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Chapter 75 – Spiritual Arts Room 3rd Floor

In the training grounds, the atmosphere turned into an uproar due to the sudden and explosive news. Everyone’s gaze fixated onto the figure of the young boy.

Spiritual Rotation Stage?

Although there were many excellent students within the current Northern Spiritual Academy, who have reached the critical point of their breakthroughs, there was only one person who managed to advance into that level. Based on everybody’s knowledge, that person is the West Branch’s Liu Mubai. He is also the strongest student within the Northern Spiritual Academy.

However, a second one had appeared in the East Branch now?

At the side, Mo Ling and the others stared blankly at Mu Chen. Then, he immediately let out a bitter laugh. Previously, he still tried to show off, yet he never knew that Mu Chen had left him in the dust a long time ago.

“What an insane person.” Mo Ling and Tan Qingshan exchanged gazes with each other and saw this thought emerging from within their eyes. Especially the latter one, he had originally ascended to Heaven Class together with Mu Chen. However, right now he had only reached Spiritual Movement Stage Middle Phase, yet Mu Chen had already surpassed him by far.

“He really is a tough nut to beat.”

Chen Fan and Huo Yun’s expression became solemn. Although the Spiritual Energy within their aurasea had shown traces of condensing into a wheel, they were still quite far from reaching the actual Spiritual Rotation Stage.

Staring at the boy in front of them wearing a calm and composed expression, they were flabbergasted. It seems that this competitor would be difficult to deal with.

Teacher Mo waved his hand and stopped the noise within the training grounds. He stared deeply at Mu Chen before saying: “Although you managed to enter the Spiritual Rotation Stage, you should still remain in the Northern Spiritual Academy during the next month. It would probably be beneficial to you as well.”

After hearing this, Mu Chen’s heart moved slightly. He looked at Teacher Mo and nodded his head without saying anything.

“Alright, everyone should train by themselves now. Mu Chen, follow me for a moment.” Teacher Mo waved his hands and left the trainings grounds. Seeing this, Mu Chen immediately followed him.

With the departure of these two men, the training grounds became an uproar completely. It was evident that they were still immersed in the shock that Mu Chen had already advanced into the Spiritual Rotation Stage.

Mu Chen ignored the uproar that he had caused and walked forward. Then he saw Teacher Mo with his hands behind his back.

“Mu Chen, I think that you should be able to guess why our Northern Spiritual Academy obtained a Seeded-Class Entry?”  Teacher Mo laughed as he looked at Mu Chen. Although the latter was only a youthful boy, he understood that Mu Chen was quite mature and more cautious than any battle-hardened veterans.

“Is it because of me?” Mu Chen, indeed, managed to predict it a bit. A Seeded-Class Entry was considerably rare even within the Hundred Spirit Heavens, not to mention about the Northern Spiritual Realm. Therefore, it would not have landed within the Northern Spiritual Academy unless of a special reason.

Teacher Mo nodded his head and said:” Indeed, it is related to you. However, Principal Xiao does not intend to hand the seeded entry to you directly.”

“I understand, that thing is too attractive. If it was handed over to me, it wouldn’t be good to the Northern Spiritual Academy.” Mu Chen was not particularly surprised. The Northern Spiritual Academy has always remained neutral, if it were to be given to him so easily; others probably would not see things favourably.

“And…” Mu Chen let out a laugh. The boy’s smile seemed to be a little bit conceited, yet it did not annoy anyone: “Since it belongs to me, I will rely on myself to obtain it. I don’t need others generously gifting it to me.

Teacher Mo was stunned for a moment. He couldn’t resist laughing out loud and a hint of admiration passed through his eyes: “You sure feel confident about it, if you’re competing to obtain the seeded-class entry, you should know who is the greatest opponent for you, right?

“Liu Mubai.” Mu Chen shrugged. Although that person was indeed quite annoying, Mu Chen had to admit that he had quite the strength.

“Do you know Liu Mubai’s strength? ” Teacher Mo asked again.

“He should have advanced into the Spiritual Rotation Stage a long time ago. Although the rumours within the Northern Spiritual Academy say that he is in the Spiritual Rotation Stage Initial Phase, I feel that he is probably stronger than that.” Mu Chen thought for a moment before saying this. He had fought against Liu Mubai earlier and the latter had definitely concealed a part of his strength.

“Yes, Liu Mubai currently might be in the Spiritual Rotation Stage Middle Phase.” Teacher Mo nodded and he spoke.

“As expected.” Mu Chen narrowed his eyes. He was indeed a formidable opponent. However, he had also advanced into the Spiritual Rotation Stage right now. Mu Chen wasn’t exactly afraid of him if they had to fight.

“Moreover, Liu Mubai refused Teacher Xi’s personal guidance when he heard about the news of a Seeded-Class entry and headed straight back to the Liu Territory. Furthermore, he even took one month off.” Teacher Mo said with a faint smile.

“He refused Teacher Xi’s guidance?” Mu Chen was slightly surprised. Teacher Xi was still a genuine Spirit Stage powerhouse. Ordinary students would not be able to receive his personal guidance, yet Liu Mubai actually ignored it?

“There must be a reason why he chose to do this. It means that he believes that the Liu Territory has some sort of method to greatly improve his strength.” Teacher Mo said softly.

Mu Chen nodded his head seriously. Although Liu Qingtian was a Spirit Stage powerhouse, he did not believe that Liu Qingtian would be better than Teacher Xi if it was about guidance for cultivation.

