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The Great Meru Demonic Pillar swung down, along with a monstrous ominous aura. The giant shadow fell from the sky, carrying with it a wave of spiritual energy that was surging like a torrent directly towards a red magma dragon.

In the attack, Mu Chen had activated the spiritual energy in his body to its extreme because he could feel the frightening, dangerous fluctuations from the Nine-Nine Flaming Dragon Array. The power contained in the array was definitely beyond his imagination. Thus, if he still chose to conceal his power at the moment, he would only disgrace himself.

The huge shadow dropped down, but the enormous magma dragon showed no signs of dodging it. Its red eyes seemed to be sparkling with disdain. It opened its ferocious mouth, and a beam of red light spurted out. In the sky above, the red light turned into a 1,000-foot-long shield covered with red dragon scales.

The dragon scale shield was flashing with a dazzling light. Although it was not thick, it was emitting a fluctuation that seemed to be indestructible. It floated silently and allowed the huge demonic pillar to forcefully strike down.


The two collided hard into each other. Immediately, the crisp sound of clashing metal could be heard, and a shocking spiritual energy windstorm started to rage.

At the moment of collision, Mu Chen's expression also changed uncontrollably because he could feel the terrifying force bouncing back from the dragon scale shield. The force almost caused the Great Meru Demonic Pillar to be blown away.

Just one magma dragon alone was already so difficult to deal with. If all nine dragons were together, his situation would probably be anything but reassuring.


Just as the thought flashed across Mu Chen's mind, many dragon howls rang out, one after another. Mu Chen lifted his eyes, and his look turned more serious. In the red magma sea, the red eyes of the nine dragons were staring at him. On their enormous bodies, the dragon scales seemed to be standing and were filled with aggression.


The nine large bodies suddenly trembled. Red light burst out, and the red dragon scales on their bodies actually shot out in all directions, pouring towards Mu Chen like a rainstorm.

Every piece of dragon scale was glittering with sharpness. When they tore across space, many faint traces were left behind. Furthermore, they were so large in number that even Mu Chen's face trembled uncontrollably.


He took in a deep breath, and golden light surged in the depths of his black eyes. A burly golden giant appeared around him, and golden light poured out. From afar, it looked as if it were a golden Buddha, and nothing in the world could move it.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The dragon scales continuously bombarded the golden giant from all directions, but when they were about ten feet away from the burly golden giant, they started to explode under the radiance of the golden light. The aftershocks impacted the Great Solar Undying Body, but were not much of a threat because the Great Solar Undying Body had been strengthened with the Daluo Golden Body.

"This guy's Sovereign Celestial Body is quite special." In the Daluo Celestial Army, many soldiers saw the scene, and surprise flashed in their eyes. Clearly, they had felt the uniqueness of the Great Solar Undying Body.

"The power of the Nine-Nine Flaming Dragon Array has just started to be displayed. The next part will be more interesting." Bing Qing folded her arms, and her face was calm. She knew that Mu Chen was not stupid. Since he dared to enter the array, he surely had something to rely on. Therefore, she was not surprised by the fact that Mu Chen was able to easily block the attack.

Nevertheless, the Nine-Nine Flaming Dragon Array was not that weak, either.

Many people in the area stared at the turbulent magma sea. There, the golden giant still stood quietly. In the silence, a stunning pressure spread out.


Deep and clear dragon howls erupted along with an intense dragon pressure. The nine dragons coiled up, and red light blinked on their bodies. The dragon scales that had previously been ejected grew out again. Red light surged in their eyes and finally, they opened their monstrous mouths simultaneously.


Immediately, the magma sea started to become very rough, and nine enormous pillars of magma charged into the sky. Red light ascended along the pillars in the magma. The red light eventually broke out of the magma and turned into nine ancient runes in the sky covered in magma and burning with flames.

The nine magma runes were fire-red. When they appeared, the temperature in the whole region started to increase, and even space itself became red. From afar, it looked extremely majestic, as if the flames were burning the sky.

"Those are the Nine Dragon Sky-burning Runes." The looks from Bing Qing and the rest all turned solemn, and their expressions became serious. Obviously, they were not unfamiliar with this deadly attack in the Nine-Nine Flaming Dragon Array. In the past, when they were trying to get through the Nine-Nine Flaming Dragon Array, they were often defeated at this stage.


When the nine magma runes appeared, the whole place was instantly lit, and flames soared into the sky. Eventually, they turned into nine red beams of light and started revolving around Mu Chen, staying about 10,000 feet away from him, as if they were burning meteors streaking crossing the sky. At once, the space around Mu Chen started to distort at an obvious pace, and the temperature was so terrifying that even space seemed to be melting away.

Mu Chen's look also turned particularly dignified. He could feel the terrifying heat sweeping towards him. Under the temperature, even the surface of the Great Solar Undying Body, which had been strengthened with the Daluo Golden Body, was starting to dim.

I can't let these nine runes continue running. Mu Chen frowned. As the nine ancient magma runes circled, the heat released became more intense. If they were to continue, even the Great Solar Undying Body would probably not be able to tolerate it.

The Nine-Nine Flaming Dragon Array was indeed not easy to deal with.

Mu Chen closed his lips firmly. He stood on the Great Solar Undying Body's head, and his hands slowly extended out from his sleeves. Then, two different types of spiritual energy gushed out from separate palms, one burning with purple flames, and the other flashing with an invisible lightning.

