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Dong! Dong!

In the quiet world, the golden flood attacked the huge body, which was standing still in between the sky and land, just like a rainstorm. However, the moment these floods entered into that circle of golden light, they were all decrepitated. Although the attack was intensely scary, it was still unable to make contact with that huge body.


Silence continued within the camps of both sides. Then, there were the sounds of people sucking breaths of cool air. It could be assumed that no one had expected that Qin Bei's long prepared attack could be so easily stopped by Mu Chen. 

Before this, they had thought that this sort of attack was enough to end this fight. But that young man called Mu Chen had shown them once again the meaning of "keeping one's own counsel".


Over at the Daluo Territory, Nine Nether and Lord Mountain Cracker, as well as many other strong people, quietly let out breaths of relief. That day, there was a hint of surprise that swept over the eyes of the Condor King, the Spiritual Pupil King, and even the Sleeping King. Clearly, Mu Chen's performance had similarly exceeded their expectations.

It was also clear that the dominator of Daluo, who was seated on the throne, was the only still calm one. The light that enveloped him was slightly fluctuating, as if it was also paying attention to the fight in the air.

While the above mentioned were letting out breaths of relief, over at the Hundred Battle Territory, Elder Cang Jian and the rest had ghastly expressions on their faces. The smiles they had worn before were no longer there, having been replaced by solemn looks in their eyes. The extent of Mu Chen's trickiness was clearly beyond their expectations.

Boom! Boom!

The continuous sounds of explosions in the air had also begun to gradually grow thinner. The power of the omnipresent Golden Zen ribbon also started to show signs of decline. Finally, it disappeared completely. At that moment, the world had truly quieted down.

Qin Bei stood on top of the Arhat Celestial Body. There was a ghastly expression on his face. He was looking from afar at that huge golden body, which had remained unscathed.

Then, he took a deep breath in order to constrain the surprise and anger in his heart. He slowly said, "As is to be expected from the person hand-picked by the dominator of Daluo, you are certainly impressive."

The word impressive was not said in a mocking tone. In fact, at this moment, he truly considered Mu Chen to be an opponent of the same level. Thus, he no longer dared to underestimate him, even in the slightest bit.

Mu Chen raised his head as well. He directed a faint smile at Qin Bei, but his gaze was still extremely fierce. He slowly clapped his palms together, then said lightly, "It is impolite not to reciprocate. You should try experiencing one of my moves!"


Both palms of The Great Solar Undying Body had also clapped together with a loud bang. At the area between its brows, that golden scorching sun was getting increasingly brighter as well.

Then, the gilded light, which was liquid-like in nature, surged out and circulated alongside that huge body, before finally surging to the top of the Great Meru Demonic Pillar. The Great Meru Demonic Pillar, which was filled with an ominous aura, immediately became resplendent with light.

Those golden liquids appeared as if they had turned into golden crystals, as they covered the entire top of the Demonic Pillar. In the midst of all the flickering golden light, it seemed like there was nothing it could not accomplish! 


The huge golden body stamped its feet heavily, and the body turned into a golden streak, before soaring up into the sky. In a split second, it directly appeared in the sky above Qin Bei. Without any hesitation, the Great Meru Demonic Pillar, which was like a golden pillar in his hands, swooped down heavily, carrying a bright golden light with it. 


When the golden light whizzed past, streams of black cracks were immediately formed, due to the shattering of the space. The scene was dramatic, looking similar to glass on the verge of breaking. When Mu Chen hurled down his Demonic Pillar, he operated the spiritual energy in his body to the extreme.

He then added on the power of a sun, which was on the area between the brows of The Great Solar Undying Body. This sort of power was nearly reaching its peak.

The golden light flooded Qin Bei's eyes. He, too, could not help but display a change in his facial expression. He gritted his teeth vigorously, before biting and swallowing a medicinal pill that had been hidden in his mouth. 


