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Purple flame and formless lightning rose from Mu Chen's hands. There were two different colors reflected in his eyes. He was filled with joy.

He had successfully merged the Netherworld Thunder Heart!

Nine Nether looked at it with joy as well. She smiled at Mu Chen and said, "Congratulations! You have succeeded."

She had thought that there was no harm in trying. She knew that it was tough to make the two different spiritual energies exist together in the Sovereign Sea. However, this was a pleasant surprise. From the time she knew Mu Chen, he had continuously done things to surprise others.

"I am lucky," Mu Chen said with a smile. If he had not possessed the huge Pagoda, he did not know when he could have possibly suppressed the two aggressive spiritual energies.

"However, you have not completely merged the two together." Nine Nether noticed immediately that the two spiritual energies were out of tune with each other. They had not merged completely.

Mu Chen nodded helplessly. He knew that once the two spiritual energies were in tune with each other, the power would move up one level. However, given his current strength, he was unable to merge them.

"It is all right. This is sufficient for you for the time being," Nine Nether said with a smile.

Mu Chen had merged the Netherworld Thunder Heart with the intention to perfect the Nine Dragon Nine Elephant Art. He had the power of the two, thus he would be able to bring out the Near Perfection Divine Art to the best of his ability.

Mu Chen nodded in agreement. It was already a great gain for him to be able to merge the Netherworld Thunder Heart. He must not be too greedy. He believed that as his strength increased, one day he would be able to merge the two spiritual energies.

"You have the prerequisites to cultivate it now." Nine Nether pointed at the broken stone tablet and looked at it with envy.

She had long heard of the Supreme Heart Demon Chant. She was tempted now that she had seen it, but she was fully aware that it was not compatible with her. She was different from Mu Chen. The Unperishable Flame was in her bloodline. If she tried to merge the Netherworld Thunder Heart just like Mu Chen had, she might explode.

She was envious, but she did not covet it. She knew that as long as she could cultivate the Unperishable Flame to its optimum, it would be as powerful as the Supreme Heart Demon.

Mu Chen turned to look at the broken stone tablet. His eyes radiated interest. However, he was not in a hurry to study it. He asked Nine Nether, "How long have I been cultivating?"

Nine Nether counted and said, "We have been here for about two weeks."

Mu Chen pondered and asked, "We have disappeared for two weeks. Will there be any problem with the Battle of Conquest?"

"Don't worry. Don't underestimate Daluo Territory. Although the Hundred Battle Territory is powerful, it is not as powerful as us. Moreover, we have captured the Thunder Magic Sect, and this is a great accomplishment. It is reasonable for us to take a rest," Nine Nether said with a smile.

Upon hearing this, Mu Chen nodded. He waved his sleeve and put the broken stone tablet away. He said, "Let's go. We need to find out how Nine Nether Troop is doing."

Two weeks ago, he had passed the Thunder God Physique to the Nine Nether Troop. He wondered how many of them had successfully cultivated it with the help of the topographical advantage.

He darted out. He turned into a shadow and tore the dark lightning apart.

Nine Nether looked at him and smiled. As she was about to make a move, she looked curiously at the dark lightning sea. She had indistinctly sensed a strange fluctuation deep in it.

However, the fluctuation was extremely weak, and Nine Nether had indistinctly noticed it. When she tried to feel it again, there was dead silence. She was puzzled and shook her head. She then quickly caught up with Mu Chen.

After the two had left, deep down in the lightning sea, it was gloomy. Something seemed to be rippling.

Mu Chen and Nine Nether traveled in great speed. After half a day, the lightning sea in the Thunder Magic Abyss tore apart. Two shadows shot up from the Thunder Magic Abyss like streamers.

Boom! Boom!

Not long after they shot up out of the lightning sea, a violent thunder sound was heard somewhere from above. Earthly Demonic Lightning sprang out of the abyss like pythons.

About 1,000 people were sitting cross-legged on the places where the Earthly Demonic Lightning struck. They were like rocks and simply allowed the Earthly Demonic Lightning to attack them. Although some of them had turned dark, they gritted their teeth and bore the Earthly Demonic Lightning's attack.