Bing Qing and the rest immediately exclaimed in surprise. "Huh, it's actually spiritual energy with two very different elements." Being sharp-eyed, they could naturally tell that the spiritual energy on Mu Chen's palms had been fused with strong and unique powers.


The nine magma runes trembled and turned into nine burning meteors crossing the sky and charging towards Mu Chen.

Waves of hot air whizzed overhead, and the terrifying temperature caused the golden light around the Great Solar Undying Body to continuously shrink. Meanwhile, Mu Chen's expression turned sharp. The nine magma runes were too powerful so if he got hit by one, even the Great Solar Undying Body would be damaged.

Thus, he must weaken their powers.

Mu Chen stomped his foot and charged into the sky while his palms pushed out as if he were going to move mountains and drain seas. Right away, two amazing waterfalls of spiritual energy swept out. Among the two spiritual energy waterfalls, one was filled with purple flames, and the other had the sound of the Netherworld Thunder Heart. At the moment, Mu Chen still could not fuse the two types of spiritual energy together perfectly, but even when they were separate, they were still far more powerful than the spiritual energy of an ordinary Grade Three Sovereign.

The two waterfalls, which contained all of Mu Chen's spiritual energy, swept out and collided head-on with the burning meteors formed by two of the magma runes.


Even the sky seemed to tremble in that instant. In the magma sea, many gigantic waves swelled and then crashed down all over the place.

Everyone squinted and stared at the region of collision. As the magma poured down, the two burning meteors formed by the two magma runes also exploded.

"He can crush the Sky-burning Runes even though he is a Grade Three Sovereign?" Some of the people were rather surprised. The power of even one Nine Dragon Sky-burning Rune was sufficient to make a Grade Three Sovereign helpless. All nine had been out, and even if a Grade Three Sovereign used all his powers, he would not be able to break any of the runes. However, Mu Chen had actually broken two of them.

"His spiritual energy was fused with some powerful and unique elements." Huo Mei'er's charming eyes blinked gently, and she was able to tell at once the reason for Mu Chen's powerful spiritual energy.

"However, it is far from sufficient to break just two Sky-burning Runes."

In the array, Mu Chen seemed to know what everyone was thinking. He looked at the magma pouring down from the sky, and his hands suddenly started to quickly form a seal. Then, in the sky, a strange fluctuation rippled.

Nine Nether, Huo Mei'er, and the lords' expressions all changed slightly. Clearly, they felt something.

"What's that?" Bing Qing and the rest suddenly exclaimed in surprise. In the sky above Mu Chen, space started to distort violently, and three black lotuses emerged out of thin air. Their appearance was quite sudden, and their fluctuations were also very different from the usual spiritual energy attacks.

Finally, someone shouted out loud, "It's a spiritual array!" The complicated array runes and the unique spiritual energy fluctuation actually belonged to a real spiritual array.

"This guy is actually also a spiritual array master?" Bing Qing and everyone else's mouths fell open wide. Mu Chen's hidden strategy was obviously beyond their expectations. After all, they had never seen Mu Chen cast a spiritual array.

The spiritual array with the three black lotuses was clearly the Butchering Demonic Lotus Spiritual Array. As Mu Chen's powers and understanding of spiritual arrays grew, the Butchering Demonic Lotus Spiritual Array he had arranged was surely stronger than arrays he had arranged in the past.

Vroom! Vroom! Vroom!

The three black lotuses shot out and turned into three black beams of light, colliding into three of the Sky-burning Runes. As the spiritual energy raged, another three Sky-burning Runes were crushed.

However, there were still four Sky-burning Runes, which broke through the many attacks and moved quickly towards Mu Chen, appearing about 1,000 feet away from him. Immediately, the space started to fiercely distort as if it were going to burn.

This time, it was already too late to intercept the attack.

Everyone stared nervously at Mu Chen. Now, what else can he do?


Under their stares, Mu Chen exhaled gently. He put his hands together and at the same time, the huge hands of the Great Solar Undying Body also folded. A fierce expression appeared on Mu Chen's handsome face.

Since I cannot intercept them, I will collide with them head-on!

My Great Solar Undying Body is not as weak as you all think!

Brilliant golden light erupted from between the eyebrows of the Great Solar Undying Body, as if a golden sun were slowly rising. In the end, the light enveloped the entire Great Solar Undying Body like gilt.

The four Sky-burning Runes crashed towards him and eventually collided forcefully onto the huge Great Solar Undying Body like meteorites.


The space itself trembled, and many huge cracks spread like a spider web as the red light engulfed everything.

Everyone stared at the scene, riveted.

"Four Sky-burning Runes are already sufficient to severely injure a Grade Four Sovereign!" someone in the Daluo Celestial Army said in a soft voice. Some other people also shook their heads in silence. Mu Chen's performance was not bad, but it was very difficult to stop the nine Sky-burning Runes.


However, just as their voices diminished, the eyes of some people narrowed.

Everyone stared at the place where magma was pouring out. There, a golden giant stepped out into the air. A golden sun floated behind its head, and golden light shone out in all directions as if it were an indestructible Buddha. Its shocking stance caused many people to quietly gasp.

That was because the golden giant was actually not injured at all!

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