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Chapter 738 - Big Shots

Outside the Hundred Battles Domain, the sunlight was dim as the armies of both factions gathered here. The multitude of people covered this region, there were countless Spiritual Energies soaring into the sky and stopping the flow of air.

It was the confrontation between the two colossal figures.

Once such a battle breaks out, it would naturally be earth-shaking, with the fall of numerous experts and fresh blood dying the sky red. Such brutality was chilling down to the bone.

Mu Chen led the Nine Nether Troop and joined the army of the Great Havenlaw Domain, while looking at the multitude of figures that covered the sky in the direction of the Hundred Battles Domain. He had a grave expression once he found out how powerful the Hundred Battles Domain right now was. Although it was slightly inferior to peak forces like the Great Havenlaw Domain, their strength could easily sweep the Northern Heavens Continent.

“If the final battle breaks out, I’m afraid that it would be a state of darkness and chaos.” Mu Chen muttered to himself. Even their Great Havenlaw Domain had to pay some price if they wanted to take down the Hundred Battles Domain.

“I’m afraid that the final battle will not start so easily.” Tang Bing, who was standing by Mu Chen’s side, softly said.

“Hmm?” Mu Chen was stunned.

“Although the preparations of the Hundred Battles Domain is sufficient, they do not have the courage to die in glory rather than living shamefully. If it wasn’t for the Sky Profound Palace pulling their strings from the back, they might not even dare to provoke our Great Havenlaw Domain.”

Tang Bing’s gaze flickered with splendor as she smiled. “If it occurred in ordinary times, our Great Havenlaw Domain would be able to bear it, even if we have to pay some price to take down the Hundred Battles Domain. In addition, we would also swiftly recover from it and grow stronger. But right now, the Hunting War is not far, so it would not be good news for us to go to war now.”

“Since neither party has the intention to go all-out, I’m afraid that this battle will not start so easily.”

Mu Chen looked at Tang Bing, who was filled with confidence, and couldn’t help rubbing his nose. “So the whole thing was a façade? Did the Hundred Battles Domain have nothing to do to provoke our Great Havenlaw Domain?”

“They must have made some sort of pact with the Sky Profound Palace.” Tang Bing said after a brief ponder. Shortly after, she burst into smiles again. “But even if there might not be an all-out battle, the matter today will not end so easily. After all, there are many gazes cast over here.”

Mu Chen nodded his head. Just when he was about to speak, he saw three light flashes in the front of the Hundred Battles Domain faction, which instantly attracted countless revered gazes from the Hundred Battles Domain faction.

Out of the three figures, one was an elder donned in azure robes, bearing a sword box behind his back. His gaze was sharp, filled with Spiritual Energy Sword Aura. As he swept his gaze, no one dared to look into his eyes.

Standing beside him was a skinny elder in black robes. He was like a bag of bones, looking like a dried-up corpse. However, the eerie aura that was shrouding around him made others feel uncomfortable.

Standing at the far right was a bald-headed man. He looked frail and placed his hand upright before him. There wasn’t anything special about his appearance, but his pair of eyes made it seem as if there was a starry sky contained within them, appearing mysterious and unfathomable.

When the three of them appeared, the morale of the Hundred Battles Domain soared as deafening cheers rang out, causing even this region to finely tremble.

“They are the three heads of the Hundred Battles Domain. That old man in azure robes is the Valley Master of the Myriad Swords Valley, the Sword Concealing Elder with a strength reaching Seventh Grade Sovereign. The skinny old man is the current leader of the Demonic Corpse Sect, the Corpse Mountain Demon… As for the last one, he is the founder of the Great Compassion Sky, Devil Compassion Sovereign. He comes from the Lower Plane, but his strength is unfathomable. Speaking of which, he might be the most unfathomable amongst the three heads.” Tang Bing looked at the three figures with a solemn expression.

