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The violent thunder continually reverberated out from the Thunder Magic Abyss.

Boom! Boom!

It had not even stopped for a moment. About a thousand people sat cross-legged in the sky, while dark lightning prowled around like a python. These people sat quietly, like rocks, and allowed the Earthly Demonic Lightning to attack them.

They formed the same seals with their hands. Then, dark lightning entered into their bodies through their pores, refining their bodies and bones.

Mu Chen sat cross-legged in the air a few hundred meters away from them. He did not close his eyes, but stretched forth one of his palms, which held the broken stone tablet that had been reduced to a smaller size.

He blinked and then shut his eyes. After a few moments, he then slowly opened his eyes, in a daze. He stared at the stone tablet in shock.

Other than helping the Nine Nether Troop to train and build their physiques, Mu Chen had spent the rest of his time focusing on the Supreme Heart Demon Chant that was recorded in the broken stone tablet. After studying for a few days, he had gained a basic understanding of it. It was just as Nine Nether had said, the Supreme Heart Demon Chant that was recorded in the stone tablet was incomplete.

The Heart Demon State that Nine Nether had mentioned existed as well. However, the Heart Demon State was separated into three realms: Small Heart Demon State, Big Heart Demon State, and Perfect Heart Demon State.

Nine Nether had mentioned that the Prince of Lightning God Palace had cultivated the Supreme Heart Demon to its Perfect realm. If he had not done so, it would be impossible for him to be an even match against a Heavenly Sovereign, given that he was only halfway into the Heavenly Sovereign-level.

For the incomplete Supreme Heart Demon Chant, even if one cultivated it all the way, he could only reach the Big Heart Demon State. One would need the complete Supreme Heart Demon Chant to reach the Perfect realm.

Given Mu Chen's current strength, even if he had the complete version, he would not be able to cultivate it. Thus, he did not this to be any great loss. Plus, he was already having enough problems with the two realms.

This is crazy…

Mu Chen thought of the ancient information that was in his mind. He let out a long sigh and looked a bit strange. He had figured that, in order to cultivate the Heart Demon State, it would require the honing of many abnormal skills.

He would first need to cultivate the Seed of the Heart Demon. For this, he would have to use the Netherworld Heart Thunder to attack his heart, letting its power flow into his heart. It would then gather slowly in his heart, until it turned into the Seed of the Heart Demon!

To many people, this method of cultivation was similar to a person getting himself killed. This made sense, as the heart was man's weakest area. Even the slightest damage done to it would be a great damage done, and it could kill a person. Hence, no one would dare allow such an overbearing force like the Netherworld Thunder Heart to attack his heart!

Any slight mistake, including the sound of thunder, could cause the heart to explode. Therefore, any ordinary person would not even try to cultivate the Supreme Heart Demon Chant, even if they had the opportunity.

But Mu Chen was no ordinary person. Mu Chen held the stone tablet and licked his lips. He was understandably a bit hesitant. After a while, he made up his mind.

He had promised the girl that he would become a matchless master. There were many geniuses in this world, and he knew that he would not be able to reach that level based on talent alone.

A true master was fearless. Hence, he would not be afraid of anything!

Mu Chen smiled broadly, and his looks were sharp. He then shut his eyes and activated his mind. The spiritual energy that had merged with the Netherworld Thunder Heart flowed along his meridians. It then rushed out like a current toward his heart.


The shrieking thunder sound spread out and echoed in Mu Chen's heart. It caused his internal organs to vibrate. Even the circulation of his blood had been hindered.


Mu Chen threw out a mouthful of blood and looked pale. The veins in his face wriggled and made him look weird. He was breathless. He placed his hand on his chest and bore the sharp pain bravely. However, the thunder sound seemed to be tearing his heart apart.

"Crap." The pain was so unbearable that Mu Chen started to rage. The Supreme Heart Demon Chant was indeed demonic. In fact, it was pure evil. This was the first time that he had encountered such a self-sacrificial cultivation method.


Mu Chen gasped for breath. His body gradually began to calm down. He gritted his teeth, then activated the Netherworld Thunder Heart again.


In the dark Thunder Magic Abyss, a youth kept spewing out fresh blood, but he seemed to be enjoying it. This scene looked so strange, that some of the soldiers of Nine Nether Troop were shocked to see it. However, they dared not say anything. Instead, they quickly shut their eyes and continued their cultivations.

