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Chapter 73 – Seeded Entry

“You don’t know what happened?” Wen Ling could not help but ask as Mu Chen’s confusion showed.

Mu Chen frowned. He vaguely remembered that he seemed to have entered a certain state earlier. However, he was not particularly clear about what had just happened.

“Earlier, you have entered the ‘Heart Array’ State.” Wen Ling said softly.

“Heart Array State?” Mu Chen was surprised.

“It is a mysterious state you would only be able to touch after you become a Rank 3 Spiritual Array Master. At that time, you will be able to get rid of the binds of the naked eye and use your heart to observe the array. All of the trajectories of the Spiritual Array would be within your heart and it will move based on your thoughts.”

Wen Ling stared at Mu Chen and said, “An accident occurred for the Spirit Convergence Array earlier and it was going to fail. However, it seems that you have unconsciously saved it.”

Mu Chen was slightly stunned. He seemed to have remembered that the Spirit Convergence Array had completely reflected itself within his heart. Moreover, the originally completed Spiritual Array seemed to have a flaw at the final moment. Then, at a conditioned reflex, he seemed to have done something to it.

“So that is called Heart Array State.” Curiosity filled Mu Chen’s eyes. Under that state, he could feel that it has become a lot easier to arrange a Spiritual Array and the Spiritual Energy light beams would move based on his thoughts. The feeling like how water floods in made him feel extremely comfortable.

“However, based on your appearance, it seems that you have unconsciously entered that mysterious state. You must try to comprehend that feeling more. If you are able to control whether or not you can enter the Heart Array State, it will greatly benefit your Spiritual Array Cultivation.” Wen Ling smacked his lips. This time, he could not conceal the jealousy within his tone. The Heart Array State, it is a state that many Spiritual Array Masters would dream of. Even he had never experienced it before.

Beside him, Chen Ling and the other Spiritual Array Master also stared at Mu Chen with a complex expression. They did not have the slightest mentality of looking down on him. They understood that the boy in front of them was probably at a completely different level. Perhaps in the near future, they would be looking up at the boy, who had once humbly asked for advice.

“Haha, thank you, everybody. You’ve done a great deed to the Mu Territory since you’ve constructed the Rank 2 Spirit Convergence Array this time!” At this moment, Mu Feng walked in from the outside with a delighted expression. Then, he cupped his fist and thanked Wen Ling, Chen Ling and the other.

Wen Ling let out a faint smile. Moreover, Chen Ling and the others had slightly reddened faces. They had nearly ruined the entire thing. If it wasn’t for Mu Chen entering the Heart Array State, they would probably cause the Mu Territory to have a major loss.

“Territory Lord Mu, the ones who performed the majority of this service are Brother Wen and the Little Lord…” Chen Ling said embarrassedly.

“Mister Chen Ling, what are you saying? There is no size of this service. Without the 3 of you, how could we have arranged this Spirit Convergence Array?” Mu Feng said in a stern voice.

Hearing this, Chen Ling and the others also emotionally cuffed their hands. They did not have arrogance within their eyes anymore. For Mu Feng to be the Mu Territory’s Lord, his tolerance was really impressive. In the future, they might decide to move around the Mu Territory more. Furthermore, Mu Chen’s talent in Spiritual Array Cultivation was extremely terrifying. He will reach a staggering height in this aspect. At that time, they would benefit greatly if they were able to get some pointers from him.

Mu Chen also quietly smiled when he saw Mu Feng’s act of winning them over. His own father was quite crafty. There aren’t many Spiritual Array Masters in the Northern Spiritual Realm. If they were able to rope in three Rank 1 Spiritual Array Master, it would be a considerable assistance.

Because Wen Ling and the others have also consumed a lot of strength due to the Rank 2 Spirit Convergence Array, Mu Feng only talked with them briefly before sending them off so they could rest. Afterwards, he let out a sigh of relief and smiled as he stared at Mu Chen beside him: “Good boy, it’s all thanks to you this time.”