Hearing Tang Bing’s words, Mu Chen involuntarily cast another glance at the bald-headed man. Although the Lower Plane was of a lower level, compared to the Great Thousand World, that also meant that those that could break through the shackles of a Lower Plane and come to the Great Thousand World were all powerful figures. Just like the two famous people that originated from the Lower Plane in the Great Thousand World, the Flame Emperor and the Martial Ancestor…

The Devil Compassion Sovereign before his eyes was someone that had also originated from the Lower Plane and created his own power. Such a figure definitely possessed mystical skills.

Mu Chen lightly nodded his head. The three heads weren’t any weaker than the Three Emperors of their Great Havenlaw Domain. Their strength could be considered as powerful, it was no wonder that they could control the Hundred Battles City.

“Haha, my old friends, the Three Emperors, are you guys still not deciding to show yourselves?” After the three heads of the Hundred Battles Domain showed themselves, the old man in azure robes with a sword box behind him lightly laughed out as his voice resonated in every corner of this region.

“Haha, we will soon meet in the battlefield, so we cannot be considered as old friends.” A familiar and aged voice laughed out. In front of the Great Havenlaw Domain, three figures appeared. They were the Three Emperors of the Great Havenlaw Domain, and the one that spoke out earlier was naturally the Sky Vulture Emperor.

When the Three Emperors showed themselves, the morale of the Great Havenlaw Domain factions surged as well.

“Kaka, it is your Great Havenlaw Domain that blew up the small matter. My Hundred Battles Domain only seized several border cities and your Great Havenlaw Domain actually mustered such a huge force.” The black-robed old man that looked like a mummy laughed out in a hoarse voice that was piercing to the ears.

“It is no small matter as long as it concerns the reputation of my Great Havenlaw Domain. Since your Hundred Battles Domain wanted to provoke us, then you guys will naturally have to bear the consequences.” Spiritual Pupils Emperor said with indifference.

As the big shots from both factions spoke, the entire region kept silent as they allowed the big shots to speak.

“Although the reputation of the Great Havenlaw Domain is great, my Hundred Battles Domain isn’t a weakling that anyone can knead.” The Sword Concealing Elder of the Myriad Swords Valley said with a smile, “Furthermore, without your Domain Ruler, just you three emperors are still not enough to take down our Hundred Battles Domain. So I think that the three of you should call that Domain Ruler of yours out.”

The Sky Vulture Emperor had his brows slightly knitted as a chill flowed in his eyes

“Looks like you want to see me quite a lot?” But before the Sky Vulture Emperor could speak, a hoarse voice abruptly resounded throughout the region. As that voice resounded, everyone felt a fearsome pressure descending from the heavens that enveloped ten thousand miles in radius practically in an instant.

Everyone directed their gazes that held shock over. Before the Three Emperors, there was a dazzling light abruptly gathering together. The light formed into a golden throne with a silhouette that was enveloped in light seated on the golden throne. It was a figure that couldn’t be described as imposing but it left countless experts shocked to the point that they did not dare to speak a single word.

“We welcome the Domain Ruler!”

The Three Emperors were also startled by the appearance of the Domain Ruler, but they immediately bowed with their fists cupped together. Behind them, countless experts of the Great Havenlaw Domain respectfully bowed as their voices shook the heavens.

Compared to the intimidating scene from the Great Havenlaw Domain, the faction of the Hundred Battles Domain turned instantly silent. There was dense fear flashing across the eyes of countless experts. It’s because they were clear that before this mysterious Domain Ruler of the Great Havenlaw Domain, even the three heads of the Hundred Battles Domain would not dare to act rashly.

The expression on the Sword Concealing Elder turned a little stiff at this moment, especially when he sensed the indifferent and emotionless gaze directed over from the throne. Even with his current strength, he felt a chill rising from his feet.

Although he had the strength of Seventh Grade Sovereign, compared to the Domain Ruler of the Great Havenlaw Domain, who had stepped into the Earth Sovereign Realm, it was as different as the sky and earth.

