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A slender figure stood in mid-air above the shambles. Although he looked exhausted after going through the fierce battle, his eyes were still as bright and sharp as before. His eyes brought a sudden halt in the hearts of those top powers, as no one would dare look down on him after witnessing the remarkable battle.

Numerous gazes were looking at the slender figure on this quieted land. It seemed like no one had yet recovered from their shock after the last round of the battle.

The silence remained for quite some time, before those gazes turned passionate. At that moment, an overwhelming uproar burst forth from the base camp of the Daluo Territory.

Who would have thought that this seemingly insignificant battle would decide the fate of the winner and loser of both parties?

Most of the lords heaved a sigh of relief, as if a heavy weight had finally been lifted off of their minds. A cheery smile also surfaced on the cold, pretty face of Nine Nether. She looked at the figure in that faraway sky, feeling comforted. The young man, who used to be fresh and innocent, was now growing at an astonishing speed.

Xu Qing and Zhou Yue both looked at each other and sighed softly. A surge of admiration surfaced in their eyes. In the previous battle with Wu Tian, Mu Chen had only managed to gain some recognition, as they were too proud of themselves.

But this time, he had earned their full respect. They knew that, if they were to have gone to battle, they would have lost to Qin Bei, especially under such an immense pressure to overturn the outcome.

Not far from them, Wu Tian from the Blood Hawk Palace was feeling resentful. He knew that, from now on, the gap between Mu Chen and him would only grow wider.

Within the Daluo Territory base camp, the ones that cheered the loudest were from Nine Nether Palace. At that moment, even the coolest among them, Tang Bing, had a blush on her face.

Her beautiful eyes were staring at the distant figure. Ever since Nine Nether Palace was formed, it was the first time they had enjoyed such a glorious moment.

"Hehe, our Territory Lord has some foresight." The Condor King watched, smiling. Mu Chen was introduced by Nine Nether, and as such, he did have some expectations of him.

"Not too bad." Even the quiet Sleeping King commented with a smile.

The Dominator of Daluo sat on his throne, while the glow around him fluctuated, as if he was laughing, "He has great potential. Nine Nether has brought a real talent into our Daluo Territory."

Everyone could tell that he was very pleased with Mu Chen's performance this time.

In comparison to the loud cheer in the Daluo Territory, dejection and silence filled the Hundred Battle Territory. The top powers were looking ghastly pale, as they did not expect that they would be defeated.

Sword-hiding Elder and Old Corpse Ghost did not wear pleasant expressions either. They had estimated that they had a high chance of winning this battle bet. Hence, they even suggested it previously. The outcomes for the first two rounds of battle were still within their expectations, except for the last fight, which was a gross miscalculation.

Given the strength of Qin Bei, he could make a clean sweep of all the commanders in the Daluo Territory, including Xu Qing and Zhou Yue, as apparently, neither was a match for him. But, who would have expected that a new low profile commander, Mu Chen, would appear here in their midst all of a sudden?

This battle bet involved a million of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid and a thousand cities. If they lost this bet, even the Hundred Battle Territory, which possessed a significant amount of wealth, could feel the hole that burning in their pocket.

Sword-hiding Elder and the rest of the top powers were staring at Mu Chen with extreme chilly gazes. They looked like they could not wait to tear him apart.

"Three rounds of battle bets are over. We have two wins and one loss. Please prepare one million of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid and a thousand cities as soon as possible, or else I will have to force it out from you!" The Dominator of Daluo projected his faint voice, scaring the guts out of the top powers in the Hundred Battle Territory.

Sword-hiding Elder and Old Corpse Ghost gritted their teeth and turned their attention to Liu Tiandao. The latter had a calm expression, and his glittering dark eyes were not looking at them, but at Mu Chen, who was far away in the sky.

As soon as Mu Chen sensed his gaze, he felt chilliness all around him. In that instant, his level of his alertness raised its bar exponentially!


Liu Tiandao finally gave a faint laugh and said, "Since we have lost, we will definitely honor our words."