Then where did this belief of his come from?

Mu Chen bit his lips as he felt a sense of crisis. The most frightening thing were the unknown facts.

“During this one month, I will also teach you personally. Of course, if you believe that you will be able to improve more rapidly in the Mu Territory, I will not stop you.” Teacher Mo smiled as he spoke.

“Teacher Mo, don’t joke around. Although my father is also at the Spirit Stage, he has never taught others regarding cultivation. He is not good at it.” Mu Chen said helplessly. Mu Feng’s strength might be stronger than Teacher Mo’s, but he was not suitable to teach others about cultivation.

Teacher Mo smiled and said: “Since that’s the case, I will personally teach you during this one month. But before this, I will first talk about the compensation that the Northern Spiritual Academy would be handing to you.”

“Compensation?” Mu Chen was startled. He immediately shook his head and said: “Is it about the Seeded-Class Entry? Teacher Mo, the Northern Spiritual Academy did not do anything wrong. Moreover, I do not feel that I’ve lost anything.”

“Ohoho, Principal Xiao was the one to say it. No matter what, you are the reason why the Northern Spiritual Academy obtained this Seeded-Class Entry. If you think that compensation does not sound good, then you can change it to a reward.” Teacher Mo smiled.

“Then, fine.” Mu Chen scratched his head and did not refuse it anymore. Since the Northern Spiritual Academy was going to give him some benefits, it would be too pretentious if he continued to reject it.

“Then follow me to the Spiritual Arts Room.” Teacher Mo smiled.

“Spiritual Arts Room?” Mu Chen was stunned.

“Weren’t you interested in the Spiritual Arts Room’s 3rd Floor? This time, I’ll let you enter it.” Teacher Mo gave a faint laugh before turning around and walking away.

“The Spiritual Arts Room’s 3rd Floor?” Mu Chen licked his lips. A hint of delight surged out from his eyes. The Spiritual Arts Room’s 3rd Floor contains the most powerful Spiritual Arts within the Northern Spiritual Academy’s collection. The collection over there must be many times more bountiful than his father’s collection.

It seems that the Northern Spiritual Academy really decided to pay a price. The Spiritual Arts Room’s 3rd Floor is a place that very few students would be able to enter. At that location, the Spiritual Arts were all at least Spiritual Tier!

Mu Chen’s heart was filled with excitement and he quickly followed.

He followed Teacher Mo as they went all the way through the Northern Spiritual Academy and directly entered the Spiritual Arts Room. Then, they headed straight towards the 2nd Floor. At this moment, a few Heaven Class students were searching through Spiritual Arts. They were surprised when they saw Teacher Mo bringing Mu Chen up here.

“Mu Chen?”

A voice came from the side and Mu Chen looked over towards the red dress. It was evident that the charming Hong Ling was staring at him with her mouth slightly opened.

“Senior Hong Ling.”

Mu Chen gave a slight smile and directed a nod towards Hong Ling. However, he did not say much more and directly followed Teacher Mo to the depths of the 2nd Floor. At that location, there was a faint light barrier. A dense Spiritual Energy fluctuation emitted out from the light barrier.

The two of them stopped in front of the light barrier and caused the students on the 2nd floor to turn their gaze over at them. They knew that this was the passageway to the Spiritual Art Room’s 3rd Floor. However, no students were ever permitted to enter.

“Teacher Mo, what are you doing?”

A few Heaven Class students stared in astonishment at Teacher Mo and Mu Chen. Their eyes flashed as if they understood. Then, a surge of surprise filled their eyes.

“No way…”

While they exclaimed in a low voice, Teacher Mo waved his sleeves and cracks slowly appeared on the light barrier. However, just when he was about to bring Mu Chen in, a voice suddenly rang out from behind: “Teacher Mo, why is he allowed to enter the 3rd Floor?!”

Teacher Mo stopped for a moment and turned around. He could see many Heaven Class students staring angrily over at this location. Moreover, many of their eyes were filled with jealousy and unwillingness. They had longed to enter the Spiritual Arts Room 3rd Floor, yet they were not qualified to enter. However, seeing Teacher Mo bring Mu Chen in, it instantly imbalanced their psychological state.

Teacher Mo swept his eyes across them and said in a faint voice: “This is because his performance in the Spiritual Road has helped us to secure the first-ever Seeded-Class Entry for the Northern Spiritual Academy. Is this reason enough?”

The entire Spiritual Arts Room’s 2nd Floor instantly became silent. Numerous incredulous gazes began to fixate themselves onto Mu Chen. So the first-ever Seeded-Class Entry of the Northern Spiritual Academy came because of him? Wasn’t he kicked out of the Spiritual Road halfway through? Why would the Five Great Academies still purposely hand over a Seeded-Class Entry to the Northern Spiritual Academy?

Hong Ling could not help but conceal her lips with her slender hand. She immediately stared complicatedly at the boy, who had become the center of attention. The boy that had been ordinary within her eyes had slowly emitted out heat and light, causing him to become dazzling.

Seeing that nobody was questioning him anymore, Teacher Mo waved his hand and walked past the light barrier. Mu Chen also followed him immediately.

After the two individuals disappeared behind the light barrier, the Spiritual Arts Room 2nd Floor was still completely silent. It was evident that they were still immersed in the shock brought by the sudden news.

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