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Apparently, Mandela was serious about the training she had mentioned. So, on the next day, when Mu Chen was inspecting the Nine Nether Troop reserve team, he saw a little girl wearing a black dress arrive by walking on the sky. Upon her arrival, she landed on a stone lion statue. With her tiny hands crossed in front of her chest, her golden eyes stared at him flatly.

"Greetings Master Dominator!" Mandela's sudden appearance had made the high authorities of Nine Nether Palace hastily bow. Even Nine Nether herself bowed to welcome Mandela.

Mandela gently nodded her head. Then, she directed her golden eyes towards Mu Chen and said, "Come with me."

Mu Chen put on a long face. He never would have thought that Mandela's way of life would be so swift and strict. She was actually going to do the thing she had discussed just yesterday, right now!

However, since Mandela had already come here herself, he naturally had to respect her. So, he told Nine Nether the whole story. When Nine Nether heard that Mandela was actually going to train Mu Chen in person, she could not help but show a glimpse of surprise in her eyes.

Since she had already stayed in the Daluo Territory for quite some time, she naturally knew that the Master Dominator was not normally approachable. For example, Mandela would not pay extra attention to her underlings.

So, it was needless to say that things like wasting time on training someone in person, well.....were extraordinary. Hence, the attention that the Dominator of Daluo was giving to Mu Chen was nearly unbelievable.

Nine Nether's beautiful eyes turned towards Mu Chen. Seeing his bitter face, she could not help but whisper, "Don't you take this undeserved gain for granted. Since the Dominator intends to train you, you should not turn down her good will."

To receive the teaching of a Sovereign with Earthly Sovereign class was a great fortune, one that countless people could only wish for. Thus, it was totally intolerable that Mu Chen was still showing a bitter look about this opportunity.

Mu Chen smiled helplessly. He knew that Mandela's teaching was invaluable, it was just that he could not adjust to her high social status right away.

Mandela did not say anything. After giving Mu Chen a look with her golden eyes, she turned around and stepped on the air to depart. Seeing this, Mu Chen greeted everyone and hastily followed her, leaving them with only their jealous looks to keep them company.


In the high altitude of Daluotian, with a light stride of her tiny feet, she teleported a distance of 1000 feet. Behind her, Mu Chen had transformed into a streamer and followed hastily. However, no matter how much he increased his speed, he still could not surpass the petite figure in front of him.

It seemed that Mandela had noticed this, as she had slowed down her speed to position herself next to him, thus allowing them to travel side by side. In that sky, there were many powerful people that passed by from time to time. When these people saw the two of them, they quickly bowed and left. It was only after the two were in the distance, that these powerful people stared at Mu Chen's figure with a surprised look. Apparently, they were shocked by the fact that a puny commander like Mu Chen could travel side by side with the Dominator of Daluo!

Looking at Mandela, Mu Chen could not help but ask, "Where are we going?"

Mandela's golden eyes were fixated in front of her, and she did not answer Mu Chen directly, saying, "Among the younger generation in the North Territory, Liu Yan's strength is enough to be among the top five. From my estimation, he should be at Grade Four Sovereign right now."

She looked at Mu Chen and continued. "Do not compare Qin Bei's Grade Four Sovereign with Liu Yan. Qin Bei just borrowed the strength of the pill to break through. If he fought with Liu Yan head-on, he could not even last 10 rounds."

Mu Chen made a slightly more dignified face. He had fought Qin Bei before, so naturally he knew how tough he was. Even though he had used all of his tricks, Mu Chen barely defeated Qin Bei under the premise of being heavily injured himself. And now, Mandela was telling him that Qin Bei could not last 10 rounds against Liu Yan.

Although he knew that Liu Yan was no ordinary person, he never thought that he would be as strong as this! The young hall master of Xuantian Temple was indeed living up to his name.

"Right now, if you duel with Liu Yan, the chance of victory is extremely low."

Mandela was not reserved in her choice of words. Mu Chen only smiled in response. Although he was not afraid, it did not mean that he was an idiot. After all, he was still a Grade Two Sovereign right now.

The reason he could defeat Qin Bei was that he had borrowed the Great Solar Undying Body and the Nine Dragon Nine Elephant Art. However, even though the power of these was formidable, it did not mean that he could ignore the limitation of the grade. It was already unimaginable that he was able to defeat Qin Bei by surpassing his grade. If he wanted to defeat Liu Yan, who was even stronger than Qin Bei right now, it would require more than a miracle.

"All the participants of the Dragon-Phoenix Rift are outstanding people from the young generation of North Territory, and therefore, they are older than you. Thus, when you face them, this would be to your disadvantage," Mandela told him flatly.

Mu Chen nodded. In this type of battle, as long a person fulfilled the requirements, nobody cared about his exact age. All of them would only look at the result, regardless of how beautifully the person fought.

