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The space above the Sovereign Sea tore apart, as formless lightning whizzed down. Thunder sounds roared and resounded in the Sovereign Sea, causing boisterous waves. It felt almost like it was the destruction of the entire world.

As Mu Chen looked at the scene before him, he turned grave. The formless lightning kept falling, like meteorites, into the Sovereign Sea.

Plop! Plop!

Vast spiritual energy surged like billowing waves. Wherever the Netherworld Thunder Heart fell, the purple spiritual energy would melt and become formless. The sparks of purple fire died out, fizzling under the attack of the formless lightning.

The Sovereign Sea, which had previously been filled with purple lights, suddenly filled with all different colors within a short span of time. All of these changes were direct results of the attack of the Netherworld Thunder Heart.

Judging from the looks of it, the Netherworld Thunder Heart and the unperishable flame obviously did not seem to get along well with each other. The friction made sense, as both of them were highly unusual and belonged to different classes. Hence, it was quite impossible for them to get along with each other and share the same space.

Mu Chen sighed helplessly. He could sense even more trouble coming his way...

Boom! Boom!

The Netherworld Thunder Heart landed with great force, and its attacks were fierce. Formless colors speedily spread throughout the vast Sovereign Sea. In the face of the sudden aggressive attacks from the Netherworld Thunder Heart, the unperishable flame kept retreating and subsiding.

As the two powers kept coming into contact with each other in the Sovereign Sea, the attacks continued incessantly. However, with each attack, the two powers gradually merged more and more into the spiritual energy.

This was Mu Chen's Sovereign Sea. If either power was to successfully triumph over the other, it would have to depend on the spiritual energy. The more they merged into the spiritual energy, the more powerful they would become, and thus, would then have the upper-hand.

This situation was exactly what Mu Chen had wanted. He had to wait for the Netherworld Thunder Heart to merge into the spiritual energy in order for him to balance the two powers' strengths. In this way, he would have control over them.

He waited for 10 days for this to happen. Within those 10 days, the Netherworld Thunder Heart continued to expand in the Sovereign Sea. On the last day, it had taken over half of the Sovereign Sea and settled its boundary dispute with the unperishable flame.

The expansion of the Netherworld Thunder Heart had come to a deadlock. After all, the unperishable flame was no weakling. After it had resisted the attack of the Netherworld Thunder Heart, it managed to hold its ground and prevent the Netherworld Thunder Heart from going beyond its boundary.

Mu Chen's spirit was now in the air. As he floated, he looked down at the Sovereign Sea. Half of the Sovereign Sea was purple and the other half had already become formless. The two different shades of color made a clear distinction between the two in the Sovereign Sea.

As the two colors came into contact with each other, brutal attacks took place. The purple flame and the formless lightning clashed together, releasing deafening sounds of battle. As the strong waves with two different colors fell upon each other, it seemed to cause the entire Sovereign Sea to quiver.

Mu Chen frowned upon seeing that the Sovereign Sea had been separated. The two powers had each conquered half of it. This meant that his spiritual energy would now be split. So, if he activated the spiritual energy that had been merged with the unperishable flame, the spiritual energy that had merged with the Netherworld Thunder Heart would not act according to his wish! And vice versa!

In this way, not only would his strength not be enhanced, his spiritual energy would actually be weakened. According to what he could see from the earlier attacks, if he did not control it now, he would all lose control over it, to the point to where it might even turn against him! In the end, no matter what, he would suffer.

Mu Chen was certain that the only way to let the two powers get together was to let the Sovereign Sea explode. However, given his current strength level, he was unable to accomplish this at the moment.

"Since I am unable to let the two come together, I can only control them separately for the time being."

Mu Chen was smart, however, quickly thinking of an alternate way. His eyes glittered after pondering for a while, then he muttered, "In this case, the unperishable flame and the Netherworld Thunder Heart will have to accept each other."

Mu Chen decided that he had to stop the two spiritual energies from being on the offensive. If not, he would have no peace. This was not an easy task, as the unperishable flame and the Netherworld Thunder Heart were not weaklings. And, if they did meet, they would keep fighting fiercely with each other, as there cannot be two tigers on one mountain!