“You are my father, of course I have to help you.” Mu Chen grinned as he spoke.

“Damn brat.” Mu Feng scolded him for a moment before rubbing Mu Chen’s head. He sighed and said: “If you want to help me, then hurry and get admitted to the ‘Five Great Academies’. The Northern Spiritual Realm may seem very big, but we are only a group of visionless toads sitting within a well. You will only be qualified to become a true powerhouse if you obtained the resources and education from the ‘Five Great Academies’.”

“Your talent far surpasses me, your father. Therefore, you will walk much farther than me and you will be able to do things that your father cannot do.”

Mu Feng muttered to himself: “You are all my hope.”

Mu Chen stared at Mu Feng’s gentle and comforting eyes and smiled: “Dad, relax. I have said it before, there will be a day when I bring mother back.”

Mu Feng laughed. He only felt that his eyes started to become obscure and firmly nodded his head. He believed that his son would never let him down.

“I’ll head back to the Northern Spiritual Academy tomorrow. After calculating the time, the spaces within the Five Great Academies should have been sent over by now. I’ll see how many spaces were assigned to the Northern Spiritual Academy this time.”

Mu Chen stretched his waist and his black eyes stared at the red glow on the horizon. An elegant and soft figure was reflected within the depths of his eyes. She seemed to have long silver hair as well as a pair of glass-like eyes. Her exquisite and tiny face, which would definitely create a calamity in the future, would often be covered with a coldness that separated others away from her. However, only he knew how gentle she was underneath that coldness.

“The Five Great Academies…I really have to go there.”

The next day. After Mu Chen said farewell to Mu Feng, he used the Mu Territory’s Transfer Spiritual Array to hurry back to Northern Spiritual City. However, he did not stay within the city for long and headed straight back to the Northern Spiritual Academy.

At this moment, three figures were sitting up straight in a study within the Northern Spiritual Academy. The Principal of the Northern Spiritual Academy, Xiao Mu, was in the front. Behind him on the left and right were the two highest level of instructors within the Northern Spiritual Academy, Teacher Mo and Teacher Xi.

“The spaces for the Five Great Academy have been sent over.”

Within Principal Xiao’s hand, he held a golden picture scroll. On the picture scroll, there were five different, yet extremely oppressive emblems. These five emblems represent the Five Great Academies.

“How many spaces did our Northern Spiritual Academy obtain this time?” Teacher Mo asked interestedly.

Principal Xiao’s dry fingers gently touched the golden picture scroll within his hand. He said with a strange expression: “Five entries.”

“Five?” Teacher Mo thought for a moment before saying: “There are only 5 students within the East Branch, who would be eligible to reach the Spiritual Rotation Stage in a short period of time. As for the West Branch, there will probably be 7 students. It seems that there will be a fierce competition for it.”

Principal Xiao nodded his head. The requirements for the Five Great Academies were quite harsh. It isn’t a place where you can enter just by wanting to enter it.

“Moreover, aside from these five entries…there is a special entry.” Principal Xiao’s expression became increasingly strange as he stared at Teacher Mo and Teacher Xi.

“A special entry?” Teacher Mo and Teacher Xi stared in puzzled at Principal Xiao.

“It is a Seeded-Class Entry.” Principal Xiao said as he lowered the golden picture scroll within his hand.

“A Seeded-Class Entry?” Teacher Mo and Teacher Xi’s faces finally became serious and they could not help but ask: “How could they hand over this sort of entry to our Northern Spiritual Academy?”

The Five Great Academies’ entries were divided into three classes. The lowest class was the ordinary entries. The second level was the Seeded-Class entries. Right now, the Northern Spiritual Academy had received this type of special entry. However, these entries would only be obtained by powerful academies. A Spiritual Academy like the Northern Spiritual Academy should never obtain this level of entrie.

