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Daluo Territory had finally achieved victory in the Battle of Conquest against the Hundred Battle Territory. All the information regarding the battle spread like wildfire the moment the battle ended, and it finally reached the ears of the various forces who had paid great interests in the battle.

Looking from another perspective, the results were still within expectations as everyone knew that the abilities and potentials of Daluo Territory were much stronger than the Hundred Battle Territory. If the Hundred Battle Territory did not have the support from Tian Xuan Hall, it was highly unlikely that they would have had the guts to provoke Daluo Territory.

However, although the results were as expected, many forces were still taken aback by the process of the battle. According to the information that they had gotten, Daluo Territory had been stabbed in the back in this so-called prizefight. Nobody had expected the Spiritual Corpse King of the Demonic Corpse Sect to resort to such cunning and ruthless ways to hurt Lord Asura by combusting his own Undead Demonic Corpse, all for the sake of winning the round for the Hundred Battle Territory.

From that very moment onward, Daluo Territory immediately spiralled downwards. Everyone believed that Daluo Territory was at a distinct disadvantage as Qin Bei, the last representative of the Hundred Battle Territory, seemed to be far more experienced than the new commander of Daluo Territory.

As everyone was fixated on this mentality, Mu Chen, who seemed like he was going to be defeated in the third battle, turned the tables on his opponent and won the battle instead. Everyone's jaws dropped. 

Nobody had ever expected that a young commander with the mere ability of a Grade Two Sovereign could be able to turn the tide to his favor. Not only was he undefeated, he was even able to pull out of the fire and crush Qin Bei, who had almost achieved the status of a Grade Four Sovereign.

Due to this unexpected battle, the tables were turned in favor of Daluo Territory, and they finally achieved victory. Such results were evidently rather comedic, as anyone in their right mind would not be able to initially imagine that the final, most significant battle to regain the honor of Daluo Territory would fall on the shoulders of a low-ranking commander. 

Besides, the confrontation between Mu Chen and the young lord of Tian Xuan Hall that happened at the end of the battle had also circulated around the territory. This had undoubtedly caused a stir among the crowd.

The commotion obviously had a negative effect on Mu Chen. The majority of the people assumed that Mu Chen was a proud and flimsy newbie who had taken advantage of Liu Yan's reputation to rise in ranks. They were not to be blamed for their assumptions, as Mu Chen was too inexperienced in comparison to Liu Yan, who was already known as one of the most powerful youths in the North Territory. Although he had recently shot to fame after defeating Qin Bei, it was still insufficient to prove his worth.

The gap between them was still too wide.

No matter what others said, at least a name who was once unknown was now publicized all over the North Territory. Many forces knew that a rather capable new commander named Mu Chen had appeared in Daluo Territory...

Although they were unsure if this figure was just a one hit wonder in the arena of talents in the North Territory, at the very least, Mu Chen now started to shine a little brighter than he did before.

However, it remained a mystery as to whether this new star would be able to make himself known throughout the North Territory. Perhaps the public still needed to see if he would be able to truly transform his hidden potential into actual strength.

Evidently, the answer would be revealed to everyone in the upcoming Dragon-Phoenix Rift, as the young lord of Tian Xuan Hall, Liu Yan, would definitely not let him off the hook.

While the news about the battle between Daluo Territory and the Hundred Battle Territory circulated around the North Territory, Mu Chen was enjoying some peace and quiet after the war at the Nine Nether Palace. Although the Nine Nether Palace seemed pretty busy, as they were going to receive a large amount of cities, Mu Chen and Nine Nether did not have to worry about it at all as Tang Bing, the supervisor, was overseeing everything.

Besides, after the war ended, everyone in the Nine Nether Palace sensed that their position had increased tremendously in Daluo Territory. Not only did the slanderous gossip stop circulating, but various forces also started treating them courteously when they met each other. Plus, the Blood Hawk Palace, who had always treated the Nine Nether Palace like an eyesore, recently started avoiding them. Clearly, they did not dare to size them up with disdain like they did before.

The reason behind the sudden change of attitude was due to the fact that the Nine Nether Palace had performed brilliantly in the battle, and all the more so because the Dominator of Daluo Territory had came forward to protect Mu Chen and Nine Nether in the final battle...

The Dominator was still the only ruler of Daluo Territory. Her words were absolute. Even someone as harsh and cruel as the Blood Hawk King did dare to display even a slight hint of arrogance as he stood before the Dominator of Daluo Territory. The fact that the Dominator of Daluo Territory had openly expressed her care and concern toward Mu Chen and Nine Nether was sufficient to frighten those who were resentful toward him.

The back hill of the Nine Nether Palace.

Mu Chen sat cross-legged on the peak. He closed his eyes tightly. Invisible thunderbolts coiled around his body, and the wailing sound of thunder boomed in the sky.

The sound of thunder was like a gunshot to the ears. Its movements were also rather abnormal. If there were passersby around the vicinity, they would feel as if the roaring thunder had penetrated into their minds, and it would send them into a state of hysteria.

This thunderous sound was known as the Netherworld Thunder Heart. Currently, Mu Chen was still using the powers of the Netherworld Thunder Heart to cultivate the Supreme Heart Demon Chant, which he had obtained from the depths of the Thunder Magic Abyss.