Mu Chen spent almost two weeks cultivating the Supreme Heart Demon Chant, spewing blood and allowing himself to be struck by the Netherworld Thunder Heart. During this same time, Mu Chen and Nine Nether Troop had been cultivating in the Thunder Magic Abyss for a month. In this one month, the Battle of Conquest, which had been instigated by the Daluo Territory, had become more and more vigorous.

The Daluo Territory was, after all, the top force in the North Territory of the Tianluo Continent. Its strength was much stronger than that of the Hundred Battle Territory. After the war had started, the Hundred Battle Territory had unsurprisingly been on the losing end. Although they had been brave and attempted to fight back, they were ultimately unable to change the overall situation.

However, the Hundred Battle Territory would not be pushed around. As their line of defense continued to retreat, they gathered together, becoming more powerful. Thus, the attack by the Daluo Territory had at least been slowed down. Thus, they were not able to completely crush the Hundred Battle Territory like before.

In the face of such a situation, the Daluo Territory started to conserve its power, no longer using it loosely. The top levels in the Daluo Territory were well aware that the core of the Hundred Battle Territory was the Valley of Ten Thousand Swords, the Demonic Corpse Sect, and the Sorrowful Sky.

Ever since the battle started, these three forces had not acted. Only if the three forces were defeated, would the Hundred Battle Territory be completely annihilated.

The Daluo Territory started to conserve its power and was getting ready to beat the three forces down. Once they were finished with this war, the Daluo Territory would be famous!

As the Daluo Territory was attacking the Hundred Battle Territory, the three forces were gathering their power as well. They were fully prepared to fight the Daluo Territory.

As all of this was happening, many people in the North Territory were watching, as the Daluo Territory and the Hundred Battle Territory were reputable there. Hence, the outcome of their final battle would have a great impact upon the North Territory. 

And the audience wasn't just limited to the North Territory. In fact, before the final war started, people from all over were watching with intensity.

Ignoring the outside world's commotion over the final war, Mu Chen continued to sit quietly in the Thunder Magic Abyss. His body would shiver now and then, and his face would twitch. These were two direct results of the attack on his heart by the Netherworld Thunder Heart.

However, he was feeling much better now. He seemed to have adapted himself to the attacks and the spewing of blood whenever the Netherworld Thunder Heart struck his heart.

Mu Chen's body shivered for a while, before he opened his eyes and let out a breath. He felt a little tired, and rubbed his forehead.

He had been badly tortured during this period of time. Obviously, the crappy Supreme Heart Demon Chant was not meant for humans!

After having suffered so much, Mu Chen had at least seen some results. Although he was unable to condense the Seed of the Heart Demon, he could feel the power of the Netherworld Thunder Heart gathering in his heart. As long as he continued to cultivate it, he would be able to condense the Seed of the Heart Demon.

Mu Chen patted his chest lightly, then lifted up his head to look at the Nine Nether Troop. He raised his brows, for he saw that lightning runes were looming on the chest of all the soldiers of the Nine Nether Troop.

Some had more runes and some had less. Qiu Shan and the others, who were more powerful, had Quadra Runes on them. This revealed that they were progressing extremely fast.

However, Mu Chen knew that their cultivation of the Thunder God Physique would start to slow down. They still had a long way to go, before they could reach the Ennea Rune Lightning Physique. For the moment, what they had cultivated was good enough.

Mu Chen stood up and waved his sleeve. The Earthly Demonic Lightning that had attacked the Nine Nether Troop immediately disappeared, fleeing to hide in the cliff.

The soldiers of Nine Nether Troop opened their eyes. Dark lightning filled the areas around their pupils.

"Congratulations," Mu Chen said with a smile. "You have successfully cultivated the Lightning God Physique."


Nine Nether Troop stood up and knelt down on one knee. Their voices were in unison, which caused the thunder sound in the Thunder Magic Abyss to pause.

"Thank you, Commander!"

Mu Chen waved his hand. He could feel the vigor of the Nine Nether Troop. He was happy to see that his efforts had not gone down the drain.

It is about time to leave this place. Mu Chen thought to himself.

The next moment, Nine Nether's voice rung in his ears. "Get ready to leave. The Daluo Territory and the Hundred Battle Territory are about to have their final battle."

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