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A bright golden light permeated the air while that huge golden shadow stood tall within the ruins of the mountain. A golden scorching sun was suspended behind the shadow's head. Like the sudden appearance of a giant Buddha, it brought a fearful aura of coercion.

Countless powerful people in the world narrowed their eyes in response to seeing the sudden appearance of that huge golden shadow. This was due to the fact that they felt the strong oppressive feeling emitted from that huge shadow's body.

This sort of oppressive feeling was not something a Grade Two Sovereign could possess.

Although they could all see that the huge shadow, which resembled a golden Buddha, was the Sovereign Celestial Body trained by Mu Chen, everyone who was present found it difficult to figure out the origin of this Sovereign Celestial Body.

Because this sort of Sovereign Celestial Body didn't seem to exist within the 99 Sovereign Celestial Body ranking, and this kind of valiant oppressive feeling didn't seem to be from a normal unnamed Sovereign Celestial Body.

"Could it be a mysterious Sovereign Celestial Body, which has never been recorded in the rankings?" There were whispers among the powerful people. To many Sovereign Masters, this kind of powerful Sovereign Celestial Body had a fair amount of attractiveness.

In the sky, Qin Bei also had his brows furrowed while looking over at that Sovereign Celestial Body which was so bright, it looked as if it had been cast in gold. He said, "You really do have some skills."

But he was not surprised by this. After all, Mu Chen was the person chosen by the Dominator of Daluo. No matter how stupid a person may be, they would not doubt the choice of a Earthly Sovereign Master.


While Qin Bei was thinking, Mu Chen, who was below him and standing on top of the Great Solar Undying Body's Celestial Spirit Cover, did a change of seals with a cold gaze. There was a surge of golden light before he stamped the feet of the Great Solar Undying Body and immediately soared up into the sky. 


Although the body was huge, it had the speed of rushing thunder. Everyone could only see a golden streak soaring up into the sky. Then, the Great Solar Undying Body appeared in the air above Qin Bei.


A huge palm of golden light immediately clapped down on Qin Bei with a loud bang. As it fell from the sky, the huge gold palm looked as if it had shattered the void and carried with it a glaring golden light as well as an earth-shattering feeling of oppression.

The strong wind, which seemed as if it could suffocate a person, was beginning to oppress him. Qin Bei's face turned grave before vigorously shooting out another palm. A Spiritual Hand Stone Tablet roared out.


Two huge palm prints firmly shook together, but this time, Qin Bei's Spiritual Hand Stone Tablet no longer gained the upper hand. Instead, the instant those two palm prints made contact, it was immediately crushed.

A shockwave swept out. Qin Bei's body jolted before being pushed back a few hundred yards by the attack of that strong wind.


Suddenly, over in the direction of the Hundred Battle Territory, the sound of surprise erupted. Clearly, they did not think that Qin Bei, who had the upper hand just a short while ago, would be so quickly suppressed. It was also then that they put away the contempt they had in their hearts towards Mu Chen. This brat, who looked as if he only was a Grade Two Sovereign, seemed to truly possess some unique skills.

"If you still don't want to summon your Sovereign Celestial Body, then I'm afraid you will not have the prestige which you had a while ago," Mu Chen said as he stood on top of the Sovereign Celestial Body and directed a smile at Qin Bei.

Qin Bei's gaze turned cold. He stared at Mu Chen before taking a deep breath and saying lightly, "Then I will do as you wish!"

Suddenly, he placed his hands together and soon after, the seal changed with the speed of lightning leaving only an afterimage. 


The spiritual energy, which was surging like the sea, erupted from within Qin Bei's body. Behind him, a huge shadow created out of cohesion soared up into the sky. That huge shadow had a similar approximate height of 10,000 feet and stood upright in the sky. The Celestial Body looked as if it were wearing a golden kasaya, and lying sideways within its arms was the huge golden staff of a Buddhist monk. A bold and powerful aura swept out.

"That is the Arhat Celestial Body, which is ranked 93rd in the 99 Sovereign Celestial Body ranking!"

When Qin Bei's Sovereign Celestial Body had been summoned, it immediately caused many people to cry out in surprise. It was assumed that they were rather familiar with this Celestial Body. After all, this was also considered Sorrowful Sky's top Celestial Body. Only the most prominent disciples could have the qualification to practice this.

"The Arhat Celestial Body which is ranked 93rd?"

Mu Chen looked over at that Celestial Body, which possessed a bold and powerful aura, but he only smiled faintly. If they were to really discuss the subject of the ranking of Sovereign Celestial Bodies, then perhaps no one else who was present had a higher ranking than the Great Solar Undying Body.

If the capabilities of both parties were of the same rank, then Mu Chen had the utmost confidence that with the Great Solar Undying Body, he could completely annihilate anyone who was present.


Clearly, Qin Bei did not know the meaning of politeness as the moment he summoned the Arhat Celestial Body, he stamped his feet vigorously, causing the Celestial Body to violently sweep out. That golden staff of a Buddhist monk had also turned into a powerful flood and was directly sweeping towards the Great Solar Undying Body.

The flood created by the golden staff was magnified in Mu Chen's eyes. He made a beckoning motion with his hand, and the Great Meru Demonic Pillar appeared in the hands of the Great Solar Undying Body. Soon after, there was a violent surge of an ominous aura before it directly moved upwards uncompromisingly.

Although Qin Bei had already begun to step into the level of a Grade Four Sovereign, Mu Chen did not fear him at all if they were to compare their Sovereign Celestial Bodies!


The collision of two giants in the sky seemed to cause even the space to quake. The flood from the staff and the afterimage of the Demonic Pillar were continuously banging against each other. The gold and metal resounded like muffled thunder while the glaring sparks blossomed in the sky like fireworks.