A surge of spiritual energy suddenly erupted from within Qin Bei's body. He formed a seal with both hands at lightning speed. His low call resounded through the world: "Spiritual Mountain Protection!"

When the surge of spiritual energy whizzed out, it actually turned into a huge and faintly discernible mountain outside of that enormous Sovereign Celestial Body! At the top of the mountain, it seemed as if there were towering golden halls, each standing tall while emitting a mysterious aura.

However, the golden Demonic Pillar did not seem to be bothered, as it continued its peremptory smash. Finally, while carrying a seemingly earth-shattering power, it exploded at the top of the huge mountain.


The sky was shaking. Suddenly, streams of cracks were beginning to spread outwards from the top of the mountain. Bright lights could be seen shooting out from those cracks, until finally, the mountain collapsed, layer by layer, as the golden Demonic Pillar brutally crushed down from within the cracks.

Boom! Boom!

The huge mountain may have been exploding entirely, but Qin Bei's defense was still extremely impressive. With every deeper penetration of the golden Demonic Pillar, the golden crystals covering its top were also crushed a little.

Everyone was watching this scene and shuddering in fear. At first, they thought that, considering the amazingness of the previous two outstanding battle rounds, the third battle round would be extremely boring. However, the current situation was telling them that, if they were to compare the level of danger between these battle rounds, then perhaps the third round would be the most magnificent one of all!

The golden Demonic Pillar continued to vigorously destroy the mountain. Clearly, with that sort of momentum, it was planning to force out Qin Bei, who was hiding within in order to inflict serious damage later.

When the mountain had already been destroyed halfway, the Sovereign Celestial Body, which was hidden within, finally revealed itself. Qin Bei's shadow was still standing tall on top of the Sovereign Celestial Body's Celestial Spirit Cover.

"Found you!" The fierce look in his eyes were surging. The golden Demonic Pillar, which had already peeled off more than half of the golden crystals, emboldened its final power and smashed downwards violently onto Qin Bei.

At this moment, Qin Bei abruptly raised his head. The radiance in his eyes appeared to have become even more glaring. Then, he changed his seal, and the golden staff of a Buddhist monk in the hands of the Arhat Celestial Body heavily collided with the golden Demonic Pillar.


A golden light erupted from the point of collision. Mu Chen felt a jolt in his heart, for he could feel that Qin Bei's strength seemed to have had a powerful upgrade once again.

The ability of the Great Meru Demonic Pillar to descend was obstructed. Then, the golden Buddhist monk's staff shook violently, causing the layer of golden crystals at the top of the Demonic Pillar to immediately shatter.

The Great Meru Demonic Pillar was also blown away at this time. The huge hand of The Great Solar Undying Body reached out and grabbed it, while Mu Chen looked over at Qin Bei's shadow with a solemn expression in his eyes.

Qin Bei's robe fluttered in the air. Soon after, he raised his head abruptly. His eyes, flickering with a glaring radiance, focused straight on Mu Chen. Then, the spiritual energy within his body erupted in full force.


That broken mountain of spiritual energy turned into light spots, which then dissipated and filled up the sky. Only Qin Bei's surge of spiritual energy was steadily rising, permeating the space between the sky and the land. Suddenly, it attracted countless voices filled with fright.

"With this sort of spiritual energy fluctuation, could it be that Qin Bei has already advanced into a Grade Four Sovereign?!"

"Although there is a slight irregularity in his breathing, he is certainly stronger than he was before!"

"Could it be that he was hiding his capability until just now? This is too terrifying!"


The sounds of surprise immediately resounded throughout the world. This was most likely due to the shock caused by the sudden rise in Qin Bei's capabilities. 

With a flicker of Spiritual Light in the Spiritual Pupil King's eyes, he saw through the condition in Qin Bei's body, then said in a cold voice, "His breathing is disorganized, and his spiritual energy is slightly violent. This is not the behavior of a voluntary breakthrough. He must have used some sort of medicinal pill."

