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Mu Chen stood quietly in the depths of the magma. His eyes were as dark as black holes, and anyone who looked at them felt as if they would be trapped inside. Meanwhile, his hair also began to grow rapidly. Eventually, it turned into long, black hair that hung down loosely.

Such a strange change attracted everyone's attention. Even Mandela's eyes were filled with some doubt. Clearly, she had never seen Mu Chen make such a weird move before.

"The spiritual energy fluctuation around him did not become any stronger." Behind Mandela, the Condor King, one of the Three Kings, frowned. The spiritual energy around Mu Chen indeed did not become stronger because of his change. At first glance, the spiritual energy around him actually became weaker.

Nevertheless, for some unknown reason, Mu Chen currently seemed to be much more dangerous than he had been previously. Even the knowledgeable Condor King along with everyone else felt baffled by the strange change.

The only person who knew what was going on was Nine Nether, because she and Mu Chen had obtained the Supreme Heart Demon Chant together. What surprised her was only that Mu Chen could actually grasp the real cultivation method of the Supreme Heart Demon Chant in just a few months.

From the look of it, he had obviously already learned the fundamentals of the chant.

Even Nine Nether marveled about his talent in her heart uncontrollably. This guy indeed has limitless potential.

The countless uncertain and surprised exclamations outside did not, however, cause Mu Chen even the slightest interference. His eyes, which were as deep as black holes, stared quietly at the nine balls of light that enveloped the Ancient Flaming Dragon Blood. His face was filled with an indescribable calmness. With such calmness, even if the earth were to shatter, he would probably not be emotionally moved at all.

That was because the calmness represented an absolute rationality. He would not be shaken at all by any external factors.

This was the Heart Demon State!

Mu Chen's palm gripped lightly on his chest. Inside his heart at the moment was a slowly formed, bean-sized black bead, which others could not see.

That was the Seed of the Heart Demon!

After hitting his heart with the Netherworld Thunder Heart countless times over the past few months, the power of the thunder that infiltrated his heart finally condensed successfully into the Seed of the Heart Demon!

The Seed of the Heart Demon would not cause Mu Chen's powers to increase significantly all of a sudden, but it would provide Mu Chen with an absolute rationality. This rationality would allow Mu Chen to cast his powers in a nearly perfect way.

Furthermore, in this state, nothing would be able to interfere with his mind. In addition, when he faced a life-and-death situation, he could still find the possible ways to survive in the situation with an absolute calmness.

At the moment, Mu Chen had merely condensed the Seed of the Heart Demon. At most, he could only be considered to have reached the first level in the three levels of the Heart Demon State, the Small Heart Demon State. If one day he could reach the Big Heart Demon State, nobody would know how powerful he would be. It was no wonder that the leader of the Lightning God Palace could actually fight against a Heavenly Sovereign by relying on the final Perfect Heart Demon State.

Mu Chen extended his slender fingers and then slowly clenched his fist. He was uncontrollably fascinated by the feeling that he had absolute control and could easily use every bit of his powers.


Outside of the magma, a violent spiritual energy fluctuation spread out all of a sudden. The nine dragons were charging wildly, trying to break through the obstruction from the Great Solar Undying Body so that they could chase Mu Chen out.

"You can feel the danger as well?" Mu Chen's calm face seemed to have smiled. His fingers pointed at the nine drops of Ancient Flaming Dragon Blood from afar.


Just as Mu Chen extended his fingers, the nine drops of Ancient Flaming Dragon Blood actually gave out a violent, deep roar. The blood essence rolled and vaguely, nine tiny Ancient Flaming Dragons seemed to have appeared. Red light bloomed out from the red dragon scales.


The magma in the region started to flow. Faintly, there were actually indications that magma dragons would be condensed once again…

Outside of the array, everyone stared at the scene anxiously. They all wanted to know how Mu Chen, a mere Grade Three Sovereign, could take the blood essence away when the blood was protected by the power of the dragon scales.

Meanwhile, under many watchful eyes, Mu Chen's fingers suddenly gently flicked.

The space seemed to have fluctuated, and an invisible substance gushed out. Right then, a scream-like lightning roar continuously charged out.

The invisible power tore across the magma, leaving nine cracks, and dashed quickly towards the nine drops of Ancient Flaming Dragon Blood like lightning.


The dragon scales guarding the blood essence below suddenly gave out a buzz, and red light burst out. A dragon symbol wandered about in the light, forming the strongest protection and defending the blood essence inside.


However, the nine invisible lightning roars still charged straight forward. In just an instant, as everyone stared, the roars collided with the light formed by the dragon scales.


The two collided, but to everyone's astonishment, no fluctuations appeared on the dragon scale light barrier. Instead, the Ancient Flaming Dragon Blood inside started to fluctuate violently. It seemed as if a miserable roar rang out.

Red light gushed out wildly from the nine drops of Ancient Flaming Dragon Blood, as if they were trying to defend against some attack. But what puzzled everyone was that nothing seemed to have charged in and penetrated the protection of the dragon scales.