Everyone watched the battle in the air with shock on their faces. Both parties did not seem to show any sign of holding back as every attack was vicious and merciless. If they were hit by one of these attacks, they would surely be seriously injured.

In the time span of only a few minutes, the two giants had already fought hand to hand like lightning for up to a hundred rounds in the air. The fluctuation of that surging spiritual energy caused everything in the space to distort.

Over at Daluo Territory, almost a majority of the powerful people were staring at the crossing of swords in the air in shock. As for Xu Qing, Zhou Yue, and the rest, their gazes were even more surprised and perplexed.

As compared to the previous crossing of swords with Wu Tian, the capabilities that Mu Chen was currently showing clearly disclosed how much stronger he was now. In fact, he could hold his own while fighting hand to hand with Qin Bei, who had already begun to step into the level of a Grade Four Sovereign. This one point was something that even they had to admit they could not do.

They made eye contact and forced a smile. They had not noticed that this young man, who had only been in Daluo Territory for less than a year, had already grown to this extent. No wonder he was chosen by Lord Dominator.

"After this battle, I'm afraid I will have to yield my position as one of the four great commanders." Xu Qing smiled. On the contrary, he was far from being jealous, though he did feel a little discontent. It looked like he would have to intensify his practice later on. Otherwise, if Mu Chen exceeded him too much, it would be a rather big blow to him.

Zhou Yue nodded as well and said, "This Mu Chen is certainly much better than Cao Feng's flow."


While many powerful people were changing their minds, the crossing of swords in the air was relentless as the violent attacks continued.

Qin Bei was standing on top of the Arhat Celestial Body's Celestial Spirit Cover, and his stature was as though it had fused together with the Arhat Celestial Body. But as they continued to fight hand to hand, the more he fought, the more he was scared. This was because he could not feel any sign of decline in power from Mu Chen's Great Solar Undying Body. Furthermore, the power transmitted by that Demonic Pillar was causing the golden light on his Buddhist monk's staff to weaken a little.

"There is something strange about this fellow's Sovereign Celestial Body!" There was a shift in Qin Bei's gaze, and soon after, his expression gradually became more fierce. It looked as if this battle could no longer be dragged out in this manner.

"That should be good enough."

Qin Bei's gaze swept through the space before he suddenly placed his hands together to form a seal.

When he was forming the seal, that Arhat Celestial Body also stepped about a few thousand yards backwards. Its huge hands clapped together violently and caused a loud buzz to spread out like thunder, "Arhat Golden Zen Array!"


Just when that loud sound began to spread, Mu Chen's gaze suddenly turned grave. He raised his head abruptly and saw that the space he was in was actually fluctuating. The golden light had actually turned into several Buddhist monk's golden staffs. They appeared around him and were surrounding him from every angle.

There were approximately a thousand Buddhist monk's golden staffs. Their influence was extremely shocking, and the violent fluctuations of spiritual energy had also caused the sky and land to convulse.

The sudden appearance of this scene had also shocked the countless powerful people from both sides. Everyone's gazes upon Qin Bei were filled with astonishment. This fellow was truly the Hundred Battle Territory's most low-profiled yet most impressive commander. Who would have thought that he could actually arrange such a murderous array in secret while fighting closely with Mu Chen.

The so-called Arhat Golden Zen Array was not a Spiritual Array, but rather something secretly created out of cohesion by Qin Bei. Such a scale of attack was enough to determine the result of this battle.

"This battle has ended."

When Elder Cang Jian and the rest saw this scene, they suddenly started to smile faintly because they were all aware that this Arhat Golden Zen Array was one of Qin Bei's hidden killing trump cards. The moment he laid out that kind of attack, it would be enough to wreck any opponent.

For the past few years, countless people's Sovereign Celestial Bodies were turned to dust due to Qin Bei's Arhat Golden Zen Array.

Mu Chen raised his head and looked over at the densely packed Buddhist monk's golden staffs. While he felt the violent fluctuations of spiritual energy, his gaze also became slightly solemn. Qin Bei was certainly someone who could not be easily dealt with.


When the battle array was complete, Qin Bei waved the sleeves of his robe without any hesitation. Those Buddhist monk's golden staffs, which were all over the place, pierced through the void and turned into countless golden ribbons which were now rushing towards that huge Great Solar Undying Body.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

An earth-shattering attack began to envelop him. Mu Chen took a deep breath before quickly forming a seal with his hands. While he was forming a seal, he could see something similar to a golden sun blooming from the space between the Great Solar Undying Body's eyebrows.

"Sovereign Super Power, the strength of a sun!"

Within the eyes of that Great Solar Undying Body, what seemed like the essence of a golden light shot out. Soon after, it folded its hands, and a golden light enveloped an area of 1,000 feet within its range.

The attack of that Golden Zen, which was all over the place, had already arrived.

Bang! Bang!

However, just while the thousands of Golden Zen ribbons were beginning to rush into the area covered by golden light, they suddenly exploded in thin air and turned into a golden light, filling up the sky right in front of everyone who was watching in horror.

There were continuous sounds of explosions. That circle of golden light was like a barrier which was capable of overrunning all fortifications. No matter how much the Golden Zen attack bellowed, it was simply unable to go near that huge body.

The sound of explosions went on continuously everywhere. Only that golden Sovereign Celestial Body stood quietly upright in the midst of the golden light, and remained towering and unmoving no matter how destructive the attacks were.

At that moment, all the noise in the world had quieted down.

At the same time, the smiles on the faces of Elder Cang Jian and the other tycoons of the Hundred Battle Territory had also turned a little stiff.

The world was silent save for the explosions from that Golden Zen, which lingered in their ears.

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