing magma all over the sky!

By using the sovereign super power of the Great Solar Undying Body, which was the power of one sun, Mu Chen made a quick attack. He was able to slay one magma dragon in an instant!

This unforeseen event caused the looks of many people to turn serious. In their hearts, they exclaimed about the decisiveness and mercilessness of Mu Chen's attack.

Clearly, he knew that he could not let the nine magma dragons continue launching such attacks. Otherwise, even if he had a powerful sovereign celestial body, he would not be able to persevere to the end.


After killing the magma dragon swiftly, Mu Chen did not stop. Moving his body, he charged towards another magma dragon!


However, by this time, all the other magma dragons had been able to recover from their initial surprise. Immediately, they roared in anger. Their red dragon claws, on which magma was flowing, penetrated across space, slapping fiercely towards the huge golden body.

The eight huge dragon claws flew overhead. The astonishing power fluctuations this flight caused then locked directly onto the space around Mu Chen, making him unable to dodge them.

However, his expression was still calm. Changing his seal, the golden sun between the eyebrows of the Great Solar Undying Body became increasingly bright. Obviously, he had already activated the power of one sun from his sovereign super power to its extreme.

The Great Solar Undying Body stood proudly in the air. Its huge hand clenched, causing the Great Meru Demonic Pillar to flash out. An ominous aura and the golden light surged together. Then, it waved, as many beams of light charged out from it brutally, colliding hard with the eight dragon claws.

Bang! Bang!

A shocking power fluctuation raged like a windstorm. Everyone stared at the sky with their mouths wide open. There, golden light surged, and the Great Solar Undying Body that was activated by Mu Chen was fighting in close combat with the eight magma dragons.

Mu Chen's attack was particularly fierce, as during every attack, he had given up his defense. The price for doing so was that, in just a dozen rounds, many imprints were left on the huge Great Solar Undying Body by the dragon claws.

However, whenever the golden light flashed past, all of the marks would disappear. Hence, the defense of the Great Solar Undying Body was beyond everyone's expectation! Now, with the augmentation of the Daluo Golden Body, Mu Chen was not afraid of participating in such close combat with his sovereign celestial body at all.

In the sky, the giant sovereign celestial body and the eight magma dragons collided hard into each other. Such close range, face-to-face combat caused the eyelids of many people to twitch. In particular, Mu Chen's fierce attacks caused them to twitch their lips uncontrollably.

This kid is young, but far more fierce than anyone else!

The violent and noisy fight continued in the sky. In just ten minutes, five magma dragons had already been crushed by the Great Meru Demonic Pillar. After having been crushed, they then immediately exploded!

Of course, Mu Chen had also paid a high price. On the chest of his sovereign celestial body, deep claw prints could be clearly seen. The scorching power of the magma still remained on the claw prints. Even though the Great Solar Undying Body had the ability to recover quickly, even it could not repair the claw prints in such a short time.

At the moment, there were only three magma dragons left in the sky...

"Awesome!" many people praised out loud.

But, Huo Mei'er and Bing Qing only shook their heads gently.

"If this continues, he will no longer have the chance to break out of the array." Mandela looked at the scene calmly, speaking tonelessly.

Hearing this, Nine Nether's expression changed abruptly. She was not familiar with the Nine-Nine Flaming Dragon Array, so she did not understand why Mandela would say such a thing.

Mandela, however, did not explain any further, because at the moment, there was another sudden change in the magma array. The magma rolled, as huge magma pillars ascended into the sky again.

Just then, dragon howls spread from the magma and sharp dragon claws suddenly stretched out. Another six magma dragons had emerged in the sky!

After this, there were a total of nine dragons again. The hard battle that Mu Chen fought earlier seemed to have been totally useless!

Seeing this, not only did Mu Chen's expression change, but the pupils of those who were not familiar with the Nine-Nine Flaming Dragon Array also contracted.

Many people were puzzled, but they had finally seen the powers of the Nine-Nine Flaming Dragon Array. It was no wonder that it could become the trial to select the commanders of the Daluo Celestial Army.

"You can't break the array just by dealing with the magma dragons with brute force," Huo Mei'er muttered softly.

In the magma, Mu Chen also stared at the scene, frowning tightly. Then, his eyes quickly sparkled. It seemed that the Nine-Nine Flaming Dragon Array was not as simple as he had imagined. Although the nine magma dragons were terrifying, the array would not be destroyed by defeating the dragons.