Mu Chen looked at the violently vibrating Flaming Dragon Blood quietly with eyes as deep as black holes. His slender fingers flicked again.

Once again, the scream-like lightning roar erupted.


The nine drops of Ancient Flaming Dragon Blood could no longer withstand it and were actually blown out directly. Under many dumbstruck stares, they actively flew out from the light under the protection of the dragon scales.


Mu Chen disappeared from his spot. In the next instant, he already appeared behind the nine drops of Ancient Flaming Dragon Blood. His palm twisted, and an attractive force gushed out fiercely, sucking the nine drops of Ancient Flaming Dragon Blood directly into his palm.


The Ancient Flaming Dragon Blood was still roaring and wanted to struggle, but two streams of spiritual energy quickly gushed out from Mu Chen's palm. Among the spiritual energy, half was burning with purple flames while half had an invisible lightning surging in it.

The two streams of spiritual energy, which had different properties, had reached a perfect equilibrium. Complementing each other, they actually turned into a light barrier and trapped the nine drops of Ancient Flaming Dragon Blood inside.

Such a control of spiritual energy was clearly much more perfect than when Mu Chen was in his usual state. At least, during his normal state, he still could not combine the two types of spiritual energy and could only drive them separately.

Vroom! Vroom!

The Ancient Flaming Dragon Blood was taken away, and intense red light also burst out from the nine pieces of dragon scale, which then charged quickly towards Mu Chen like nine bolts of lightning. Even space was torn apart, leaving behind faint traces.

The attack from the nine pieces of dragon scale was so fast that Mu Chen did not have enough time to dodge.


However, just when the dragon scales were about to hit Mu Chen, the magma was abruptly torn apart. A golden hand stretched out into the depths of the magma and then grabbed Mu Chen.

Bang! Bang!

The dragon scales hit the golden hand, immediately crushing it into pieces. However, when the hand broke, a figure also ascended quickly. In a few breaths' time, he charged out from the surface of the magma sea.

The magma sea surface was already in disorder. Because the Ancient Flaming Dragon Blood was taken away, the nine magma dragons also turned into magma, which poured down as they lost the power to sustain themselves.

The Nine-Nine Flaming Dragon Array had lost its most important source of power and looked very unstable. Clearly, it was about to collapse.

Mu Chen stood in the air and his long, black hair danced in the wind. His deep black eyes stared at Mandela and the rest outside. Still no fluctuations could be seen on his handsome face.

"How can this be..." Everyone was dumbstruck, especially the commanders of the Daluo Celestial Army such as Huo Mei'er and Bing Qing. They blinked their eyes uncontrollably, and their faces were filled with shock.

Mu Chen actually took away nine drops of Ancient Flaming Dragon Blood? When Huo Mei'er was promoted to the great commander, even she had only taken away four drops of blood essence... Could it be that Mu Chen is currently stronger than Huo Mei'er?

That was clearly impossible!

"That's..." Mandela's eyes were similarly locked onto Mu Chen. She said slowly, "The Netherworld Thunder Heart? It's no wonder that it can ignore the protection from the dragon scales and attack the flaming dragon in the blood essence directly."

"Netherworld Thunder Heart?"

Everyone behind her was momentarily puzzled, after which they realized what was happening. The Netherworld Thunder Heart could penetrate physical defenses and explode in a person's soul directly. Its attack mode was extremely unusual. However, they did not expect Mu Chen to actually use it to deal with the Ancient Flaming Dragon Blood.

"The willpower of the Ancient Flaming Dragon had been left behind in the Ancient Flaming Dragon Blood. This kind of willpower is most afraid of such a lightning roar. Hence, he has used a very big trick this time," Mandela said tonelessly.

Everyone quietly heaved a sigh of relief. Fortunately, Mu Chen was using a trick. Otherwise, they would all feel extremely embarrassed because a Grade Three Sovereign had completed what they could not. It was almost like slapping them in the face.

"Then does this count?" Nine Nether asked.

A smile appeared on Mandela's delicate and pretty little face as she said, "Of course he wins. There is no such thing as playing a trick in the world. As long as he can emerge victorious, it does not matter what means he uses. Even if it is just luck, it is still part of his powers.

"He can find the method to crack the array in such a short period of time, and also control the Netherworld Thunder Heart to such an extent. It's not merely coincidence."


As Mandela finished speaking, the huge magma sea suddenly broke apart, turning into a magmfall which poured down into the Daluo Blazing Pool with a rumbling sound.

In the sky, Mu Chen's body trembled gently. His deep, black eyes quickly returned to normal, and his long hair also retracted. In just a few breaths' time, he had returned to his original state.

As Mu Chen left the Heart Demon State, his handsome face also instantly became emotionally vivid. Only now did he have the vitality that he was supposed to have.

As Mu Chen's eyes regained their original intelligence and vitality, Mandela's young voice also leisurely rang out. "From now on, you will be the sixth commander of the Daluo Celestial Army."

Below, the soldiers of the Daluo Celestial Army looked at each other. Then, they all bowed respectfully and folded their hands. Their deep voices rang out together.

"Greetings, sixth commander!"

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