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Everyone in the world was dumbstruck as they gaped at the figure who was seated on the throne. Evidently, no one had ever expected that the terrifying attack from Liu Tiandao would be sucked into his mouth with such ease.

Mu Chen was completely blown away. There was an astonishingly large difference between the abilities of an Earth Sovereign and an ordinary sovereign. Looking at the offensive move just performed by Liu Tiandao, if the dominator of Daluo Territory had not blocked it, the attack would have caused thousands of casualties in the Daluo Territory in the blink of an eye. His abilities had reached such a level that, it would be almost impossible to even rely on quantitative advantage to mitigate the failures, unless they had a war troop dispatcher with an extremely formidable troop...

As Liu Tiandao witnessed this scene, his sunken eyes squinted a little. His micro-expressions also seemed a bit solemn. Although he had not unleashed his full powers in the previous attack, he had already achieved his main goal.

He was able to conduct his offensive attack with such ease! There was not even a slight fluctuation in his internal spiritual energy! Evidently, the dominator of Daluo Territory was not as weak as he had expected him to be.

"How could this have happened…" Liu Tiandao's gaze turned slightly cold. It is impossible that the information that he had received could have been wrong. The dominator of Daluo Territory's internal injuries should be flaring up at this point in time, which would leave him extremely vulnerable and frail. However, looking at the current state of affairs, his abilities were still as powerful as ever.

"It seems like Clan Leader Liu intends to have a friendly battle with me?" As Liu Tiandao's gaze shifted a little, the husky voice of the dominator of Daluo Territory, who was seated on the throne, also thundered across the place. The strident sound wave caused by it had actually distorted the entire space around it!

"Hehe, I was just testing to see if the dominator of Daluo Territory had actually perfected his skills over the years."

Liu Tiandao swayed the sleeves of his robe and smiled faintly. His gaze immediately shifted toward the grandiose battlefield, as he said, "But, it will be rather unfair if you were to join this battle, considering that you are, after all, the almighty dominator of Daluo Territory. Tian Xuan Hall has close bonds with the Hundred Battle Territory. Thus, if you intend to oppress the people with your powers and authority, I'm afraid that Tian Xuan Hall will not be able to just sit back and watch."

"Well then, I'm intrigued to see Tian Xuan Hall's level of endurance," the dominator of Daluo Territory sneered, remaining seated on his throne. There was no hint of fear in his tone, despite the interference from Tian Xuan Hall.

Liu Tiandao smiled and glared at the dominator of Daluo Territory, "Why would the dominator of Daluo Territory say such a thing? We are both well aware of the situation at hand. If you were to make a move, I would have no choice but to stop you from doing so, as only then would I be able to prevent you from meddling with this battle. Besides… I would still wish you the best, even if all of you still intend to instigate a life-and-death battle with the Hundred Battle Territory."

The rays that shrouded the body of the dominator of Daluo Territory flickered a little. He then smiled faintly and said, "Well then, you should stop spouting nonsense. What do you want? Cut to the chase and lay all of your cards on the table."

Liu Tiandao smiled. "No doubt, the dominator of Daluo Territory is truly pleasant to deal with. However, I'm not the host. You should direct that question to the three leaders of the Hundred Battle Territory instead."

As Liu Tiandao finished speaking, the Sword-hiding Elder of the Valley of Ten Thousand Swords smiled cheekily at the dominator of Daluo Territory. He then said, "Looking at today's situation, both parties are clearly unwilling to fight a life-and-death battle, but we cannot allow the Daluo Territory to go home empty-handed. Thus, the Hundred Battle Territory is willing to set up a prizefight instead. As such, we will be able to avoid hurting each other, but a concise decision can still be made. When the time comes, the losing party will have to compensate the winner with a million Sovereign Spiritual Liquid and a thousand cities. What do you think?" He turned to address his question directly to the dominator of Daluo Territory.

"One million Sovereign Spiritual Liquid? A thousand cities?"

As news of the exact sum of the compensation spread, the crowd was thrown into an uproar. Even the eyes of the three kings lit up. Although the Daluo Territory was able to provide a million Sovereign Spiritual Liquid, it was still a rather hefty price.

