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Chapter 74 – Chen Fan, Huo Yun

Northern Spiritual Academy, East Branch, Training Grounds.

It was evident that the training grounds were quite lively today. It seems that every East Branch Heaven Class student came. This is because today was the day that the Northern Spiritual Academy would announce the amount of entries for the “Five Great Academies”.

Most of the students, who came to train in the Northern Spiritual Academy, came for the entries of the “Five Great Academies”. They would work hard year after year in order to use the Northern Spiritual Academy as a stepping stone and enter the rumored “Five Great Academies”…

When Mu Chen entered the training grounds, he was startled by the loud noise. He looked at the tightly packed heads and secretly smacked his lips. He never imagined that there will be so many students in the East Branch’s Heaven Class.

“Mu Chen, over here!”

Not far away, a girl’s sweet voice rang out. Mu Chen turned his gaze over and saw Tang Qian’Er waving her slender hands at him. The moving smile on her pretty face attracted a lot of attention from the youths nearby.

Mu Chen also directed a smile towards Tang Qian’Er and walked over. They had not met in a month. This young girl has increasingly become more slim and graceful. Although she was dressed in black training clothes, it is still possible to see her exquisite curves.

“I haven’t seen you in one month, yet why do I feel that you’ve change a bit?” Tang Qian’Er tilted her head and asked in surprise as she glanced at Mu Chen. After all, Mu Chen had stepped into the Spiritual Rotation Stage. Even though he had not revealed it, a girl is indeed perceptive and could still feel a little bit of change.

“I nearly died inside the Black Eerie Swamp. Of course, I’ll change a bit.” Mu Chen smiled and said.

“You also went to the Black Eerie Swamp? I heard from my father that the Mu Territory seemed to have fought with the Liu Territory within the Black Eerie Swamp. I never imagined that you would have gone as well. Are you okay?” Tang Qian’Er frowned and asked.

Mu Chen shook his head. It seems, on that day, the commotion within the Black Eerie Swamp was quite large. Even the Tang Territory had received news about it. However, it seems that they did not know that the commotion was caused by the Nine Nether Bird’s evolution.

“Brother Mu!”

A shout suddenly rang out from nearby. He noticed that Mo Ling, Tan Qingshan and the others all walked over with a smile. It seems that they have seriously trained during this month and appeared to be darker, especially Mo Ling. Mu Chen could feel that the Spiritual Energy within his body had become increasingly dense. It was only a step away from advancing to Spiritual Rotation Stage.

“Hehe, Brother Mu. It’s all thanks to the Jaded Essence Fruit you’ve gave me last time. I will probably reach the Spiritual Rotation Stage soon. When the happens, I’ll leave you behind.” Mo Ling directed a smile at Mu Chen and spoke.

Mu Chen smiled as he glanced at him. He was too lazy to correct him.

“I wonder how many entries the Northern Spiritual Academy will receive. Last time, it seemed to be 3 entries only. The East and West Branch fought to the bitter end for those 3 entries.” Mo Ling licked his lips. His eyes twinkled as he talked about the entries. It was apparent that he really wanted it.

Mu Chen also nodded his head. But just when he was about to speak, he heard a commotion coming from behind. He turned his head around and noticed two figures slowly walking over.

“Huh? It’s Chen Fan and Huo Yun…So these two guys finally decided to appear.” Mo Ling whispered as he looked at the two men and was a little surprised.

Hearing this, Mu Chen was also shocked. He glanced at the two individuals for a moment. When he was in the Earth Class, he had heard of these two names. Based on their strength, they were probably at the pinnacle of the East Branch’s Heaven Class. They were only slightly weaker than Liu Mubai. However, they were rather low-key and would rarely appear in the Northern Spiritual Academy. Therefore, their names would never appear in the rankings.

“It was rumored that they joined an Adventurer’s team and would often hunt Spiritual Beasts.” Mo Ling said.

Only then, Mu Chen nodded his head suddenly. No wonder he could feel a faint smell of blood from them. Moreover, from their calm eyes, it was indeed different from the youthful students nearby.

“Most likely, these two individuals have already attempted to charge into the Spiritual Rotation Stage.” Mu Chen said softly. He could feel that the Spiritual Energy fluctuation from their bodies were even stronger than Mo Ling. It seems that they have gradually condensed a Spiritual Wheel.

“It’s those two.” Tang Qian’Er whispered as her beautiful eyes stared at them

Mu Chen could hear that her tone had changed and could not help but glance at her in confusion.

“Hehe, Brother Mu. Chen Fan and Huo Yun knew each other since they were young. Both of them had fought against each other as they grew up. Moreover, they both fell in love with Qian’Er after entering the Northern Spiritual Academy and would often fight with each other because of her. However, they were both rejected by her in the end. Then, these two grouped together and joined an Adventurer’s Team to train. They said that they would court her again after they obtained the entries for the Five Great Academies.” Mo Ling whispered on the side.

Mu Chen was stunned. He immediately glanced with a funny expression at Tang Qian’Er, who had a red face. The attractiveness of the East Branch’s flower really couldn’t be covered and would come wave after wave.

While Mu Chen was talking with Mo Ling, Chen Fan and Huo Yun also looked over to this side. To be exact, they saw Tang Qian’Er beside Mu Chen and a smile emerged on their indifferent faces as they walked quickly over.

