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"I reject!"

When the slightly husky, faint voice was heard, the noisy environment suddenly froze, as most of the top powers could not believe their ears.

Mu Chen and Nine Nether, ready to flee, were also shocked.

Even formidable personnel like Liu Tiandao were stunned, too. He looked at the Dominator of Daluo with a dazed expression, as if what he heard was a hallucination.

The people in the Hundred Battle Territory were also showing bewilderment on their faces.

No one had anticipated that the Dominator of Daluo Territory would reject such an attractive deal to protect a Nine Nether Lord and a plain, ordinary commander.

Could the callous Dominator of Daluo Territory suddenly turn into a righteous person all of a sudden? The top powers wore a peculiar expression on their faces as they felt the irony of the situation.

The Condor King, who had a stern expression on his face, felt relieved. His eyes were filled with gratitude. He had been a follower of the Dominator of Daluo for many years, and he knew perfectly how cold-blooded he was. The Condor King was almost certain that given his character, the Dominator of Daluo would definitely sacrifice Nine Nether and Mu Chen. But the situation took a sudden turn.

Though the Spiritual Pupil King had a mixed expression on his face, he did not say anything. The Sleeping King looked at the Dominator of Daluo in astonishment, then turned his gaze to Mu Chen and Nine Nether. His eyes flickered with thoughts.

"Dominator of Daluo, do you know what you are saying?!" Liu Tiandao was ultimately an Earthly Sovereign. He came to his senses quickly, and there was slight anger in his cold expression.

"I don't need you to tell me what to say," the Dominator of Daluo said calmly. "These are my people. I have to protect them."

"Heh, when did the ruthless Dominator of Daluo learn to talk about ties and comradeship? Are you insulting my intelligence?" Liu Tiandao laughed in anger. On this Tianluo Continent, the law of the jungle applied. Anyone or anything could be betrayed as long as the benefit was right. Moreover, it was only a Grade Five Sovereign and a young commander at the Grade Two Sovereign level. Liu Tiandao felt the choice that he has just made was a joke.

"I want to be a good person now. Won't you let me be one?" The Dominator laughed coldly.

Liu Tiandao's blood was boiling, and his veins could be seen on his forehead. He took a deep breath and said, "These two people have stolen the treasure that my son had bid on. They even got an Earthly Sovereign to seal him off, resulting in his spiritual energy dissipating. If I do not avenge him, I will not be able to make a stand in the North Territory anymore."

Mu Chen retorted, "Hmph, this is sheer nonsense! It was Liu Ming who was eyeing our treasure first. He tried to kill us along with the elders. We did that in self-defense, and he deserved it."

Mu Chen heaved a sigh of relief when he saw that the Dominator of Daluo was determined to protect them. He smiled coldly and said, "It was the Queen of the Martial Border who sealed him. If Tian Xuan Hall has the guts, head to the Martial Border and avenge him there!"

All of the people were shocked when they heard Mu Chen. Even Liu Tiandao and the Dominator of Daluo fluctuated their spiritual energy. The name, "Queen of the Martial Border" seemed to have made an impact on them.

Martial Border was the real mighty power in the Great Thousand World. Even though Daluo Territory and Tian Xuan Hall were considered to be top forces, they paled into insignificance by comparison.

Liu Tiandao would not have dared to look for trouble from the Queen of the Martial Border, Ling Qingzhu, even if he had infinitely more guts.

Mu Chen knew this perfectly well, thus he brought up the name of Martial Border.

Liu Tiandao stared at Mu Chen coldly before saying, "You little rascal spouting nonsense! Who do you think you are to seek help from the Queen of the Martial Border? This is absolutely a joke!"

Having said this, Liu Tiandao still could not help but twitch the sides of his lips, as he had seen the mountain that had trapped his son. The trap was so powerful that he could not break its seal. In the end, it was a great man who saved Liu Ming. That kind of power is even more daunting than any ordinary Earthly Sovereign.

And apparently, the Queen of the Martial Border was capable of doing it.

Liu Tiandao flickered his eyes as ruthlessness gathered within them. It did not matter if the Queen of the Martial Border had done it, as long as he could vent his anger once Mu Chen and Nine Nether were taken out.

He did not believe that Mu Chen had any relationship with the daunting Queen of the Martial Border, given his insignificant position.

"Since the Dominator of Daluo refuses to hand over these people, I will have to do it myself!"

Liu Tiandao stepped forward, and the sky immediately darkened. He pointed his palm towards Mu Chen and Nine Nether, and tightly clenched his fist.


The air around them suddenly exploded. The bright-colored spiritual energy seeped through the air from the explosion, and eventually turned into a powerful spiritual cell, trapping both Mu Chen and Nine Nether in it.