The roaring thunder went on for an hour before Mu Chen slowly opened his eyes. He put his palm on his chest, right over his heart. After his heart was bombarded by the Netherworld Thunder Heart numerous times, he could feel the power of the Heart Demon becoming even stronger. However, Mu Chen still felt a little disappointed, as he was still unable to condense the so-called Seed of the Heart Demon.

I guess it is pretty difficult to cultivate the Supreme Heart Demon Chant. Mu Chen curled his lip in frustration. However, if it could be easily cultivated, then the Supreme Heart Demon Chant would not be as terrifying as it seemed to be.

He lowered his head and gazed down at the Nine Nether Palace. Although it was already late at night, the Nine Nether Palace still seemed extremely busy. With the aid of this battle, the Nine Nether Palace had obtained a huge amount of resources. Under the command of Nine Nether, they had even recruited about 4,000 backup soldiers for the Nine Nether Troop. Evidently, their combat abilities were still a far cry from the Nine Nether Troop, thus more training needed to be done.

However, overall, the Nine Nether Palace seemed to be thriving. They no longer looked lifeless like they did a year ago.

All these transformations came about after Nine Nether's return and the emergence of Mu Chen. Mu Chen felt a tremendous sense of satisfaction about the little changes that he had brought about.

"Is this the Netherworld Thunder Heart?"

While Mu Chen was still immersed in the changes of the Nine Nether Palace, a rather peculiar childish voice suddenly rang out from behind him. Mu Chen was shocked. He quickly turned around and was immediately greeted by the sight of a little girl who was standing on top of a giant rock. The little girl wore a black dress that revealed her fair calves. She seemed to be caught off guard as well.

It was no other than Mandela, the Dominator of Daluo Territory.

When Mu Chen saw Mandela, he quickly stood up and gave her a forced grin. Previously, he had acted too casually around her. Thus, he felt a little awkward having to act formally and respectfully around her now. 

"You could just treat me as Mandela." Mandela glanced at Mu Chen with her golden eyes. Her little hands cupped her cheeks as she said, "Plus, I'm pretty sure that you will not treat me respectfully even if I'm the Dominator of Daluo Territory. So, you should stop being pretentious."

Mu Chen smiled awkwardly. He feared the powers of the Dominator of Daluo Territory, but it was rather impossible for him to sincerely express his respect from the depths of his heart. Although Mandela had read him like a book, he quickly smiled in a casual manner. "Thank you very much."

He was evidently talking about the day when Mandela had stepped forward to protect him and Nine Nether. He was not an idiot. He knew that Mandela had paid a huge price just to protect them.

"You have contributed greatly to Daluo Territory. If I choose to abandon you in a blink of an eye, many people will be bitterly disappointed," Mandela said carelessly.

Mu Chen touched his nose. It sounded a little funny to hear such words being uttered by an Earth Sovereign. Since Mandela's powers were extremely strong, the so-called loyalty was in truth a sense of fear toward her. Thus, she was not worried about the people's loyalty to her.

"Besides, since you have helped me, I'll definitely return the favor." Mandela's words sounded as if she had given it a lot of thought. This made Mu Chen speechless. Indeed, in her eyes, the only time he helped her seemed to carry more significance than the times he helped Daluo Territory. 

"Here." Mandela waved her little hand abruptly. A beam of rainbow-like rays lashed out toward Mu Chen. He caught it in his hands and was stunned at the sight as he lowered his head. A translucent jade bottle had appeared in his palms. The jade bottle seemed to be filled with a crystal-like liquid. An overwhelming wave of spiritual energy emanated from the bottle.

"This is…" Mu Chen looked stunned as he stared at Mandela.

"This bottle contains 200,000 drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid. All thanks to you, we managed to win the three battles against the Hundred Battle Territory. So, this is considered a reward for you," said Mandela nonchalantly.

Mu Chen felt a little dizzy after he was given the huge amount of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid. They had only managed to obtain about 100,000 drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid after wasting so much effort to ransack the Thunder Magic Sect. Plus, he did not keep any of it for himself, as he was aware that the Nine Nether Palace needed a huge amount of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid to sustain their development.

The Sovereign Spiritual Liquid was essential to the training of a Sovereign Master, as it sped up the training process tremendously. Plus, in order for Mu Chen to activate the Sovereign Super Powers of the Great Solar Undying Body, he would need gallons of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid. However, he was currently too broke, and he had been stressing about this issue. He did not expect that 200,000 drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid would suddenly appear just like that. He was giddy with happiness.

Mu Chen held the jade bottle in his hands. Although he had initially intended to reject her offer in pretense, he still curled his lip and accepted it without any hesitation. He then earnestly nodded at Mandela. "Thanks."

Mandela stood up from the giant rock. As the wind blew across the night sky, her knee-long hair blew madly in the wind. It made the little girl look extremely frail at that very moment. She looked at Mu Chen and said, "After three months, you will be representing Daluo Territory at the Dragon-Phoenix Rift. Liu Yan will definitely find a way to gang up on you. Thus, I'll train you personally in these three months. If you fail to reach the expected standards when the time comes, you'll be disqualified from taking part in the rift."

Although she sounded calm, there was still an underlying sense of authority in her voice.

As her voice faded, she turned around and floated away, leaving a dumbstruck Mu Chen, who was still holding the jade bottle in his hands.

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