These were the soldiers from the Nine Nether Troop who were cultivating the Thunder God Physique.

Mu Chen and Nine Nether stood in the air and watched the spectacular scene. They were pleased to see that almost half of the Nine Nether Troop had successfully cultivated the Thunder God Physique.

Some of them had cultivated it to the Mono Rune Lightning Physique. A few masters like Qiu Shan, who were at the Sovereign-level, had made rapid progress. They had triple lightning runes on their chest.

When Nine Nether and Mu Chen appeared, Qiu Shan and those who were more powerful sensed them and opened their eyes. As they were about to stand up to salute them, Nine Nether stopped them.

"How is the progress?" Mu Chen asked.

"Commander, 513 of us have reached the Mono Rune level. Ninety-eight have reached the Diplo Rune level, and the three of us have reached the Triple Rune level."

Mu Chen nodded slightly. He was pleased with the progress. The Nine Nether Troop's strength was more powerful than Mu Chen's had been when he was cultivating the Thunder God Physique. With the help of the Thunder Magic Abyss, it was within his expectations to have such progress.

If they continued at this speed, within a year, everyone in the Nine Nether Troop would be able to reach the Ennea Rune Lightning Physique. Their combat force would take everyone by surprise.

However, the Battle of Conquest had not yet ended. Mu Chen had a premonition that there would be more intense battles coming up. He needed all the soldiers in Nine Nether Troop to cultivate the Thunder God Physique to the Mono Rune level.

Seeing Mu Chen's look, Nine Nether knew what he was thinking and said, "We have two weeks to rest and reorganize the Troop."

"I will stay here for two weeks," Mu Chen said decisively.

"All right. I will hold the fort at the Thunder Magic Sect in case there is unrest due to my absence," Nine Nether said with a smile. The Thunder Magic Sect was rich in resources, and many people were eyeing it. Tang Bing would not be able to handle it alone, so Nine Nether could not go missing for too long.

Mu Chen nodded, and Nine Nether immediately set out. She turned into a streamer and darted out of the Thunder Magic Abyss.

After Nine Nether left, Mu Chen turned around and sat cross-legged in the air. He looked around and said to all the soldiers in a deep voice, "If you wish to cultivate your physique, there is no shortcut to it. If you want to have more power, you need to put in more effort. I will activate all the Earthly Demonic Lightning to attack you. Will you be able to take it?"

"Yes!" all the soldiers in Nine Nether Troop shouted with determination.

Mu Chen was pleased when he saw it. He looked serious and clenched his fist. The spiritual energy that was merged with the Netherworld Thunder Heart surged out. As he waved his sleeve, the spiritual energy burst out and covered the area.

Boom! Boom!

Formless spiritual energy raged out, and the Earthly Demonic Lightning that was hidden in the cliff also rushed out. It had been violent, but at this moment, it was shivering. It dared not come into contact with Mu Chen's spiritual energy.

The Netherworld Thunder Heart was more powerful than the Earthly Demonic Lightning, thus the Earthly Demonic Lightning was fearful of it.

Boom! Boom!

The Nine Nether Troop looked at the scene in shock. The ferocious Earthly Demonic Lightning had turned mild in Mu Chen's hands and allowed him to direct it wherever he wanted.

The expressions of the Nine Nether Troop soon changed. Dark lightning surged from all directions, causing invisibility. It then poured down mercilessly onto the Nine Nether Troop, engulfing them.

When Mu Chen saw it, he smiled flatly. There was no shortcut to cultivating one's physique. The only way was to go through hardship, which he had gone through. He would use the same method on the Nine Nether Troop.

In the next two weeks, he wanted the entire Nine Nether Troop to have successfully cultivated the Thunder God Physique. In this way, they could then bring their fighting spirit to another level!

Mu Chen let out a breath. He looked at the violent lightning and pondered for a while. As he waved his sleeve, the broken stone tablet appeared before him. As the Nine Nether Troop was cultivating the Thunder God Physique, he could study the Supreme Heart Demon Chant to see how powerful it was…

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