The cell was sparkling with a metal glow as it was created by a very pure spiritual energy. It was indestructible, and the quality of the cell was so superior that it was not what Mu Chen and Nine Nether had expected.

This was the symbolic play of the Earthly Sovereign, as they were the only ones who could cultivate such pure spiritual energy from the earth. In a few moves, the strength of the divine technique displayed was much more powerful than those which Mu Chen displayed with all of his might.

Mu Chen and Nine Nether had a change in their expressions. They immediately activated their spiritual energy, but their attack fell onto the spiritual cell without even shaking it a bit.

They were still unable to counter the attack from an Earthly Sovereign with their abilities now.

"Hmph, arresting my people in front of me? I don't think you are capable of it!" The cold voice of the Dominator of Daluo rang out. As he flicked his finger, a beam of spiritual energy hit the cell. A slit instantly appeared on it and eventually opened with a loud cracking sound.

Both Mu Chen and Nine Nether fell backward and landed in front of the base camp in Daluo Territory. They were shaken by the force that came from the Earthly Sovereign. Is this what they can do? It was indeed compelling.

Liu Tiandao brought his hands up with a cold look on his face. Everyone could feel the massive spiritual energy from the earth gathering furiously above him.

The spiritual energy that was assembled in patches was sucked into Liu Tiandao's body with a gulp.

Subsequently, he spat out a beam of spiritual energy that looked like a galaxy.

That beam of spiritual energy contained spiritual stardust, and it had almost materialized. The moment the spiritual energy was absorbed into the body, Liu Tiandao was able to cultivate the patches of spiritual energy into a pure beam of energy.

Even a Grade Nine Sovereign would have a hard time achieving this. Moreover, it was done within a short period of time.

The beam of spiritual energy flickered and twisted into a sword 1,000 feet long. There were some ancient engravings on it. Daunting sword energy rose into the sky, leaving a long slit in the air as it passed through.

"We haven't fought in so many years. Let me see how much you have grown!"

Liu Tiandao gave a sneer and squinted before he pointed both fingers to the sky and shouted, "Heaven Way Sword!"


As though it were formed by all the stars, the gigantic sword dashed through the space and reappeared in the sky above Daluo Territory. Without any hesitation, the sword swung itself downward, tearing up the space and leaving a huge black gap.

The formidable destruction stunned most of the top powers.

The Dominator of Daluo looked up and watched as the enormous starry sword swung itself. He opened his mouth and blew a gush of black air out of his mouth. The black air rose up into the sky with a shua, shua sound, and a bunch of vast and weird-looking black thorns were growing in it within a short period of time. Not long after, the sky was filled with a forest of black thorns.


As the long starry sword cut into the black-thorned forest, instead of withering, the thorns spread and entangled themselves around the sword. The sword slowed down as if it had been sucked into a deep pool of mud and eventually stuck in the thorned forest.

The Dominator of Daluo flicked his finger again, and the bunches of black thorns gave out a loud screeching sound. They seemed to have turned into a gigantic dragon, wringing the starry sword into stardust.

It was a bizarre and frightful way of battle.

There was displeasure on Liu Tiandao's face as his first attack missed. He immediately stepped forward again and appeared before the Dominator of Daluo. With both of his hands clapping forward, his palms seemed to be swinging effortlessly, but everyone could feel the vibration from the space.

The force behind the slow push was even more daunting than the sword attack earlier on.

However, the Dominator of Daluo was not afraid at all as he put his palms forward to receive it.

Both of the palms collided together.

No loud sound could be heard, but everyone was looking at the sky with their mouths wide open. The spot where they were had turned into a massive black hole at the height of 1,000 feet. The air in it was crumpled by the forces emitted from their palms.

But both of them had absolute control over their powers. Their battle was not as impetuous as Mu Chen's battle had been but the pressure emitted was sufficient to make the the top powers tremble on the spot. If their attack had not been contained, a tiny bit of their power could have injured most of the people there.


Two figures shook and bounded off of each other in that black hole.

Liu Tiandao took 13 steps backward.

The Dominator of Daluo took a mere five steps back, but as both spiritual energies collided, the spiritual glow he had around him dispersed.

As the glow dispersed, a figure appeared.

All eyes were on it, and everyone's jaws dropped. Their eyes narrowed and were filled with disbelief.

Mu Chen was also dumbfounded with his mouth open, as a tiny, slender figure appeared at the point where the glow dispersed.

She was wearing black with long hair down to her knees. She had a small, good-looking face. Even without any expression on it, she was still looking cute.

She was not a stranger to Mu Chen since she had been tailing behind him, being secretive all the time. She was none other than Mandela!

She was actually the Dominator of Daluo!

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