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The repercussions of the daunting spiritual energy still lingered in the sky. The top powers looked at the small little figure with their mouths wide open. Who would have thought that such a pretty little girl would surface out from the glow?!

This was indeed most shocking! To realize that...the most renowned figure in the North Territory, the Dominator of Daluo, was actually a little girl?! Everyone had dazed looks on their faces.

"She is the Dominator of Daluo?" Nine Nether, Tang Bing, and the rest of the top powers from Nine Nether Palace, all of whom had seen Mandela before, had unbelievable looks on their faces and murmured in unison.

Mu Chen was also dumbfounded. He slowly recovered from the initial shock, but still was feeling a little lost amid his thoughts. No wonder she could sleep and cultivate in the Daluo Golden Pool, could roam around freely in the Daluotian without the worry of being discovered, and possessed such a daunting strength…So, she is actually the mysterious Dominator of Daluo!

"No wonder she protected us." Nine Nether cast a glance at Mu Chen, as she finally understood why the callous Dominator of Daluo had ignored the attractive deals given by Liu Tiandao, choosing instead to protect them. The reason was undoubtedly due to the relationship between her and Mu Chen.

Mu Chen wore a bitter smile. He did not think he shared an in-depth relationship with Mandela, except helping each other out in previous times of need. So, he appreciated her withstanding the tremendous amount of stress involved in making the decision to protect them.

In the sky, Mandela was not bothered about the commotion caused by revealing her identity. Her golden eyes swept across the entire space, silencing the commotion at the side of the Daluo Territory with just one stare.

No one dared meet these golden eyes of hers, as the coldness and awe within them were sufficient to cast fear in the bravest soul. As Mandela swept her calm gaze around, they snapped out of their dazed states immediately.

Although the little girl image looked cute, she was still the Dominator of Daluo, regardless of how her appearance had changed. After all, a mere sentence from her could still decide between their very lives and deaths. 

The Condor King and the Spiritual Pupil King took a look at Mandela secretly with astonishment. This is the first time that they had seen Mandela's original feminine appearance. Only the Sleeping King had a calm look on his face, as it seemed like he had known about this beforehand.

"No one would have thought that the original outlook of the renowned Dominator of Daluo is that of a little girl. You have a peculiar taste." Liu Tiandao gave a sneer, while staring at Mandela.

With their strength levels, they are free to change their appearances, according to their individual tastes and preferences. As such, Liu Tiandao assumed that Mandela had transformed into her current look. Otherwise, logically speaking, she would not be able to have such dominant strength, that of an Earthly Sovereign, at her current age.

But Mandela had no evident expression on her face, despite his mockery. She said calmly, "Liu Tiandao, even if you used up all of your strength today, you would not be able to take anyone from my hands. Stop your fruitless acts, and leave now."

After she recovered her original look, her usual screeching, husky voice turned crisp, clear, and innocent. But to most of the top powers, her innocent voice was even more mysterious and eerie than before. Ultimately, behind that little body and innocent voice, lay the greatness and cruelty of a sovereign.

Liu Tiandao had a cold radiance in his eyes. He knew that what Mandela had said was true. In the previous match just now, he could feel that Mandela possessed a higher level of strength than him. If a fight were to break out, he would not have many advantages.

"Seems like you are determined to become enemies with Tian Xuan Hall," Liu Tiandao said coldly.

"Aren't we enemies already?" Mandela inferred.

"Heh, fine." Liu Tiandao gave an angry laugh and nodded. He then cast a ghastly look at Mandela, saying, "I will remember what the Dominator of Daluo said today. I hope you will remain tough in the Big Hunting War."

The Condor King and the rest all changed their expressions when they heard this. The Big Hunting War was too gruesome, as the top forces were taken over each time.

Moreover, the Daluo Territory had been making more and more enemies. Thus, adding Tian Xuan Hall onto the growing enemy list was the worst news possible for them.

However, Mandela was still looking indifferent, despite Liu Tiandao's threats. This left Liu Tiandao quite upset.

The man in white, who had attacked Mu Chen and was countered by Nine Nether, stepped forward suddenly. He stared at Mu Chen, saying calmly, "Looks like you are the person who will top the younger generation among the Daluo Territory."

Mu Chen frowned. As he was looking at this man in white, he could sense a tinge of danger emanating from him. He must be a formidable opponent.

"Who are you?" Mu Chen asked.

"Liu Yan from Tian Xuan Hall." The man in white smiled.

Nine Nether's beautiful eyes sharpened. Then, she said softly, "He is the young master of Tian Xuan Hall, and he is also the big brother of Liu Ming. With such strength as he possesses, he is being considered as one of the most outstanding among the younger generation of the North Territory. He is much more powerful than Liu Ming."