"Two tigers on one mountain?"

Mu Chen's eyes glittered at the challenge of this idea. He had to believe that it was not impossible for these two "tigers" to live together. He had to stay put in the mountain and place something that could suppress the two tigers, so that there would be a balance between the two.

What could he use to suppress the two tigers? Although the Immortal Page was powerful, it was not suitable for this situation. So, what could he use?

Mu Chen stood in the air, deep in thought. He was definitely facing a dilemma. If he could solve this problem, he would be able to control the two different powerful spiritual energies. However, if he was unable to solve it, he would not dare fight with the others.

Boom! Boom!

As Mu Chen was pondering all of these things, the vast spiritual energy of the unperishable flame and the Netherworld Thunder Heart in the Sovereign Sea continued to attack each other. As the battle raged, the spiritual energy that Mu Chen had painstakingly cultivated was being used up at an alarming rate.

Sparks from both the purple fire and the formless lightning reflected in his eyes. After a while, Mu Chen suddenly squinted his eyes. He had remembered that there was something that he could use to suppress the two powers!

Mu Chen smiled and formed a seal. A humming noise resounded in the Sovereign Sea. Then, a huge Pagoda slowly appeared in the sky.

The huge Pagoda was the only item that Mu Chen's mother had given him. Mu Chen trusted in its power, but he was unable to bring its power into full play. However, it should still be able to suppress the two tigers in the Sovereign Sea.

As Mu Chen looked at the huge black mysterious Pagoda, he flicked his fingers. The Pagoda whizzed down, and a huge shadow landed heavily on the dividing line between the two spiritual energies.

Swish. Swish.

When the huge Pagoda pressed down, dark lights shot out along the dividing line. Within seconds, the two spiritual energies had separated themselves.

The dark lights isolated the two spiritual energies, and instantly, the contact points calmed down. The huge Pagoda had suppressed the aggressive attacks!

Mu Chen was elated! He had never expected the huge Pagoda to suppress the two powers to such an extent! It had settled the problem like it was a piece of cake!

The huge Pagoda stood quietly on the surface of the Sovereign Sea. The dark lights from it now separated the two spiritual energies.

In the future, Mu Chen would only need to infuse his spiritual energy into the huge Pagoda, which would then automatically spread out the spiritual energy into the two powers, thus maintaining a balance.

Mu Chen heaved a sigh of relief. It had been unexpectedly smooth sailing to merge the Netherworld Thunder Heart. However, he knew that, without the huge Pagoda, he would not have been able to accomplish this within such a short span of time.

Mu Chen's spirit looked at the now calm Sovereign Sea with satisfaction. Then, his spirit gradually disappeared. The Sovereign Sea had become even more splendid and powerful.

Nine Nether sat cross-legged near Mu Chen amid the depths of the dark lightning sea. She kept looking at Mu Chen with anxiety and worry.

Mu Chen had been in his present state for more than 10 days, and he still was showing no signs of snapping out of it. The Netherworld Thunder Heart that had engulfed Mu Chen had disappeared upon entering his body.

Although he looked calm, Nine Nether knew that the Sovereign Sea in his body must be in significant turmoil. However, she could not be of any help to Mu Chen. He would have to handle this himself.

Nine Nether grasped her fists and gritted her teeth. She reminded herself not to get too tense. However, even after half a day of meditation, she found that she could not take it anymore and suddenly stood up.

As she was standing up, she saw Mu Chen's eyeballs moving. Then, very slowly, he opened his eyes.

Nine Nether was elated. She hurried to his side and asked, "How are you?"

She could not tell from Mu Chen's expression whether or not he had succeeded. Mu Chen lifted up his head and smiled calmly at Nine Nether with confidence. He stood up and placed both of his hands together.


As he did this, his right hand surged with spiritual energy that was burning with a purple flame. On his left land, a transparent spiritual energy appeared. A thunder sound seemed to transmit from the transparent spiritual energy.

She now could see clearly….The unperishable flame was in his right hand and the Heart Demon was in his left! The two different spiritual energies surged in Mu Chen's hands. Although Nine Nether had been very composed before, she could no longer hide her excitement.

He is truly amazing!

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