The price of one thousand cities was also astonishingly high. Even if they were to divide out some parts of the Daluo Territory, it would still be a pain in the neck.

Mu Chen was stunned. Even when they had turned the Thunder Magic Sect upside down, the value of the loot that they had obtained was not even equal to the price of two hundred thousand Sovereign Spiritual Liquid. And to think, the Hundred Battle Territory demanded a million Sovereign Spiritual Liquid as the prize of the fight!

The three kings stared at the dominator of the Daluo Territory. They were obviously waiting for him to make the final decision.

With all eyes upon him, the dominator of Daluo Territory paused for a short while before he spoke. Then, his voice firm and stern, he said, "What would be the fight's criteria and rules?"

"Simple..." the Sword-hiding Elder began to explain. "The fight will be divided into three battles — the battle of the kings, the battle of the Lords, and the battle of the commanders. This means that the Daluo Territory will have to send out three representatives — a king, a lord, and a commander. Likewise, the Hundred Battle Territory will also have to do the same. Whoever wins the most out of the three battles will be the final victor."

"Why go to all of that trouble? The three big shots from the Hundred Battle Territory should just make a move on us. We, the three kings, will just directly take you all down. Isn't this easier? Don't you guys have confidence in yourselves?" the Condor King snickered.

"Hehe, that would be such a meaningless fight. In such an event, we should give our younger members a chance to shine," said the Sword-hiding Elder with a smile plastered on his face.

The Condor King's eyebrows furrowed. He then looked at the dominator of Daluo Territory on the throne. The fact that the opponent had made such a move had evidently created some uncertainties regarding the fight.

The rays around the Daluo Territory flickered a little, almost as if they were directly related to the flickering gaze now emanating from the dominator of Daluo Territory himself. After he scanned through the various powerhouses for a short moment, his stern, husky voice thundered, "Alright, we will take part in this fight."

"The dominator of Daluo Territory sure is a bold person!" the Sword-hiding Elder smiled, bowing in respect.

"Send out your three representatives of the Hundred Battle Territory. I'm truly curious of the abilities that your people have," said the dominator of Daluo Territory nonchalantly. 

The Sword-hiding Elder smiled upon hearing the words of the dominator. Before he could utter a response, the silent Demonic Sorrow Sovereign of the Giant Sky of Sorrows suddenly stepped forward. His galaxy-like deep eyes looked toward the dominator of Daluo Territory. His voice remained monotone, "Allow me to compete with the king-level powerhouse of the Daluo Territory."

Witnessing how he had volunteered himself, the Sword-Hiding Elder and the Old Corpse Ghost just smiled and expressed no objections. It seemed like they had expected such a development.

"The Demonic Sorrow Sovereign will be making the move as expected," Tang Bing's expression turned grave as she stared at the bald man. Among the three big shots of the Hundred Battle Territory, although the Demonic Sorrow Sovereign was the one with the most low profile, he was evidently also the least predictable of the three.

Mu Chen nodded his head lightly. The Demonic Sorrow Sovereign was evidently a tough nut to crack.

As the Demonic Sorrow Sovereign stepped forward, the Sword-hiding Elder waved his hand again. Suddenly, a crack crept open, and a black figure slowly walked out of it.

A rotten smell filled the air as the black figure appeared. Everyone looked over, their sights greeted by a thinly clad humanoid figure. His body was wrapped in black bandages, just like a mummy. There seemed to be some strange symbols on the black bandages as well. The appearance of the peculiar figure stirred up the crowd once again.

"That person is… The Spiritual Corpse King from the Demonic Corpse Sect. I thought he had disappeared! It's shocking that he has suddenly reappeared…" said Tang Bing, astonished.

"The Spiritual Corpse King?" Mu Chen was seized with terror.

"He is the highest-positioned Elder in the Demonic Corpse Sect. His abilities are apparently inferior only to the Old Corpse Ghost. However, he disappeared several years ago. Some even thought that he had died, but I guess not," said Tang Bing.

Mu Chen's brows furrowed upon hearing this. The Spiritual Corpse King gave off a rather unnerving vibe. 