Seeing that they were coming for her, Tang Qian’Er helplessly bit her lips and hid her body behind Mu Chen.

This tiny action made Chen Fan and Huo Yun completely stunned. They immediately fixated their gaze over at Mu Chen. Chen Fan’s gaze was still alright, but Huo Yun had an ill gaze.

“You should be Mu Chen, right? I’ve heard of your name before. So we finally meet today.” Chen Fan gave a faint smile at Mu Chen and held out his hand.

“Nice to meet you.”

Mu Chen also replied with a smile and glanced at Chen Fan’s outstretched hand. Then, he immediately shook it.

The moment when the two hands clasped with each other, Spiritual Energy surged out from Chen Fan’s palm and the veins jumped on the arm that gripped Mu Chen’s hand.

Mu Chen could feel a powerful squeeze coming from the palm and helplessly shook his head. He did not resist and allowed Chen Fan to utilize his strength. However, his face did not have the slightest movement.

“Chen Fan, what are you doing!” Tang Qian’Er also noticed this scene and immediately frowned and shouted out.

Chen Fan stared at the trace of ridicule at the corner of Mu Chen’s mouth and frowned as well. This Mu Chen really had some ability.

“Ohoho, Qian’Er. I only had a teasing inclination. It’s been a while since such an amazing person has appeared in our East Branch.” Chen Fan retracted back his hand and smiled at Tang Qian’Er.

“Brother Mu Chen probably didn’t mind, right?” Chen Fan looked at Mu Chen.

“If it’s only this amount of strength, naturally, I wouldn’t mind.” Mu Chen smiled and said.

“Then we definitely should have a duel sometime.” Huo Yun challenged Mu Chen as he spoke.

“We’ll talk about it when you have the chance.” Mu Chen did not make any comments and ignored these two individuals as he walked towards the direction of the training grounds. On the other hand, Tang Qian’Er gave off a fierce glare at the two of them before following Mu Chen.

“Could Qian’Er have fallen in love with that boy? Wouldn’t we have benefited someone else because we were fighting with each other all the time?” Huo Yun glanced at Tang Qian’Er’s figure and muttered.

“That will depend if he has the ability to let us allow him to do so.” Chen Fan rubbed his chin and said.

“Let’s find an opportunity to beat him up.” Huo Yun said.

“Okay.” Chen Fan smiled and nodded his head.

More and more students appeared in the training ground. After approximately 30 minutes, a familiar figure slowly walked out. The commotions at this place instantly quieted down and stared eagerly at Teacher Mo, who walked over to the training grounds.

Teacher Mo glanced at the tightly packed heads and let out a faint smile. He cut straight to the point and said: “This time, the Northern Spiritual Academy has received 5 “Five Great Academies” entries.”


An uproar suddenly burst out within the training grounds. Although there were more entriess than last time, it was still quite short in supply for the qualified students.

“Moreover…” Teacher Mo’s eyes suddenly glanced at Mu Chen and said: “Aside from the five entries, we also have a Seeded-Class Entry.”

“A Seeded-Class Entry?”

All sounds seemed to have disappeared within the training grounds as looks of astonishment were directed at Teacher Mo. After a long period of them, a few people fiercely inhaled a breath. Even Chen Fan and Huo Yun took in a deep breath.

Mu Chen was probably the only person who remained calm. A Seeded-Class Entry was indeed quite rare. However…if he had successfully completed the Spiritual Road, he would have probably obtained an even higher class entry.

“Only the strongest student within the Northern Spiritual Academy would qualify to obtain this Seeded-Class Entry. Therefore, if you want to obtain it, you must defeat all other competitors.”

Teacher Mo stared at the shocked students and glanced once again at the calm Mu Chen. He smiled and said: “Within our East Branch Heaven Class, there are only five individuals who are qualified to compete for it. They are: Chen Fan, Huo Yun, Mo Ling, Tang Qian’Er and…Mu Chen.”

After hearing these five names, regretful sighs rang out from within the training grounds. However, they also understood. The ones who qualified for it must possess the ability to reach the Spiritual Rotation Stage in a short period of time. In this location, only these five individuals would meet this requirement.

“For the next month, I will personally guide the five of you individually and allow you to complete the final step and advance into the Spiritual Rotation Stage!” Teacher Mo said in a deep voice.


Hearing this, Mo Ling and the others nodded excitedly. Teacher Mo was a Spirit Stage powerhouse. If he was to personally guide them, their cultivation would be smoother.

However, Mu Chen smiled helplessly and hesitated for a moment before holding up his hand.

“Mu Chen, do you have a question?” Seeing Mu Chen raise his head, he asked in confusion.

“Teacher Mo, that step is probably unnecessary for me.”

Teacher Mo was stunned. He immediately guessed what that meant and his eyes fixated itself onto Mu Chen’s body. Then, he could feel the Spiritual Energy fluctuation within the latter’s body was different than the rest of the students.

“Y…You’ve advanced to the Spiritual Rotation Stage?” Teacher Mo exclaimed.


Sounds of wowing erupted out from nearby. Not only did Tang Qian’Er, Mo Ling and the others stare in shock at Mu Chen, even Chen Fan and Huo Yun opened their mouths slightly.

This guy…actually reached the Spiritual Rotation Stage already?

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