The highest level entry was the Core Entries. It is extremely rare and everyone, who earned it, were monster-like existences. Only the most dazzling individuals in the Spiritual Road would be able to obtain it.

Moreover, these entries were not just in name. It would also provide you an identity after you’ve decided which one of the “Five Great Academies” you’ll enter. The status and resources you’ll obtain would depend on it. Thus, many people would fight to the bitter end in order to obtain this high class entry.

“A Seeded-Class Entry. After including all the Spiritual Academies, there will only be twenty of them within the Hundred Spirit Heavens…I can’t believe that one would actually land in our Northern Spiritual Academy’s hands.” Principal Xiao let out a strange laugh as if it was incomprehensible.

Hundred Spirit Heavens is the vast land outside of the Northern Spiritual Realm. Within the Hundred Spirit Heavens, there were dozens of large and small realms and the Northern Spiritual Realm was only a relatively weak realm. Therefore, the Northern Spiritual Academy would not be able to obtain an advantage over all the other Spiritual Academies within the Hundred Spirit Heavens. If it was in the past, this Seeded-Class entry would definitely be divided through the other powerful Spiritual Academies within the Hundred Spirit Heavens. How could it be their turn?

“I’ve heard a little bit of information. This Seeded-Class entry was probably allocated to us directly due to a decision of the Five Great Academies.” Principal Xiao said faintly.

“Oh? A decision from the Five Great Academies?” Teacher Mo and Teacher Xi exchanged gazes with each other. Just what sort of existence are the Five Great Academies? Why would they take care of a measly Northern Spiritual Academy? Moreover, they did not have any powerful figures within the “Five Great Academies”.

“We aren’t the ones that obtained it…” Principal Xiao narrowed his eyes slightly: “I think…that it might be a certain student within the Northern Spiritual Academy who has attracted the attention of the Five Great Academies.”


Teacher Mo and Tecaher Xi was stunned. Then, their eyes immediately lit up: “It’s Mu Chen?!”

Within the entire Northern Spiritual Realm, Mu Chen was the only one who had participated in the Spiritual Road. Moreover, he had surprisingly been kicked out half way. This was extremely difficult to understand and also made thoughts flash through other people’s mind. Just what on earth did Mu Chen do in the Spiritual Road?

Principal Xiao slowly nodded his head and said: “It should be that little guy…Heh, the Five Great Academies kicked him out of the Spiritual Road, yet they purposely handed a Seeded-Class Entry to us. What is the meaning of this? Is it to compensate him? Or are they reluctant to let him go?”

“Reluctant to let him go? To the Five Great Academies, what genius haven’t they seen? It’s only Mu Chen, it shouldn’t be enough, right?” Teacher Xi frowned.

Teacher Mo let out a faint smile and said: “You should not underestimate a person who killed a vicious individual, who was at the Spiritual Rotation Stage Late Phase, by relying on his Spiritual Movement Stage Late Phase strength.”

Principal Xiao smiled and waved his head as he said: “We should not care what the Five Great Academies are thinking of. Since they handed this entry to us, we should just take it.”

“Then what about the entry? Should we hand it directly to Mu Chen?” Teacher Mo inquired.

Principal Xiao shook his head and said: “That would only lead to dissatisfaction with the other students. Moreover, if the Territory Lords within the Northern Spiritual Academy knew that we actually have a Seeded-Class Entry, wouldn’t they all be envious of it? If we handed it to Mu Chen, they would all be filled with fury and say that we were unfair.”


Principal Xiao stood up and let out a faint smile as he said: “We’ll follow the rules. Strength is supreme. We will hand over this Seeded-Class Entry to whoever is the strongest. Although it is possible that it was prepared for Mu Chen, he can only blame himself if he does not have the strength.”

As he said this, he waved his hand.

“Convey the news out. I think that many little guys would go crazy about it…Ohoho, a Seeded-Class Entry. It is the first one since the establishment of the Northern Spiritual Academy.”

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