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Sounds of laughter accompanied the thunder sound, as both echoed throughout the heavens and the earth. The top powers, who were battling in this region, looked at the sky in the distance. The top powers of the Daluo Territory, who had felt dejected after the defeat of the Kingo Troop, suddenly felt hopeful.

"It is the Nine Nether Troop!"

"The men of Nine Nether Palace have finally arrived. I heard that they defeated the Thunder Magic Sect…"

"Great. The sound seems to be coming from Commander Mu Chen. With him around, we need not be afraid of Lin Qingfeng!"

The people were whispering everywhere. The spirits of the Daluo Territory's top powers had all been uplifted. In less than six months, almost all of the top powers knew about the the Nine Nether Troop, which had sprung up in an astounding speed, along with their new commander, Mu Chen.

Lin Qingfeng squinted his eyes to look at the direction where the dark clouds were coming from. The atmosphere was dreadful.

A troop in black armor whizzed toward them with a dark fighting spirit. Indistinctly, violent thunder sounds were heard. The army stood quietly in the sky. The austerity of the entire scene was not to be underestimated.

"Hohoho, is it the Nine Nether Troop from Nine Nether Palace? I have been hearing of you all for a long time now," Lin Qingfeng said with a smile. He squinted his eyes and looked at the black army.

"I have heard how impressive the Three Thousand Swordsmen of the Valley of Ten Thousand Swords is. I can see that you have lived up to your reputation," Mu Chen said with a smile. He appeared above the Nine Nether Troop, looking at Lin Qingfeng.

"You must be the new commander, Mu Chen." Lin Qingfeng stared at Mu Chen, then slowly said, "I have heard that you have not only defeated the Blood Hawk Troop, but that even the Thunder Magic Congregation has been defeated by you."

Mu Chen smiled. He looked at the unsettled Kingo Troop and said, "Commander Lin, this situation is a mess. Why not leave with your men?"

"Hohoho. Are you planning to save them?" Lin Qingfeng smiled mockingly. He gently tapped on the sword on his back and said, "You can. However, you will be getting yourself into trouble."

Although Lin Qingfeng had heard of the accomplishments of the Nine Nether Troop, he was not afraid of them. After all, he was the Chief Commander of the Valley of Ten Thousand Swords. Only a handful of commanders were on par with him in the entire Hundred Battle Territory. And, although not all of the soldiers of the Three Thousand Swordsmen were present, he was confident and he despised the other commanders.

"Commander Lin is right."

Upon hearing this, Mu Chen nodded with a smile. He knew that, given Lin Qingfeng's reputation in the Hundred Battle Territory, it was impossible to save anyone from his clutches by merely talking. So, since it was useless to talk, he would have to use his fists.

Cold ray gathered in Mu Chen's dark eyes. Without hesitation, he stomped his feet. The Nine Nether Troop, which was now below him, shouted out in unison. A dark fighting spirit shot up to the sky, followed by the sounds of thunder. Nine Nether Troop's fighting spirit was clearly much stronger than it had been a month ago!


When Nine Nether's Fighting Spirit burst out, Lin Qingfeng waved his sleeve. The clashing sounds of swords resounded, and the fighting spirit of the sword aura whizzed out. It was like a windstorm, encircling Lin Qingfeng entirely.

"Commander Mu Chen, if you want to save your men, take a blow from me!" Lin Qingfeng sneered, then formed a seal with his palms.

"Sword sense, Lotus Spirit Sword!"


Majestic sword aura swept out, then turned into a Sword Lotus. The Sword Lotus blossomed and churned around. Even the space surrounding it had been cut by it.

Although the Sword Lotus did not make a sound, everyone could feel its razor edge. Lin Qingfeng was merciless. The moment he struck, it was obvious that he had used the death blow.

Lin Qingfeng looked flatly at Mu Chen and flicked his fingers. The Sword Lotus shot forth, leaving afterimages in the sky. Its speed was like lightning!

The Sword Lotus speedily magnified in Mu Chen's eyes. However, there was no reaction on his face. He changed the seal, causing the majestic Nine Nether's Fighting Spirit to surge out. It turned into a black fist print, and dark lightning could be seen glittering crazily on it.

"Nine Nether's Fighting Spirit, Nine Nether Lightning Punch!"

Mu Chen threw out a punch, and the black fist print shot forth. It hit hard against the Sword Lotus.


The sword aura and the dark fighting spirit that was dazzling with lightning swept out. Space warps were formed and shockwaves raged out. However, the two armies remained immovable.

Many people looked at the battle in the sky. They were shocked. It was obvious that the attacks from the Three Thousand Swordsmen were no match for the Nine Nether Troop.