“Haha, Domain Ruler of the Great Havenlaw Domain. It has been a while since we last met, I trust that you have been well.”

However, just when the Sword Concealing Elder was enveloped by the dreadful pressure and felt fearful in his heart, a laughing voice rang out in the sky as well.

The space of the Hundred Battles Domain tore apart and a figure strode out. It was a middle-aged man in azure clothes. He had a graceful temperament, and glittering eyes that seemed like the starry skies that made others involuntarily intoxicated.

He stood there with a smiling expression, but anyone could sense that the pressure emanating from the Domain Ruler of the Great Havenlaw Domain had all been countered by him.

When the Sword Concealing Elder saw the azure-clothed man, he felt deeply relieved.

“He’s the Palace Master of the Sky Profound Palace, Liu Tiandao!” Tang Bing solemnly said as she looked at the figure that stood in the air, a figure that could absolutely suppress the experts of both factions.

“Sky Profound Palace, Liu Tiandao?” Mu Chen’s heart lightly throbbed as his gaze flickered. Liu Ming should be his son, right? If that fellow knew that Liu Ming was suppressed because of him, would he go crazy?

“Liu Tiandao, you have finally appeared.” There still wasn’t any fluctuations in the words of the Domain Ruler of the Great Havenlaw Domain on the throne. Clearly, the appearance of Liu Tiandao was within his expectations.

Liu Tiandao lightly smiled as his gaze that was like the starry skies fixed onto that figure and his brows unnoticeably frowned. According to the news that he had gotten, the Domain Ruler of the Great Havenlaw Domain should have suffered heavy injuries and thus, secluded for so many years. Logically speaking, he should be at his weakest right now, yet he actually dared to show himself?

Or was the Domain Ruler of the Great Havenlaw Domain just putting on a strong façade?

Light flashed in Liu Tiandao’s eyes as he raised his palm. Everyone raised their heads as the Spiritual Energy of this region violently gathered towards Liu Tiandao. A multi-coloured mountain made of pure Spiritual Energy appeared out of thin air.

Although the mountain looked ordinary, it was as heavy as a million weight mountain. It was something that not even a Ninth Grade Sovereign could take because it was formed from the purest Spiritual Energy between the heavens and earth.

Heaven and Earth Phase.

It was a means that only experts that had stepped into the Earth Sovereign Realm could deploy, manipulating the Spiritual Energies of heavens and earth with a simple wave of their hand.

“Great Havenlaw Domain’s Ruler, here’s a gift to you!”

Liu Tiandao gently waved his sleeves as the mountain cast a huge shadow and enveloped all the experts of the Great Havenlaw Domain within. It was easy if he wanted to know whether the Domain Ruler of the Great Havenlaw Domain was putting up a strong façade, he just needed to try his hands.

If it was as Liu Tiandao had guessed, that the Domain Ruler was at his weakest moment, then today was the day the Great Havenlaw Domain would perish. The reason why he wanted the Hundred Battles Domain to provoke the Great Havenlaw Domain was to force the Domain Ruler of the Great Havenlaw Domain to show himself…


As the shadow enveloped over, all the experts of the Great Havenlaw Domain had their faces turn pale. Facing an attack of such level, they had no way to escape, even if they wanted to, since their strength was too far apart from an Earth Sovereign.

Therefore, many gazes were directed at the figure that had remained still on the throne.

Mu Chen had also nervously directed his gaze over. His palms were filled with sweat. If he were to be killed here, then it would be too much of a joke.

Under the countless gazes, the figure on the throne finally, slowly raised his head and gently inhaled a mouthful of air. The heavens and earth trembled as the Spiritual Energy mountain that was descending turned into a streak of light and flew into the mouth of that figure on the throne, completely devoured.


Countless experts in this region instantly protruded their eyeballs.

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