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The bloody red Hand of Asura fell from the sky just like a demon from outer space attempting to wipe out all living beings on earth. The rich aura of blood permeated the air throughout the world.

Countless powerful people had a solemn expression on their faces as they looked at Qin Bei's all-out attack. Even for a true Grade Four Sovereign, they could only temporarily avoid the spearhead of this level of attack.

How was Mu Chen going to withstand that sort of attack?

Countless gazes immediately shifted as everyone looked towards the young man's shadow, which was standing in mid-air. Suddenly, Mu Chen formed a seal with both hands right in front of everyone's eyes.


The resonant cries of a dragon and elephant suddenly spread out from the vast Sovereign Sea behind Mu Chen. Soon after, towering stormy waves began to roll over and over from the Sovereign Sea.


A giant dragon burning with purple flames vigorously rushed out from the Sovereign Sea's surface. During the appearance of this giant dragon, another gigantic elephant covered with formless lightning had also broken through the surface of the sea.

The dragon and elephant immediately rushed out from the Sovereign Sea, and then they were suspended in the air above Mu Chen. Suddenly, a powerful and unparalleled fluctuation of spiritual energy was emitted from within their bodies. For a moment, even the bloody air sweeping over them was also greatly diluted.

Countless people's expressions were frozen as they stared at the scene. They could clearly see the formidability of Mu Chen's means. For a moment, everyone quietly held their breath. Could it be that this fellow was really capable of withstanding such an all-out attack from Qin Bei?


The dragon and elephant stood tall at the horizon before directly colliding with each other. Immediately, there was a surge of purple flames and lightning. When the two types of brilliant rays erupted, it seemed to change into a bright circle of light that was intertwined by a huge dragon and elephant. Two spiritual energies with completely different attributes merged together in this manner before immediately setting off a terrifying hurricane of spiritual energy. 

The huge Dragon Elephant aureole was suspended in mid-air. The fluctuation carrying everything away caused countless powerful people's eyes to twitch. However, they could still see that although Mu Chen's move was impressive, it still lacked the maturity to contend with Qin Bei's Palm of Blood Asura. 

Over at Daluo Territory, there was an anxious look on the faces of countless powerful people. Even the princes' hearts were beating quickly. If this was the extent of Mu Chen's move this time, it might not be enough to block Qin Bei.

The Dominator of Daluo remained seated on the throne without any unusual change in the radiance surrounding him. Judging by his appearance, he did not seem to be worried at all about Mu Chen's defeat. 

Over at the Hundred Battle Territory, Liu Tiandao stood with his hands clasped behind his back. He looked over at the Dragon Elephant aureole formed in the sky above Mu Chen. His brows were beginning to furrow, and there was a flicker in his eyes.

With everyone's eyes locked on him, Mu Chen had also raised his head to look at the huge Dragon Elephant aureole suspended in the sky above him. Soon after, he sucked in a deep breath. Of course, he knew that he might not be able to contend with Qin Bei using just a Dragon Elephant aureole created through the cohesion of a dragon and an elephant.

If this battle had taken place in the past, Mu Chen would have been at his wit's end. But now that he had successfully integrated the Netherworld Thunder Heart, he would finally be able to truly unleash the power of the Nine Dragon Nine Elephant Art.

White puffs of air blew out from Mu Chen's mouth while his black eyes turned vigorously fierce. Suddenly, there was an irregular change in the seal in his hands.


Instantly, towering stormy waves began to roll over and over from within the Sovereign Sea, and an overwhelming radiance burst out. Two enormous swirls formed at the surface of the Sovereign Sea and were immediately followed by two huge rays of light shooting up into the sky.


The resonant cries of a dragon and elephant resounded through the world once again. Within the light beam, a dragon and an elephant shot out before immediately turning into two bright rays of light which plunged into the Dragon Elephant aureole situated in the sky above Mu Chen.

Bang! Bang!

Following the participation of the dragon and elephant, the Dragon Elephant aureole, which was initially already huge, suddenly expanded at a surprising speed. At the same time, the violent fluctuations of spiritual energy were also steadily rising.

At this moment, there was an abrupt change in the expressions of countless people.

A pale look appeared on Mu Chen's face. It could be assumed that it was currently extremely burdensome for him to fully utilize the Nine Dragon Nine Elephant Art to this extent. But at this point in time, he had no choice but to sustain himself.

I couldn't do it a while ago, but what about now?!

The cold rays in Mu Chen's eyes were surging. Soon after, without any further hesitation, he shot out a palm, and the enormous Dragon Elephant aureole, formed as a result of the cohesion of two dragons and two elephants, immediately burst out.


With an indescribable speed, the Dragon Elephant aureole pierced through the void in a flash. By the time everyone could see it with their naked eyes, that Dragon Elephant aureole had already appeared underneath the repression of the Palm of Blood Asura.

"Break it!" Qin Bei called out with a glare, and the spiritual energy in his body was emboldened to the extreme. Suddenly, the huge palm, which had a bloody aura permeating the air around it, began its suppression before directly bumping with that Dragon Elephant aureole.


At the moment of the impact, it was as if two meteorites tore through the sky and hit each other with an apocalyptic force. The shockwave, which could be seen with the naked eye, swept everything away. Immediately, it caused that space to be crushed, layer upon layer, while countless sharp shards shot out overwhelmingly.

The repercussion of the shockwave was so big that it caused the powerful people from both sides to hastily move. Suddenly, countless Spiritual Energy Screens flickered to form an enormous defense used to resist all the space shards shooting towards them.