From the looks of it, no matter how many times the dragons were defeated, they would still come back again. Hence, continuing on in this same pattern would only consume his powers unnecessarily.

"How can this be?" Mu Chen stared at the red magma below and squinted slightly. After a short while, he suddenly recalled the sentence that Mandela had said casually at the beginning...

"As long as the magma exists, the magma dragons cannot be destroyed."

Originally, Mu Chen was still somewhat doubtful about this. However, after trying it out, he realized that what Mandela had said was indeed true. But, did he really have to destroy the magma here completely? That seemed like an impossible task! After all, the place was connected to an underground fire pulse.

Mu Chen stared at the red magma sea. Golden light suddenly flashed across his eyes. In that instant, he clearly felt a strange fluctuation passing out from the depth of the magma array.


Mu Chen's eyes sparkled rapidly. In the next moment, he suddenly kicked his toes, causing his body to descend vertically, charging directly towards the magma array!


Seeing this, the nine magma dragons immediately howled in anger and tried to stop him. However, golden light also gushed out from the Great Solar Undying Body. Then, the Great Meru Demonic Pillar swept out and blocked all of the dragons!


Mu Chen charged directly into the magma, attracting many surprised stares. However, the eyes of Mandela, Huo Mei'er, and the rest of the group sparkled joyfully.

Mu Chen charged into the magma and quickly descended. Purple flames formed a layer of protection on the surface of his body, guarding him against the terrifyingly high temperature.

Meanwhile, his senses spread out quickly. After about ten breaths' time, his body trembled abruptly, as he scanned the area below him with his keen gaze.

In the depths of the magma, nine red balls of light were floating. Inside each ball of light, a drop of magmlike blood was floating. There seemed to be a flaming dragon coiled up in the blood, the fluctuation of which it emitted was so terrifying, it seemed to be able to burn up the entire sky! In addition, the flaming dragons seemed to be coiling within a burning scale, from which Mu Chen could smell a terrifying scent.

"Blood essence from the Ancient Flaming Dragon!"

Mu Chen stared at the nine drops of red blood essence, finally understanding what was going on. It turns out that they were here creating magma dragons! Hence, if they were not destroyed, he would not be able to break out of the array!

However, even though he had found the source, it was not so easy to crack the array. Although it was only the blood essence, he could still vaguely feel how strong the owner of the blood essence had been in the past. That kind of powerful being was probably very famous in the world.

Nonetheless, no matter how difficult it was, he had to find a way. Resolute, Mu Chen took in a deep breath, but then closed his eyes gradually in intense concentration.

Outside of the magma, Mandela waved her hand. The light in front of her spanned out, revealing the image at the depths of the magma brightly. Mu Chen and the nine drops of blood essence of the Ancient Flaming Dragon were all included in its radiant glow.

"You finally found it." A faint smile appeared on the small face of Mandela. Then, she said, "But the blood essence is protected by the scale of the Ancient Flaming Dragon outside. It will not be easy to penetrate through the dragon scale."

Worry also appeared on the face of Nine Nether. The Ancient Flaming Dragon was among the top in the Divine Beast Record. Moreover, this particular Ancient Flaming Dragon must have reached a very powerful level when it was still alive. Otherwise, it would be impossible for just its nine drops of blood essence and scales to have such powers!

"Don't worry. As long as he can take away one drop of the Ancient Flaming Dragon Blood, he will be considered as having passed. Also, by that time, the Ancient Flaming Dragon Blood that he has obtained will be given to him as a reward," Mandela smiled and said. "It's challenging to break all of the nine dragon scale protections of the Ancient Flaming Dragon. After all, when Huo Mei'er became the great commander, she had only taken away four drops of the Ancient Flaming Dragon Blood."


Just as Mandela finished speaking, she suddenly exclaimed in surprise, as her golden pupils stared at the spiritual energy screen in front of her in astonishment.

There, Mu Chen had suddenly opened his eyes again, revealing them to now be completely black, without any white! They looked like deep black holes and were exceptionally strange! In addition, when Mu Chen's eyes turned black, the spiritual energy fluctuation that aws emitting from his body also seemed to have turned extremely strange.

Seeing this scene, Nine Nether's look turned serious. Then, she began muttering to herself uncontrollably.

"This is... the Heart Demon State of the Supreme Heart Demon Chant?"

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