"I wonder which powerhouse the Hundred Battle Territory will send out for the battle between the commanders…" said Mu Chen quietly. In comparison to the other two battles, he was clearly more interested in this category, since it was the one that involved his own scope of abilities.

"The Hundred Battle Territory will evidently select their most powerful commanders. Clearly, their most powerful leaders are none other than the dynamic three: Lin Qingfeng from the Valley of Ten Thousand Swords, Mo Mo from the Demonic Corpse Sect, and Qin Bei from the Giant Sky of Sorrows. Among these three, Lin Qingfeng is the most reputable, Mo Chen is the most cunning, and Qin Bei is the most low profile," said Tang Bing.

Mu Chen grumbled, then nodded his head.

"However, you shouldn't get your hopes up too high. In this battle between the commanders, I doubt that the Daluo Territory will send you out as a representative." Tang Bing smiled as she glanced at Mu Chen. She continued, "I'm not trying to rain on your parade. It's just that Xu Qing and Zhou Yue have better backgrounds than you do. Although you have risen up in the ranks in an impressively short span of time, they still seem more reliable in the eyes of the other members. Thus, it is likely that the dominator will pick one of them to be the representative." 

Mu Chen rubbed his nose and smiled. "Xu Qing and Zhou Yue are really strong, too. I'd have no complaints if they were to be selected as the representative. At least then I wouldn't have to risk my life in the battle!"

"I'm glad that you are keeping an open mind. However, we do all know that you're just as strong as them!" Tang Bing consoled him with an encouraging smile.

Mu Chen shook his shoulders and lifted his head up. The Sword-hiding Elder waved his hands once again. This time, a commander-level powerhouse would be selected to represent the Hundred Battle Territory. 

At the back, three figures descended from the sky. One of them was Lin Qing Feng, who Mu Chen had previously met. Another, named Mo Mo, was dressed in black from top to toe. On the far left, the third figure, was scrawny man who was wearing a dark green robe. Mu Chen figured this was most likely Qin Bei, the most low-profile commander among the three of them.

As the Sword-Hiding Elder waved his hand, Lin Qingfeng and Mo Mo glanced at each other. Their faces looked as if they were frowning. They then took a step back together, making way for Qin Bei, whose eyes were slightly closed. Evidently, they had selected Qin Bei to represent them as the commander-tier powerhouse.

"They have actually selected him." As Tang Bing witnessed this moment, her arched brows twitched a little. Although members of the Giant Sky of Sorrows had always kept a low profile, they were evidently the most difficult to deal with.

"Hehe, dominator of Daluo Territory, we have already selected our representatives for the Hundred Battle Territory. I wonder, which three participants are you going to send out for the battles?" asked the Sword-hiding old man smilingly.

All eyes were fixated on the dominator of Daluo Territory once again. The rays around him started to flicker a little more. He lounged on the throne and said calmly, "The Sleeping King."

Among the three kings, the groggy-looking Sleeping King opened his eyes and stared at the Demonic Sorrow Sovereign, who was standing at a distance. He smiled only briefly, then nodded his head. Evidently, the Daluo Territory needed the equally mysterious Sleeping King to deal with the Demonic Sorrow Sovereign.

"Lord Asura," the dominator of Daluo Territory spoke up again.

The choice of candidate was still within everyone's expectations, as Lord Asura was still considered to be the most powerful among the nine lords. After selecting Lord Asura, the dominator of Daluo Territory paused for a while, as everyone's gazes shifted to Xu Qing and Zhou Yue. The two of them were unperturbed, their expressions remaining calm and seemingly unaffected by the happenings surrounding them at the moment. 

The dominator of Daluo Territory tapped his fingers lightly on the throne. His piercing eyes swept pass Xu Qing and Zhou Yue. Finally, he suddenly turned away from them to stare directly at Mu Chen, who was presently getting some shut-eye.

"Mu Chen."

Everyone was shocked at the decision! Even Nine Nether, who was standing nearby, was extremely stunned! Evidently, nobody had expected that the dominator of Daluo Territory would actually pick the most inexperienced one among his ranks!

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