"That is why, in this three months, you must raise your power to Grade Three Sovereign. Otherwise, no matter how many tricks you have, you won't go far in the Dragon-Phoenix Rift."

Mu Chen's mouth corner twitched. He just broke through to Grade Two Sovereign recently, and now he had to break through again, in such a short period as three months?! The difficulty of achieving this was extraordinarily high.

However, he also knew that Mandela's words were true. No matter how many tricks one had, their level of strength of spiritual energy was the most important thing. Without the vital support of spiritual power, even if he had the Great Solar Undying Body, he would only have a strong defense externally, not a strong offensive power.

"It seems quite hard," Mu Chen said honestly, while scratching his head.

"With me around, there will be nothing that is hard." Mandela turned her head, a smile emerging from that exquisite tiny face of hers. But, when Mu Chen saw that smile, it filled him with chilled sensations and made him shudder.

As the two talked, Mandela's speed gradually slowed down. When Mu Chen lifted his head, he saw a vast black mountain range. Mandela was bringing him directly to the most majestic black giant peak on the entire mountain range.

When Mu Chen's feet landed on that mountain peak, he instantly felt a hot sensation surge into his body, rising up from his sole. This feeling was like stepping on boiling lava.

However, when the hot sensation flowed into his body, Mu Chen was surprised to find that the hot sensation had actually turned into a string of spiritual energy that diffused into his body! Eventually, it then refined into the powerful spiritual energy that was now circulating in his meridians.

"What is this place?" Mu Chen asked, surprised.

Mandela did not answer, she directly walked towards the most central point of the mountain peak and stopped. When Mu Chen caught up with her, he saw a huge, hollow pit. Looking at the shape more closely, it was actually a volcanic crater!

Mu Chen stood on the edge of the volcanic crater. As he looked down, he could not help but gasp.

The volcano was extremely deep, but one could still vaguely see that, at its depths, was scarlet red lava. It was boiling wildly, releasing heat at an extremely high temperature. Under such conditions, when one breathed the air here, it would felt as if their organs were being ignited.

Mu Chen lightly knit his brows. The lava here did not seem normal at all. As he breathed in the hot air, he felt as if the spiritual power in his body was also becoming heated.

Normal lava could not make the spiritual energy have such a reaction. This volcano did not seem simple at all!

Just when Mu Chen's eyes sparkled with interest, Mandela suddenly grabbed his arm and jumped into the volcano crater. With a flash, the two appeared in the depths of the volcano.

The scarlet red lava was only 1000 feet away now. Suddenly, there was a scary surge of heat that swept towards them, instantly making Mu Chen's skin sting with pain. This situation made him quickly use his spiritual energy to protect his body.


Then, Mu Chen suddenly heard another sound ring out. He quickly turned his head and his pupils shrank.

In the surrounding mountain wall, there appeared numerous black platforms. On those black platforms, were lines of black clothed silhouettes. At this moment, those black clothed silhouettes kneeled on one leg, facing in the direction of Mu Chen and Mandela, with respectful demeanors.

As Mu Chen stared at those mysterious silhouettes, he felt a shock in his heart. This was because he felt that every one of the silhouettes possessed a very strong Spiritual Energy fluctuation, meaning that all of these people had actually broken through to the Sovereign-Level!

"They are my most elite army of the Daluo Territory, the Daluo Celestial Army," Mandela said flatly.

Mu Chen took a deep breath of the air that was as hot as fire. So, this was the strongest and most mysterious army in the Daluo Territory! The number of people in this army might not be more than the Nine Nether Troop, but Mu Chen knew that, if these two armies fought, the Nine Nether Troop could be annihilated by a mere sweep of the Daluo Celestial Army's fighting spirit. This was because every member of the Daluo Celestial Army already possessed the power of a Sovereign-level!

If facing an army that was entirely made up of Sovereign Masters, even the powerful people at the level of the Condor King and the Spiritual Pupil King would not dare underestimate them.


On the numerous black platforms, there were four lines of silhouette that rose into the air to appear in front of Mandela. They then bowed respectfully and said, "Greetings Dominator!"

These four people wore the same black clothes. Their expressions were respectful, but the Spiritual Energy fluctuation released from their bodies gave Mu Chen's heart a shock again. The strength of these four might even have reached the level of Grade 5 Sovereign! The Daluo Territory was definitely true to its name of being the top force of the North Territory!

"There are five commanders in the Daluo Celestial Army, and these are four of them. The remaining one is currently in seclusion," Mandela told Mu Chen with a smile. "And in the following three months, this will be your cultivation place."

The smile on Mandela's small face widened. In the direction that her tiny fingers pointed was special lava, its color so scarlet red that it terrified Mu Chen.

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