Sword-hiding Elder and the rest all nodded with a pinch in their hearts upon hearing that. Given the character of the Dominator of Daluo, if they refused to pay honor, the Hundred Battle Territory might be forced to pay a higher price for it.

"Lord Liu is indeed a man of words." The Dominator of Daluo smiled.

Liu Tiandao smiled and did not answer him. He cast a sharp gaze, which seemed to be able to look through anyone, on Mu Chen again and said, "I wish to consult some matters from Commander Mu Chen from the Daluo Territory."

Mu Chen's heart skipped a beat. A coldness surged about as well, as Liu Tiandao seemed to be making things difficult for him all of the sudden. Did he know about Liu Ming?

Nine Nether's expression on her pretty face also changed slightly behind him, as her beautiful eyes flickered.

"What would Lord Liu like to ask?" Despite the fact that he was feeling nervous, Mu Chen was looking calm outwardly.

"About half a year ago, my son went to the City of Trade and bid on a scroll named Nine Dragon Nine Elephant Art" at a high price in an auction. However, he went missing while he was on his way back. Two elders, who were protecting him, one in the open and one in the dark, went missing with him as well." Liu Tiandao's faint voice projected itself well, bringing chillness into the air.

Sword-hiding Elder and the rest looked at Liu Tiandao with surprise, as they could sense something was amiss They then looked at Mu Chen again, their eyes flickering.

Although they did not know what Nine Dragon Nine Elephant Art was, the formidable art that Mu Chen displayed towards the end seemed to have some similarities with it.

"After my investigation, I discovered that my son and the other two elders were trapped under a mountain. I also found out that the person who trapped them had a strength of an Earthly Sovereign!"

Liu Tiandao said these things without any expression on his face. "And now, you are holding on to this Nine Dragon Nine Elephant Art in your hands. Maybe you would like to explain yourself..."

Mu Chen shivered. Liu Tiandao was really quite resourceful, since he was able to spot the location where Liu Ming was trapped.

"Nine Dragon Nine Elephant Art may be hard to find, but this is not the one and only copy. If I manage to find it, isn't that through my own efforts? Did Lord Liu think that I could invite an Earthly Sovereign powerhouse for a fight? I don't have such a capability." Mu Chen decided to deny it first, for fear of getting Liu Tiandao agitated, Such a situation was just not something he could handle.


Liu Tiandao stared at Mu Chen emotionlessly and laughed coldly. He swung his robe sleeves,then the air was torn apart, revealing an air passage. Beams of lights shot forth from the passage, and two figures were brought out from behind Liu Tiandao.

Mu Chen looked over, his expression turning immediately when he recognized one of them. It was Liu Ming, who was trapped by Lin Jing's mother back then! This fellow had been rescued!

Another man in white was standing beside Liu Ming. He had both of his hands behind him. Both of them looked alike, but Liu Ming's deposition could not be compared to the man in white.

"Ming'er, can you recognize this person? " Liu Tiandao said.

Liu Ming lifted his head and locked his gaze on Mu Chen, endless vengefulness pouring out from his eyes. He smiled and said, "Heh heh, I had a hard time looking for you!"

Mu Chen felt his heart sink. The top powers from both sides seemed to have understood the story. Mu Chen had a fight with Liu Ming, trapped him somewhere, but did not finish him off. Thus, this secret was uncovered today.

Everyone was gloating in Hundred Battle Territory, while the others at the Daluo Territory were looking stern. If this matter was not resolved, they would risk their relationship with Tian Xuan Hall. The consequences would be far more severe than just declaring war with the Hundred Battle Territory, as both the Daluo Territory and Tian Xuan Hall were considered to be the top powerhouses in the region.

"The Earthly Sovereign that you hired was quite capable. Even I cannot break the spell. I had to pay a high price for such a big shot to save my son. But, his meridians were ruined almost completely, while his spiritual energy dissipated. Although he is recovering, his whole life will have limited development." Liu Tiandao smiled, but the desire to finish Mu Chen off could not be hidden in his voice.