"The Nine Nether Troop is more powerful than they were before, when they fought with the Blood Hawk Troop." Some of the top powers were sharp. At one glance, they could tell that the Nine Nether Troop had become much more powerful.

"They have a good commander. When they were under Cao Feng, they did not have such vigor."

Commander Qian Long of the Kingo Troop looked at Mu Chen with a complex stare. He had secretly mocked Mu Chen after Mu Chen had become the commander. He did not think that a youth could have adequate ability for such a role.

However, a series of events had happened to cause him to realize his short-sightedness. The Nine Nether Troop, which had been unknown in the Daluo Territory, had started to catch the eyes of many people. The troop was now able to fend off the Three Thousand Swordsmen of Valley of Ten Thousand Swords, which was a highly reputable foe.

"Commander, shall we help?" someone from behind Qian Long asked.

Qian Long shook his head and said, "Lin Qingfeng is no match for Mu Chen. They will not fight."

He could tell that, although Lin Qingfeng was powerful, it would be tough for him to defeat Mu Chen. Unless the Three Thousand Swordsmen came in full force, they would not have a chance to win against Mu Chen.

As Qian Long had expected, Lin Qingfeng looked at the Nine Nether Troop, which had easily countered their attacks, and frowned. He finally smiled, then said, "It seems like what I have heard is true. Commander Mu Chen is amazing."

"Thank you," Mu Chen said with a smile.

"Since Commander Mu Chen has stepped in, I have to show you some respect. I will let the Kingo Troop off today. I hope that when we start our war, Commander Mu Chen can still remain so calm." Lin Qingfeng cupped his fist and smiled. He then waved his sleeve and left with his men.

Mu Chen frowned as he watched the people leave. Lin Qingfeng had lived up to his reputation of being the Chief Commander of the Valley of Ten Thousand Swords. In the short exchange of blows, he could tell that Lin Qingfeng would be a hard nut to crack.

"No wonder the Valley of Ten Thousand Swords had become one of the top forces in the Hundred Battle Territory. They are indeed capable," Mu Chen muttered. He knew that the upcoming final battle would be earth-shattering.

"Commander Mu Chen, thank you." As Mu Chen was pondering, Qian Long had brought the Kingo Troop along with him to thank Mu Chen.

"You are welcome, Commander Qian Long. We are from the Daluo Territory. We should help one another." Mu Chen cupped his fist and replied. Lord Gilt had been keeping a low profile in the Daluo Territory. Although they would not be grateful to him for having helped them, at the very least, the relationship between Gilt Palace and Nine Nether Palace would improve.

Qian Long, who looked stern, smiled. He was a bit grateful to Mu Chen. He had seen many young talents who were prideful. However, Mu Chen was not proud at all. It was no wonder that Lord Nine Nether thought so highly of him.

"Since Commander Mu Chen is here, should Lord Nine Nether not be here as well? Hohoho, we will need Lord Nine Nether to be here for the final battle," Qian Long said with a smile.

"Yes. She has gone to meet the three kings," Mu Chen nodded and said. Nine Nether was one of the nine Lords, making her among the top powers in the Daluo Territory. Thus, she would naturally be involved in the final battle.

Qian Long nodded. And, as he was about to say something, a deep drumming sound was heard from the distant horizon. The drumming sound was filled with fighting spirit.

"It is the battle drum of the Hundred Battle Territory!" Qian Long said, turning grave.

"What is the matter?" Mu Chen asked.

"The Hundred Battle Territory is about to start the war!" Qian Long exclaimed, then said in a low voice, "Commander Mu Chen, we have to get back to our military base, quickly!"

Mu Chen was a bit shocked. Why is Hundred Battle City so eager to start the war? Anyway, he had no time to think of this further. He waved his hand and dashed out with Qian Long, the two armies following closely behind.

Two streaks of streamers darted across the horizon like lightning. The ancient deep drumming sound became clearer.

After traveling at full speed for about half an hour, Mu Chen and Qian Long started to slow down. In the distance, they could see that the light barrier that was covering Hundred Battle City had been torn apart. A large number of people swirled out, covering the area like locusts. Even the light from the sky was being blocked by the people.

Facing such a terrifying array, one could only see endless shadows of people. Powerful spiritual energy fluctuations shot up to the sky, the violent nature of which caused the spiritual energy in the heavens and the earth to be heated up.

Two horrifying arrays were in a head-to-head battle. The sky was about to collapse.

As Mu Chen watched the scene, he let out a deep breath. The final battle was indeed astounding…

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