The Condor King furrowed his brows slightly. This Hundred Battle Territory really wanted to win this battle by hook or by crook. Did they not know that there will always be residual effects caused by the act of forcing a breakthrough? It may not necessarily be a good thing in the long run."

In the sky, Mu Chen had also let out a breath lightly, as he stared at Qin Bei's shadow with furrowed brows. This fellow is extremely troublesome, to the extent that he could actually bear such tricks!

On top of that Arhat Celestial Body, Qin Bei's stature was rising slowly to the sky. He stared at Mu Chen with a sharp look and said lightly, "You are considered to be the first person to have ever forced me to this step! And, with just the capabilities of a Grade Two Sovereign! Thus, in order to express my respect for you, I will use my strongest means to defeat you."

When Qin Bei finished speaking, he lightly clapped his hands together. With that, his palms began to tremble, and faint traces of blood began permeating out from the pores of his palm. The blood was flowing, and in just a short amount of time, it had already rendered Qin Bei's hands completely scarlet. There was also a faint air of ferociousness emanating from it.

When the strong people from both sides saw this scene, there were immediate sounds of surprise spreading out...

"Is that Sorrowful Sky's top Divine Art, the Hand of Blood Asura?!"

"The moment this Divine Art is put to use, both palms could be disabled for a month. This Qin Bei is really going to go all out."

"This time, it looks like Mu Chen will be in actual danger."

While the sounds of surprise could be heard everywhere, Qin Bei's palms were becoming increasingly scarlet, and a hint of pain had swept across his brow. The thick scent of blood was beginning to emit from his palms. The blood had even caused the sky to turn scarlet as well!

Mu Chen's expression was growing increasingly solemn, as he asked, "Are we going to carry out the final fight?!"

Mu Chen knit his brows, a sharp look emerging in his black eyes. For the past few years, he had encountered innumerable dangerous situations. Thus, not only was this sort of life threatening act insufficient to scare him, but it had also evoked a ferociousness that was normally hidden in his bones.


Mu Chen took a deep breath. His hands hung down slowly. In his right hand, the spiritual energy, which was burning with purple flames, was quietly surging. Meanwhile, a spiritual energy that was formed by the circulation of formless lightning, emerged from his left hand.

At this very moment, two spiritual energies with completely different attributes began to appear...

The Sovereign Sea could be partly seen from the space behind him. Faintly presenting two colors, it had also attracted countless expressions of shock. This was because all who saw it could instantly sense that the spiritual energy within the Sovereign Sea clearly possessed two completely different attributes!

This young man called Mu Chen had actually merged the bizarre powers of two properties within his spiritual energy! No wonder he could confront Qin Bei with just the capabilities of a Grade Two Sovereign!

However, even with this amazing development, it did not seem like enough to stop Qin Bei's final attack..

The sky was already completely scarlet, even Qin Bei's eyes had turned red by now. The next moment, his hands, which were clapped together, separated themselves slowly. The streaks of hideous scars on his palm were clearly visible now, and looked like some strange rune that was emitting a daunting pulse.

Qin Bei sucked in a deep breath from the bloody air. Then, with a sudden vigorous look in his eyes, his palms shot out abruptly!


All the bloody aura in the world was converging wildly, before immediately turning into a huge Shadow of Blood Asura behind Qin Bei. Then, the tall and enormous bloody palm began to loom overhead, as it relentlessly carried a bloody surge that was capable of freezing a person's blood. Countless people held their breaths at this dramatic moment.

When that heinous bloody aura came pouring in, Mu Chen raised his head abruptly as well. Suddenly, he clenched his palms tightly. In his black eyes, there was the fluctuation of a purple flame and the flickering of lightning. 

Meanwhile, within the Sovereign Sea behind him, there was a surprising sound of the cries of dragons and elephants, which resounded throughout the horizon. 

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