As for Mu Chen and Qin Bei, who were over at the deep area where the shockwave had originated, they hurriedly retreated into their respective Sovereign Celestial Bodies, as they were afraid of being hit by the terrifying shockwave.

Mu Chen's figure fell into the Great Solar Undying Body, and by using the powerful defense it provided, he managed to withstand the shockwave as well as all the space shards. However, there were deep cuts on the Sovereign Celestial Body. Judging by the cuts, if Mu Chen had not obtained the Daluo Golden Body, just the shockwave would have been enough to seriously injure the Sovereign Celestial Body.

While the shockwave was raging wildly, countless people had their attention focused on the match high up in the sky. The Dragon Elephant aureole's light beams were getting increasingly violent during the confrontation. When the two dragons and elephants let out what seemed like a crazed howl, the aureole actually started to spin wildly like the world's sharpest sawtooth.

However, this sawtooth was created by a dragon and an elephant.

After facing the terrifying lethality of the Dragon Elephant aureole, a small crack actually appeared with a snap on that Palm of Blood Asura.

Suddenly, there was a change in Qin Bei's expression.

The crack began to spread with surprising speed. Within the span of a few breaths, it had already spread all over that huge scarlet palm. In the end, it could no longer bear it, and that huge scarlet palm actually split into two!


The sound of frightened uproars resounded throughout the world.

Although the Dragon Elephant aureole had greatly dimmed after tearing apart the Hand of Blood Asura, it was still able to lock onto that Arhat Celestial Body with surprising speed. Clearly, Mu Chen wanted to take this opportunity to make a move against Qin Bei.

When Qin Bei, who was within the Arhat Celestial Body, saw Mu Chen's actions, he did not panic, despite his ashen complexion. Instead, he gritted his teeth and vigorously changed the seal. The Hand of Blood Asura, which had been initially torn into two, became small in size and the spiritual energy also became disordered. However, it did not dissipate but instead whizzed out toward the Great Solar Undying Body.

The two of them chose to initiate the final attack regardless of their own safety!

Countless people watched with twitching eyes. These two fellows were unexpectedly equally ruthless with their decisions.


The Dragon Elephant aureole was the first to make the attack against the Arhat Celestial Body. However, the moment it was hit, that Arhat Celestial Body evaded it by shifting its body. Thus, when that beam of light swept across, half of the Arhat Celestial Body's shoulder was immediately cut off.

At the same time, the Hand of Blood Asura, which had been torn into two, had also slapped heavily onto the Great Solar Undying Body. Immediately, a golden light that filled up the sky sputtered out, and the sound of gold and metal resounded through the sky.

The two Sovereign Celestial Bodies were blown back 10,000 yards before staggering to their feet. 

Countless gazes shifted over and saw the appearance of two deep palm prints on the Great Solar Undying Body's huge chest. Although this attack was shocking, it was clear that the Great Solar Undying Body's defense had exceeded everyone's expectations.

Whereas, when they looked over at Qin Bei's Arhat Celestial Body, they could only see that half of its shoulder had been cut off, and its spiritual energy was leaking out while showing signs of disorder. The Sovereign Celestial Body was beginning to show signs of dissipation.

Mu Chen's figure appeared once again on the Celestial Spirit Cover of the Great Solar Undying Body. There were traces of blood at the corners of his mouth. Soon after, he lightly wiped it away while fixing his cold gaze on the severely injured Arhat Celestial Body.

Clearly, both parties were exhausted from having exerted themselves to this extent.


With the flash of an ominous glint in Mu Chen's eyes and a stomp of his feet, the Great Solar Undying Body, which was filled with wounds, shot up into the sky once again. Immediately, it appeared in front of the Arhat Celestial Body and ruthlessly swung down its fist.

Qin Bei hastily urged the Arhat Celestial Body to block the attack, but how was a one-armed Sovereign Celestial Body going to block the attack of the Great Solar Undying Body? When that huge fist rumbled down, it immediately broke the Arhat Celestial Body's arm. It had also pierced through the Arhat Celestial Body's chest with just that one punch.


The Arhat Celestial Body finally reached its limit, and with a bang, it turned into spots of light in the air. A staggering shadow fell down from it while wildly spitting blood before finally landing heavily on the peak of a mountain. The huge force from the fall caused the peak to shake until it collapsed.


While the huge mountain was rolling down, the camps from both sides suddenly went quiet. Their eyes, which were slightly bulging out from their sockets, expressed how shocked they felt at that moment.

Not only did Mu Chen block Qin Bei's strongest attack, he also took the opportunity to defeat Qin Bei once and for all!

The moment that the Arhat Celestial Body disintegrated, the result of the battle was clear!

However, that outcome was not something anyone could have expected from the beginning...

In the sky, the Great Solar Undying Body was also on the verge of collapse. Finally, it gradually dissipated, and Mu Chen's staggering shadow appeared with a similarly pale complexion along with traces of thick blood at the corners of his mouth.

Clearly, the confrontation against Qin Bei had also caused Mu Chen to suffer from quite a number of wounds. He was certainly very strong, but luckily, he was the one to smile all the way to the end of this potentially life-ending battle.

He slowly wiped off the traces of blood from the corners of his mouth and looked over at both camps. Soon after, he turned towards the direction of Daluo Territory before cupping his hands to greet the Dominator of Daluo, who was seated on the throne. A smile appeared on his pale face with great difficulty.

"Lord Dominator, I was fortunate enough to not have failed this mission."

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