Mu Chen felt a tremble in his heart. This man was indeed a difficult opponent.

"Looks like I will not be able to dissipate your spiritual energy today, but it's alright. I believe you will be representing the Daluo Territory in the Dragon-Phoenix Rift in the North Territory. We will meet each other then." Liu Yan gave a smile to Mu Chen, but the smile was one that sent chills down one's spine.

Mu Chen squinted both his eyes. Liu Yan had excellent foresight. After the matches today, his reputation in the commander level of the Daluo Territory would certainly rise exponentially. Even Xu Qing and Zhou Yue were unable to surpass him. So, the only qualification for the upcoming Dragon-Phoenix Rift would obviously be his.

Given the current situation, Liu Yan was going to attend the Dragon-Phoenix Rift too. If they met each other then, there would surely be no one able to protect him anymore.

But… Liu Yan thought he could bully him easily.

Mu Chen laughed out loud, while he looked at Liu Yan. "Well, we shall wait and see then. But, I hope you will be careful. Otherwise, you will become a mere stepping stone of mine."

Liu Yan gave a grin, while his jade fan was knocking against his palm. He did not say much, but his lips curved in a mocking arc, belittling Mu Chen silently.

Clearly, he had not taken the young man, who had just achieved outstanding results in the previous battles, to heart. It was not because he was arrogant, but rather that he was the future master of Tian Xuan Hall, and hence, much more superior in his qualifications and level.

Liu Tiandao was quite satisfied with Liu Yan's speech, as it allowed many of them to save face. Although they would have to wait until the Dragon-Phoenix Rift to take their revenge, it was not a big deal. As long as Mu Chen dared to participate, he would be doomed! And, if Mu Chen chickened out and gave up his seat, Liu Tiandao would still have his ways of embarrassing the Daluo Territory.

"This time, Dominator of Daluo, you won. But I hope you can have the last laugh."

Liu Tiandao looked at Mandela again, an eerie smile curling at his lips. He said casually, "Oh, I have heard that the Netherworld Celestial Sovereign from the Netherworld Palace has returned from his meditation. He seemed to be holding a grudge against you for the plot you set up that caused him to be hurt…"

Upon hearing "Netherworld Celestial Sovereign", the formerly emotionless face of Mandela finally showed a slight change. Mu Chen also knit his eyebrows tightly.

He had now fully comprehended the various forces within the North Territory. He also knew the mightiness of the Netherworld Palace. They were the oldest, yet one of the most formidable, forces within the North Territory. Since they were able to survive three to four rounds of the Big Hunting War, it was clear that they had daunting powers.

Since Netherworld Celestial Sovereign was the master of Netherworld Palace, he must possess an unpredictable level of strength. But Mu Chen did not expect there would be a personal feud between Mandela and him. It sure did seem like danger was lurking everywhere in this Daluo Continent!

Liu Tiandao spotted the slight change in Mandela's expression, and he laughed out loud with relief. Without speaking any more words, he swung his robe sleeves, embracing both Liu Yan and Liu Ming in a light glow, then flew off into a twisted space.

Mandela watched as Liu Tiandao left. A cold radiance was sharpening within her golden pupils, but all she did was give a cold humph. Her beautiful golden eyes turned to stare at Sword-hiding Elder and the rest of the elders from the Hundred Battle Territory.

Without the leadership of Liu Tiandao, Sword-hiding Elder and the rest of the elders got goosebumps while standing under her gaze. They did not dare meet her eyes' intense gaze.

"Hand over the millions of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid and the thousand cities within three days. If there is any delay, I will come looking for all of you, then disband your sect." Mandela projected her calm voice in the air, causing those top powers in the Hundred Battle Territory to shiver.

Mandela did not continue after her last sentence. Instead, she turned around and took a look at Mu Chen, before her little body shook, then vanished into thin air.

"Withdraw troops!"

Just before she disappeared, a faint voice, carrying her last words, called out.

As the palm of Third Prince waved, he started to withdraw the massive troops in an orderly manner. The breaking sound of the wind came furiously all of a sudden, and the scene was magnificent.

Sword-hiding Elder watched as the Daluo Army withdrew. His face was flashing with anger, and he could not help but grit his teeth. "It was all because of that unforgivable fellow!"

If Mu Chen had not won the last match, they would not have been so embarrassed!

Old Corpse Ghost trembled his lips, then said coldly, "Let them be complacent for now. Once the Dragon-Phoenix Rift begins, that rascal will be doomed."

Other top powers nodded in agreement. Apparently, in their hearts, the ending of Mu Chen and Liu Yan's battle had already been predetermined.

The saddest thing that could happen to a genius was for him to meet a more outstanding genius. In their eyes, Mu Chen was former, while Liu Yan was the latter.

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