"So, did you cause Liu Ming to dissipate his spiritual energy?" The man in white, who was beside Liu Ming, knit his brow slightly. He stared at Mu Chen and said casually, "Then you shall also dissipate your own spiritual energy."

As soon as he finished his sentence, the figure shook. He then appeared in front of Mu Chen spookily. On his hand, a jade fan was pointing towards the center of Mu Chen's forehead.

As he made his move, the man in white displayed his formidable ability. Mu Chen, who had just gone through a fierce battle, had depleted his spiritual energy. Thus, he found it hard to evade the incoming attack.

However, he was going to just sit still and wait for death to court him! Just as he was about to activate his spiritual energy, a slender figure dashed in front of him. Her long finger was pointing out, clashing against the jade fan.

The frightful spiritual energy exploded from the collision point. The slender figure shook, while the man in white took ten steps back. He opened up the jade fan, seeing that there was a blazing fire burning within it. The cold eyes were looking at the slender figure in front of him.

"Liu Ming mentioned that there was a lady beside Mu Chen, who had extraordinary capabilities. I guess it must be you." The man in white stared at Nine Nether, who was standing in front of Mu Chen.

Nine Nether was protecting Mu Chen from the front with an icy cold expression. But Mu Chen noticed that her hand was clenched, as she hadn't expected this impromptu episode.

Liu Tiandao stretched his hand out to stop the man in white. He looked indifferently at Mu Chen and Nine Nether, before shifting his gaze to the Dominator of Daluo. "These two people are responsible for my son's handicap, so it is not a simple feud. I hoped you could hand them over to me. Then, as a token of appreciation, Tian Xuan Hall will present two million of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid to the Daluo Territory, along with our promise to not go against the Daluo Territory in the Big Hunting War."


The speech from Liu Tiandao had surprised the numerous people within the Hundred Battle Territory. Even the top powers from the the Daluo Territory were overwhelmed by these attractive conditions that had just been proposed by Liu Tiandao. Even without the two million of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid, it would be very appealing for the higher management to know that Tian Xuan Hall would not be going against the Daluo Territory. As the Big Hunting War concerned the life and death of the top forces, no one wanted to have another formidable enemy like Tian Xuan Hall.

These conditions were just too attractive! Even the Dominator of Daluo might not be able to resist them. Moreover, they just needed to sacrifice Mu Chen and Nine Nether to meet the requirements. For many people, it was a good deal that required no consideration.

The expression on Nine Nether's face changed at this moment. She did not think that Liu Tiandao hated them to such an extent! However, Nine Nether was a rational person, so she understood that this was an irresistible temptation to any forces.

She held Mu Chen's palm with her cold hands. Then, using a volume that only the both of them could hear, she whispered, "If there is any change in the situation, flee as fast as you can!"

Mu Chen wore a cold expression on his face, as he knew Nine Nether would have thought of the worst case scenario. The unfathomable Dominator of Daluo might desert them for the benefits of the agreement, regardless of whether or not Mu Chen made any significant contributions.

This is the real world, this Tianluo Continent! He was no longer in the Northern Heaven Spiritual Academy, which was filled with only fond memories. The uptight atmosphere felt extremely suffocating, filling the entire space.

Liu Tiandao had his gaze fixed on the Dominator of Daluo. He did not think highly of Mu Chen nor Nine Nether, because he was very confident that, as long as the Dominator of Daluo was a rational person, he would not reject such a good bargain. After all, a Nine Nether Lord and a commander were not worth mentioning at their level.

Under the gazes of everyone, the Dominator of Daluo, who was sitting on the throne, finally fluctuated his glow around him. "This is a very tempting bargaining chip," he said.

Both the expressions on Mu Chen's and Nine Nether's faces changed again, while they prepared to activate their spiritual energies for fleeing.

"But," there seemed to be a mocking aura that was beaming out, as one of the glows surrounded him. A husky voice rang again, causing everyone to be dumbfounded.

"I declined!"

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